Bishop Francis Lagan, the retired auxiliary bishop of Derry passed away recently.

In the 1980‘s he was the parish priest of Creggan, Derry.

On one occasion he caught his curate ( a monk) naked in bed with a 10 year old little girl.

What did Lagan do?

Call the police?

Call social services?

No, he put the little girl’s clothes back on her, let her out a window and told her to go home.

Former cleric jailed for child sex abuse two decades ago is cleared of further charges

09 December, 2014 00:00

A FORMER priest jailed for sexually abusing children in Derry 20 years ago was found not guilty of further charges yesterday after prosecutors offered no evidence.

Gerard John McCallion (66) had been due to go on trial at Derry Crown Court accused of three
counts of indecent assault and one of gross indecency on a boy under 12.

The charges dated back to 1987/88, when the Cistercsan monk had been on loan to the parish of St Mary’s in the Creggan area as a curate.
McCallion was defrocked in the 1990s when his abuse came to light after he was discovered in bed with a 10-year-old girl in the Creggan parochial house.

Described by a judge as a “sexual parasite”, he was jailed for two years after admitting nine indecent assault charges involving three primary school girls and given a suspended sentence for indecently assaulting a young woman while she was in bed at Altnagelvin Hospital with a kidney infection.

In 1998 at Letterkenny Circuit Court he also admitted indecently assaulting a seven-year-old girl at a house in his home town of Lifford.

After a jury was sworn in to hear the latest charges yesterday, a prosecution barrister told the court that the prosecution would be offering no evidence against the defendant, whose address was given as Ballynally, Iniscarragh in Co Cork.

Judge Philip Babington directed the jury to return a not-guilty verdict and told McCallion he was free to go.

Gareth O’Callaghan. Facebook.

If evil could be given a name, it would be called Father Bill Carney. The former priest was possibly the most dangerous paedophile of his generation and his trail of destruction will resonate for decades to come, such are the broken lives he has left in his wake. I must advise that this post does not make for easy reading. That said again, it needs to be written.

Carney masterminded and managed one of the most evil clerical paedophile gangs in the Dublin diocese in the 1970s and 1980s. There were at least five of his fellow priests who connived and shared information, swapping their victims freely and at random within the gang and beyond. The five main players were: Carney, Francis McCarthy, Harry Moore, Tony Walsh, and Patrick Maguire.

Others included Donal Gallagher, Gus Griffin, Tom Naughton, John Boland, Noel Reynolds, and James McNamee (who built a swimming pool in the back garden of his house when he was parish priest of Crumlin with the specific intention of abusing young boys).

Bill Carney first met Francis McCarthy when they were both studying for the priesthood at Clonliffe College, in Dublin. They were the same age, late teens, when they started their mission to abuse young children. During his final year in college, Carney became friends with James Kavanagh who had just been appointed as auxiliary bishop in Dublin in 1973. Carney had officiated as a deacon at Kavanagh’s inauguration as bishop.

Carney and McCarthy were ordained in 1974. The two paedophiles were now free to roam the diocese as priests. They wasted no time in starting their long, destructive 30-year trail of child abuse and human destruction. For the purpose of this post today I am going to keep the focus on Carney who, for generations to come, will be regarded as a monster who cleverly exploited the corruption of the State at that time to get away with his crimes.

Carney was appointed as chaplain to a number of schools following his ordination because, he explained to his bishop, he was “interested in childcare”, and worked “best with the unintelligent”. Long before his ordination, unknown to the church authorities, Carney was a serial child abuser. Not that they would have cared.

It took almost ten years, until 1983, before Carney came under the investigative spotlight of the gardai. The parents of a young boy gave statements at Whitehall garda station on Dublin’s northside. Carney was sexually abusing their son. The boy’s father wanted action taken urgently. Carney at that time was a curate in Ayrfield. The bishop with responsibility for the area was none other than James Kavanagh, Carney’s close friend. The chief superintendent with policing responsibility in that area of Dublin based in Whitehall garda station was senior garda Maurice O’Connor, who ironically was a friend of Bishop James Kavanagh!

Bishop Kavanagh dropped into Chief Supt O’Connor’s office one afternoon during this time for a chat. It was something he did quite often. On this occasion, Supt O’Connor informed the bishop that Carney was under investigation for inappropriate behaviour involving a young boy. Kavanagh asked O’Connor if he could “do anything” in Carney’s support. O’Connor told the senior bishop that it was “unlikely” the charges against Carney would succeed and there was most likely little to worry about.

In other words, it was the “I’ll look after it for you” attitude that was prevalent in the way justice was (and still is) so often misled in Ireland.

Luckily, a young garda called Garland was already investigating the case and managed to drive it through to a successful conclusion in favour of the young boy. That conclusion would take many years; and consequently a long time before Carney would be stopped in his tracks. But clearly during those intervening years, in the eyes of his clerical peers, Carney was still suitable to perform his duties as a priest in Dublin parishes.

(I often wonder how many of his colleagues knew about what he was doing but said nothing. I would hazard a guess here and say that there must have been quite a few.)

In the years that followed Bill Carney was moved through and around four different Dublin parishes where he continued to abuse children at will without any prevention from the church or the law.

Carney was also targeting residential homes around the city that housed orphaned and troubled children, including St Josephs in Dun Laoghaire, the Grange Home, also in Dun Laoghaire, and Lakelands Home in Stillorgan. He would bring small groups of these children back to his house for weekends (wherever he was based). He would then dose the children with alcohol that he had added to their bottles of minerals and rape and abuse them. He abused children from at least eight different refuge homes around the city.

His colleagues (mentioned above) would often call in over the weekends to avail of the opportunities. Few people on the outside could understand why Bishop James Kavanagh continued to have a “soft spot” for a psychopathic abuser who was clearly out of control. Kavanagh continued to support him where and when he could.

If Bill Carney had not been named in the Murphy Report in 2009, he would have remained invisible right up until his death last September.

His victims believe, and rightfully so, that the Catholic church kept Bill Carney invisible and immune for all of those years that he “disappeared off the face of the earth” once it became clear what he had been getting away with for almost forty years.

In the end, it took a reporter from BBC’s Newsnight programme to find him in early 2010. Olenka Frenkiel’s seach for Bill Carney led her to Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. She eventually found him. As she said herself, it wasn’t that hard to find him.

(If that’s the case, then why weren’t the Irish government and the gardai actively searching for him? Remember – this is only seven years ago.) 

He had an apartment in a holiday resort that was very popular with Irish families. Carney would sit watching the beach most days, small children who played together unaware that they were being watched by one of the most evil predators this country has ever known.

Olenka confronted Carney in Lanzarote and asked for his reaction to the Murphy Report. Carney told her (on camera) that he hadn’t read it. This is despite the fact that he was clearly one of its main protagonists. Olenka presented him with a copy and then met him again some time later. “No comment” was his reaction to her original question – with that hiddeous, evil smirk that Carney was famous for.

Olenka Frenkiel confronted Archbishop Diarmuid Martin some weeks later as he left a church ceremony in Dublin, in the aftermath of the Murphy Report. Martin told her to “give forward” all the information she had. She then alerted the gardai here as to Carney’s precise location in the Canary Islands. Diarmuid Martin claimed during this confrontation that the gardai knew where Carney was. Clearly they didn’t because local police in Lanzarote had no idea who Carney was, considering he had been living on their doorstep for years.

As Olenka Frenkiel said at the end of her BBC Newsnight report, “if they [gardai] were really looking for him, he wasn’t hard to find”. So why weren’t the Irish gardai looking for Carney? It took Olenka Frenkiel to tell them where he was. Why weren’t they listening to his victims when even they knew where he was?

It was only in recent times that I found out why a senior bishop would continue to support a child abuser like Bill Carney who could have been stopped in his tracks and shut down almost forty years ago, but instead was allowed to continue his abuse on an epic scale.

It becomes obvious when you consider the identities of those individuals who regularly called into Bill Carney’s house on those Sunday afternoons in the 1980s while he was throwing “parties” and abusing small children in his care. You also have to wonder why the gardai never intervened in these strange arrangements that he had with the people who ran the orphanages and homes where these children resided during the week.

One of the individuals who called into Bill Carney’s house very regularly on those Sunday afternoons was none other than Bishop James Kavanagh.


The whole Derry / Lagan thing is shocking.

The whoow Dublin / Carney / McCarthy thing is even more shocking.

What was going on in Clonliffe that three predators were ordained in the one year – 1974 ‘ Carney / McCarthy and Meldon?


They are not getting away with covering up for child abuse.


They are still getting away with covering up for out of control seminarians, priests and bishops.

The only consolation is that the victims are 18+ and not < 18

But is that still ok ???


‘The only consolation is that the victims are 18+ and not < 18''
…..and therefore able to go to the police/gardai. yet none have. I rest my case


Spiritual coercion should never have to be a police matter. Since Bergoglio (who is a pretend JP II) toeing the line has become the in thing when there is no longer a tenable line to toe e.g about bad dynamics and lack of substance to belief.


The victims are not all over 18, how many priests and seminarians are on computers looking at images of abuse that are worse than the forms of physical and sexual abuse of the recent past? Wasn’t there a Liverpool priest, formed at Oscott who’s just been imprisoned for that ?


There was a priest from Liverpool, newly ordained, who was recently imprisoned for arranging to participate in the sexual abuse of a baby / very young child. Fr Jolly. Yes, formed at Oscott. It does not seem unreasonable to ask the obvious question: Was there any indication as to this man’s sexual pathology during the five or six years that he was under the supervision and formation of the Oscott seminary team ? I find it unlikely that there will not have been red flags and indications as to this man’s predilections and abusive interests during that time. If staff were not aware, then you have to ask why were they not aware ? Are they not supposed to be ‘experts’ in formation, training in the human, spiritual and pastoral development of young men training for the priesthood ? In my experience, such ‘expertise’ is wafer thin for most seminary staff, and if they are ‘qualified’ it is usually from some questionable institution or in-house training. Shades of the Fr David Marsden school of training and expertise, Seminary staff, by and large, do not inspire confidence. I would go further and say that this failure in quality and oversight borders on the complicit when such crimes are committed by the likes of Jolly. It’s not good enough for the seminary to say, ‘we had notindications’. In other walks of life, there is such a thing as accountability, and I wonder has anybody looked in to the accountability that should be held by the Oscott seminary staff in the case of Jolly ? I doubt it. Such rigour is a rare find in the Church and its seminaries. I remember an occasion in my work when a leader failed. His response was that he didn’t know. His bosses simply reasoned, if he knew and didn’t do anything then he had a case to answer. Equally, if he didn’t know, it was his job to know, and he still had a case to answer. Do you think we will see that logic of accountability being applied in places like Oscott ? I doubt it.


The answer to all your churchey psyche questions could be just around the corner.
Disgraceful failings are the two words which ring true here.
That letter said, ‘Very soon’, did it not, +Pat?


James Taylor – ” Let It All Fall Down” w/lyrics


Ey that’s boss chill out music that ye know. Lol it sums up the institution rather well, because it Is, sadly, falling apart at the seems. The r bishops are destroying the body.
An yeah, a young rc priest from Liverpool was attempting to interfere with toddlers, just before Christmas 2019, and luckily was caught by the Police. Fr Matty, now in prison. He had the face of an angel and the shock and pain is still an open wound for us all, I even cried when I read the Echo, but the truth is the truth.
I knew him, he was our Assistant Vocations Director for Archdiocese of Liverpool and would come and help when Fr J was travelling to seminaries or giving talks at our conferences.
Now, this has to be made very clear, Fr JP is NOT in anyway a danger to children. He’s a bit of a lad himself and that’s why me an the lads got on so well with him. He was a boss and has a heart of gold, and would say things as tbey where, but Erstwhile possibly got him against a wall at the beginning of this current Gagging Order saga. Fr J was, in my strong opinion, bullied.
I actuary feel sorry for Fr J, he never stood a chance with some of these wicked bastards. And they are like a pack of wild animals, +Pat has seen the docs, and that bastard from FannyDeeDid and the one from Dydiate have caused absolute carnage, catastrophe! Estwhile has just allowed them, they just seem untouchable, and they let it be known! Bizzare.
Fr JP is as a bit of a softy and I personally remember him trying his best to get something done about that nutter in Spain. Look where it got him! If I may say so myself he is a very caring and loving priest is Fr JP.
Not the sharpest tool in the box, but a kind heart and that’s a rarety these days.
Sorry +Pat for having a little rant here, but I just wanted people to know the score over Fr JP. He is a good one that’s all. That’s why he’s the only one been kicked out of Archdiocese or wherever. Shame on you Erstwhile!


‘he is a very caring and loving priest is Fr JP’ – I am horny all the time, I watch porn, I masturbate. He was indeed very loving.


He is a good one? So making advances towards a young man and ruining his life makes him a ‘good one’? I see.


Is that the same JP as “alter JP” JPL? Or a different one? I think we should be told 12.06 & 12.09.


No, this is the Archdiocese of ErstwhilePool being written about ye big numpty. Sorry lol. Fr J was the old Vocations Director, seemed a very good and caring priest and was a boss VD. But Erstwhile is like a runnnerway steam train and will bolster ANYTHING or ANYONE who stands in his way. It seems not even in-house fixing of issues are in Erstwhile’s dodgi bag of tricks.
At the meeting at Archbishop’s house, Fr J Preciouston even spoke, verbally, the truth in his defence in front of Erstwhile when he met up with them both at Archbishop’s house on 23rd May 2018. Fr J Preciouston conformed, by mouth, that Fr Gant had indeed given him a “Very positive report for his p. placement in Dydiate. However, Fr Gant did say you were late once or twice during the last week or two.” Upon his bringing up the issues at Dydiate about Fr foot fettish, Erstwhile replied, “We’ve never had any issues with Fr Gant before.” To which he replied, “Well, I can only speak the truth, Father.” Erstwhile’s response was, “Maybe we should call it a day, for now. Possibly, for now. For now. Maybe, Possibly.”
He immediately replied, “I knew this was going to happen, I could see it unfolding before my eyes like a car crash in slow motion.”
Erstwile growled at one point, when he attempted to elaborate on the pp embarrassing himself on the the sofa, his arm and fist tensed by his lower RHS during this growl.


Further to my 12.15, I was trying to get from 12.06 & 12.09 where they were coming from (or to get someone else to clarify – which 1.01 did). Be wary of being baited by those types. You didn’t mislead anyone – they did.


Note dioceses in two sovereign states come under the same “bishops’ conference”, an anomaly that usually only occurs among small mid-ocean islands. It’s for the RCC to correct this.


We need some clarity. JP Lyttle has nothing to do with Liverpool, so what has happened to JP the Vocations Director? I am tired of insinuations. If you have something to say, come out with it. The suggestion appears to be that the VD was caught up with the Matthew Jolley débâcle, though not offending himself.


Pat for someone that has so much information about those evil men that you write about, have you ever gone to the Gardai or the PSNI with all you know and what did they say to you if you did.


On the occasions I have discussed these matters with the police they always need an actual victim to come forward and make a formal complaint.
In the case of todays material both the victims of Bishop Lagans curate and Bill Carney did come forward and prosecutions happened.


I am sick of contacting Merseyside Police, +Pat. They simply do not bother getting back to me. I told them I have ALL this evidence and tbey they will be out to look at it, but then I never hear from tbem again. It is the same all the time.
It is getting a bit silly now as this has really effected my mother and I am seriously worried she is about to have a breakdown. I too, am diagnosed with PTSD because of the abuse and covering up.
These is sometbimg not right here, as when I walked into Fr James’ church and provided evidence, he called the Police and said I was harassing him and that I was thrown out of Valladolid and Lydiate for constantly being drunk and being an alcohol. Which has been proven to fe lies, as you onow, +Pat. The CPS threw this right out then they proceeded to get me in the Closed Civil Court. Could this have been their plan? Anybody heard of silmar before?


While we bring this simple idea of a list to the Irish clergy abuse problem, we are painfully aware of what we as outsiders do not bring. We don’t have the anguished history of Irish survivors, or the deep knowledge of the Irish crisis that many visitors to this page will have. We hope that even the most learned among you will find the list a helpful way to reflect on clergy abuse in Ireland, but we also hope that you will advise us and help us make this database better.

Lists are contentious, especially in Ireland. Many have told us that this list is a risky thing. The Christian Brothers notoriously took legal action to prevent the naming of names in the Ryan Report. The names of accused priests usually appear in the Irish press only if the priest is convicted in a criminal court. Elsewhere in Europe, even convicted child molesters enjoy anonymity. This is very different from the situation in the U.S., where the parties in a civil suit are often publicly known. As a result, we have nearly 4,500 accused priests in our database, though only 500 or so have been criminally charged, let alone convicted.

We hope that this Irish database will encourage an open debate about how societies balance an accused person’s privacy rights against a child’s right to be safe and the public’s right to know.The clergy named in this database constitute a small percentage – approximately six percent — of the total number of accused priests known to the Irish church. According to an analysis [1 2 3 4 5] by researcher and survivor advocate Mark Vincent Healy of the audits by the National Board for Safeguarding Children, more than 1,300 clergy have been reported to Irish dioceses and religious orders since 1975.

Many of these 1,300 accused clergy committed crimes against children, though for various reasons they have not been brought to justice. Some may still be in ministry; others may have left the priesthood and now live in unsuspecting communities. What are the implications of such significant concealment for the safety of children? For the Irish citizen’s understanding of the clergy abuse crisis? For the behavior of the church, most of whose misdeeds are not yet known? For the thousands of survivors whose perpetrators are not known except to them personally, to their great cost?

This Irish database is a work in progress; please refresh the page each time you visit to see the latest improvements.


Well I have seen most of the evidence, and it is the best evidence you could ever find! The legal eagle ex Sem is certainly nobody’s fool and has an eye for the minutest of detail. The ex VD from Archdiocese of Erstwhile has, to his own demise and betrayal, blatantly told serious and shocking lies about an (proven by ample evidence) abused vulnerable adult when giving a statement Police statemen which was made to Merseyside Police in late 2018.
Maybe this is why he is now Spiritual Director at OssyCottty.
Erstwhile is a very, very dangerous man. He is fully compromised and it is bewildwri g how he is still in position.
But maybe the Police are dealing with it and it is about to be made public.

The Murphy report describes Carney as ‘one of the most serious sexual abusers investigated by the Commission’. He was born in 1950 and began abusing children in care before his ordination in 1974. In 1983 Carney was prosecuted in respect of 6 boys abused in Ayrfield parish, Dublin (St. Paul’s). He pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault of the boys, with 4 charges withdrawn. The judge granted the Probation Act, having been told (incorrectly) that Carney was receiving psychiatric treatment. Despite his conviction, Carney enjoyed continued access to children and was assigned to another parish in 1986, Clogher Road in Dublin (St. Bernadette’s).
The Murphy report states that ‘the Commission is aware of complaints or suspicions of child sexual abuse against him in respect of 32 named individuals. There is evidence that he abused many more children’; he had access to children in residential care, groups of children he took on holiday, groups he took swimming, and boy scouts in the troop he ran.
Murphy was aware of 6 residents of children’s homes who later alleged abuse by Carney when he was a seminarian at Clonliffe College (1968-1974). Long after, in 1988, Msgr. Stenson established that Carney was living with a former resident of a care home. This was a pattern. The father of one of the Ayrfield victims complained to no avail of Carney’s return to places where he had abused children previously. In 1989, Bishop O’Mahoney reported to then-Archbishop Connell that the mother of an Ayrfield victim ‘ was looking for pastoral and spiritual help as her husband and son had stopped practicing their religion’. O’Mahoney thought this was the first time Connell ‘became fully aware of the serious spiritual harm inflicted on children and young people through clerical sex abuse’.
Another common thread was Carney’s ability to put off the Archdiocese. Carney resisted being moved from Clogher Road to a diocesan house in Cappaghmore (Clondalkin), and then resisted moving out of that house, even after a church penal process ended with his laicization on March 9, 1992. He finally left in January 1994, 4 years after he was first asked. ‘He received a lump sum of £30,000 from the Archdiocese.’
Since then, there have been a number of civil claims. One Ayrfield victim, Paul Dwyer, reportedly went to the police in 2004, but after the DPP decided it did not have enough evidence to prosecute, Dwyer committed suicide. That same year, Carney got married in Scotland, where he ran a family-friendly guest house. Carney disputes the entire Murphy report except for its account of his 1983 guilty plea and sentencing.
The Murphy report concluded that ‘the handling by the Archdiocese of the large number of allegations and suspicions in relation to Fr Carney is nothing short of catastrophic.’


Pleaded guilty to abusing an orphan and a young victim from Dunlavin in 1997. Received a suspended sentence.

Cardinal Secrets, by Mike Peelo, RTE (October 17, 2002) [segment beginning at 17:52; no longer available online]
• Murphy report, ch. 41
• Probe Reveals Sins of the Fathers, by Shane Phelan, Dearbhail Mcdonald, and Fiach Kelly, Irish Independent (November 27, 2009)
• Priests and Their Depraved Crimes, Belfast Telegraph (November 27, 2009)
• Martin: Is there a paedophile ring? by Maeve Sheehan, Irish Independent (November 29, 2009)

Pleaded guilty to buggery and indecent assault 1984-1985. Given suspended sentences of seven years for the two counts of buggery and three years for the indecent assaults. Charges reduced to four from the original 18, according to the Murphy report.
• Suspended jail terms for priest who sexually abused teenager, Irish Times (May 12, 2005)
• Murphy report, ch. 26
• Probe Reveals Sins of the Fathers, by Shane Phelan, Dearbhail Mcdonald, and Fiach Kelly, Irish Independent (November 27, 2009)
• Priests and Their Depraved Crimes, Belfast Telegraph (November 27, 2009)


Described in Chapter 19 of the Murphy Report as ‘probably the most notorious child sexual abuser to have come to the attention of the Commission’ (19.2). The Commission wrote that it knew of 40 named victims but that Walsh had admitted to abusing many others. ‘His pattern of behaviour is such that it is likely that he has abused hundreds of children.’

The archdiocese received its first complaint about Walsh in July 1978, two days after his first appointment, which was to the Church of the Assumption in Ballyfermot. The incident had occurred a month earlier and involved the sexual abuse of an eight-year-old boy.

By 1985, according to Chapter 19 of the Murphy Report, ‘the Archdiocese knew that he was a serial abuser’ (19.123).

In 1988, the archdiocesan chancellor Msgr. Alex Stenson recorded that Walsh ‘admitted that over the eight years in Ballyfermot he was involved with boys about once a fortnight’ (19.31).

In April 1990, Stenson and Archbishop Desmond Connell removed Walsh from public ministry and decided he must be laicized (19.51). It took three years for an archdiocesan tribunal to formally ratify this. Walsh immediately appealed his sentence to the Vatican, which ruled in his favor in June 1994, decreeing that he ought to remain a priest but enter a monastery for ten years.

In November 1995, following Walsh’s first criminal conviction and a spate of media coverage, Archbishop Connell took the unusual step of directly petitioning Pope John Paul II, requesting he remove Walsh ex officio from the clerical state (19.102). Cardinal Ratzinger issued the laicization decree in January 1996.

As of August 2018, Walsh had been convicted six times of sexual offenses against children:

February 1995 – Sentenced to 12 months in prison for sexually assaulting an 11-year-old boy in May 1994, just a month before the Vatican appeal tribunal approved his appeal to remain a priest. The abuse occurred in a toilet at a pub following the funeral of the boy’s grandfather in Palmerstown. Gardaí were alerted by the boy’s mother.

December 1997 – Sentenced to 10 years in prison on 12 charges of indecent assault and gross indecency involving six boys aged eight to 14. The assaults occurred between 1980 and 1986, while Walsh was a popular curate and in charge of 60 altar boys at the Church of the Assumption in Ballyfermot. The ten-year sentence was eventually reduced to six by the Court of Criminal Appeal.

December 2010 – After a jury found him guilty of 13 counts of buggery and indecent assault of a boy, Walsh was given multiple sentences totaling 123 years to be served concurrently, translating to a maximum jail-time of 16 years. It was the harshest sentence ever imposed on an abusive priest. The crimes occurred from 1978 to 1983, when the child was aged seven to 12. In one incident, Walsh tied the boy’s wrists to his ankles and laid him over a coffee table to rape him, playing loud music to drown out his cries.

The sentencing of Walsh cleared the way for the publication one week later of the Murphy Report’s chapter 19, which was entirely devoted to Walsh under the pseudonym ‘Fr Jovito’. The chapter had been withheld until the criminal proceedings against Walsh were concluded.

June 2013 – Walsh pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent assault in 1979 of two boys, aged ten and 11. The judge added 15 months to the 16-year sentence Walsh already was serving.

January 2016 – Given additional jail time for the sexual assault of a girl aged between seven and ten. The assault occurred sometime between 1973 and 1976, when Walsh was still a seminarian. The judge imposed the maximum two-year sentence but suspended the second year, assuming good behavior. She ordered the remaining year to run consecutive to the termination of his current sentence.

July 2016 – Sentenced to seven and a half years after a jury found him guilty of five counts of indecently assaulting a boy, aged 10 to 13, between January 1980 and December 1982. Walsh raped the child three times, once with a crucifix.

Walsh is due to be released in June 2023.


Given an 18-month sentence in England in 1988 on 4 charges of sexual assault. Sentenced to 6 years in prison in Dundalk in 2000 on 8 charges of sexual assault. Given a 3-year suspended sentence in Dublin for molesting 2 boys.

– Priest who abused five boys jailed for six years, Irish Times (March 22, 2000)
• Priest gets suspended term for molesting boys, Irish Times (February 3, 2007)
• Murphy report, ch. 16
• Probe Reveals Sins of the Fathers, by Shane Phelan, Dearbhail Mcdonald, and Fiach Kelly, Irish Independent (November 27, 2009)
• Priests and Their Depraved Crimes, Belfast Telegraph (November 27, 2009)
• Martin: Is there a paedophile ring? by Maeve Sheehan, Irish Independent (November 29, 2009)
• Most Priest Abusers Had Free Rein in Schools, by Mary Raftery, Irish Times (December 14, 2009)
• Abuse by Irish Priest Could Be Tip of Iceberg, by Michael Bradley, Japan Times (October 2, 2012)
• Half allegations against Columbans involved one priest, by Patsy McGarry, Irish Times (May 12, 2014)


The Murphy report states that 14 complaints of child sexual abuse against Gallagher were known to the Commission, and that it is likely he abused many more children. He was treated for a half year at the Servants of the Paraclete facility at Stroud in 1989. Gallagher died in June 1994.

• Murphy report ch. 22
• Probe Reveals Sins of the Fathers, by Shane Phelan, Dearbhail Mcdonald, and Fiach Kelly, Irish Independent (November 27, 2009)
• Priests and Their Depraved Crimes, Belfast Telegraph (November 27, 2009)
• Sex abuse complaint lodged with Vincentians, by Claire O’Sullivan, Irish Examiner (November 28, 2009)


Former vocations director for the Holy Ghost Fathers.. Sentenced to seven and a half years in prison in 1998 for the sexual abuse of two boys. One boy was indecently assaulted at age 10 in 1976. The other was abused as a teenager 1981-1983; the abuse included buggery. One of the victims was assaulted by Griffin in the order’s headquarters, Kimmage Manor, Dublin, after the boy said he was interested in joining the order. The sentence was reduced to 18 months on appeal.

• Priest jailed for sexual abuse of boys, by Tomás Mac Ruairi, Irish Examiner (July 16, 1998)
• Priest gets 7 1/2 years for abuse of two boys, Irish Times (July 16, 1998)
• Court reduces sex abuse priest’s sentence to 18 months, by John Maddock, Irish Independent (October 13, 1998)
• The Priestly Predators, by Rachel Andrews, Catherine Cleary, and Liam Reid, Sunday Tribune (April 7, 2002)


Boland was convicted in 2001 of 9 counts of indecent assault of a boy age 11 in 1977-1979. The conviction and one-year suspended sentence were apparently not reported by the Capuchins, the Dublin archdiocese, or the press. So the 2009 Murphy report was the first public information about serial offender Boland, although he first molested a boy in 1946, when Boland was age 16. In the 8 years between his conviction and Murphy, Boland visited at least one family ‘on a regular basis’.

The Murphy report described 6 complaints of abuse by Boland and 2 ‘suspicions/concerns’, altogether involving 9 victims whose names were known to the Commission – 8 boys and 1 girl. But 2 victims – a girl at a school retreat and a boy in a boy’s club – reported that there were other victims. In addition, the matron of a hospital and a mother visiting a hospital both expressed concern about Boland’s behavior with children. According to the Murphy report, a ‘UK therapeutic facility’ said in 1996 that Boland admitted ‘about 100 offenses against 20 children’.

The Murphy report also described Boland’s methods as he detailed them to the UK facility. He used ‘holy medals and pictures’ (32.17) to engage children, befriended their parents, separated the child, and introduced and normalized sexual touching. He had ‘a well-developed belief system which supported and legitimized his sexual interest in children’.

An account after the Murphy report describes Boland’s saintly reputation, devotion to the Virgin Mary, Christ-like beard, use of relics, and power to heal the sick. ‘Mothers loved him’ and raised money in bake sales and the like to buy him a car despite his vow of poverty. ‘Parents considered him both harmless and trustworthy.’ He organized a boys’ soccer team in Dublin’s northside inner city that ‘traveled all over the country and abroad’. Boland’s left arm was paralyzed in a birth injury, a ‘distinguishing physical characteristic’ cited in the Murphy report, which he considered a blessing. ‘Out of devotion to his Italian boy-hero saint, [he] had taken the adolescent’s name, Dominic Savio, as his own.’ The Murphy report states that he claimed he’d been ‘frequently abused at age 8’.

Boland’s charisma was apparently at work in his suspended sentence, the failure to report his conviction, and the continued free movement afforded him by that silence. Much remains unknown about his whereabouts (e.g., his fill-in work at parishes), the lack of coordination between the Capuchins and the dioceses, the documents lost from the files, etc. The Murphy report discusses 2 Boland child victims who went on to join religious orders (the Capuchins and another unnamed religious institute). The persuasiveness of Boland’s religious example and his extensive abusive behavior merit more attention.

• Murphy report, ch. 32
• Probe Reveals Sins of the Fathers, by Shane Phelan, Dearbhail Mcdonald, and Fiach Kelly, Irish Independent (November 27, 2009)
• Priests and Their Depraved Crimes, Belfast Telegraph (November 27, 2009)
• Martin: Is there a paedophile ring? by Maeve Sheehan, Irish Independent (November 29, 2009)
• Abuse priests ‘frequently escaped jail’, by John Downes, Sunday Tribune (November 29, 2009)
• The Priest Who Shattered My Faith in the Catholic Church, by Professor Chris Fitzpatrick, Irish Times (November 18, 2017)

Admitted to sexually abusing over 100 children. The Murphy report stated that ‘nine females and six males claim they were abused by Fr Reynolds. They were aged between six years and 11 years at the time of the abuse. Of course, he has admitted to many more cases of abuse, at least 20 in Kilmore alone.’ Reynolds admitted that he had raped one of his female victims with a crucifix.
• Cardinal Secrets, by Mike Peelo, RTE (October 17, 2002) [segment beginning at 50:01; no longer available online]
• The Final Insult, by Pat Flanagan and Niall Moonan, The Mirror (October 24, 2002)
• Terrified girls never revealed abuse, by Patsy McGarry, Irish Times (June 10, 2003)
• Abusive priests moved from parish to parish as complaints ignored, by Patsy McGarry, Irish Times (November 9, 2005)
• Murphy report, ch. 35
• Probe Reveals Sins of the Fathers, by Shane Phelan, Dearbhail Mcdonald, and Fiach Kelly, Irish Independent (November 27, 2009)
• Priests and Their Depraved Crimes, Belfast Telegraph (November 27, 2009)
• Abuse priests ‘frequently escaped jail’, by John Downes, Sunday Tribune (November 29, 2009)
• Most Priest Abusers Had Free Rein in Schools, by Mary Raftery, Irish Times (December 14, 2009)
• Bishop Drennan Has Questions to Answer on Case of Noel Reynolds, by Patsy McGarry, Irish Times (December 29, 2009)


The blog is unreadable today, with stupid YouTube links, mad stuff about Liverpool and JPL, and somebody posting the entire Murphy report bit by bit.


I agree there is a lot of material. But some will not have seen it before. Others can skip it.

According to the Murphy report: ‘At least 21 people have made complaints of sexual abuse against Fr McNamee. These complaints date back to his period as a curate in Rolestown between 1950 and 1952, as a curate in Halston Street and Arran Quay between 1952 and 1960, as a curate in Harrington Street from 1960 to 1968 and in Crumlin, both as a curate between 1968 and 1973 and as parish priest between 1973 and 1979. ‘
• Murphy report, ch. 12
• Probe Reveals Sins of the Fathers, by Shane Phelan, Dearbhail Mcdonald, and Fiach Kelly, Irish Independent (November 27, 2009)
• Priests and Their Depraved Crimes, Belfast Telegraph (November 27, 2009)
• Abuse priests ‘frequently escaped jail’, by John Downes, Sunday Tribune (November 29, 2009)


Pat the blog is being taken over by people with axes to grind. One is barely literate. Another is barely sane. A third posts links to their website which we all perfectly capable of accessing ourselves without having them thrust in our faces here to a tedious degree.


So what if one of them does have learning difficulties why should that matter? I suppose vulnerables make for easy targets when it comes to some deviants.
And for ‘grinding axes’, you sure do have a very sad way of downplaying victims’ pleas for help.
I shouldn’t say this Pat but a few people will be recieving a knock on their doors before Summer is ended.
The homomafia has overstepped it’s line with this one, but their saving grace in this instance is they have sidelined the deviant who hurt the vulnerable sem. The guy in Lydiate is being kept in the dark with regards to the next stage, and the sem who is resident is all to aware and is there for more than pastoral training.
Also a retired vicar who is dying of cancer has been dragged into this whole mess by that twisted excuse for a man in Lydiaye. This is one for the books Pat.
Which door will he choose? 1, 2 or 3? But as the riddle revealed, each door leads to a room without any windows.


Can someone not help this Liverpool guy.
Try his Member of Parliament or the Police and Crime Commissioner.
I have never liked Archbishop McMahon but he needs to address this situation.


I know who it is and he is indeed up to no good.
From what I can gleem, he become a little nervous over past week or two. I have nothing but love for all, even those who have failed me and the other lads who endured misery whilst in Europe and the UK.
For the avoidance of doubt, I do NOT condone violence of any sort, or physical or emotional bullying. And I would greatly endeavour to go out of my way to prevent harm to ANY human being or animal. All life is sacred, even plants. Remember, at the foot of the cross was the mother, weeping in agony over her Son. This is something which we, as Christians, must hold dear.
I have been open, honest and sincere right from the start, that is how I was brought up.
Love must, and will, conqour all x


Just what I was wondering but they are all under the same central control carved up. It is utterly chilling, whom they have in their grip.
I thought certain people were droll, when they appeared merely wasting our time. I didn’t realise the extent of the rest of their activities and that we were their front.
It goes all the way up to Ouellet, Farrell, Re and higher. The Roman church are above the law of God.
An official being personally compromised is one thing; but being institutionally compromised, knowingly to that institution and promoted deliberately by that prequalification, is chilling.
It is to be hoped the entire laity will be chilled.
Incidentally Valladolid was known to be evil for over half a century; it is a shame individuals like the one here were deceived into going there and that not enough people were vocal about it to warn him.


3.47 you are an axe grind(e)r yourself, and made yourself sound like a goon and abuse enabler. You haven’t put forward any argument. There was a lot of sanity and literacy in all of those but you don’t give yourself a chance to display yours.


Your a nasty bit of work as Pope Francis said CACA.
Hope you do not see yourself as a Christian or a Catholic.


Bishops Accused of Sexual Abuse and Misconduct
A Global Accounting has identified around 78 Catholic bishops worldwide accused publicly of sexual crimes against children and more than 35 bishops worldwide who have been accused publicly of sexual wrongdoing against adults. Those marked in red allegedly abused minors; those in black are publicly accused of sexual abuse/sexual misconduct with adults only.

Until the 2018 revelations of alleged child sexual abuse by former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, the problem of bishops and major superiors who abuse had received little scrutiny. Yet a sexually abusive bishop or superior is exceptionally dangerous. His management of priests is skewed toward protecting his secret, beginning with the character of men he accepts to the seminary and the quality of their formation. When one of his priests is accused of sexual abuse, a bishop who is also an offender is unlikely to punish the priest or contact law enforcement. He is, inevitably, an enabler of other sexual criminals, harming not only his own victims, but those who are raped or assaulted by the abusive clerics to whom he gives safe harbor.

In the Catholic church, “sexual corruption is conferred from the top down – from men in power,” wrote celibacy scholar Richard Sipe. Bishops who sexually abuse seminarians, as McCarrick is canonically convicted of doing, and as Bishop Anthony J. O’Connell admitted doing, may establish what Sipe called “a genealogy of abuse,” setting up “a pattern of institutional secrecy.”

Despite the extensive harm done by abusive church leaders, few have been severely disciplined. Only seven have been laicized: Fernando Armindo Lugo Méndez of Paraguay (2008), Raymond J. Lahey of Canada (2012), Gabino Miranda Melgarejo of Peru (2013), Jósef Wesołowski of Poland (2014), Francisco José Cox Huneeus of Chile (2018), Marco Antonio Órdenes Fernández of Chile (2018), and Theodore McCarrick of the United States (2019).

All of the remaining bishops named below, even those found guilty under canon law, have been allowed to retain the title of bishop and to be called emeritus, a status that confers continued prestige and power. According to a 2008 document by the Congregation for Bishops, when a bishop becomes emeritus, he merely is beginning ‘a new phase of his ministry.’ Though relieved of administrative duties, he retains his membership in the college of bishops and continues to ‘collaborate in the governance of the church.’

Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil | Canada | Chile | Dominican Republic | France | Germany | Guam | Honduras | Iceland | India | Ireland | Italy | Jamaica | Kenya | Liberia | Netherlands | New Zealand | Nigeria | Norway | Paraguay | Peru | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Puerto Rico | Scotland | South Africa | Switzerland | United States | Uruguay | Wales

Apuron | Arzube | Bactol | Bevilacqua | Bluyssen | Bransfield | Brown | Burke | Camacho | Carraro | Casey | Contreras Molina | Cowley | Cox Huneeus | Davis | di Falco Léandri | Denning | DiMarzio | Duarte García de Cortázar | Delgado | Dimmerling | Dozier | Dudley | Dupre | Fernández Torres | Ferrario | Flores | Gelineau | Gijsen | Groër | Gulbinowicz | Guglielmone | Harrington | Hart | Hubbard | Janssen | Jenik | Lahey | LaRocque | Livieres Banks | Magee | McCarrick | McGann | McQuaid | Medeiros | Miranda Melgarejo | Mixa | Müller | Niënhaus | Nienstedt | O’Brien | O’Connell | Órdenes Fernández | Orsmond | Pagotto | Pell | Pellegrín Barrera | Piñera Carvallo | Rausch | Rueger | Ryan | Salazar | Schilder | Skylstad | Soens | Storni | Sullivan, James | Sullivan, Joseph | Symons | Szkodoń | ter Schure | Vangheluwe | Vaughan | Ward | Weldon | Wesołowski | Williams | Ziemann

Antonazzo | Barbosa Da Silveira | Abanto Guzmán | Bacani | Bär | Brom | Bennett | Comiskey | Drennan | Eisenbach | Ferreira da Silva | Karnley | Knight | Lugo Méndez | Lynch | Maccarone | Marino | McCarthy | Moreira Azevedo | Mulakkal | O’Brien | O’Connor | Paetz | Pineda | Tejeda Rosario | Sanchez | Sarto | Saunders | Spellman | Uriona | Ventura | Vogel | Weakland | Welsh | Wright | Yalung | Zanchetta | Zeigler


My mother wishes to have a polite and civilized word with the woman who so cruel and falsely tried to convince people, even my GP, would you bemieve, that
I was Suffering from serious and deteriorating mental health, paranoid and delusional. I promise, THIS WILL HAPPEN. As sure as the sun riseth in the East, and goeth down in the West. Anybody who knows me will be certain of this fact, too. All in the name of true Christian reconciliation. We want her to explain why she has caused myself and our family so much unessecary pain and suffering. And tell her that abuse, and the covering up of abuse, has NO PLACE IN OUR SOCIETY.


At 7:07pm
Ah thank you, that is very kind x
See, it is priests and laity alike like these that make it all worthwhile, +Pat.


Father Peter Littleton has not said mass on Youtube so far this week. Eyes wide for tomorrow morning on the St Anselm Tooting Bec Youtube channel


I do not think you will see Father Litteton on you tube or social media.
As the Archbishop Wilson and Bishop Paul is in Charge of Southwark.
it is sad the keyboard warrior will NOT come forward just hides behind a keyboard.
(it is never to late)
However I may stand corrected.


Which of the commenters at this blog are working for an “asset management group”?
It would have helped if 12.06 and 12.09 could have further commented: we need evidence about all sorts of things.


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