Trudder House – Co Wicklow

Trudder House in Co Wicklow is one of the most tragic cases. Set up in the mid-1970s to house boys from the Travelling community who had been living rough and sniffing glue, it almost immediately became a house of horrors. Eventually, 19 of its young residents made allegations of sexual abuse against several people connected with the home.

Allegations against its director included multiple aggravated rape of several children, together with sadistic beatings and torture. This individual fled Ireland during the 1980s and was reported to be working in childcare in Scotland. He died in the early 1990s. (More on him at the bottom)

Trudder House in Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow was set up for boys from the Travelling community but became a house of horrors

March 1998

Ex-care worker jailed for sex abuse of boys

A MAN has been jailed for seven years for attempted buggery of two boys while he was a care worker.

Brendan Kelly (35), married and the father of one son, of Drumvoughane, Moycullen, Co Galway, was convicted by a jury at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court following a four-day trial last December of committing the offences at Trudder House residential centre in Newtownmountkennedy, Co Wicklow in the 1980s.

The jury failed to reach a verdict on two further charges involving a third victim.

Police officers found that mild mannered Brendan Kelly had tormented victims aged from seven to 12. 

The jury heard how he took the traveller children for holidays in the caravan which he used as a boudoir for his sick sex advances. 

Michael McDowell SC, prosecuting, said he was entering a nolle prosequi on these charges and others on the indictment against Kelly.

Judge Kieran O’Connor said the maximum sentence he could impose was 10 years. He noted from the probation report that Kelly still maintained his innocence and had told his wife before they married about the allegations.

Eamonn Leahy SC, defending, said Kelly had been employed in Trudder House without any formal training whatever in care work. He left in 1987 when the allegations were first made and hadn’t return to care work since. He had also been abused in his boyhood.

Supt Gerard Blake said Kelly had no previous convictions and apart from these matters had never come to garda attention. A complaint about him in 1987 led to an internal enquiry in Trudder House after which Kelly left but the gardai were not involved.

The charges arose out of garda investigations which began after complaints were made on December 23, 1994. About 200 witness statements were taken and Kelly’s offending as well as that of others came to light.

Supt Blake agreed with Mr McDowell that evidence of far more serious sexual offending was found. The main perpretrator, who had been in charge of Trudder House from 1975 to 1981, left the jurisdiction and died abroad. He was involved in violent sexual abuse.

Kelly was not associated with that regime and joined the staff later. Trudder House had different managements from time to time and was not now used for child care.

Patrick Chawke, general manager of the Corrib Great Southern Hotel, said Kelly had been highly commended many times for the way he carried out his duties as a porter.

Evidence on behalf of the defendant was also given by Fr Colm Clinton and Oughterard businessman Michael Keogh. Written testimonials were also handed into court.

Pleading for leniency, Mr Leahy said the offences Kelly was convicted of were more than 10 years old. The Supreme Court had noted that antiquity of charges was a matter that could be considered in sentencing.

Judge O’Connor said he was impressed by the testimonials and sworn character evidence for Kelly. But he was also concerned with the effect his offending had on one of the victims, according to the victim impact statement.

The jury took just over two hours to find Kelly guilty of attempting to bugger one boy on a date unknown between January 1, 1983 and December 31, 1987. They then convicted him of a second attempted buggery charge by an 11-1 majority vertict following a further half-hour’s deliberation.

The victims are now aged 23 and 25. The 23-year-old victim agreed he had 20 criminal convictions.

The attempted buggery offences took place at Glenmalure in the Wicklow Mountains, in a caravan owned by Trudder House. The victims told the jury Kelly got into their sleeping bag with them and they woke to find him rubbing his penis against their backsides.

March 1998

Vicious paedophile who headed a brutal regime

ONE of the most vicious paedophiles ever to work in an Irish child care institution was Duncan McInnes, who was director of Trudder House until he mysteriously left the country in 1981.

McInnes, who fled to Scotland in 1981 and died in Canada in 1990 in his early 50s, had brutally beaten his victims black and blue before raping and sexually assaulting them throughout his six-year stint in charge at the Co Wicklow centre.

He was one of six people connected with the former traveller children’s home against whom complaints were made during a painstaking garda investigation involving more than 200 witnesses.

But Galwayman Brendan Kelly, sentenced to seven years imprisonment yesterday on two counts of attempted buggery, remains the only person to be charged with sexual offences at the Newtownmountkennedy institution.

McInnes had already fled the jurisdiction by the time Kelly began working at the home.

The Irish Independent has learned that English-born McInnes emerged as the central figure in the criminal investigation, and it was only when gardai started trying to track him down that they learned of his death in Canada in 1990.

They also learned that he had continued to be involved in child care in Scotland when he left Ireland. He later moved from Scotland to Canada a short time before his death, and there were reports that he had been involved in child abuse in both those jurisdictions.

Four of the six people against whom complaints were made were young residents of Trudder House, victims of McInnes who had in turn begun to abuse other boys in the late ’70s and early ’80s. The Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to bring charges against these four.

In 1975, a genuinely caring voluntary group called the Dublin Committee for Travelling People, co-founded by former Bewley’s Café owner Victor Bewley, took over Trudder House to provide accommodation for young traveller boys who had difficult home circumstances or who had appeared before the courts.

Tragically, Duncan McInnes was appointed director of the facility and began his reign of terror. He had a background in childcare in Scotland, where his name has also emerged since in connection with separate child abuse investigations.

Without naming him, prosecuting barrister Michael McDowell SC referred in court yesterday to McInnes’ brutal regime.

“In fairness to the accused (Kelly),” said Mr McDowell, “far more serious offences against young children were detected and the perpetrator of these offences was identified but went abroad and has since died.

“He was in a position of authority before the accused was employed there from 1975 to 1981 and those offences involved violence and sexual abuse of children.”

Supt Gerry Blake said that in 1987, one of Kelly’s victims made a complaint about him to one of the people in charge at Trudder House. That led to an internal inquiry during which Kelly was suspended, but gardai were not informed. He later left the institution and had not seek to become involved in child care since.

Supt Blake said it was not until two days before Christmas 1994 that the first complaint in relation to sexual abuse at Trudder House was made to gardai.

Mr McDowell said that as a result of that, more than 200 witnesses were interviewed “in an investigation into Trudder House in its entirety”.

By mid-1995 however, 19 young travellers had made allegations of sexual abuse against six people associated with the residential home McInnes, Kelly and four former residents. The DPP decided not to proceed against these four.

A spokesperson for an organisation called Traveller Families’ Care yesterday said the verdict closed “a painful chapter in the history of our organisation relating to the early 1980s”.



fROM Gareth o’ Callaghan FACEBOOK 5.11.2016 15.34

“I feel like a ghost caught inside a person I don’t recognise, stuck between this world and another; not wanting to live any longer, but not wanting to die just yet.” If you are a survivor of abuse, then I am sure these words will make perfect sense.

I spoke during the week to a man who was savagely abused by a Dublin priest for five years as a young boy. His name is Noel. Today he is in his fifties, but part of him will always be eight years of age. Noel tried to kill himself twice. Thankfully he is alive today. And hopefully what I am about to write here – the story he has never been able to tell – will help to set him free from the torture, and the awful remorse and guilt he feels, of his past.

It has taken me days to reconcile my reasoning and need for writing this post. It makes for horrific reading. Please be aware of that before reading any further here. The man at the centre of this piece has never been publicly associated with child abuse before now, to the best of my knowledge and research. His crimes against children are undoubtedly one of the greatest and most appalling cover ups in the history of clerical sexual abuse by the hierarchy that existed back then in the Dublin diocese. I am naming him for the first time today.

There is a Garda file on him for over fifty years, but it has been permanently ignored and forgotten.
Noel, a victim of this monster, is slowly beginning to live again almost fifty years after his tiny, innocent life was stolen and almost destroyed by a Dublin priest called Des Williams.

In 1959, ‘Father Des’ (as he liked to be known) set up St Kevin’s Boys’ Club in Whitehall, on the sprawling northside of Dublin city. The club drew huge numbers of small boys who loved soccer.

Father Des’s interest in soccer was purely a front to disguise that he was a paedophile. Once the club was formed, he quickly set about abusing its young members. Noel’s abuse started in 1968, shortly after joining the club. He was eight years old.
Once the grooming stopped, the abuse started.

“Father Des” brought Noel back to a house one night. There were four other men present in the upstairs bedroom. Noel was blindfolded and tied facedown to a bed. He was then raped by the priest, and then by each of the men. This horrific abuse continued for over five years, until Noel turned thirteen. By now it was almost 1974. According to official club records which I have seen, Fr Des Williams was ‘Executive Director of Football’ (and overall owner) at St Kevin’s from 1962 until 1974. His committee appears to have remained largely unchanged during those years. The same few names appear to hold their senior positions in the club during that long period. At first I couldn’t understand why a paedophile ring within a local football could go unnoticed, despite the fact that they were targetting local boys; that was until I delved more deeply into William’s connections and responsibilities.

Des Williams, at that time during the entire 1960s decade while he was abusing young boys at the football club, was personal assistant to Archbishop John Charles McQuaid. McQuaid, it’s understood (and now known), was also abusing young boys at the time; but no one in judicial authority was prepared to take on McQuaid. ‘Father Des’ simply ran home at the end of his disgusting day and hid behind the gates and high impenetrable walls of Archbishop’s Palace in Drumcondra, just down the road from St Kevin’s Boys Club.

A couple of interesting developments took place in 1974. James Kavanagh became the bishop of that area of north Dublin city. Dermot Ryan had become Archbishop of the diocese shortly before this. Ryan was responsible for appointing Kavanagh. There was now huge disquiet in the local area about Des William’s carry on. A number of parents of young boys had gone to Whitehall and Santry Garda stations to report incidents of abuse by Williams. Nothing – NOTHING – whatsoever was done to investigate the claims or the abuser. Instead, James Kavanagh and his boss the Archbishop, once they had become aware of the extent of the priest’s abuse, came up with a plan to take Des Williams clean out of what was becoming a nasty embarrassment for church authorities.

In 1975, Trudder House was opened as a refuge and state-run home for young children of travelling families who, for whatever personal reasons, were unable to care for their children. The young children were taken into care in this huge renovated house set on its own sprawling grounds close to Newtownmountkennedy. It was a very remote location, detached from any source of local contact. When you arrived at Trudder, you were in the middle of nowhere. And you were very much on your own. The guardian and director of Trudder House was the same Fr Des Williams. Another director of Trudder was Duncan McInnes, who went on to rape and abuse the small children in his care, under the watchful eye of Des Williams, who had moved out of Dublin’s northside, and was now living in Trudder House.

McInnes beat his tiny victims with a long strip of plastic garden hose before raping and sexually abusing them throughout his five years at Trudder House. He fled the country after complaints were made in 1981. He later died in Canada in 1990 in his early fifties. Complaints continued to be made during the 1980s to an internal Health Board inquiry but Garda claim they were never informed. It wasn’t until two days before Christmas in 1994, twenty years after Trudder House opened its doors to small, vulnerable children, that the first complaint in relation to sexual abuse was made to Garda. In the investigation that followed, not one member of the long term management at the facility had to answer questions publicly about how they handled the matter of abuse of small children over the years. Galwayman Brendan Kelly was the only person to be convicted and sentenced to seven years in 1998. He remains the only person to be charged with sexual offences at Trudder House.

In 1985, Des Williams was ordained to the position of auxiliary Bishop of Dublin. He was consecrated in Rome by Pope John Paul II that year. His co-consecrator on the day, standing beside the Pope, was his friend and sponsor Bishop James Kavanagh. For many years in the 70’s, after his time with St Kevin’s, Des Williams was the episcopal vicar for finances in the archdiocese. In other words he was commander-in-chief, God’s financial controller, of all the money that rolled into the coffers of a huge diocese with quarter of a million churchgoers who contributed very generously every Sunday to two collections that he had masterminded, namely the SHARE collection, and the collection that gave Dublin priests their wages.

Could this be a reason why so many of his unfortunate victims stayed quiet? Or was their silence a result of his vicious violence and his ability to be the perfect Jeckyl and Hyde when it came to his devious ways of attracting young children to him, while hiding behind a bunch of fellow bishops who were untouchable by normal standards of the law, and who went out of their way to protect one of the most corrupt of their species?

Des Williams died in 2006. Archbishop Diarmuid Martin gave the homily during the funeral mass. Martin described Williams as “a loyal and discreet co-operator of many archbishops” The archbishop went on to say “Bishop Des Williams spent much of his life helping those who were disadvantaged and who at times had the right to be angry with society”. Wrong. Having spoken to Noel this week, and also to the best friend of another victim of Des Williams’s who could not talk to me directly because his life is still so broken and shattered fifty years later as a result of what he suffered at the hands of this monster over a five year period when he was a small boy, Williams was clearly only helping himself. He wasn’t helping those who were disadvantaged. He was preying on them while his fellow bishops covered up for him. Archbishop Martin’s final words: “May God reward him for his goodness, may he free him from his sins…”

I have a question here, Archbishop Martin. Who will free up the victims of Des Williams, and Bill Carney, and all of the other predators who masqueraded as devoted followers of a man called Jesus Christ? The same man you spoke so much about in the graceful eulogy you delivered that day ten years ago to a pervert whose cover up was responsible for more suicides than you will ever know. Maybe now, some of those men who innocently fell victims will find a reason to embrace their lives, now that this filthy monster has finally been named. It’s also worth remembering, Archbishop, that Jesus was a Jew. He was long dead before the first Catholic decided to go looking for a role model. The kind but broken individuals who are reading this who have had their lives damaged and destroyed in the past by people you clearly offer kind words to in their demise makes me realise even more that the days of the flimsy Catholic church are numbered.
And I would say this to Noel, who I spoke to during the week, (and also to ‘B’), perhaps life starts today; knowing that you have both shared with me the words that you personally and painfully were never able to speak before now in almost fifty years. To those reading this who still can’t find the strength to see the beauty of life on their own terms as a result of abuse, but hopefully will in time to come: This post is for you. I feel like a ghost caught inside a person I can’t recognise, stuck between this world and another; not wanting to live any longer, but not wanting to die just yet.


It is very possible that we have not heard the full truth of everything that went in the RCC in Ireland.

We knew priests were covered up for?

We prominent bishops covered up for too?

All this involvement of Bishop Kavanagh with Carney and Bishop William’s with a boy”s football club and boy Travellers is very strange indeed.

Some of the blog readers felt all the detail from the various church reports were OTT.

But the Devil is in the detail.

The abuse was horrific.

The cover up was equally as horrific.


Why are the vast majority of abuse situations we hear about, which involve priests, homosexual? Pat makes the point often that the priesthood has become a gay profession, but even going way back in time (when the profession was more balanced) it seems most of the abuse is against boys. Any thoughts?


To propagate the meme, and the power through the meme, the dare has to be slightly more racy. Running off with othes’ daughters or wives would merely make it any old college (or expat settlement).
At the same time, “not being girl minded” was portrayed as the passport to proving suitability. Authorities ensured they didn’t screen out sexual obsession of any kind, to ensure continuing “frisson” factor.
It’s documented this was brought in in a big way in the 1930s and supportive archbishops were quickly identified. This wasn’t the whole system – it partly worked properly – but became a big part of it.
Duping the genuine ones to continue standing up for what also produced them, is called “plausible cover”. Exaggerated oaths of “loyalty” and “non disclosure” on fake sacred grounds do the rest of the damage.



Excellent point, and a truism often dismissed by anti-Vatican II malcontents. They prefer the much seedier narrative that this ecumenical council, along with the libertarianism of the Sixties especially (and, in particular, the bellicose proclamation for sexual novelty) , sent the Romanist institution into an irreversible ontological and moral nosedive. It is all codswallop, of course, because the Romanist institution has always attracted a large number of gay men, but the institution was much better in those days at keeping lids on what her filthy priests had been up to.


My post at 1.47 was intended for the commentor at 11.48, not the commentor at 9.02.

I apologise for the confusion.


I ought to add, the cause was advanced once mystique took over from the rational, as the basis for what was “catholic”: especially “body theology”. At the same time almost everything gets claimed as “gay” which would have just been average and ordinary up till then.
I also might add individuals with all sorts of mixed-up crushes, which they might otherwise gradually grow out of (to some extent) can find themselves becoming more and more sexualised by becoming sucked into this atmosphere which they are unsuited to as it is unsuited to them.
Being priest had to be presented as the ultimate in being christian. How to be a REAL one and not a miserable third class one. This is where the “assistant” VDs come in, fluttering their eyelashes at the boys of (now) 18 plus to prove how nice a life being a priest is. Oh yeah the videos of beer swilling and skateboarding and candle lighting among the lilies, is the latest master stroke!


There was a seminarian in St. Johns College, Waterford, in 1979/80, named Duncan Mc Innes. He fits the description of the bloke who worked in Trudder Hse. Jack Shine was pres & Mick Russell Ordinary of W&L. Mc Innes arrived via Dublin destined for New Orleans.


“A loyal and discreet co-operator of many archbishops….” What a strange and creepy way of describing somebody, especially a bishop whom one would have thought would have been remembered for his holiness and his pastoral compassion. D Martin’s description of him suggests someone who could be trusted on behind the scenes to fix things and sort things out, perhaps even cover things up. It is a strangely chilling way of eulogising Bishop Williams, and perhaps is indicative of colder and more sinister things going on.
I don’t know the history of Bishop Williams and what he did or did not do. But the above description of him by D Martin, and the sorts of things he seems to have been involved in, football clubs, youth clubs etc. do sound as though they could possibly provide the landscape and atmosphere for some odd behaviours. My antennae are twitching, and I suspect that there is still a lot to come out about Bishop Williams. Perhaps there are others who feel the same ?


It’s the sort of phrase the speech writers slip in about these types. Like you I’ve developed an “antenna” for these eulogies.


No need for spy holes at Wankers – they have a common shower area where they all can watch each other while having a circle jerk.


I certainly wouldn’t want to downplay any suspicions of abuse, but is it really “known” that McQuaid was an abuser of young boys? As far as I am aware, this “known” arose from a slight and tendentious reference in John Cooney’s biography, and yet has now come to be established as the salient “fact” of McQuaid’s life.


Archbishop McQuaid has been unfairly judged guilty based on a third hand comment that he supposedly used to regularly go into a pub to drink alone and one time walked upstairs to the private quarters of the landlords family and abused the son, the second accusation is that he is alluded to but not named as an abuser in a police report. So far none of his former pupils have made any accusations or noted any impropriety in his daily life. He cannot be reasonable identified as an abuser based on these two points simply because his churchmanship is no longer in fashion.


I agree that the accusation against McQuaid is not well founded at all.

I knew McQuaid reasonably well and visited him weekly for the last year of his life.

If he wanted access to youths he would not have to go to a pub. He was surrounded by thousands of youths.

And, Mc Quaid never really drank.


Wonersh now that brings back memories. Pat how do you know if a place has an issue. Go into the cubicles And if Somone has cut spy holes to watch thru


Why are the priests in Cookstown allowed to celebrate Mass (not a funeral) with a small congregation and distribute Holy Communion on Sunday past and weekdays – they are breaking the lockdown law. On their webcam they are distributing Communion behind a pillar so you cannot see it online. This is not only breaking the rules but sneaky. How can you give someone Communion if you are 2 metres apart? My neighbour has left a message in Armagh a few days ago and no answer – surprise surprise!!


It’s pointless complaining to Amy or any biishop for that matter. They want the churches to open for prayer yet their priests are making up their own laws on social distancing.


Report those priests to the PSNI. They are breaking the social distancing laws. The Police are enforcing this well. Last weekend they issued fines to those protesting in Belfast and who were not social distancing. Priests are not above the law.


Before wasting the Police time and everyone else’s time here is the Route map for ALL Ireland.
It is very tame compare to other parts of the World.
Parts of the Mass have been removed, face coverings but Ireland seems to be getting off very light.


There was no social distancing at the BLM protests/riots in Dublin, London and all round the world. Lockdown ended with that, as far as I am concerned.


Emails to Amy Turtle go unanswered. I emailed him weeks ago.

Two can play that game. Any episcopal or clerical appeals for money will be ignored by me from now on.

I see that some of the online Masses (eg Liverpool Cathedral) now have online offertory collections during Mass and a card appears on the screen asking for money and giving the sort code and account number for donations.



Cookstown clergy reported in person to the Cookstown PSNI this afternoon. This was after advice was given as a result of a complaint to the Department of the Health Minister at Stormont today.


Because it gives the game away, around what they want to tell us is important about religion (like Rev Littleton).


Hi +Pat, that free broadast suit is called OBS Open Broadcast Software. Link below.
I downloaded it onto my pc and it looks really cool you know, you can mix music on it… DJ Daisy comin’ at ye lol. It seems user friendly which is good for non techys. You may have to get used to a few knobs, but that’s life!
YouTube has tutorials and I am can help.
…or, YouTube… you can upload your Masses, video and audio, or, just audio to YouTube.
The above are just a couple of options available. However, I would take into account that any discussions or dialogues which may ruffle feathers could easily be caue for issues on the YouTube platform. I have read that YouTube seems to be run by wishy washy student types: which sujests they may not like what you or the likes of I have to say – irrespective if it is the truth or not.
… which… is why people have their own IP/Domain/Link, like this site, which is very well maintained and has correct graphically supported hyperthread links. The designer clearly takes pride in his or her work.
(You don’t need to post this).


It’s interesting re St Kevin’s boys club that we used play against them in soccer, chess school tournaments. Think Bishop Williams used to take part in confirmations for deaf boys until it was moved to St Peters Church phibsborough (vincentians fathers). Never had reglious training or teachings when confirmations arose. Didn’t know how to say our father properly at the age of 10-12. That tells you more about how bad it was re school for deaf boys as it was only a front for cover ups inside. Their important issue of one word ‘Access to kids’ which I never thought nor registered with me until many years later. Bishops for example DM defending bishop Williams is grossly irresponsible and indefensible. Does he have any compassion towards the victims of abuses? I think not after reading his comments in this blog this morning.


12.46: That’s an innocuous and blatantly silly comment. I never thought I was different after ordination but accepted that very high standards and morals were essential. I tried to not allow anyone put me on a higher pedestal. Ever. My feet are firmly on the ground.


4.10 it wasn’t the case around you and the best among those who trained you. But I’ve heard, from their own mouths of those whom it concerns (and of their cronies) what 12.46 describes, so many times.

The better of mentors interpreted “obey” as per etymology cited but that has been swept away altogether by the new dictatorship.


Deaf Guy you are very mistaking DM is the Best for safeguarding he takes it very very serious so I am shocked at your accusations against DM.
Are you aware that DM even asked Rome to accept the resignations of his two Auxiliaries that DM did now want and that is a fact however Rome back those two Field and Walsh.
It is some of the other current Bishops that should go and go now.


Jim S at 2.42pm
Yes I’m aware that DM is very good at safeguarding. BUT I was shocked to see DM comments as he was defending an abuser Bishop such as Williams. I was very surprised to see DM defend him. I take a hard line on abusers cos I knew a supervisor in school back then but I didn’t know that he was on sex offenders register list.
Yes agree with you that other bishops should go but which Bishop??


You managed to name three bishops in a short paragraph and to mention others as a group.
Obsessed or what!
When did you return from Scotland?


Jim S, you are not very well informed! As revenge for DM having such a positive effect overall, the goons still manage to write the odd speech for the likes of him, hide the bits from the files, etc, to ensure he puts his foot in it like this. He is in a wholly different league from CMOC for example.
Hence this is the answer to Pat’s question. Pat asked about a concrete fact of some words spoken. Pat knows the answer, he’s setting us an exam.


I’ve been reflecting on why Littleton engendered so much comment on this blog. I was amongst those who commented. I think there was a certain vain arrogance about him in the way he was showing himself off and the very studied way in which he was preaching. It was his absolutely certain demeanour putting forward hard and fast so called truths without much of a clue about what they real mean or how they are taught and applied according to the wisdom and mercy of the Church. He is a young man who has barely lived, and a good chunk of that in a seminary, and appears to have emerged with a set and solid world, theological and Church view. He has a lot to learn. I hope that this experience will encourage him to reflect himself and to learn and not to be such an arrogant little tosser ! Well done whoever has had a ‘word’ with him and told him to pipe down and keep his head low. It’s a start.


A ‘word’ ?! He needs more than a word. He needs a good kick up the arse. Hopefully + Wilson or someone with a bit of muscle in that Archdiocese has done so, and told him to cop on.


There are some important issues of oversight here, in the case of Littleton and others. I’m surprised that it had to take this blog and commentators to bring Littleton and his antics to the attention of his bishop and superiors, who really have the responsibility of overseeing this young priest, newly ordained. What was his parish priest up to letting him go on like this ? I would have expected intervention at an appropriate level long before this blog got involved. I imagine Littleton thought that once he was ordained and elevated to that higher plane of ontological existence, that anything he did or said was incontrovertible and could not be criticised, for he is a priest ! He’d probably been fed that nonsense in his seminary training which still has elements of being removed from the world, being special and sacred, not like the rest of humankind, and was given an inflated sense of himself. So, the seminary also has some responsibility for his silliness. Anyhow, I think maybe something has been said or done, hopefully kindly but firmly, to disabuse him of this nonsense, and he can quietly get on with his life and ministry, and keep himself out of the headlines !


It was his fake emphasis on eucharist or communion and his presumption about other people’s individual position. He probably tends to the manic which I’ve seen before and is mistaken for enthusiasm, the main cure of which (pills or no pills) is getting a grip and staying out of other people’s spiritual afffairs. I seriously hope he will get those bad eyes better looked after. Bergoglio wants to abolish subsidiarity so has got nothing to do with it.


12.27 everyday you come on here and mention Father Littleton and yet will not come forward.
If you have a grudge fine but you mention him and he relationship with a seminarian so if you have all this information and fact why not give it to Archbishop Wilson or Bishop Henricks.
The Archdiocese takes these issues very serious so come on be a man give the detail or at least tell Bishop Buckley who will contact the Archdiocese and say the facts anonymously.
But they have an idea who you are and it is not surprising.


Littleprick / Littledick / Littletwit / Littletwat / Litteprat / Littlwank / Littlenolatin / Littlelacesays:

O, go on Jim S, and tell me who I am ? Please do ! Actually, by my reckoning there are a good number of us writing on this blog about Littleton. And with some success it would seem ! And, who knows how many of us have already been in touch with + Wilson or + Hendricks ? Who are you to know. As for Littleton’s relationship with another seminarian, I can’t say I knew anything about that. But, so touchy do you seem to be about it, maybe there is something in it ? Anyhow, Jim S, I’d calm down if I were you. All you are doing is stoking the fire here. Just little Littleton (and the many variations on his name) go quiet and keep his head down, and we will all be happy. You know it makes sense….!!


My own reading was that “is in bed with” meant metaphorically as opposed to “goes to bed with” or “is often in bed with”.
Language phrasing is a funny old thing. I might have got it wrong, myself.
In any event there doesn’t necessarily seem much wrong with the other guy (that we’ve been told) except he uses twitter which no-one should anyway.
With so few seminarians, they all know each other anyway.


12.27 see all the information your have on Father Littleton or anyone that’s not happy with Father Littleton or the blogs.

Contact Bishop or 020 8643 8007 or better still 07812 583448

Come on don’t be shy.

If not leave father Littleton and his Colleagues alone and stop writing lies about them all.


According to Jim…
How do you know what’s what, Jimbo? Do tell. Come on, don’t be such a shy boy.


See, + Pat, your blog does have some influence for the good. You / it got Littleton to quieten down and take to prayer and penance !


Stop using Michael Deegan’s name in this way please. It’s extremely offensive and totally insensitive to his family.



“31 years ago today I was asked : “Do you promise to kiss my ass for the rest of your life”.

I burst out laughing when I read it 😅



Michael Deegan needs justice and truth.
I’d be shocked if his family disagreed with that.


Do you even know anything about his family?
Have you ever spoken to a single one of them?
Have they asked you to “campaign” for their son/brother?
Did you seek permission from them, to drag his name and the circumstances of his tragic death all over your blog, to be commented on by others, equal in ignorance to yourself?
Do the authorities agree with you that people should be prosecuted?
No? Thought not.


And that is just about the measure of that promise, through which so much evil has entered this world by episcopal and canonical commission, and by moral omission on the part of spineless, self-serving Romanist priests.
No wonder the Scottish person ordained for Motherwell diocese in that documentary about assorted Scottish seminarians in Rome expressed uneasiness at having just sold his conscience and his soul to a funny-looking fat Scottish person in an equally funny hat.😕


Magna you make me laugh sadly I do not think Mark has sold his conscience to the Bishop Toal.

Strangely they live in the “Boys” (Bill, Paul & Mark) house and one of them travel miles to serve his parish rather than be resident in his parishes.

And guess what as well the PP is the one that overseen the “Despards” scenario and they look after Despards old parish as well.

Its a shame you mock the funny hat is that why Bishop Pat does not wear his is he too ashamed or is it a point of power.


I do possess a mitre or two. I celebrate in a small oratory – in normal times with a small congregation.
I use a mitre for solemn occasions like an ordination.
In more informal occasions I feel embarrassed to be dressed up like a patriarch.
Maybe that is a fault?


There are clerics and others who should have been prosecuted over Michael Deegan’s death.


2.01: Buckley, if you have verifiable information, go to the Gardai or PSNI.. otherwise shut up making allegations, innuendos and speculating….


I often wonder what happened to the people that raised issues regarding poor Michael Deegan to the Thurles authorities. I studied there some years after this horrible incident and heard it was a Cloyne Sem who reported it and later left/forced out under a cloud. More than one person knows the truth and this is not going away.


Jim S, you are hardly being open and honest about who you are. So, don’t expect us to tell you who we are. Jim S could mean anything.

I am also glad that Fr Peter Littleton has had a word said to him. That is a kind thing to do, before he got too bold and drew more negative attention on to himself. I’m sure he’s a decent enough young man.

A word of advice to him if he’s reading this, yes hold your own beliefs, and you may believe that they are 100% true. But many of the people sitting in the pews before you, will be on a completely different plane. You need to make it relevant to them. Otherwise, you’re just breathing out hot air. And there’s enough of that around.

Unless it’s one of those Days with Mary shin digs, then you can do what you like – dress up in the finest lace and preach the most “orthodox” homily and drink plenty of gin. But keep it to that crowd, not to those of us who want to come to Mass on Sundays.


There is no truth in what you say about drinking gin are you making him an alcoholic now.

The other day it was in bed with his seminarian again gossip.

As for his Homilies strangely enough there has been NO complaints to his PP.

And I really do not think father Littleton will be reading this blog remember the other day you told us another PP in Richmond said to ignore Pat Buckley.

I am not asking you to tell me who you are as I am not interested but think it is only fair you say to his PP or Bishop.

Do you think I am going to tell you my parish or dioceses.


JIm S, shut the f**k up, please ! You are only making matters worse. Who needs friends like you … ? Poor little Littleton….


Jim S,
1. Pat allows some comments to signal to commenters that they are showing themselves up. There is a difference between Pat and the blog which is contributed to by commenters. A good many of the comments were absurd. Others weren’t absurd but roundabout and harmlessly rhetorical (e.g gin reference).
2. The priest – whose location in Richmond we weren’t given though I expect some would have looked it up – told PL “not to worry” about the blog, a more than plausible piece of advice altogether. This is very different from “ignoring Pat” who has had a conspicuously mild line on PL.
3. Like most of us in this delicate morass or not yet far enough away from it not to feel some responsibility to keep the discussion going – with caution and without hurrying – you are not seriously expected to give away your details. But you will get goaded if you don’t respect where most of us are coming from. And goading is often indirect (though not my own favourite tactic). Parts of your contribution to the discussion have been good IMO.


3.39: Well you may ridicule, mock and laugh at legitimate concerns about you ABUSING the horrible tragedies of other people to gain traction on your blog. You don’t care who you hurt – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters etc…of people you freely name on your blog. You are not mandated to act in the name of the Deegan family. You ought to be ashamed for abusing other individual’s tragedies to promote your disdain, contempt and hatred of Catholic clerics and of the Church. You are morally reprehensible and a low life.


3.39 NO one is low life in the eyes of Our Lord.

However abusers make their victims feel low life and their families helpless.

So think before you speak about low life.

Do not do or say unto others what one would not like done or said about them

Abusers are low life scum.

And as for saying Bishop Pat is low life well you are totally wrong he has helped many and saved many.


4.22 and 11.53: Continuing to express the general sorrow about a sad public event, the ramifications of which were – somehow – evidently not adequately enough dealt with yet awhile, does not equate to “disdain, contempt and hatred of Catholic clerics and of the Church” nor “morally reprehensible”.
You not only haven’t used an argument but have insulted those who are evidently joining in the grieving.
A true church – which is somewhere – and true clerics – who are somewhere – always welcome improvements to truth and justice.
Instead of giving time time, you seem in some sort of hurry. Are your motives showing? We have learned to recognise this kind of non-argument.


3.28 no need to swear.
I do not intend to make matters worse however there are many issues and really Father Littleton should be MAN enough and go and speak to his Bishop.
Never mind the lace and the frills it is his views and actions and they certainly do not represent Pope Francis.
Maybe Father Littleton should take a sabbatical and see who he wants to be and what.
I think the late Archbishop Smith has made a mistake in his latter years.


Unless the Jim S handle is being used by different people, his comments are very interesting. He knows about D. Martin’s safeguarding, what P. Littleton’s PP is saying to him, the antics of various priests in various very distant dioceses and who is next going to be bishop of everywhere.
If you are one person posting these comments do you expect anyone to take you seriously?


@4.31pm Jim S is a total gobshite and makes it up as he goes along. He’s that fella in Scotland who is friendly with most Nuncios and sits in on meetings of the congregation for bishops guffaw guffaw guffaw


4.37 I have NO need to make things up as it does not interest me to make gossip I like Facts.
Also we are awaiting an appointment for a Papal nuncio to the UK but we have a good one hear who should be making an announcement soon.
4.50 Do you honestly think the clergy will have mass with people tomorrow after seeing it on here they are not stupid the PSNI have to catch people breaking the lockdown at the time I am sure the Cookstown Clergy are delighted for the warning.
4.50 I am surprised one of the four PA’s did not answer you on behalf of Archbishop Eamon did you just send it to the General admin address.


Jim is barely literate. ‘We are awaiting the appointment of a nuncio to UK.’ He said he was kn Ireland znd dpeaks about PSNI. The nuncio to UK is not nuncio to Northern Ireland.


Not going into the details +Pat, but the St Juke’s of hazard Centre is going to be one man down before the end of August, possibly before!
Now that is a fact! I will forward you the official letter upon receipt, and, it may be displayed on your site without any reprisasal, another fact!
It will also be displayed on the accrediting body’s own website, together with reasons for withdrawal, in accordance with their own practice.
Ms 🐷 <…. "It's all in his head! Don't listen to him!…" But Ms piggy, 'he' has not said a word; the evidence has been seen by us all… And it is beginning to pile up, both in material weight, and in grave seriousness.
+Pat, if it were not for your ministry, I most probably would have given up by now. And in more ways than one.
"This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased…!" Keep up your life saving work, Son.


Ireland is ground zero worldwide for good very reasons.
Smyth, Fortune, Carney, Walsh, McCarthy, Moore, Finnegan, Grennan, Greene, Maguire, Mercier, Murphy’s, Naughton, at al.
A who’s who! Disgusting.


A snake… WTF! +Pat, that’s the reason I keep going; it is the mind tingling, dumbfounding and dangerous mentally which puts oil in my lamp!
Unbelievable, but at the same time so very scary! What on earth is wrong with these people?!
It is because of Bishops, priests and Safeguarding (and soon to be ex-St Juke’s Centre CEOs) with that same wicked and evil mentality that I am taking anti-PTSD medication and having nightmares.
But +Pat, on the flip side, it is vitalmy important that people are made aware of that culture/attitude within the Church. And indeed wider society.
It is important to be reminded, just occasionally, that the Devil is in fact real; and is wondering the earth to devour those who cannot defend themselves.
… This is where you and your faithful servants in Christ Jesus come in, +Pat. Amen!


There are many issues at stake here if true about Cookstown parish clergy. Cross contamination handling the Communion, close proximity to the people among many other issues. This is just sheer irresponsibility. Is the Archbishop in Armagh in control of his clergy – clearly not on this matter. I’m glad it was reported to the Police. I’m also glad this blog has highlighted this. I checked their webcam and lo and behold they don’t have any saved recordings!!!!


Pat they were not putting peoples lives in danger as they were only caring for them and being pastoral. You just want to cause trouble.


Bishop pat there is NO use backing a horse after the race has started so yes you are correct inform the Episcopate and if they take no action then the police or the Authorities.
But there is no use reporting them and coming on here before the Police or the Authorities take action.


”Putting peoples lives in danger is not pretty. They were right to report”
didn’t you advise a young couple to make a 10 hour round trip to your house in the past week thus breaking lockdown rules on both sides of the border, and defying the pleas of the NHS and HSE. so don’t lecture anyone about putting peoples lives in danger.


I remember that blog, I thought it said that they were a family unit and there were only the allowed amount of people. I think?


@Anonymous @7.17 – the reason there are no recordings is that their webcam provider – MCN – is in the middle of changing their service. Check with MCN Media if you doubt that.


At this point why is anyone wondering what happened to anyone who raises anything?
They are always out.
The sole purpose of seminary is to make sure only arselickers – whether literal or metaphorical – reach ordination.
If you have any difficulties with this, read Diarmuid’s description of a praiseworthy priest above. The system is not failing – it is doing exactly what it was designed to do and fulfilling the mission of the church.


9.24 Archbishop Diarmuid Martin does not need to use lockdown as an excuse to downsize and why.

The reason is the strict HSE conditions placed on parishes to open is correct due to covid 19 and for many reasons they cannot open PP in Shielding Group, PPE, lack of volunteers all the time the parish is open.

And it is very expensive given there has been very little income for 11 weeks and all the Easter dues missed.

The Archbishop is on record in the Irish Times stating his successor when appointed this year will have the task of closing at least a third of the Churches as there are 243 churches and 138 clergy many over 75 or coming near to 75

Many of the Church cleaners are wonderful but many in their 70’s and maybe in the shielding group that is why the Bishops them all have appealed for the youth to come and help get the Churches open.

The only other way is Commercial Cleaners for Sunday’s

And remember the Archbishop is 75 himself with No Auxiliaries.


Stfu Jim S you total idiot. All of this we know already so don’t pretend you know all the facts you gombeen.


Here in England we can open churches now next week. I have my church ready. I have plenty of that alcohol gel. And loads of wipes and everything else. Gloves included. Jesus I’ve never been so on the ball.


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