Paedophile ring ‘abused children in State homes’


Members of gardai, clergy and civil service infiltrated childcare system

JIM CUSACK Sunday May 31 2009

A well-organised paedophile ring involving civil servants, ex-clergy, members of political parties and even gardai infiltrated the child-care system in Ireland.

Now campaigners believe that there were links between the Dublin-based ring and members of a well-organised paedophile ring which infiltrated the child-care system in north Wales, and which was finally exposed and broken up in the mid-1990s.

While the Catholic Church has been vilified in the Ryan Report there are now calls for an inquiry into the role of non-clerical abusers in state-run institutions

The Government has been taking a more severe legal attitude to victims of abuse in State-run schools and other institutions than the Catholic Church has to victims of clerical abuse, they say.

The Department of Education has “taken on” one such victim, Louise O’Keeffe, who was raped by the headmaster of her school in west Cork when she was eight years old in 1973. Although former primary school headmaster Leo Hickey was convicted of multiple rape and abuse of children, Ms O’Keeffe was left with a legal bill of €500,000 after the State successfully fought her claim for compensation.

Hundreds of victims of rape and abuse by non-clerical teachers or care workers in the State’s employ have received letters from the Dept of Education threatening that their cases will be fought.

Ms O’Keeffe, the High Court heard, suffered “catastrophic injuries” at the hands of the paedophile rapist Hickey — who nevertheless continues to be paid his State pension of €26,000 a year.

Among the figures identified but never exposed because of insufficient evidence is a retired senior civil servant who would have the power to suppress indictments and reports on sex offenders.

Another is a retired former senior garda in Dublin who had well-known links to senior clergy and who was accused of raping a 13-year-old boy. The garda was transferred from a city station after the allegation but was never questioned or charged.

And at least one senior care worker remained in public employ until the mid-1990s, despite repeated claims by boys that he was an abuser and brought paedophiles from Britain and Northern Ireland to care homes to abuse boys.

Many boys who passed through the state-run homes later became teenage prostitutes. Several have made allegations about a ring of apparently rich and well-connected paedophiles with access to the homes in the 1980s.

In an ironic twist, an Irish woman who has been raising the issue of abuse of children in State-run institutions in Dublin, Loretta Byrne, was effectively forced from her job in the Department of Education in 1988 after she persisted in seeking action about allegations of abuse of boys in care.

Among the boys who claimed to have been raped in the late 1980s was Brendan O’Donnell, who went on to murder Imelda Riney, her three-year-old son Liam, and Fr Joe Walsh in 1994.

One home where Loretta Byrne says there was strong evidence of abuse was Trudder House in Wicklow, which was opened and run directly by the State in the 1970s specifically for Traveller children.

One of the first directors of Trudder House in Newtownmountkennedy was Duncan McInnes from Scotland, who raped and abused dozens of children in the home. He fled the country after complaints were made in 1981. He later died in Canada.

Paedophile David Murray was forced to leave the Sisters of Charity in Kilkenny in the mid-1970s after a boy said Murray had raped him. Rather than report this to the gardai, the Sisters helped Murray find a new job at Scoil Ard Mhuire at Oberstown, Co Dublin, where he worked for several years. Murray is believed to have had links with Welsh paedophiles who travelled between here and north Wales and even found jobs for some in State care homes here. He was eventually convicted of buggery and gross indecency and sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment in 1997.

By the time he was arrested and questioned in the mid-1990s, Murray had raped and abused boys in a succession of homes here and, it is believed, Wales and possibly Northern Ireland. Details of all this were excluded from the report which concentrated almost exclusively on the abuses in Church-run institutions.

Ms Byrne said: “The Government has been aware of the abuse that went on in state institutions for a very long time. [Judge] Mary Laffoy resigned because the Department of Education would not give her papers. They must release these papers if the victims in these places are to get the kind of closure that the clerical abuse victims have had in the redress process.”


I think we all knew / that paedophilia was not and is not confined to clergy.

It’s a very serious activity for anyone to be part of – especially police and lawyers who are supposed to uphold the law – and doctors who are vowed to the protection of life and limb.

It is a vile poison in society.


BISHOP Comiskey said he had made only three trips to Thailand in the early 1990s, and not the six reported in some newspapers…

ANDY POLLAK The Irish Tomes 1996,

BISHOP Comiskey said he had made only three trips to Thailand in the early 1990s, and not the six reported in some newspapers. He had been there about six times in the past 35 years, including some “long before I became a bishop”.

On one occasion he had stayed “practically on top of a mountain with another Irish bishop”. On another he was on the way to give a mission in Japan where he had always dreamed of going as a missionary. Two further trips were with his diocesan secretary, Father Tommy Brennan.

He had never stayed in a hotel costing £800 per night. That price for two weeks, plus a £4,300 first class return flight to Bangkok, represented two years’ salary for him.

He said an Irish travel agency was running bargains at that time for £1.200 for a fortnight’s holiday, and he had paid a couple of hundred pounds extra for a single room.

Thousands of Irish people had gone to Thailand at such prices. He had met 50 Irish people in the Royal Cliff Hotel at East Coast Siam and not nearby Pattaya or Bangkok including 19 from Wexford. He hoped that the Clare hurling team, which had holidayed in Thailand, would not be accused as he had been.

He responded to another questioner “If you’re asking was I out consorting with prostitutes, I was not.”

He said that he was never arrested and jailed at Bangkok airport. He had not been allowed “through the immigration” there having lost his passport, and had had to wait two days because it was a bank holiday in Ireland.

In the end, he was given a US passport after ringing the papal nuncio in Bangkok.

He did not think such holidays were an extravagance. They were his only hobby and he felt he was entitled to use gifts from friends to finance them.

But “seeing that such a big issue has been made of it, it would destroy any further holidays I would intend to have in Thailand,” he added.

Bishop Comiskey began the question and answer session of the press conference by saying he had handed the file containing the newspaper allegations, made against him in his absence, to his solicitor.

He was not doing this out of any sense of revenge but, referring to the libel case taken by Marian Finucane of RTE, he added “I think you’ll agree that my good name and my good character is also essential to my office as bishop.”

He admitted that he did not always act in accordance with the 1987 Department of Health guidelines on reporting child sex abuse. In one case he had sent an accuser and an accused to their respective doctors, telling the doctors to look up the guidelines. The doctors sent them back, saying they did not know what the bishop was talking about.

He said there was at least one case, “an old case”, which he did not report to the Garda, thinking that it could be handled by removing the priest and treating him. Even as late as last year he had had “a very vigorous argument” with one priest who said he would never report or “inform” on another priest.

Bishop Comiskey said that there had been six cases of allegations against named priests in his diocese.

He had removed one priest to allow an investigation to take place. After “vigorous representation” from his therapist, however, he had reappointed him alter two years. He would not have done that today.

In another, he had removed a priest but the Human Life Institute in Connecticut, “supposed to be one of the best treatment centres in the world”, strongly recommended that this priest “must be given back his post”. He had refused and had come in for “considerable abuse”.

Asked whether he had ever been warned before Father Jim Doyle’s conviction for child sex abuse in 1990 that he was a risk to children, Dr Comiskey said he was not to the best of his recollection, but he asked to be able to check his records before he gave a definitive response.

Asked why he had used his nephew a Dublin solicitor also called Brendan Comiskey to buy an apartment in Donnybrook in 1988, he said it was because it was “a personal purchase” using his own money the diocesan solicitor had, however, been kept informed.

He said £18,000 had been his own money and the 75 per cent balance had been a Bank of Ireland loan. In those days, before he started to receive a separate salary of £20,000 per year, he would have been paid out of the diocese’s Central Fund, and the cheques would have been drawn on that fund.

Asked why the diocesan debt had risen sharply in 1992 and 1993, Bishop Comiskey said one of the principal reasons was that there had been “a huge bill” for seminarians’ fees, which had risen from around £200 per year in the 1970s to £4,000 per year in the 1990s.


Bishop Comiskey had a massive alcohol problem in those days.


I think Father Beennan went to the USA and became a Cistercian monk.

Anyone know where he is now?


Pat’s juxtaposing of the two, mirrors – back to them – the church authorities’ strategy.
Put Comiskey up to it = distraction burglary.
Set up a car crash for the bishop of the middle of nowhere (when the time is ripe) = drum up “plausible” support for the lastest inadequate diktats of the big man.
Walking unscathed (for 35 or 40 years) is also a useful variant.
None of it wasn’t in Dilbert, Doonesbury, Fawlty Towers, the Circumlocution Office, Huck Finn or Gradgrind years ago.
What religion needs is mileage, and frisson.


Well, if Alex the Kidder falsley goin’ round saying people who are perfectly sane are cuckoo behind their backs isn’t shit stirring, then I don’t know what is 🤣🤣
… Just don’t expect everybody to respond too positively. And if you genuenly thought you would get away with it AJex, then you are the one who is cuckoo and delusional, luv! Lol.
I take safeguarding extremely seriously!
Btw I heard that there was a divorce in the Archdiocese today, kids involved, sadly.
That’s the effects of abuse! It does not step aside for for those in authority, titles or positions. It is brutal and soul destroying on every level.
“Turn ye from your wicked ways and follow the straight of the Lord.”


“These are the witnesses, and these are their stories…”
Filmed over 12 months by Galway’s Tua Films and presented by RTE’s courts correspondent, Orla O’Donnell, Finné is a jaw-dropping, Netflix-inspired documentary series shining a light into the darkest corners of Irish society. Through riveting first person testimony, Finné recounts intimate stories of triumphs and traumas, of Davids and Goliaths, of dogged resilience and human frailties. Season 1 was awarded the Human Rights award at the prestigious Justice Media Awards in 2019.
“I always think of African-American activist Ida Wells Barnett when I think of the stories in this second season when she said: The Way to Right Wrongs is to Turn the Light of Truth Upon Them” says Tua Films’ Paddy Hayes, producer and director of 2 of the 6 episodes. “Finné allows each individual the time and the freedom to tell their raw and powerful stories in their own words, and to shine the light of truth upon them.”
Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire
This is Máirtín’s story of an investigation and attempt to bring the abusers to light and to justice.


Top o th mornin all. At last a bit of reality. Abuse is not just a church thing but crosses all boundaries in society. It does seem to tie in with money control and power. If God is not involved then money control and power go out of control. Should Eve ever have eaten that fekn apple 🍎 hi


The BBC always preface Pat with ‘controversial bishop Pat Buckley’. I’ve seen them put bishop in inverted commas. Very poor journalism


8:36 AM

Good Evening hi fly,

Beggora fly Evee should have gone for the pear.
Tis across all boundaries alright as is human nature.
The love of money is the root of all evil.
That apple cost a lot!
May the Force be with you.+
Bye bye fly hi.


Why so Bishop Pat? The BBC are supposed to be impartial. Maybe there is politics involved?


That is testament to a man and a good Bishop.
“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.
Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.
Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.
Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven…”


Apparently, he is now eighty-four and a reformed inebriate, Bp Pat. I assume the alleged prostitutes were male, perhaps ladyboys in this case.


I don’t know how Comiskey ever got to become a bishop. He was all over the place. You only had to meet him and get a drink in to him and his language was foul. Surely somebody must have known this before they appointed him. Yes, he is a naturally gifted man, and very charismatic etc., and in his day was able to convince people that he had it all. But, surely when you see that in a man you also check out the other side. There always is another side. I wish him well in his retirement.


One wonders how many visits the alleged cha-cha queen may have made to the Far East since his resignation eighteen years ago.


Wasn’t he some sort of religious order priest, perhaps a missionary. Religious order priests should never be made bishops. They felt no calling to diocesan priesthood yet are made bishops of a diocese. It would be like parachuting a diocesan curate in to be abbot of a monastery he’d never joined.


Father Peter Littleton has said his mass on the St Anselm Tooting Bec Youtube again.
His homily is rather good and worth listening to.


Oh dear, I thought he might have had the good sense to keep out of the way for a while, but obviously not. It will all end in tears ! What do those numpties + Wilson, + Hendricks and the PP think they are doing ? The really need to give this lad some tough love and get him to pipe down and stop being such a tit. Step 1: Tell him to shut up and keep out of the way. Step: Send him off for some real world theology. Step 3: Tell him to grow up and stop being such a big girl. Job done !


2.07 You are the only one that seems to have a problem with Father Littleton.
As any issues have been addressed so unless you contact + Wilson or + Hendricks then stop being a Father Littleton stalker.
So come on leave him alone or lets have it all that you think you know.
Archbishop Wilson, Bishop Hendricks and Canon Hebborn are all very talented guys not a keyboard warrior like you.
Bishop Paul awaited contact from people yesterday but strangely enough it is just keyboard warriors on here.


Oh, Jim S, it doesn’t take much to get you going again. Just like a Duracell Rabbit.


+ Wilson, + Hendricks, Canon Whatsyourname – just have a look at the silly antics of Littleton on YouTube. Have a look at his blog and what he’s retweeting. There’s enough there for you to think about having a word with him, I would have thought. Or, are you too dim the lot of you to do that and see what Littleton’s problem is ?


1996 and 2009??? Obviously you’re stuck for news and gossip, Pat.
Why don’t you invite Billeen Mulvihilleen to submit a piece – on where he is now “at” – in his wee life?
Now that would be entertaining and interesting. He still got good coffee?


3.13 & 3.25 the You Tubes have been viewed and listened to and nothing untoward on them.

Can you text or email the links to the blog and also the twitter feed to Bishop Hendricks

at text or call 07812 583 448

It maybe a few do not like his Traditional style.

It is only the people on here that has either a grudge or dislike to Father Littleton


+Pat, I am glad I performed a scan on that external 2TB HDD I were given in September 2019. Had I not, well, I don’t wish to even think about it.
Having Attention Deficit makes the mondaine things of life like turning up on time etcetera seem not that intresting, but when it comes to other things, it can be the total opposite. When a person with A.D.D. sets their mind to a task, well, I will leave it there! … Google A.D.D. and hyperfocus lol.
As an I.P./network, alarm, cctv and access control engineer I have a particular, I am told, knack for fault finding.
Anyway, when I received an email from my Experian credit/personal I.D. monitoring account around 3 or 4 months ago informing me that my email address and p/w were for sale on the Dark Web, well, to put it politely: I crapped my friggin’ keks.
I have read about the ‘Dark Web’ in the past but it has never even crossed my mind to have a nose, even from the perspective of my facination for technology and Its different mechanisms.
I have just pasted the following from Wiki…
… “The darkNets which constitute the dark web include small, friend-to-friend peer-to-peer networks, as well as large, popular networks such as Tor, Freenet, I2P, and Riffle operated by public organizations and individuals. Users of the dark web refer to the regular web as Clearnet due to its unencrypted nature.[4] The Tor dark web or onionland[5] uses the traffic anonymization technique of onion routing under the network’s top-level domain suffix onion.” From what I have read the only people who would want to use the ‘Dark Web’ are, among those who may have no bad intentions, criminals like paedophiles, international serious criminals and not your average identty fraudster.
Changing the topic, I have had NO intervention from social services or Merseyside Police since this has happened or been going on. Even the Archiocese failed to report anything of my reports of clerical abuse to CSAS.
Chrissie from CSAS in London told me both over the phone and by letter, that ‘There is No record of my name on their database and that they are held electronically, she also confirmed that they had Never recieved any referals or reports of concerns regarding my dafety or wellbeing. This was in October 2019.
But The Archdioces say in their communications, “In line with CSAS guidelines…”
+Pat is just one of many who have seen this evidence.


What in heavens name are you raving about “Merseyside”? Are you on drugs?
Your incoherent ramblings are a complete puzzle. You might think you are being cryptic but no one actually knows what you are banging on about, with your “Erstwhile” round in circles, horse crap.
Don’t do drugs cuz drugs are bad so don’t do drugs. Emmkay?


Oooer! I think that’s Erstwhile. He loses his cool when anybody shows the slightest sign of having a brain.
If it is all incoherent ramblings, then just ignore it and don’t let it get to you, dear. You convinced yourself at the beginning that it would all go away, keep telling yourself that, dear.


It’s a street term for Crystal Meth, a class A drug.
Use of this term in written form is often code indicating either a.) The dealing of Crystal meth (termed “Emmkay” after the vocalisation people make after smoking the substance)
b.) Used as a threat by dealers to other addicts to “back off”


How very bizzare, why would somebody rant in a post about drugs and Erstwhile in the same sentence?
Should I be concerned?


3.07 I have NO time for abusers or any of the Episcopate that allows it as safeguarding is very important in every Diocese.
However your article is in 2011 this is 2020 and this was dealt with by the Garda and the HSE and now Bishop Alan McGuckian is very able should anything arise (hopefully not)
But if you have anything to add I am sure the Bishop or the Garda would be grateful to receive it.


3:19 pm
Jim S,
Was there another police investigation into the Raphoe diocese following the “Finne” documentary on Tg4 televison first broadcast 30/10/2019 ?


Where has Fr Eddie Clare of the Birmingham Archdiocese vanished to?He was Vocations Director then the chief of Maryvale when they forced through the new regime, now C/O archbishop’s house??


Another of the ‘disappeared in action’. generally c/o the diocesan offices. It happens all the time. Although, to be honest, it doesn’t take much nowadays for this kind of thing to happen. The slightest indiscretion or over affectionate hug or something of that nature – it certainly doesn’t need to be full on sexual assault or abuse anymore – and you are in trouble. Once somebody complains, then a whole process gets underway, whereas in the past somebody might have made a common sense judgement. But nowadays, you are guilty until proven innocent, and even then you might not make a come back. Yes, yes, I know all about the pain of the victims, yes, yes, we feel so for them, yes, yes, the victim is always to be believed…..but it does leave casualties and collateral damage along the way. Some of the c/o priests are bad guys. Many of the c/o priests find themselves caught in the crossfire. In the meantime, bishops are nowadays more interested in protecting their own arses and embracing the victim led process wholeheartedly. To hell with their priests, who by virtue of being a priest must be dodgy, surely ???!!!! Well, that seems to be the thinking these days.


Poor Stephanie tries so so hard for a National position and always the Bridesmaid never the Bride.
Does she not realise that her diocese is too small to let anyone go anywhere with no clergy.
Stuart was appointed for Five years and only done Three then mind you he did not know Italian so must have struggled


Pat article in the Irish Catholic saying no Seminarians will be attending the Irish College in Rome for the Academic Year 2020 – 2021. Bishops made the Decision.


Ciara O’Carroll jumped off the sinking ship. The captain should always go down with her ship.


6.35 I told you this last week they cannot go because of Covid 19 so all are going to Maynooth and the Scottish seminarians are suppose to be going to Oscott due to no place in Scotland.
But all hope to be back in Rome for 21/22
Maybe the Irish catholic got the info on Pat’s blog…



There is no ‘victim’ lead process. You don’t sound particularly concerned about the pain of ‘victims’. Professionals, regardless of their profession, must maintain professional boundaries. There are dodgy individuals in all professions. It seems to me, the priesthood has too many dodgy individuals in its ranks plus an inordinate amount of covering up by bishops, for a variety of reasons. Bishops and priests seem to forgot, victims would grow up! Remember, many victims are prematurely in their graves.


If I had known it was going to be like this, I would never have brought it here.

Peader O Keane

Diocess of Cloyne


Please do not read too much always into the situations C/o Diocesan Offices as there are many many reasons for this.

Some well earned retired clergy do not want disturbed.

Some clergy are unwell

And of course you have the ones who really are an embarrassment but going through Canonical Law or sometimes the Courts.

So please do not judge them all the same.

5.46 the Church and it’s Episcopate are dammed if they do and dammed if you don’t.

To quote Bishop Farrell at a Monsignor’s funeral the other day the best thing is never to be a Bishop as you seem to get nothing right.

Safeguarding a Bishop has a duty to report any wrong doing to the police or authorities.


@ 8:03 pm

Jim S,

Please answer my question to you at 3:50 pm.

Was there another police investigation into Raphoe diocese following the ‘Finne’ documentary?


Raphoe was a cover up and the biggest cover up merchant was a creature called Boyce. Check him out – Philip. Golfing in Donegal frequently


Failing that contact the nuncio to the UK that ‘we’ are awaiting in NI.

Or a cardinal!
Isn’t that so, Jim!

Shares in Royal Mail and An Post!


The Safeguarding people are independent and overseen by usually the parish council.

They are not company people because we are not a company.

You pay peanuts you get monkeys so they need to be paid accordingly.

Not all diocese have credit cards and furthermore in the case of Officers working for a diocese all financial outgoings must be approved by the Diocesan Finance team / Committee and approved by the Charity Commissioners.

Some small dioceses really struggle.

Remember we are a Charity NOT a Company.


The Irish bishops had their summer meeting by Zoom. Did they give Jim the meeting log-in code? 🤣🤣🤣


Miss Comiskey wouldn’t have to travel so far nowadays, Bp Pat, when there are so many priestitutes around these days.


9.07 do you not understand we are in the middle or a crisis and it is far from over it is called Covid 19 AKA Coronavirus.
So of course it was done by Zoom after all some of the Episcopate are shielding and some are over 70.
And they cannot ask Clergy and Staff to do things and they do the opposite.
The New Bishop of Achonry Bishop Elect Dempsey did not want his Episcopal ordination into Achonry by Zoom unlike the Bishop of Northampton Bishop Oakley who did on ChurchTV


So that’s the end of the Irish College, Rome. No wonder Ciaran Carroll get out.
Maynooth is next. On Monday Kildare County Council will vote on the college’s proposal to convert the seminary buildings into housing and build houses on the Graf.
I hope it’s as classy as the coversion of old Sussex Place convent in Belfast, where an apartment incorporating the former convent chapel is to let for £900 a month.


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