If I was a bus driver and turned up for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs I would be immediately terminated for gross misconduct. And quite right too.

If I was a social worker and said the things to a client that Father John Paul Lyttle said to a parishioner  – “I watch porn, wank and am always horney” – I would be immediately terminated for gross misconduct. And quite right too.


If I was a university lecturer and seduced one of my first year students I would be immediately yerminated for gross misconduct. And quite right too. But a Maynooth seminary lecturer who does this is retained and promoted!

If I was a teacher and accidentally showed photos of naked men to a parent/ teacher meeting I would be immediately terminated for gross misconduct. And quite right too. But the Armagh PP of Pomeroy, Father Martin McVeigh, who did exactly this was simply made PP of another parish south of the Irish border!

If a local policeman flashed naked images of himself to a teenager on an internet site he would be immediately dismissed for gross misconduct. But the PP of Keady, Fr Eamon McCamley did exactly this and his archbishop continues to pay his salary and allow him to supply for other priests in Armagh’s equivalent of Siberia, County Louth.

If a training airline captain was showing his underwear to trainee pilots and quizzing them about their erections, wet dreams and masturbarory habits he would be immediately terminated for gross misconduct. Quite right too. Yet, Father Paul Prior was allowed to do this for 20 years and still be accepted into the Jesuits! True, he is now among the missing but his new bishop may very well make him a PP in Kilmore diocese?

For some reason the RCC and its officers / members seem to think that the RCC is exempt from the ordinary, decent, just standards that apply to government, industry, the charity sector, health services, law enforcement etc.

Is it because they think they were founded by God and are only answerable to him?

Is it because they think they are ontologically superior to the rest of mankind?

Is it because, that for so many centuries, the civil powers bowed down to them?

Or is it because they believe, cynically, disengenously, laughingly, that they get away with it just because they can?

The RCC needs to feel the full force of international and national law in order to rectify this massive evil.

The Vatican needs to be recognised as part of a certain axel of evil by the international community.

In many ways the RCC has behaved like an organisation of moral terrorism!

Their false statelet needs to be removed from them to make them 100 % answerable to Italian, European and international law.

And in every country on earth they should be as equal before the law as any other organisation or citizen.


The bishops, as “management” are standing by silently.

They are accepting predatory men into seminaries.

They are ordaining predatory men.

Maybe they are predators themselves – or secretly lust after predators.

They are abandoning the sheep and handing the sheep pens over to the wolves.

They are men of this world.

Not men of God!