Yesterday, someone on the blog asked:
“How about a few stories on red blooded heterosexual house keeper riding priests”!!!

So, here goes.

When I entered seminary 50 years ago this September it was / is my observation that most priests were heterosexual and most priests observed celibacy.

After ordination I got to know of some priests who were not observing celibacy, with women and a very occasional one with men.

I have met / confessed and advised about 10 priests in total who were in sexual relationships with women.

I also knew several priests whose “housekeeper” was in fact their “wife”.

In 1992 when the Bishop Casey scandal broke and Cahal Daly announced on RTE that Casey was a one off I began getting getting calls from women in relationships with priests- 130 women in all.

I set up a support group for those woman called BETHANY.

I introduced women to women in their own area who were involved with priests.

Two of those women in the Linerick area discovered they were sleeping with the same priest!  We nicknamed that priest Father Rabbit 

6 women pregnant with priest’s babies had abortions.

On two occasions the priests involved travelled with the woman to England and paid for those abortions. Those same two priests preached against abortion from the pulpit!

One religious order priests had three women on the go at the one time – a nun, a married woman and a widow. The priest had full intercourse with the nun as re regarded her as his “spiritual wife”. He practiced coitus interuptus with the married woman and widow.

This priest had a full time job conducting nuns retreats!

He once got the married woman to lie naked on the altar of his religious house chapel and said a Mass of Thanksgiving over her body. He told the woman “God has sent you into my life to help me cope with my sexuality, and continue to do all the good work I do for him”. He told the woman she was his “co-priest”.

I got the married woman to report him to his religious superior.

During the meeting the superior tried to seduce her!

A priest of Clogher diocese was bisexual and had a female and male partner.

When the woman approached him for Holy Communion at Mass, instead of saying THE BODY OF CHRIST he winked at her and said CHRIST, WHAT A BODY.

He called his clerical caller: “My bird catcher”.

One Northern Ireland priest who slept with a Bethany woman was also an active paramilitary and his pillow talk was about the men he had administered “nut jobs” (killings) or “knee jobs” ( punishment shootings) to !

In case anyone asks, that matter was reported.

Five Down and Connor priests once gang raped a woman in a Belfast Hotel. She refused to go to the RUC. I gave her name and story, and the names of the priests to the bishop and VG. Nothing happened. But two of them have since appeared in court charged with the sexual abuse of under age females.


During a Parish Mission in St Peter’s Belfast, in my time, a young Franciscan priest used to get women to suck his finger while he masturbated.

There have always been many priest’s children in the world.

Generally, the bishop paid the woman off and exiled her.

The priests were hidden and retained in ministry.


McEntaggart – the son of the priest.

McEnspie – the son of the bishop.

McNabb – the son of the abbot.

Many heterosexual priests in the past “serviced” wealthy women parishioners.

They were repaid by been given large sums of money and having property left to them in wills.

In the old code of canon law being illegitimate was an impediment to Holy Orders.

Strange that, when many bishops and priests were total bastards anyway.

Nowadays  the RCC priesthoid is 90 + % gay.