I entered Clonliffe Seminary in Dublin in September 1970.

Gradually I became aware of a small amount of homosexual activity among those in Senior House – those studying theology.


The one case I was especially aware of was a very young seminarian who was having a sexual liaison with a senior seminarian, Peter Meldon, who was ordained a priest in 1974 and became the curate in Bray where he went on to engage in sexually inappropriate behaviour with young men.

A Brian Macken published the following post on Facebook after Peter Meldon died in 2017

“Good evening everyone. Hope you are all having a great New Year? This next few words may or may not persuade you to come forward. But with the recent passing of Fr. Peter Meldon it was sad . But not all as it was seemed . He made a pass at me also others in the Folk Group. I have just recently heard from many others threw personal Messages that he “Preyed” on young Vulnerable people. His excuse was because I come from a Dysfunctional family I need extra Loving. 

People he trusted in I am really Sorry but I speak the truth especially after today’s messages”.

Here is Peter Meldon being interview on radio the day before he left Bray where he had been for six years and where Brian Macken had come across him.


Another current Dublin PP who was senior to me in Clonliffe has led a long life of seducing young men, some under 17. A fellow Dublin PP recently said to me that he has been very lucky not to be caught and prosecuted. I have no details about his activities.


Bill Carney, the convicted child abuser was in Clonliffe in my time. I was not aware of any of his activities apart from dreading going swimming with college groups. Carney would grope the genitals of many semiarians and pull their swimming shorts down. I, am many others were afraid of him and avoided him as much as we could. If you want to know what Carney became Google his name.


It was a regular thing for groups of altar boys to come on trips to Clonliffe to be encouraged to become priests.

I have no personal knowledge of these trips but I have listened to a long and very persuasive story of one former altar boy who claims he was sexually abused by priests and seminarians on a visit to Clonliffe. He told me he was abused in a room with floor to ceiling mirrors. This was the former robing room of the college president Bishop Joseph Carroll.

There is absolutely no suggestion that Bishop Carroll was involved as he had left Clonliffe when the abuse too place and the mirrored room had become redundant.


I was only aware of one sexually active seminarian in Waterford. He went on to be ordained and become a sexually active gay priest.


This priest was president of the college from 1985 to 1994.

He was accused of abusing a child in a friend’s house in Waterford and the matter was settled between the diocese and the parents. To my mind the police were not involved?


I went to Cardiff in August of 1976. Two canons of the diocese attempted to seduce me – Canon Cornelius Reidy and Canon Sean Kearney.

The Reidy incident was the most embarrassing. I was returning to Ireland for a holiday on the Swansea Cork ferry and Canon Reidy asked me for a lift As we were getting into Cork late in the day we booked a twin room In a Cork hotel.

When the receptionist showed us to our room and left Reidy pushed me down on one of the beds and got on top of me. Just as this happened the receptionist walked back into our room with our bags and saw what was happening. I was 25 at the time and he was70.

I made it clear to him that we were not going there and after that he blanked me for not only that evening but forever afterwards. I was not angry with him and was not going to report him to anyone. He was just angry that I had not co-operated.

He tried to persuade me that telling me that then then auxiliary bishop of Cardiff Daniel Mullins had been his curate, co – operated with him and that had led to a mitre?

Bishop Mullins brother, Canon Edmund Mullins, my PP in Briton Ferry had a long term girlfriend.


I have lived in Down and Connor since 1978 – 42 years.

In the earlier years I was conscious of heterosexual priests being active. My Adm in St Peter’s Cathedral Belfast couldn’t keep his hands off women.

Other priests I lived with sneaked women in late at night and out before dawn.

One or two of the older priests gathered children which the diocese and bishops hid away and financially supported.

The most infamous hetero D&C priest is Father Ciaran Dallat the PP of Loughlinisland who made a Belfast parishioner pregnant and went out for dinner with friends while the woman lost the baby in her bathroom.

Many D&C priests are now sexually active homosexuals with several of them being notorious for public promiscuity.


After the Bishop Casey scandal I was contacted by a number of women who had been or were involved with priests – 113 women in total. Six had priest’s babies and two had abortions paid for by the priest.

One priest used to give his mistress Communion and instead of saying “The Body of Christ” would say “Christ what a body”.

Many women were involved with religious order priests with solemn vows of chastity.

One such priest had 3 women – two married women and a nun. He was spiritually married to the nun and had full intercourse with her. With the other two he only went “some of the way”.

We called our group BETHANY REVISITED. It was not a campaigning group but a group that put priest’s mistresses in touch with each other for support.


A Cistercian tried to grope me on several occasions and told me that he had 18 sexual partners during his time in the monastery.

A young novice of the same monastery said to me: “Father Xxxx is always touching my arse”. He told of another monk who grabbed him from behind, held him tight and kissed the back of his head.


In the past 50 years I have seen the priesthood go from being largely celibacy observing to being largely celibacy non observing.

I have also seen the number of heterosexual priests decline and the number of homosexual priest increasing.

A factor in this is that heterosexual young men are not prepared to forfeit their sexual lives and the opportunity to marry and have a family.

Another factor is the increase in education standards and the vast variety of careers in secular society.

Current priests, with exceptions are typified by three things:

1. Not being the brightest intellectually.

2. Being gay and actively gay.

3. Not having a real faith or prayer life.

The more active homosexuals you get in the priesthood the more homosexuals you attract.

A young man nowadays can be an active homosexual priest and have;

1. A position of importance in the community.

2. A good living and a free house.

3. Power over parishioners, parents, children etc.

4. A great sex life without any responsibilities.

Personally, I do not agree with the RCC’s teachings on sexuality or celibacy.

But I am not in the RCC and am not receiving position, respectability etc from it.

It is pure HYPOCRISY for a seminarian or priest to be taking all the benefits and not living up to the obligations.

It is also WORSE HYPOCRISY for sexually active priests to be preaching / upholding RCC doctrine in the pulpit  the confessional and in daily life and have a secret sordid life in the background.

An alter Christus at the altar and an alter de Sade in the sauna?

The aircraft of Catholic priesthood has lost all its engines, is in fatal descent and is going to crash killing all on board.


Has Littletwit not deleted his online presence yet ? The twit is asking for trouble. Surely + Wilson and his PP should counsel him to go quiet and keep his head down ?


@ 9:39 – if you have any cop on you will realise that what I am suggesting to Littleprick makes sense. He is putting himself in the crosshairs with his contrived traditional nonsense, because he is an attention seeker. He will not like the kind of attention he has been receiving now his idiotic antics have been rumbled (Latin Mass Society without even understanding a word of Latin, and not even knowing the rubrics and vestments before dressing up and prancing around etc.), but if he wants to avoid more, he needs to pipe down and stop seeking attention. You know it makes sense !


One-person campaign of hatred which is getting no traction on the blog. Did he turn you down, dear?


10:23 suggests a personalised campaign against Fr Littleton. There may be elements of that manifested on this blog. However, there is something of substance in the reaction that Littleton has engendered. I think people feel that the likes of Littleton, and other young so called traditionalist, are grandstanding and acting out things that they really don’t understand or have any substantial grounding. These are young men who for some reason hark back to times and practices that are well before their time, often with imperfect understanding and appreciation. I think people feel that is offensive to the traditions of the past, as well as a rejection of where the Church is leading us in terms of theology and liturgical culture. So, Littleton and his companions do not have an air of authenticity or seriousness about them, and many of us feel that they are playing at it for a bit of diversion. I do wonder what the seminaries and their staffs have been doing when they allow people like Littleton to go though so many years of formation, and do not challenge these kinds of attitudes and behaviours. Bishops too. After 9 years in seminary, if Littleton was behaving like this, I would have expected that there should have been serous question marks about his suitability for ordination.


8.42 Anonymous stalker you seem to have a constant name calling and so on towards Father Peter Littleton.

You seem to stalk all his social media and that is alarming sadly Bishop Pat is thriving on people like you and it is only YOU that seems to stalk him.

In case you do not know we are in the middle not the end of a pandemic and everyone is working so hard.

Since you are so concerned about father Littleton why have you never contacted +Wilson or better still telephone on his mobile 24/7 the Auxiliary Bishop Paul who is his Area Bishop.

Be assured + they are well aware of You.

Why Bishop Pat is allowing your witch hunt against a Priest who is needing help not attacks from people like you.


Littleton deserves it Jim S. His fault for prancing around and telling us all what to do in front of a webcam.


Jim S @ 1146 – you at least seem to recognise that this man, Littleton, is in need of some help ? That’s good. You also suggest that + Wilson and whoever is the + Area Bishop, are aware of the concerns that I, and many others, have about this priest. So, I am hoping that they will take note, and will give the man the help he needs. Otherwise, he will be allowed to carry on inflicting his self-aggrandising antics on the Church. I hope you realise that there is simply no argument that can be made to say that a man like this with his faux traditionalism and distinct lack of grounding in the faith as lived by the Church these days, should be allowed to be such a self-propagandist or allowed the oxygen of publicity which his role in his parish gives him. So, i would suggest that he removes his online nonsense, stops seeking publicity, stops prancing around like some prize tit, and that his bishop allows him some retraining time so that he can inculcate himself in the Church which is alive and active in that diocese, which is culturally, liturgically and theologically so different to what Littleton seems to think. That would be a start. There is still the question as to why this man was allowed out of the seminary, ordained and then foisted on the good people of Tooting Bec.


Do we really think that + Wilson is going to take the slightest bit of notice of any concerns any of us may have about Fr Littleton ? I seriously think not. His reaction will be to draw up the wagons in a circle and go in to protection mode, and to ignore any issues that are brought to him. It was ever the same. It’s the culture of coverup and denial. Littleton will not be dealt with by his bishop. Which is why blogs like this are important, because they are a space for highlighting issues that need to be brought in to the open. + Pat does a great service by providing such a space. Littleton may be feeling got at and a little bruised. It is, largely, self inflicted.


There is nothing wrong to be gay. Homosexuality exists from the Greek mythology and in the Bible too…
Unfortunately, the Salvation doesn’t stand in becoming Roman Catholic priests, but in accepting yourself for who you are…
Love is doesn’t know gender.
Many gays become straight, as many straight become gay…
Simply be open minded, ask from your friends and family understanding and support, not letting them design your future…
It is your life! And you have that chance only one time! Live it with honor and dignity! Dont turn yourself to some monsters called Roman Catholic Priests…


I only listened to the first 20 seconds of this, and it could be Littleman humming away. It’s supposed to be Barbara Streisand.


11:46 am
Here we go again…! According to Bishop Jim….
Are you stalking all his social media to know who all his alleged stalkers are, Jim?
Everyone is working so hard, cocooning!
Is there any need for anyone to contact anyone if, as you claim, they are aware?


Jim is sponsored by An Post and Royal Mail and now he’s seeking sponsorship from EE and Vodafone for his new suggestion to phone 24/7 the mobiles of auxiliary bishops.


12.07 and 1.41.

I do not keep the Royal mail or An Post in business as we are living in 2020 Father it is a digital world and as you are a keyboard warrior instead of attacking me it would suit you better to contact + Wilson or + Paul with the concerns.

It is better for a Bishop to have different points of view as for Father Littleton I have only seen his You tube and that was enough for me.

Bishop Paul the Area Bishop for Tooting has his landline, mobile and email all on the web site.

So if any of the blog readers have information than that should do the Christian thing and contact the Diocese.

However it is clear this is a broken heart over father Littleton now alleging he has a seminarian bed partner so surely a start would be to stop this seminarian being ordained later this year.

It can be said that father Littleton needs further formation or asked to leave.


2:16 pm

According to Bishop Jim,

……the Christian thing is to contact the diocese.

Jimbo, how come there are no pastoral letters, directives, or documents from the Vatican, on
a pastoral response towards those abused by priests, or whose case was covered up by the hierarchy? Surely a pastoral response from Bishops is the Christian response, rather than lies, re-traumatizing survivors, or threatening solicitors letters.

Ask your colleagues in the Episcopate to explain the oversight. Or better still, contact
the Vatican, and ask Cardinal Sarah or Cardinal Parolin, and get back to us if you get an answer.

Re: Bill Carney (Scroll down page) 1.38, 1.42, 1.44, 1.52, 1.64, 1.77, 1.89, 1.92, 4.29, 4.54, 16.2, 16.25, 16.29, 28.1-28.149
Commission of Investigation
Report into the Catholic
Archdiocese of Dublin
July 2009; released November 26, 2009
This page presents a user-friendly version of a government report on the handling by the Dublin archdiocese of sexual abuse allegations.
The report was prepared by Judge Yvonne Murphy, the Commission Chairperson, and Ms Ita Mangan and Mr Hugh O’Neill, Commissioners, and was released on November 26, 2009. The version of the massive report that is presented below provides access to individual chapters, and also offers a linked version of the very helpful index, which can be used to navigate the report and explore its important findings.
In keeping with its terms of reference, the Murphy report discussed a “representative sample” of 46 priests, selected from the 172 named priests about whom the Commission received information. The report on the 46 priests, however, was not released intact.


This morning brought the usual overnight comments of hatred, anger, filth etc – most of them from incensed and perhaps drunken clerics. They hate the truth being told about their organisation, themselves and their colleagues.
My practice is to read the first few words and press DELETE.


Well, + Pat, you tell it as it is from your experience and I have no reason to disbelieve you. But, others will be furious that you are washing dirty linen in public. Even though we know that all this stuff went on in the past. But, keep focusing on the truth and what has been covered up, because all those clerical trolls will do their best to keep it covered up.


Washing dirty linen in public, it would seem, is the only way these people take notice and begin to take appropriate action. Again, I say it would seem: and this assumption is based upon reading the many unfolding scandals in current worldwide news… Paradoxically, by ignoring issues, cries for help even, the original problem is compounded in sorts; the original situation becomes just a part of the heap which now has to be looked into.
Talking of washing, the launderette from Eastenders… everybody from the community of the square take there troubles to the laundrette. Matriach, Saint Dott Cotton is there, waiting… Kettle on, biscuits out; and, when things are a bit heavy, a half bottle of brandy sits on the shelf of the service room… It’s a bit like the sacrament of confession/reconciliation really – only far more human: and more worthwhile and effective.
But, when a scene is presented in the square, net curtains are pulled back! Old friends become acutely aquinted during the unfolding of the dramas… Phone recievers are lifted off hooks, amass, and the old beautifully kept strowger at the Walford exchange begins to click away! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! Connecting the lines of Walford to the wider family community.
In the words of Bob Hoskins… “It’s good to talk…”


8.28: Pat, your deleted comments of ugliness are not always from clerics as you well know. You have a famous Magna who invariably will post outrageous hate speech. The vast majority of clerics are decent and kind and probably share your opinions about most things. Any comment from herein that’s hate-filled or vengeful should not be printed nor comments which seem to harass others. That said, I share the sense of shame at the criminal abuses committed by any cleric. I just do not understand sometimes how all this horrendous behaviour and abuse could be allowed continue when first noticed. The cover up and complete irresponsibility of the hierarchy is a shame I carry in my life every day. For survivors, the pain remains for life. I have read all these reports and feel full of despair still at what happened to children by these vile men. While in seminary in 70’s I never encountered any overt or overtures of any kind though I could discern certain gestures as being suggestive but such was the division between juniors and seniors and discipline that you felt a sense of inapprooriateness about certain advances but I never encountered any such behaviour. There are many decent and good guys in priesthood but it is difficult to feel any deep meaningfulness any more, primarily because of abuse scandals.


Anon 9:34. You said, “the vast majority of clerics are decent and kind”. I wonder what evidence you base that on. It’s certainly not the case by all accounts if one is to take “decent” to mean living a virtuous life in accordance with their vows, solemn public promise, and public perception of their role as promulgated by their organisation.


What is wrong with ‘hate speech’?
Hateful deeds (by Romanist priests, for example) will not elicit moral approbation. You do understand this, don’t you? 😕


we dont understand your post.
would you care to elaborate?
Bishop Pat is a good man and is a light that shines in the darkness. A breath of fresh in a corrupt world.


You clearly don’t like challenge or the truth as it often hurts. Very easy to press delete when we don’t wish to hear truths about ourselves. Is it not very childish behaviour and immature on your part’?


Estate agents claim that the secret of success is:
Your success +Pat is:
Good work. Keep ‘er lit.


Ireland is known as ‘ground zero of abuse’ worldwide in the RCC for very good reasons.
It is a nexus or web of power, control and abusiveness ; a perfect paradigm of Michel Foucault’s “Power/ Knowledge Nexus”.
Note, the Murphy Report is a sample of 46 priests of 172.
How many went below the radar? How many were moved to other dioceses or moved overseas?
How many remain in ministry? How many ‘played the game’ to be ordained?
How many, if any, were in the homomafia?
Lets join more dots!


These Irish seminaries were school for scandals. Maynooth clings on.

A medical school or army training barracks would be shut down if it consistently turned out wave after wave of abusers, with no apparent quality control to deny them entry or weed them out during training. The Irish Government should close Maynooth because the bishops refuse it.

Maynooth was opened by the British State; the Irish State should close it.


Maynooth will be viewed in the future in the same way that people in Bristol viewed the statue of the slave trader Colston.


9:47 am


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said in his speech on the occasion of the visit of Pope Francis

” Your Holiness, I believe that the time has come for us to build a new relationship, a more mature relationship between Church and State in Ireland; – a new covenant perhaps for the 21st Century”.

Will the Irish Episcopate please grow up!


My goodness Pat 25 years old being jumped on by a 70 year old … I’m glad the receptionist caught him.


“A great sex life without any responsibilities.”

Remember, Bp Pat, there are still risks, so I hope they will take precautions (even if it means them dipping into the plate to pay for PreP).


Yes Bishop Pat. So it seems.
I wonder how many cases involved Dr. Lane O Kelly.
He worked in treating alcoholism.


It seems he had a career long record for abusing. That made him sympathetic to priest abusers like Carney.


That sounds a bit similar to the current dilemma involving the guy who does the psych assesments and travels round the colleges! Won’t say which one.
Gosh! If proven to be the case, what could that say about the filtering/weeding out process…? Scandal on that level?
Of course, one must wait for that in writing. Once bitten, twice shy.
And that is all part of the learning process… as may, possibly, become clear in the not too distant future.
Maybe we could ask for Ajax the kidder’s ‘diagnosis’ as it was almost convincing… until a clinician put thing right!
Certainly has a reputation in this respect… could be seen as conflict of interests. No? Subjective rather than objective?
But even that has to be looked at properly.
When paper work is given over with blacked out spots, you can never be too sure what may be beneath! So don’t jump to conclusions, as that could be blanked out to allow for unfolding get out cards and catchphrases.
Have a wonderful day. And stay safe!


9.59: However you try to persuade us about your supposed concern about Fr. Littleton, you are the classic bullying, intimidarory troll. Your language and constant commentary about this priest is harrassment and is totally unacceptable. You may disapprove of this priest’s demeanour or manner of saying mass, but who are you to dismantle this man’s obvious sincerity? In time he may refefine his aporoach but your nasty agenda is despicable, moreso if you are a priest: absutely reprehensible behaviour.


Bollox ! You sound as though you could be + Wilson protecting one of your own. Or one of his acolytes. I don’t think Littleton is sincere. Littleton is interested in his own self-publicity, look at me, agenda. Priesthood for Littleton is a stage for him to prance about on, a vehicle of this own self-satisfaction. It’s a classic, needy, personality, character role. If Littleton, who is a public figure, wants to avoid any criticism at all, then I suggest he goes quiet, removes his online nonsense and knuckle down to some serious self-reflection.


1.43 You certainly do not know Archbishop John Wilson and he certainly will not protect one of his own as you say however wrong you are.
Archbishop John is not even a year in Southwark however he is moving at great speed on many issues with the Archdioceses.
However this has only came to light on here three days ago and now more added today about the Seminarian so it takes time.
If this jealous guy would come forward and say what he knows it would make things easier but no he just places his comments on here.
If + Wilson was guilty of anything it is his loyalty to the Church and Pope Francis certainly not 1962 stuff.


At 1:43pm – my goodness but you’ve got it bad haven’t you, you poor dear? Unrequited love is such a bummer and “hell hath no fury” and all that.


1 43: More of yoyr ignorance and hatred. I am not a cleric but respect the liturgical celebrations if He. Littleton. You 8bvioysly have a boulder of angst in your back. I suggest you lighten it by therapy and by attempting to remove the hatred, prejudice and arrogance in your heart. Your language “mr. bollox” is that of a bully. Are you a cleric? If you are, you havevserioys anger issues. Perhaps jealousy too. Your rants reveal a more disturbed mind than that of your nemesis!! Get a grip whoever you are. I also hooe you are not anywhere near young children or young people with that attitudinal frame of mind! You are an aggressive bully.


1.43: You, my dear, most certainly need some serious SELF-REFLECTION – with all that anger/hate speech. You require professional intervention. Are you a boozer? GET HELP for your own issues before pontificating about others.


1:43 Totally agree with you. Littleton is only interested in his own self-publiciy. He should never been ordained.


Those attacking the young priest probably call themselves liberals, though they prove again the saying “I’ve never met a liberal liberal”. The Father’s house has many mansions, the priest is in good standing, using one of the Church’s appoved liturgical books.
The umbrage should be for the abusers and the Grindr priests.
As for actively gay Jim opining on matters liturgical and moral, don’t make me laugh. It would be more his line to say an act of contrition for his sordid lifestyle of getting enough sex, thank you, interspersed with writing to nuncios and curial cardinals.


2:32 pm

According to Bishop Jim….!

Jim, are you, He, or, the Holy Spirit, or is someone else to come?
You sound as if you have an Ecclesial rash. You’re all over the place.
Who do you say you are, Jim?


1.50 I think Magna is a very talented person and knows the Church Canon Law and Teachings in side out and certainly is very educational for those who do not understand the Church.

Sadly some of Magna’s rants go a bit too far but certainly very well educated.

You have this thing about me and sex and it must be in your dream land as I have been CELEBATE for 36 years.

As for writing to Cardinals, Bishops and Nuncios it is only for the people to advice them the true picture.

However this week is the Summer meeting of the Bishops conference.

As for Maynooth closing it cannot just now because there maybe No access to the Irish College due to Covid 19


1:25 pm
So it seems Bishop Pat. How could he be objective when he was an abuser?
He was medical director of Belmont Park hospital in Waterford.
The hospital was run by the Brothers of Charity.


As a priest, Littleton is in a public role. And therefore can expect public criticism. Especially if he’s going to flaunt himself and pontificate online. And as someone else pointed out, what is the nature of his relationship with Fr Mark Higgins?


Fr Mark Higgins, anti-semite, ultra-conservative, managed to piss off the Parish Priest of Ramsgate (who is traditionalist but also highly respected) by insulting his mother. Advocates non communing mass, abandoning the ordinary form.


Are you, erm, like Fr Eugene?
Just wonderin’, like, since you share a surname, thought you might share also a certain … shall we say? … ‘proclivity’. 😎 (For want of a less euphemistic term. 😕)


Francis D. Murphy, Helen Buckley, and Larain Joyce, The Ferns Report, presented by the Ferns Inquiry to the Minister for Health and Children (Dublin: Government Publications, October 2005)
“The Inquiry wishes to acknowledge its debt to the courageous people who spoke about experiences of abuse. Without exception the witnesses who attended the hearings impressed the Inquiry with their dignity and clarity. Many offered an invaluable insight into the nature and extent of the problem and the lasting trauma it can cause. It would not have been possible to produce this Report without their cooperation and help.”
Ferns Report, p. 4.


If the priest you referred to in Waterford had a case settled against him, why is someone guilty of such an act still a priest. He does or did up to recent time hold a none ministry position in the city. Settling an allegation means he is guilty of something and therefore he should not be allowed to be a priest. If it is a case that a settlement went in his favour then maybe he is best filling a position in a parish and leave none ministry positions like which he has held to a lay person.


The seminaries that prepare men for the priesthood are a very important element of the abuse crisis in the United States and worldwide. Applicants have been poorly screened at some institutions, and seminarians were not infrequently victimized by staff and faculty. This generational abuse created groups of seminarians who, after ordination, would share victims and techniques. When a seminary accepted applicants from several dioceses, these abuse networks could become remarkably widespread.
The culture at some seminaries seems to have facilitated abusive behavior, and seminaries also fostered a silence about abuse, even among seminarians who were not involved in molestation. Seminary rectors sometimes became bishops, and many bishops have been named “visitors” in the current seminary visitations mandated by the Vatican. has begun to post the information necessary for assessing the complex role of seminaries in the current crisis. This page will be updated frequently.


First off, romanist Church is totally discredited, battered,corrupted not to be trusted. It’s a political organisation more like a business run with money in their minds. Felt sorry for good priests out there doing their dirty work.

No sign of Carrick REPORT.

zachetta still working in the vatican after he fled Argentina?

Is Irish Catholic Church gone yet? Attendences might drop after re opening of churches??

This generation adults not going to churches plus their future children plus their kids. It would be a massive drop in next 40 years time re Romanist Church in Ireland?


2:56 pm

DG, are we supposed to believe all dioceses are squeaky clean or former seminaries were bastions of holiness where nothing untoward happened? Look at Gaynooth for God sake.

They are totally discredited through their own doing.



Romanist Catholic Church never squeaky clean as they are telling porkies re regards to their own. Reading this blog now and again made me realise that Romanist church problems became more magnified and getting bigger. Judas was the 1st problem to many thousand problems that romanist Church have now. Its like a ship without a rudder. Knew nothing about gaynooth until it exploded on the papers. I recall it was ledwith at first if I recall correctly. Ledwith now in new age promoter and his belief in Catholic Church erupted. Why didn’t the romanist Church not detect him at first? How did he join romanist Church with false pretenses in the 1st place?? Same could be said for many seminarians out there re false pretenses . Therefore holiness in gaynooth, was a total farce/ joke joining prayers in hands doesn’t mean that you are that holy. Gaynooth doesn’t equate in holiness as it’s the opposite.

It’s the inner state of mind that determines us holy or not as regards to prayer. Knew one vincentian priest whom I met briefly and recognised him years later for his holiness. Cos he wearing sackcloth and ashes that I didn’t recognise it at first but years later as I looked back.

He never abused us as he wasn’t that exactly popular with big brass in Vincentian fathers. They shafted him around as much as they could to disrupt him.

My question as I raise, are there many gaynooths here and around the world? Thanks to this blog, activities in seminary life are becoming more sordid and disgusting, depraved when it came to sex. We as lay people are getting more and more exposed to these type of practices in public as if their veil opened itself unexpectedly. No self respecting parents would ever send their sons there now cos it’s about same sex activitie, bullying and not prayer.


Deaf guy you are also discredited because you were found out recently telling lies about yourself on this blog. Don’t be a hypocrite.



Its you as a priest if I’m correct. It’s you being discredited for defending corrupted, hypocrisy, porrkiesand dishonest romanist Church. How could you? You defend these abusers with all your passion….. How dare you? Its totally repugnant and foul, dishonest, two faced church when you defend them as I came from abused background. I don’t trust romanist Catholic Church, for all their secretiveness, well practised lies or platitudes which mean nothing really cos they are hypocrites and don’t practice what they preach. The way I see it now as its a business organisation with Canon laws applicable to religious people but not the laity. Canon law is a joke more like gold club rules written up by humans and man made. See you have two popes as Canon law can’t resolve it. Therfore it’s a joke and a farce.


3.30 Ah but you were found out telling lies about him. This was explained in detail which you didn’t take up, realising your line had been disproven.


Pat, you are allowing some loopy guy on your blog who has taken to promoting a hate agenda against Fr. Littleton. This looper has printed some very horrible comments. He must have inter-relational issues with this priest….or else is just a little nasty, troublesome bitch..


As a priest, Littleton is in a public role. And therefore can, and should, expect public criticism.


3.51: Twisted Sister, go back to your convent kitchen and scrub the floors, you scrubby demon!! Leave Fr. Littleton so in, you wretch.


@4:47 I totally agree. They follow a path of blind obidience and blind loyality to their leaders(bishops, rectors) and the institution (seminary, church)


Rome abolished Doctrine (I was told at the time) and prayer – Pat’s nos. 1 & 3 (Popes tried to bring in all kinds of mutually contradictory **ss artistry instead). Not only does this undermine all attempt to gain a tenable line on sexuality (no. 2) but the superficial devotional things Littleton and many others concentrate on as well. (He should get different glasses and wear them more.)


@ 3:22 pm – If you have read this blog before you will know that the things that are being said about Fr Littleton are vanilla in tone. There have in the past been far worse things said about people, usually to do with their sexual behaviour rather than their theological or liturgical antics. It seems to me that you are overreacting to what is happening to Littleton, and I do ask myself why that might be the case ? You are very protective of him. Any particular reason why ? Or is it you just have a need to be on the side of the downtrodden in the interests of justice and truth ? Mmmmmm ? Anyhow, as many have said already on this blog, Father Littleton would find himself a lot less interesting and a subject for comment if he were to go quiet himself, delete his ridiculous liturgical videos and his blog. Simple. Now, I wouldn’t call that hateful, would you ? Whereas, you call a correspondent on this blog a “nasty, troublesome bitch..” Whom should + Pat censor, I wonder ? Just asking !


Without wishing to be uncharitable, there’s something wrong with someone who has set it into his mind to repeatedly attack another person from behind the veil of anonymity, and to do so with uncouth language and unsupported accusations.

How about you step out of your anonymity and have the courage to say what you’re saying with your own name @5:54? If you’re going to slander a man, at least let him know the face and name of his slanderer!

If you’re not willing to grant him that courtesy, or us the benefit of knowing how credible your attacks are, you’re not a brave moral crusader, or defender of the Church (as you so clearly see yourself): you’re a cowardly troll with a personal vendetta slinging muck at a churchman from under a dark bridge!


Bankruptcy Protection in the Abuse Crisis
So far, 24 U.S. Catholic dioceses and religious orders have filed for bankruptcy protection during the ongoing sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic church: 21 dioceses and 3 religious orders, the Oregon Province of the Jesuits and the Congregation of the Christian Brothers, and the Crosier Fathers and Brothers. The latest filing was by the Diocese of Buffalo NY, announced on 2/28/20.
One other diocese, for a total of 25 bankruptcies, has announced intentions to file: the Diocese of Saint Cloud in Minnesota.
On this page we assemble basic information and documents on each of these bankruptcy filings, as well as general information on the process and the issues involved.



How easy is it, in the US, to obtain a declaration of bankruptcy?

Can filing for bankruptcy there be challenged by victims of sexual abuse by Romanist clerics?


International Aspects of the U.S. Abuse Crisis
It is well known that U.S. bishops often transferred accused Catholic priests to other parishes or dioceses after receiving allegations. But the hierarchy also moved accused priests across international borders to other countries, where they continued to work with children and were often able to evade prosecution or extradition. These transfers are one of many ways in which global Catholicism affects the abuse crisis in the United States. On this page, we offer a selection of documents and articles on the international aspects of the U.S. abuse crisis.


Data on the Crisis
The Human Toll
Thousands of Catholic clergy and religious have raped and sodomized tens of thousands of children—perhaps more than 100,000 children—since 1950. These crimes were committed in secret, and bishops nurtured that secrecy. Over 17,000 survivors have broken through the silence, and their accounts have created an in-depth picture of the crisis, both in their own writings and in the work of journalists and law enforcement officials. Attorneys have obtained diocesan documents that reveal additional survivor witness and also document parts of a huge cover-up. But for every account that is known, hundreds are not yet public. In order to understand the crisis fully and take the necessary policy actions, the in-depth testimony of individual survivors must be combined with data that capture the breadth of the crisis.
This webpage begins an ongoing project by to provide the best available data on the crisis, together with suggestions for extrapolating from detailed data to understand topics for which the data are weak or incomplete.


Priests and Brothers Convicted of Sexually Abusing Minors in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland has identified 93 priests and brothers in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland who have been convicted of sexually abusing children or whose alleged abuses have been amply documented in the Ferns, Ryan, Murphy and Cloyne reports.
This is our fourth published database: we have maintained an accused U.S. clergy database since 2005, and we recently launched databases of publicly accused clergy in Argentina and Chile.
These databases have confirmed for us the clarifying power of lists of names. A public list makes children safer. It gives profound validation to victims. It serves as a resource for prosecutors, journalists, scholars and even church insiders: over the last few years, several church officials have asked us to add names or information to our U.S. database.
In fact, dozens of U.S. bishops and religious superiors have released their own lists of accused priests.
While we bring this simple idea of a list to the Irish clergy abuse problem, we are painfully aware of what we as outsiders do not bring. We don’t have the anguished history of Irish survivors, or the deep knowledge of the Irish crisis that many visitors to this page will have. We hope that even the most learned among you will find the list a helpful way to reflect on clergy abuse in Ireland, but we also hope that you will advise us and help us make this database better.


”He was spiritually married to the nun and had full intercourse with her”
How do you know that? hmmmm


Begorra hi there is no I in team but there is in PrIest. Sooo how would one define this I. What about in relation to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If basic needs are not addressed appropriately then frustration will fester leading to pimples. Not just a job for dr pimple popper. The need is to stop the poison coming back


5:29 PM

Good evening hi fly.
Begorra fly maybe priests are lone rangers instead of team players.
Getting all humanisitic transpersonal with Abe Maslow’s hierarchy.
Self- transcendence but need to go down to come up. Takes time.
A belt of the Spirit will sort it.
Spiritual direction’s in order.
May the Force be with you.+
Bye bye fly hi.


That feckin eejit Page aka Flyagwa talking to himself again. Men in the white coats needed there hi but hi.


Good to see the Catholic Church in England & Wales have just received £1millon from the Albert Gubay Charity Foundation. A diocese in the English midlands received a legacy of £2million last week. People are so generous.


Rupert Murdoch also gives millions to the Church in England & Wales. He contributed millions to Pope Benedict’s visit to the UK and his Son was granted an audience. He has a big property portfolio in leafy Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and gives a cut of that to the RC dioceses there for their charitable status.


Pat why are the Anglican’s running the seminaries. Roger Taylor in London / Philip Whitmore in Rome / new Anglican in Oscott. What is going on?


The Anglicans are taking over. They go around saying they have saved the UK Catholic Church, they look down on Irish clergy such as myself. Well, there wouldn’t be a Catholic Church in the UK at all if not for the Irish clergy. And they say that we rush the mass, that we don’t know our theology, and that we have a touch of the Blarney Stone about us. I have heard myself and others being referred to as bog Irish on many many occasions by Anglican-cum-RC clergy. I’m just glad I’m retiring soon. Feck ‘em


@8.26pm Probably the same ex Anglicans who put on a mock Irish accent when speaking to you. The gay ex Anglicans who are both single and married often refer to the Irish laity and clergy as “bog people” and “bog trotters”. It’s a form of racism.


And you’re showing your own racism. I have heard English, Polish and Scots cradle Catholics talk about the Irish like that in Britain.


Littleprick has been on the phone to Fr S Langridge about this blog who advised him to ignore it all and to carry on as normal.


8.47 Does Father Littleton and father Langridge know how much a traitor of a “Friend” you are.

Get over it you have been rejected.

Only way for you to deal with it is to speak with Archbishop Wilson or Bishop Paul after all it is Archbishop Wilson’s Archdioceses not Father Langridge


But, Bp Pat, we’ve heard all this before, several times, it’s a wonder you didn’t include “soup laced with sherry” as you usually do.


Father Stephen Langridge is the biggest poof-daddy going. Talk about a daddy. He used to knock on all the doors in Wonersh. Without the Rector’s permission. Southwark Vocations – Many gay stories there to be told. Holy Howell is the first one to look at. Opus Dei, but a filthy queer.


If you know of anything why don’t you just say. These people are taking down an already damaged reputation that the Church has built over the past decades. One thing I cannot stand is hypocrisy. These priests you mentioned plus others that have been mentioned in previous posts and comments are still doing what they have always been done. Why are Bishops, Rectors, and VDs allowing for gay men to prey over younger seminarians, or not doing anything to prevent that the few good ones that cross their doors have to leave because of the culture that is slowly being embedded into Seminaries? It is now time that these are held accountable for what they are doing to the Church!
Seminaries are being filled with people who have opposite views and one side you have those who argue that even a hint of homosexuality, see Fr Marsden, is a bar to priesthood and others, see Oakley, who do and did nothing as they wanted seminarians to balance their sexuality and their vocation. Why instead not help these discern their vocations and help them come to term with their sexuality so they can harmonise it with their vocation?
Little, Hilton, Seery to mention three are just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine if these were to come out and speak half their dioceses will fall down with them!


Very good point. And I am a parish priest. The only reason I stay in it, is to support my people. Because they do have real faith in Jesus, and I respect them. And I don’t do grindr before you cast me down. And my parish look to me as their leader. And, might I say, I have real faith in Jesus too. So I see myself as a “first among equals”, in terms of being a parish priest. As regards all that alter Christus talk, they can stick that where the Sun doesn’t shine. Never heard more BS in my life. I never heard that phrase once in seminary. I am just a man, with faith, helping others. Which is what Bishop Pat does very well in my opinion. By the way, most priests in my deanery don’t listen to me!


First among equals. Does that mean you are the one who gets the free house? As ever, some are more equal than others.


@9.18pm I’ve hit a raw nerve with you, no doubt an Ex Anglican sausage jockey yourself not liking the truth


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