A number of years ago, about four in the afternoon, I went into an RC parish church to say a quiet prayer.

I was impressed to see a teenage boy, in his school uniform, in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament, praying earnestly. You dont see many teenagers doing that these days.

When the young man finished his prayers he passed by my pew and we exchanged a friendly greeting.

I told him I was impressed to see him there praying. He answered: “I’m hoping to be accepted for the priesthood in the diocese  Father. Would you say a prayer that I will be accepted and be a good priest”?

I assured him that I would and kept my promise.

A year or two later I saw that he had been accepted for the diocese in question and was sent to Maynooth.

I spoke about him to his former curate who told me was a wonderfully sincere young man and from a very devout family.

He went into Maynooth full of prayerfulness and with the idealism that resides in a pure heart.

Within a year everything had changed. He began featuring in reports of the Maynooth seminarians who were active on Grindr.

He had a new gay Maynooth nickname. Let’s call him “Lusty Leo”.

He had become a full blown member of the Maynooth Gay Circle.

He was a very good looking first year – a “chicken”, as they call it in gay parlance.

The older “Chicken Hawks” spotted him a mile away and got their claws into him straight away.

He was introduced to heavy drinking and poppers. Very quickly, the hawks had him literally “de-briefed”.

Before he knew it he was head over heels into the sauna lifestyle.

He slept (stayed awake) with many other seminarians.

These seminarians quickly brought him to the attention of their older, clerical sugar daddies.

The sugar daddies wined and dined the new chicken, bough him expensive gifts of clothing and cologne, brought him on hotel stay overs and on holidays.

They lavished money on him.

Soon  he was their captive.

Things went from bad to worse and in a whole complicated series of events he found himself out of seminary and back at home.

One or two of his old clerical friends keep in touch with him and still meet him and support him

But he is not only losing his boyish good looks  more sadly he has lost his innocence, and perhaps his faith.

He is no longer found praying in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Jesus described himself as the Vine and us as the branches.

Jesus talked about pruning, but he never mentioned PHS – maybe it was not around in first century Palestine?

PHS is plasmopara homosexualitatis suapte – avid homosexuality pathogen.

Its equivalent plasmopara heterosexualitis suapte is to be found in the world but has now became a rarity in RC clerical circles.

It is a destructive fungus that attacks Jesus’ vines, destroying the fruit on the vine and rending the fruit sour and poisonous.

Vines infected with PHS cannot be made into the wine Jesus spoke of – the New Wine we will drink with him in his Kingdom.

The liquid made with PHS infected grapes can only be made into the type of bitter vinegar on a sponge the soldiers held up to Jesus to drink on Calvary.

In the last few days on the blog we have been discussing the growth and spread of predatory homosexuality that is now in all our seminaries and dioceses.

This is widespread PHS.

It is destroying the vineyards of the Lord on earth.


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Aging clerics drooling over lovely boys is the stuff of recruitment for the priesthood. That the aging cleric would turn on the boy, tell all sorts of unverifiable tales about the boy’s sexual life, and post his pic on a public site is a new development.


It’s not all ageing clerics you fool. Its the younger clerics, it tells us how much you know


As one with similar experience, I don’t think the genie can go back into the bottle. The way back to Eden is barred. Innocence is forever lost. Having said that, I’m proud of the rounded person I am today and wonder about the priest I might have been. I wonder how I would have managed pastoral sensitivity with church teaching. We’ll never know. My innocence was purged from me with what looking back seems like utter delight by my abuser. I was very unhappy by the time I left. I threw myself into the gay scene and lost what remained of physical ignorance but I could not hold down any relationship. Thirty years on I am single and have many arms length contacts / friends. Perhaps they would be upset to hear themselves described that way but I struggle with intimacy and often get very uneasy if someone starts to show interest although I am not without thoughts / fantasies, I suppose there at least, I am in control. Thankfully there was “The love that would not let me go” although that ceased to be mitigated through the RCC within a few years of leaving training.
If a seminarian or priest comes to struggle either personally or pastorally with elements of church teaching that should happen slowly and grow through and out of the pious innocence they bring. They have every right to believe that what they have been taught growing up will be practiced, encouraged and supported. The last thing anyone expects is to be sexually groomed and assaulted! I think it’s that incredulity as well as any sense of failure, letting people down, guilt / compromise, that keeps people there longer than they might otherwise and one has to conclude that those who stay do so because it suits them to stay! +Pat and the brave people who face all sorts of calumny and persecution to highlight the evil that is this corruption are truly doing the lords work!


I pray for you and for the young
man we heard about yesterday who was taken to a Priest in Glasgow and groomed and sexually assaulted.


The grapevine has gone sour.
Too many workers in the vineyard of the Lord are picking fruit for themselves.


7:26 AM

Good evening fly hi.
Up bright and early I see.
Begorra fly sad sums up the sorry mess in seminaries world over.
Known in the public for years. Pink palaces galore imported from Amerika.
Nathin sorted. Well nathin knew in that but the khazis overflowing.
Enjoy the sunshine.
May the Force be with you.+
Bye bye fly hi.


(Sigh😩) How many times must this be said about Romanist priests and personal conscience? The two are wholly incompatible, and one or the other must yield to the inconvenience, which is why all Romanists sacrifice conscience on the day of their ordination.
So where is episcopal conscience? 😕 Rotting in the graveyard of personal morality. 😟


8:52 am

I think you are right. What you say appears to explain much.
The institution seems to come first and foremost for the majority regardless of personal morality or rank in the RC priesthood.


They are compelled to listen to the elbow joggers whose job is to ensure their knees jerk to the every whim of Big F and his hench men.

There is no principle of principle. I think the better bishops are bewildered that the public haven’t been taught any doctrine by their four or five predecessors.

Apparently there is nostalgia (from some people) for “sacraments” (not from me). What were those? Was there ever christian Life / living? Are there relationships? Reputedly it’s of no consequence whether Holy Scripture should say anything about integrity or about Holy Spirit indwelling or about healthy boundaries.

1. You are not a priest for ever. 2. Snatching bread out of mouths is intrinsically disordered and using others for sex is intrinsically disordered, one doesn’t get brownie points for picking on others’ wives, bragging about one’s fantasies about picking on others’ little daughters, picking on “one’s own kind”.

I knew a clergyman from one of those “movements” who severely bullied three one-time assistant priests (not on overtly sexual grounds this time), two of them have pulled themselves courageously into shape and speak out against him and subsequently the third one was about to be got at by some lay people whom an “element” had mobilised against him and I contacted a party who headed those off and I’m not going to do the same again because I’m not sufficiently interested in inconsistent doctrine and inconsistent and unrespectful dynamics despite a bishop being a nice man. The “element” had also been mobilising laity in other incidents. Not my scene gov. There’s things I’ve seen and they wore out my emotions and my patience.

Remember there is in RCC no pastoring of “persons”.


7:28 am
Duty of care is the legal responsibility of a person or organization to adhere to a reasonable standard of care and avoid any behaviours or omissions that could reasonably be foreseen to cause harm to another person. Any person abused needs to contact a solicitor.


New Rector of Oscott Seminary will be Father Giles Goward, already on the staff there. Ex-Anglican. One time priest secretary to + Nichols when he was Ab of Birmingham.

One has to hope that this new rector will have the ability to make somewhere like Oscott a safe and effective place where men can train for the priesthood. I bet he knows where all the skeletons are buried in that place, and I would recommend that he deals with them pretty quickly.

First and foremost must the the effective implementation of the expectation as standard of celibacy and chastity. Not that I think that celibacy is in itself a particularly desirable or healthy way of life, but simply because the whole credibility of priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church depends on priests living out the public promises that they make freely, and which we have a right to expect are kept. Allowing priests / seminarians to live double, parallel lives is severely undermining of trust and integrity. Without that there will be no priesthood. So, number 1: make it clear that this, in the current regulations about lifestyle for priests, is a sine qua non. Or you are out on your ear !

Secondly, he needs to make sure that the way of life there becomes something more akin to what these young men will experience in their lives outside the seminary. Being trained and living in a semi-monastic, neo-gothic Puginesque environment just isn’t the real world ! Seminarians should probably not be living there, but should be out in the community during their training, returning to Oscott for classes and some quiet time.

Thirdly, get them used to being around women ! When they are in a parish the vast majority of people they will deal with in a parish will be women – they are the ones who come to church ! Get away from a misogynistic culture towards a culture where they are able to mix freely and properly with the opposite sex.

Fourth, connected to one and three, put a cap on the gay, queer, bitchy, girl name calling culture that inhabits these places. These are supposed to be men, for God’s sake, and need to become sufficiently manly and robust to be convincing as priests. Along side that goes excessive use of alcohol. The gin and lace culture, whilst it can be faintly amusing, is corrosive.

Many of these points have already been mentioned on this blog by + Pat and others, who know that the current lie about clerical celibacy, continence, honesty etc is exactly that, a lie, and that this lie undermines at a core and existential level the whole credibility and integrity of priesthood. If Goward and others don’t reset this, then the priesthood will slide further down the tubes, and will simply not be given credibility by the faithful, who know what is going on.


Dear God. Another +Vinny influenced appointment. Ex Anglican? The RC Church is turning into the C of E. Rectors of both major Seminaries AH and Oscott are run by Anglicans. Taylor and now Goward – the Recusants will be turning in their grave especially in Harvington Hall and St Thomas Mores home in Allen Hall. Enough said.


Imagine a school that was failing, students dropping out, a too relaxed regime and then the new Headmaster is appointed, been on the staff for years himself and when he introduces himself says hes overawed and very unworthy to be the new Principal , not exactly a sign that Oscott College is overnight going to be any different.


I agree about the relentless march of the Anglicans, but I don’t see what Goward’s appointment has to do with Elsie. Surely Nursie is capable of making decisions about his own seminary? The somewhat curious aspect is why Paul Keane ( of Brentwood actually ) was not confirmed having been Acting Rector – particularly if Nursie was going to give the job to an insider.


Dublin’s Catholic archbishop has warned churches to adhere to Covid-19 restrictions after one opened its doors for Mass.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said the pandemic required sacrifice “on the part of all of us”.

It was reported that people had been attending Mass at the Church of the Guardian Angels in Blackrock, Dublin.

Churches in the Republic of Ireland are only open to the public for private prayer with social distancing.

Funerals with a maximum of 10 people in attendance are also allowed.

The archbishop said public health policy would only work when it is fully respected by all.
Doors now closed

In a statement published on the Archdiocese of Dublin website, Archbishop Martin said “there is no room for self-dispensation from or self-interpretation of the norms”.

He added that “jumping the queue by individuals or communities puts everyone at risk”.

“I have reminded all parishes this week that disregard for the norms of public health is something that is unacceptable.”

According to Irish broadcaster RTÉ, the church’s parish priest, Fr Dermot Leycock, said that members of the public had been allowed to enter for Mass, as long as they adhered to social distancing guidelines.

He said that initially those who wished to attend Mass stayed in a porch area at the back of the church but that “around 10 days ago”, during windy weather, an area was set up just inside the porch to allow parishioners to sit down.

Fr Leycock said that the doors of the church would now remain closed during daily mass services at 10:00 local time until he was “given the all clear” to allow members of the public to attend again.


The alternative to being clergy is being laity. Bachelor is one of the totally normal things to be. (I’m going to tie a knot when I’m 80.) Earn a packet engineering or coaching. Rent your house out if you’re going to be at presbyteries. After 10 years go back to engineering / coaching.


Plasmopara Homosexualitatis Suapte (PHS)? What a load of codswallop, Bp Pat, you’re getting carried away again!


The phrase ‘acting out’ sexually is interesting because it’s applying a word from paperback psychology to a normal human behaviour.
Acting out is some subconscious issue coming out in behaviour.
Being sexually active is not being celibate.
It is yet another way the hierarchy have tried to dignify bad behaviour as being a personal matter for Father.
Out here in the real world you get sacked for that behaviour.


No they usually just steal the underwear never to return Pat in Oscott. It’s almost like a trophy to them.


I was targeted by a much older predatory gay seminarian first evening in seminary.
The faculty had known he was acting out sexually. At the time, in my naivety, i didn’t realize he was grooming me. After a couple of months he made sexual advances towards me.
He harassed me for months, wrecking my room on a number of occasions. ( I can only assume it was him). Suggestive literature was left in my room. The faculty were told of his behavior. He was subsequently ordained for an Archdiocese in England.
(A friend of his in seminary is out of ministry for years but still funded by the laity.)


11:08 am

Dan, the ‘powers that be’ in the church know the name of this perverted priest, i.e. Vatican.
So do the police.

I’m fortunate to be alive, considering what was said on yesterday’s blog, regarding a seminarians ‘suicide’ following harassment in seminary.


They leave suggestive material usually porn under the doors of seminarians rooms. It’s classic behaviour. They also steal their underwear.


Yes thecstealing of the underwear is common. It happened a lot in The Irish Collefe in Rome. Sometimes they masturbate in the underwear and leave it back on the seminarian’s bed soiled.


Any news on Paul Prior, the King of the Keks? It is remarkable that that parish dodger decided for decades who should be a priest and now he’s missing in action, after an unhappy sojurn in the SJs


And no mention of him on the Kilmore diocesan website.
Maybe he is staying with protection Sean Brady?


It’s an accepted fact that seminaries are now hothouses for effete soy boys, pretty of aspect and sharp of tongue.
What brought that about? In 1980s Maynooth it wasn’t like that.


Many priests and seminarians died of AIDS in those years, especially in the USA and way before the miracle ANTIRETROVIRAL drugs.


If you aren’t telling a tall tale here, then the apparent hush-up was more a cock-up (No, not a tasteless pun. 😕), since you, and now through this blog many others around the planet, know of this not so hushed hush-up.
What evidence have you of this, er, hush-up? 😞


Gone very quiet in France about charges against the previous Pro Nuncio . He was quietly replaced ,and not a word about the investigation , or any charges .An cover up operation in progress?


5:48 pm
A very interesting article from 2003. The reference to the seminarian is at 9:02.
He died from aids following ordination according to the poster.
Is the congregation of St. Sebastian still in existence?


This blog today, if true – IF – is very worryingly sick. What has happened to seminaries since the 70’s. I witnessed nothing of this behaviour in seminary. There were the odd few but there was nothing of this kind evident. I am shocked or is it that some commentators have vivid, fantastatical, sexual imaginations…God help us all.


The old Irish people had a saying about seminarians

“Prayer and per sev er ance will make a priest of his reverence.


+ Pat, can we arrange a Skype call off blog at a convenient time?
I’ll email you later but i want strict confidentiality for the moment. You’ll appreciate why.
I’ll fill you in on details of my case, those involved inside and outside the church.
It is as bad as it gets.


It is clear that if priests / seminarians are to have any integrity in the present situation in the Church, then they simply have to observe the public promises in respect of celibacy / chastity that they have made, even if they or anybody else thinks that the celibacy requirement is unreasonable. It is what they sign up for. So, they need to keep it.
The debate about the celibacy requirement has been well rehearsed. It is not about to change soon, it appears. My own view is that for a small, minority of priests who are naturally called to celibacy, it can be a very positive things. For the vast majority of priests, celibacy is just something they have to take on in order to be a priest. They are not called to it, neither do they really see it as something that is positive in their lives; it is just a grinding sacrifice. For many, they find a way around it with double think, self-justification and leading double and dishonest lives. That has huge consequences on their psychological, emotional and spiritual lives, which are predicated essentially on deceit and dishonesty. Sadly, until a more sensible and enlightened view is taken in decoupling mandatory celibacy from priesthood, it will continue to be a thorn and wound in the side of priesthood. We have all seen the impact and consequences.
For some priests, particularly those with homosexual tendencies, priesthood has long been seen as a way of sublimating all those instincts which they have been taught by the somewhat warped Catholic theology of sexuality as being disordered and wrong, and a path in to sin. Many homosexually inclined priests in all good faith have seen the priesthood as a means of being able to live a life where they can avoid their sinful inclinations and being led in to sin, and are able to sublimate their natural inclination, judged sinful by their Church, and lead a life which shuts their sexuality safely away. Sadly, they are soon disabused of this quaint notion. They find that their homosexual inclinations will out in some form or other, either directly, or by other dysfunction. We know the results. It is a sad, depressing situation for these priests to be in. But, their dysfunction and their acting out in double and duplicitous lifestyles has a severe impact on them and on the integrity of the priesthood.
Solution ? Decoupling mandatory celibacy from priesthood. A rethink of Catholic sexual morality so that alternative sexualities are given a positive sense and seen not as an occasion and route of sin but as a means of relationship and holiness. Until these things are done the Catholic priesthood which is shackled to celibacy which is lived by men leading secret double lives, and is a refuge for hobbled homosexual priests who are constantly told that they are fundamentally disordered and who live out their lives with great elements of dysfunction, will be a toxic way of being and a source of great unhappiness to the priests themselves and to the faithful of the Church.


No, I just am a keen observer of what has happened in my life and what I see in the lives of priests for the most part. Being honest to oneself and what one promises is the most important thing. It is called integrity. Until the Church decides that its requirements of mandatory celibacy for priests and a rather odd sexual morality need to be changed – and they do ! – there is not way around it but for priests to be celibate and chaste. Otherwise the priesthood is dysfunctional and lacks integrity. Simple. Change so that priests can live lives of integrity and honesty as priests is the only way forward. Sticking to what is will just further damage the priesthood and the Church – and countless lives.


The problem is, though (and as the movie Spotlight has attorney Mitchell Garabedian acknowledge) that ‘the Church thinks in centuries’. And, indeed, it tends to do so.
What reforms are necessary will come piecemeal, after much time and pressure on the institutional Church, should they come at all.
Whoever at the Second Vatican Council decided that it would be a novel idea to think of the Church as the ‘People of God’ rather than the Clergy was probably … Garabedian’s word again … either ‘centuries’ ahead of his time, or was just being well-intentioned, but ultimately naive.
Probably naive.



I agree.
Living authentically with integrity while being honest to oneself and others is essential.


Is it true that the Dominican seminary in Dublin city has more staff than students? Does any one on the faculty have a doctorate? Or a publications list?


The Pontifical University at Maynooth has upward of 700 students. That’s a lot of staff so.


Bishop Pat. Following yesterday’s blog when I found out that a Priest from this Archdiocese is still in ministry after being found on his Church altar with a vibrator stuck up his bum (which I later confirmed on google) and following the incident reported yesterday about a young man who was groomed by another Priest still also in ministry, who had sex with him and then returned immediately to prayer, I have taken the step of cancelling my direct debit to the Archdiocese Thanks of Glasgow. It is only £30 a month, but I am taking a stance. I have also taken the liberty of writing to the Priest who has been identified to ask him to resign and asked why he thinks he he can continue after such an act. I will let you know what the response is. If you know the details of the male who was groomed, I will send you a donation towards his therapy. I’d you don’t, maybe the Priest who raised this can publish and email address and I will send money to him. I’d love to help.


By Maynooth, of course, I mean the seminary, which is what people think of when they hear the word Maynooth.
My son’s primary school has a bigger enrolment than the easy entry, single-faculty Pontifical University.


Maynooth has the seminarians, the lay students doing theology and arts, the post-grads, the students doing a variety of diplomas, the post primary teachers doing the diploma in RE, the primary teachers doing the cert on RE. there’s actually quite a few. I remember 60 students in my year a few years back as an undergrad. its a very popular course theology and Arts. had a fantastic time there.



You should be aware that Catholic Truth (lay group) has been reporting on the Church in Scotland since 1999, and we reported the Father Lawlor scandal at the time – and many others mentioned on this blog.

Because the Scottish Bishops have maintained a policy of silence about us, admitting that they don’t want to give us publicity, the majority of Catholics in Scotland don’t know about us. Some get very angry when they do find us and realise they have been kept in the dark deliberately.

Because, despite their best efforts, many Catholics do know and support us, and Cardinal O’Brien (when in Rome to receive his red hat) was asked by a BBC interviewer about his attitude to Catholic Truth – he was taken aback, as evidenced in the TV news item at the time.

So, as I say, just be aware that you are being deliberately kept in the dark about the work of Catholic Truth, which is why so much that you have read here is news to you – and congratulations on cancelling your direct debit. Money talks and if more Catholics did that, the hierarchy would soon sit up and take notice.


Good on you Eileen. If you knew the half of what goes on in Glasgay you would be very shocked. Withdrawing the money is all you can do. Don’t waste your time writing to VG’s, Bishops, Nuncios or the Vatican, as they will do diddly squat. If someone names the Priest on here I will write to the Safeguarding Officer. I suspect they are obliged to at least rock the boat.


It’s all in the past, Bp Pat, no one is bothered two-hoots now. The witnesses all received pastoral care and were as right as ninepence in no time.


4.28: You’re in la la land – you idiot. The Maynooth University in 2016 had 13, 760 students…The Seminary had a handful. What crappy point are you trying to articulate, Mr. Dumbag? Some people are plain plonkers thick…


You are confusing the Pontifical University Maynooth with Maynooth University. Two different entities. The poster at 4:28 is correct when he/she states that the former has 700+ students. Check your facts before losing your composure.


I note none of the clerical posters challenged the comment from MC @ 8:52 am.

A welcome change. Pennies finally dropping.



The penny is indeed finally dropping: they have no reasonable counterpoint, hence the silence.

Magna is vindicated, as usual. 😎


Carry-on Rev Dr Narcissist – ohh, Matron. I’m not that kind of Doctor!
The likeness is uncanning! Yeeessss… Daaaarling!


Pat, Fr John Sweeney and Fr Anthony Sweeney are still priests in good standing in the Archdiocese of Glasgow, despite their lurid pasts, which are described on Google.


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