I entered Clonliffe Seminary in Dublin in September 1970.

Gradually I became aware of a small amount of homosexual activity among those in Senior House – those studying theology.


The one case I was especially aware of was a very young seminarian who was having a sexual liaison with a senior seminarian, Peter Meldon, who was ordained a priest in 1974 and became the curate in Bray where he went on to engage in sexually inappropriate behaviour with young men.

A Brian Macken published the following post on Facebook after Peter Meldon died in 2017

“Good evening everyone. Hope you are all having a great New Year? This next few words may or may not persuade you to come forward. But with the recent passing of Fr. Peter Meldon it was sad . But not all as it was seemed . He made a pass at me also others in the Folk Group. I have just recently heard from many others threw personal Messages that he “Preyed” on young Vulnerable people. His excuse was because I come from a Dysfunctional family I need extra Loving. 

People he trusted in I am really Sorry but I speak the truth especially after today’s messages”.

Here is Peter Meldon being interview on radio the day before he left Bray where he had been for six years and where Brian Macken had come across him.


Another current Dublin PP who was senior to me in Clonliffe has led a long life of seducing young men, some under 17. A fellow Dublin PP recently said to me that he has been very lucky not to be caught and prosecuted. I have no details about his activities.


Bill Carney, the convicted child abuser was in Clonliffe in my time. I was not aware of any of his activities apart from dreading going swimming with college groups. Carney would grope the genitals of many semiarians and pull their swimming shorts down. I, am many others were afraid of him and avoided him as much as we could. If you want to know what Carney became Google his name.


It was a regular thing for groups of altar boys to come on trips to Clonliffe to be encouraged to become priests.

I have no personal knowledge of these trips but I have listened to a long and very persuasive story of one former altar boy who claims he was sexually abused by priests and seminarians on a visit to Clonliffe. He told me he was abused in a room with floor to ceiling mirrors. This was the former robing room of the college president Bishop Joseph Carroll.

There is absolutely no suggestion that Bishop Carroll was involved as he had left Clonliffe when the abuse too place and the mirrored room had become redundant.


I was only aware of one sexually active seminarian in Waterford. He went on to be ordained and become a sexually active gay priest.


This priest was president of the college from 1985 to 1994.

He was accused of abusing a child in a friend’s house in Waterford and the matter was settled between the diocese and the parents. To my mind the police were not involved?


I went to Cardiff in August of 1976. Two canons of the diocese attempted to seduce me – Canon Cornelius Reidy and Canon Sean Kearney.

The Reidy incident was the most embarrassing. I was returning to Ireland for a holiday on the Swansea Cork ferry and Canon Reidy asked me for a lift As we were getting into Cork late in the day we booked a twin room In a Cork hotel.

When the receptionist showed us to our room and left Reidy pushed me down on one of the beds and got on top of me. Just as this happened the receptionist walked back into our room with our bags and saw what was happening. I was 25 at the time and he was70.

I made it clear to him that we were not going there and after that he blanked me for not only that evening but forever afterwards. I was not angry with him and was not going to report him to anyone. He was just angry that I had not co-operated.

He tried to persuade me that telling me that then then auxiliary bishop of Cardiff Daniel Mullins had been his curate, co – operated with him and that had led to a mitre?

Bishop Mullins brother, Canon Edmund Mullins, my PP in Briton Ferry had a long term girlfriend.


I have lived in Down and Connor since 1978 – 42 years.

In the earlier years I was conscious of heterosexual priests being active. My Adm in St Peter’s Cathedral Belfast couldn’t keep his hands off women.

Other priests I lived with sneaked women in late at night and out before dawn.

One or two of the older priests gathered children which the diocese and bishops hid away and financially supported.

The most infamous hetero D&C priest is Father Ciaran Dallat the PP of Loughlinisland who made a Belfast parishioner pregnant and went out for dinner with friends while the woman lost the baby in her bathroom.

Many D&C priests are now sexually active homosexuals with several of them being notorious for public promiscuity.


After the Bishop Casey scandal I was contacted by a number of women who had been or were involved with priests – 113 women in total. Six had priest’s babies and two had abortions paid for by the priest.

One priest used to give his mistress Communion and instead of saying “The Body of Christ” would say “Christ what a body”.

Many women were involved with religious order priests with solemn vows of chastity.

One such priest had 3 women – two married women and a nun. He was spiritually married to the nun and had full intercourse with her. With the other two he only went “some of the way”.

We called our group BETHANY REVISITED. It was not a campaigning group but a group that put priest’s mistresses in touch with each other for support.


A Cistercian tried to grope me on several occasions and told me that he had 18 sexual partners during his time in the monastery.

A young novice of the same monastery said to me: “Father Xxxx is always touching my arse”. He told of another monk who grabbed him from behind, held him tight and kissed the back of his head.


In the past 50 years I have seen the priesthood go from being largely celibacy observing to being largely celibacy non observing.

I have also seen the number of heterosexual priests decline and the number of homosexual priest increasing.

A factor in this is that heterosexual young men are not prepared to forfeit their sexual lives and the opportunity to marry and have a family.

Another factor is the increase in education standards and the vast variety of careers in secular society.

Current priests, with exceptions are typified by three things:

1. Not being the brightest intellectually.

2. Being gay and actively gay.

3. Not having a real faith or prayer life.

The more active homosexuals you get in the priesthood the more homosexuals you attract.

A young man nowadays can be an active homosexual priest and have;

1. A position of importance in the community.

2. A good living and a free house.

3. Power over parishioners, parents, children etc.

4. A great sex life without any responsibilities.

Personally, I do not agree with the RCC’s teachings on sexuality or celibacy.

But I am not in the RCC and am not receiving position, respectability etc from it.

It is pure HYPOCRISY for a seminarian or priest to be taking all the benefits and not living up to the obligations.

It is also WORSE HYPOCRISY for sexually active priests to be preaching / upholding RCC doctrine in the pulpit  the confessional and in daily life and have a secret sordid life in the background.

An alter Christus at the altar and an alter de Sade in the sauna?

The aircraft of Catholic priesthood has lost all its engines, is in fatal descent and is going to crash killing all on board.