Yesterday, someone on the blog asked:
“How about a few stories on red blooded heterosexual house keeper riding priests”!!!

So, here goes.

When I entered seminary 50 years ago this September it was / is my observation that most priests were heterosexual and most priests observed celibacy.

After ordination I got to know of some priests who were not observing celibacy, with women and a very occasional one with men.

I have met / confessed and advised about 10 priests in total who were in sexual relationships with women.

I also knew several priests whose “housekeeper” was in fact their “wife”.

In 1992 when the Bishop Casey scandal broke and Cahal Daly announced on RTE that Casey was a one off I began getting getting calls from women in relationships with priests- 130 women in all.

I set up a support group for those woman called BETHANY.

I introduced women to women in their own area who were involved with priests.

Two of those women in the Linerick area discovered they were sleeping with the same priest!  We nicknamed that priest Father Rabbit 

6 women pregnant with priest’s babies had abortions.

On two occasions the priests involved travelled with the woman to England and paid for those abortions. Those same two priests preached against abortion from the pulpit!

One religious order priests had three women on the go at the one time – a nun, a married woman and a widow. The priest had full intercourse with the nun as re regarded her as his “spiritual wife”. He practiced coitus interuptus with the married woman and widow.

This priest had a full time job conducting nuns retreats!

He once got the married woman to lie naked on the altar of his religious house chapel and said a Mass of Thanksgiving over her body. He told the woman “God has sent you into my life to help me cope with my sexuality, and continue to do all the good work I do for him”. He told the woman she was his “co-priest”.

I got the married woman to report him to his religious superior.

During the meeting the superior tried to seduce her!

A priest of Clogher diocese was bisexual and had a female and male partner.

When the woman approached him for Holy Communion at Mass, instead of saying THE BODY OF CHRIST he winked at her and said CHRIST, WHAT A BODY.

He called his clerical caller: “My bird catcher”.

One Northern Ireland priest who slept with a Bethany woman was also an active paramilitary and his pillow talk was about the men he had administered “nut jobs” (killings) or “knee jobs” ( punishment shootings) to !

In case anyone asks, that matter was reported.

Five Down and Connor priests once gang raped a woman in a Belfast Hotel. She refused to go to the RUC. I gave her name and story, and the names of the priests to the bishop and VG. Nothing happened. But two of them have since appeared in court charged with the sexual abuse of under age females.


During a Parish Mission in St Peter’s Belfast, in my time, a young Franciscan priest used to get women to suck his finger while he masturbated.

There have always been many priest’s children in the world.

Generally, the bishop paid the woman off and exiled her.

The priests were hidden and retained in ministry.


McEntaggart – the son of the priest.

McEnspie – the son of the bishop.

McNabb – the son of the abbot.

Many heterosexual priests in the past “serviced” wealthy women parishioners.

They were repaid by been given large sums of money and having property left to them in wills.

In the old code of canon law being illegitimate was an impediment to Holy Orders.

Strange that, when many bishops and priests were total bastards anyway.

Nowadays  the RCC priesthoid is 90 + % gay.


I think that the majority of older priests are straight and celibate. By older I mean 50 and above.
The fewer sexually active straight priests have all left and got married, are RIP or are now too old and are dormant volcanoes.
The younger priests are gay, but only a very small percentage of them is sexually active. The Maynooth summer of love was highly misleading. That was the nadir of a highly dysfunctional, out of control seminary in its death throes. Most younger priests have gay inclinations but do not have sexual partners, nor are they on Grindr etc.


I know ! Isn’t it wonderful ! Nothing like a bit of speculation to lighten up the day !


Oh, please…..”most younger priest may have gay inclinations but do not have sexual partners…” ? Really ? Look, truth is most of them are sneaking around getting what they can, either with a partner, boyfriend, f**kbuddy, or cruising around the lay-bys and woods looking for casual stuff. When the saunas and bars are back open they will be sneaking off there too. I don’t care if they are doing this – good luck to them – but let’s just be honest and call out what we see, especially when they are saying out of the other side of their mouths that they are celibate, and in some cases acting out in very homophobic ways in order to cover their own inclinations and behaviour. It’s a mess.


If priests aren’t having illicit sex, then they are flying solo.

Human beings are sexual beings, and the sexual urge requires satiation every bit as much as other bodily appetites.


Seriously?! I wonder if he was a top or bottom. A top, I suppose, being a high churchman.

Can you name his boyfriend?


That is wrong. Most Bishops take a passive role in the bedroom. They are normally the bottom.


I suppose in more recent times, Bp Pat, the +Aul Doll could have realistically announced on RTE that Ciaran Dallat was a one-off.


@7:59: A one off!
He needn’t try “his hand”,(and whatever) around Loughinisland, for he’s well “under observation”.


Is it true that C. Dallats uncle, an auxiliary bishop, had a mistress for over thirty years?


Whether it is heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual behaviour acted out by priests, the issue is exactly the same – the complete disregard for their publicly and freely made promise of celibacy as a condition of their ordination. When that is discovered, there is a whole internal, look after your own, protective culture that clicks in to place, with lots of denial, coverup and lies. This further undermines any integrity that these priests and the institution that protects them could ever have. This issue needs to be addressed. If the Church requires men to undertake mandatory celibacy as a condition of priesthood, it should be expected to ensure that in most respects this promise is kept, rather than quietly ignoring it or actively covering it up. My own view is that mandatory celibacy is an unjust and unreasonable imposition on men who want to become priests, and the priesthood would be a far healthier and more integrated body if priest were allowed to have wives, families, and yes, even same sex partners in faithful relationships. In the meantime, is it too much for me to expect that my priest should keep the public and freely undertaken vow of celibacy he made at ordination ? An analogy – the Church seems to tolerate this transgressing of its own imposed condition of celibacy. Do you think the police would tolerate a policeman who quietly contravened his undertaking to uphold the law and was quietly fiddling the books, or abusing people, or beating people up ? No ! He’d be out on his neck and prosecuted. I’d spare the clergy the prosecution bit (unless what they were up to was against the law), and just chuck them out if they consistently – as many do, even after various episodes of being found out – carry on breaking their promise of celibacy. Do you really think that Dallat is currently celibate ? I very much doubt it.


Those waxing lyrical on here about clergy and celibacy have big sexual issues themselves. Still in the closet and sexual frustration, just look at what they write. Now will come the denials. Another sign of being in the closet.


The few straight priests left are probably well past it now, Bp Pat, so the +Aul Doll won’t have to worry about secret child support payments nowadays. It’s one less worry for +Elsie as well.


Used to be that bishops would send priests with children off to some job working in a well paid chaplaincy, so that they could support the child and its mother from their earnings. Army chaplaincy was always a good one because they were well paid. Pension provision as well,s so the upkeep could be never-ending. I’ve known a number like that. I guess at least they were fulfilling their material responsibilities to the child and its mother rather than denying everything and giving no support. Of course, that’s more difficult in this day and age because of DNA. But years ago they could get away with it by complete denial.



You say that celibacy is a freely made choice. I disagree. When I was in the seminary, it was never spoken about. The only comment I ever heard was: “if you think you’re gonna be allowed to marry later in the future you know where the door is.”

And so, you get out into a parish, the real world, and you wonder, what the hell did I promise? However – I have been faithful to it in my life before you bash me down. I actually enjoy ministry.


They didn’t need to mention celibacy because that is in the category of common knowledge. Even the dogs in the street know that Catholic priests don’t get married, and in the case of the nuns it’s “nun of this, nun of that, and definitely nun of the other”.

A priest claiming that he didn’t know about celibacy is like a swimmer claiming that he didn’t know that his hair might get wet.


A well-known priest in Galway city has had a nurse on the go for years. They used to bring another friend, now deceased, a married man, on holidays with them as a gooseberry. The priest is high ranking and is now retired, which, hopefully, means, they can spend more quality time together. I feel more sorry for her, giving up her chance of a family and a ’normal’ life. They are obviously very happy, so he should have left years ago. As for the harem in the western suburbs, that’s not sexual, but ’the babes’ as they are known put a ring of steel around the priest, who would otherwise be a good guy.


When all’s said and done, the issue isn’t clergy and celibacy, but why anyone stays in the Catholic Church, given the shenanigans of priests.


The answer to your “puzzle” 1:07pm is because there are many good priests not in “shenanigans” who are good and decent men. The priest in my parish is the real deal and I know many like him. It might not suit the agenda and ethos of this blog but I would say most priests are good men who do their best to help their parishioners.


@2.20, not everything is as it seems. Maybe you believe what you want to. Look at Cardinal Daly. According to Pat, he had a boyfriend, and yet by appearance was strictly celibate.

Being a priest and being a consummate liar/deceiver seem to go hand in hand. Now I wonder who they got that skill from.


At 2:43pm “maybe you believe what you want to” yourself. Cahal Daly had a “boyfriend” my eye! I’d no time for the pompous little fusspot but there is no way that man was his “boyfriend”. It’s well known who Buckley is referring to. The guy was a bit simple and was a kind of general dogsbody for Daly. The relationship was a bit bizarre and Daly often spoke to him and treated him as if he was a child – but “boyfriend” is too ridiculous for words.


Bizarre? A 47 year old takes a 16 year ok teenager out of an orphanage, tells him not to tell the nuns where is going and lives with his daddies for 50 years?


At 2:43pm “maybe you believe what you want to” yourself. Cahal Daly had a “boyfriend” my eye! I’d no time for the pompous little fusspot but there is no way that man was his “boyfriend”. It’s well known who Buckley is referring to. The guy was a bit simple and was a kind of general dogsbody for Daly. The relationship was a bit bizarre and Daly often spoke to him and treated him as if he was a child – but “boyfriend” is too ridiculous for words.


Daly was a prissy, small, queeny, nasty little man who had typical small man syndrome with knobs on. I suspect that he was highly repressed, in pretty much every area of his life, but it would not be without the bounds of believability that he had particular friends, mostly men, that gave him whatever complementary attention he needed. A bit like Benedict 16, and his very eligible secretary Georg, whom he latched on to very early on in his days, and is still with him. Daly will have had a very complicated and many layered personality and character traits, and there will have been nothing straightforward about him. What was clear was how repressed and in denial he was, and how this would come out in rather vindictive and nasty ways. It doesn’t need a doctorate in psychiatry / psychology / sociology / human beings to work that one out. I think + Pat could tell a story or two about Daly !


@4.07, ‘the relationship was a bit bizarre’. Remember that you said it.

Pat can you offer any evidence that this man was Daly’s boyfriend?


2.20: I agree with you. There are many, many goid and human priests. I know many priests who seem to be in touch with their own humanity, emotions and vulnerabilities. We sometimes set the bar so high that it’s inevitable some will falter. The old “perfectionism” approach that a priest should be holy, pure, faultless and superhuman is a teaching that has damaged the humanity of many priests. Grace builds on nature- (Rahner??) is a m8tto I keep before me always. When any of us knows our emotional life and our humanity then we can connect positively with our true self. Knowing your propensity for miral, ethical and spiritual failure 8s essential for our true human growth. We become “divinised” in and through our humanity, however broken and wounded it may be – and we oruesrs for a myriad increasing can be very broken….I believe it us imperative for priests to mind their mental and emotional well-being through therapy. This enables a more profound effect on our spiritual and pastoral approach.


Yeah, but Daly was getting something out of this unequal relationship, I think. It will not all be about altruism and doing it for the “boy”. Daly will have had an agenda.


One of the boy’s jobs was to clean the leather headband of his mitres with Johnsons Baby Oil.


Has anyone ever spoken to this former teenager? Is he capable of telling his own story in his own words, warts and all?
If anything sexually illicit happened between Daly and this 16 year old boy, wouldn’t he have spilled the beans by now?


To the poster @5.12
Your comment sounds like some quasi-spiritual tract from the early 1970s. It has that unmistakeable style.
So you know many priests ‘who seem to be in touch with their own humanity, emotions and vulnerabilities’. Come again. What does all that mean? It’s just defrosted psycho babble?
And if the moral bar for priests was set too high (the old ‘putting the priest on a pedestal’ chestnut), it was they who set it. And for a good reason. Belief in their moral authority, they knew, depended on our belief in their moral goodness. It was a sham, of course, which is why heaven and earth was moved to conceal their feet of clay in porcelian slippers.


4.08: It is despicably disingenuous and mean spirited of Pat to a low any innuendo abiut Cardinal Daly. At this stage of your life, Pat, move on, let go if any prolong grievance you have in your heart. It’s wrong of you to facilitate rumours, especially when you know Cardinal Daly did not have a “friend”!!!!, not of your kind of friend!!


I could. There are quite a number of things I am reserving for a memoir I am working on.


Be very Careful that is see as a threat and really PSNI would be interested in You.

Brendan is in discussions like many with the Archdiocese of Armagh Vocations Team.

So rather than threaten why not speak to Archbishop Eamon.

Oh No another keyboard wizard

I am sure Bishop Pat would assist you as well.


Your time would be better spent in attending a class in remedial English rather than posting barely literate and largely incoherent comments.


I predict Pat that your memoir will never see the light of day. A whole load of auld doll gossip and salacious tales. You may publish it privately and posthumously in case you get the drawers sued offa ye.


There seemed to be a sharp drop in priests ruuning off with women, round about the mid 1980s. It was quiet for a bit and then the running off with men started in the 1990s. Ledwith was probably the first high profile example.

There was much scandal in Maynooth when it was revealed that two not long ordained Derry priests had shuck up together, but they even had a bonfire of their ordination vestments. It was still possible to cause shock in those days.

Even Clogher diocese, sgronghold of hardboiled heterosexual culchie PPs of the old kidney, saw the transition from straight marriage wreckers to gay priests and their boyfriends, with a few prime examples.


No cardinal or bishop would get away with taking in a special needs 16 year old nowadays.

When I was in Maynooth I see Cahal a few times at the bishops’s meetings. He didn’t look like he was a happy man despite achieving what must have been his ambitions.

Later on I worked in the Ministry of Defence in NI and later still in the Northern Ireland Office. Both departments saw Cahal as a critical friend of the security forces. He loved chewing the fat with senior officers, but the MOD and NIO thought that Cahal had no influence over republicans and in fact achieved little in security terms because his unsubtle pro-British stance alienated nationalists and drove them out of the sphere of influence of the Catholic church, which is where the British Government preferred them to be, rather than being led by Sinn Fein.


Cahal wasn’t happy. He was a bully and bullies are not happy people unless there are bullying people.


Today is the day of Witness Saint John the Baptist.

And all this blog can do is speak idle of the dear.

So much for the Corporal works of Mercy.

More like the Devil at work

Wonder who Bishop Pat’s confessor is.


Came across this blog and I must say it doesn’t half paint a true picture of the RCC. Three years ago I was sent to a place called St Luke’s to undergo assessment for entry to Seminary. I was 52 years old then, so late vocation. They were fixated on masturbation questions, my sexual fantasies, how many times I had sex and with whom etc. I said “come on I’m not a little lad, I don’t have the energy never mid the inclination anymore”. I was later told that I was sexually immature! A young handsome man was in after me and I thought they’d eat him alive. Wonder if he was recommended. Their loss. I’ve joined the Anglican Church.


My friend, RCC Priest, late 40’s first appointment was in a Church as a young Assistant, then aged 24. Within days the PP was grooming him. The PP purchased one of those at home microscopes and asked his Assistant if he’d provide a sperm sample so he could see what the little swimmers looked like under the microscope. Even provided the gay porn magazines. My friend refused and the grooming went on. His bathroom had a peep/key hole looking straight to shower. PP caught masturbating looking through. Unbelievable.


Is it possible that Cardinal Daly took that boy out of an orphanage (presumably Nazareth Lodge) in the sixties because he saw that the boy, having learning difficulties, was not being treated well?


The implication is that randy priests are an exclusively Catholic problem. There are tares in the vineyard everywhere. Just have a look at the online CofE consistory court reports where there is the familiar tale of home-breaking, adultery, divorce, three-in-a bed romps and boundary crossing by clergymen with young men.

The old News of the World was full of salacious reports about randy vicars. Lets not pretend that it’s something explained by Catholicism.


8.27, who’s pretending that it is?

This blog exposes corruption among clergy in the RCC, not in the Anglican Communion.

Are you the ‘new boy’ here?


No, I’m a returner now that the blog is again a safe place to comment. My point is that many people claim that sexual misbehaviour by Catholic priests can be explained by celibacy. How then do the same people explain similar shortcomings in the CofE, where celibacy is not required of their clergy?


6.32: My comment at 5.34 slipped away before corrections. Apologies.. predictive text is awful! I am not engaging in quasi spiritual tracts from the 1970’s or defrosted psycho babble!! Far from it: I’ve always had an interest in psychology and human development. Having had to avail of therapy and counselling for a long period after much personal grief, I learned vital lessons, insights and new understandings about the interlink between the mind, body and spirit. We are not compartments within – we are a unity of different emotions, feelings, of conscious and subconscious connectivity which impact in your life and how you live it. All I have learned through therapy has greatly enhanced my faith, my prayer, my pastoral approach with people. To diminish my insights in your assessment reveals that you probably are stuck in a time warp. Prayer is an essential to me: the celebration of the Eucharist is integral to my spirituality. But when you find yourself broken apart through grief, hurt and inner burn out, you are brought to your knees in desperation. I got through with the help of a wonderful therapist and wise spiritual guides. All of my explorations have made me a better person, thus enabling me to be a more compassionate, caring person. I state again: none of us is superhuman or immune to the vagaries and challenges of life and to be able to identify the conflicting emotions and feelings, the human vulnerability we inhabit sometimes and our propensity for failure, to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses and understand more fully the complexities of relationships – and church/priesthood unreal and unachievable expectations – are all blessings which are conducive to being a better human being, which is what I am before ever being a priest. For too long we priests lost our humanity by allowing ourselves to be put on pedestals and thinking we were above and before all others. St. Paul said ” When I am weak, then I am string..” – I believe this truth having been helped verbalize my brokenness as a human being in the trusting relationship of client/counsellor, in a way that has benefited me in my ministry. We do not suspend our humanity on becoming a priest. Much of my psychology research and reading resonates with my Christian faith, prayer and spirituality. In the past we were told “to pray” about it. I did but I also knew instinctively I required professional therapy to untangle the mess of my life. Modern psychology is very worthwhile. I know people who thought they were invincible and able to withstand the hurts of life but who had to eventually seek professional therapy, men particularly. I am glad I sought help other than just simply “praying.” I am enriched profoundly. You should try it (therapy)!!”


No, I in no way diminished, in an earlier post, your achievements; I just questioned certain expressions of yours that are clichés and, therefore, meaningless unaccompanied by a glossary of jargon. I am glad, genuinely so, that you are happier; this, basically, is what your comment at 5.12, stripped of that stuff, is saying.
Prayer is not the only movement one should make in time of personal crisis, but it should, in my opinion, always be the first and primary one. God will prompt a person open to his inspirations to act, and will bring others, like psychologists, into his ambit if need be.
Maintain your improved health through daily prayer.


Where is Taggart tonight? No
more Glasgow or Paisley scandals Fr? You back on the booze by any chance ya wee Sotch beastie x😂


8.57: Thank you. You seem the kind of person who is very aware and reflective about your life, work and realities of life, the kind of person I’d trust for advice rather than those who seem all too certain and who still believe priests are not human but “ontologically” changed and thus “perfect” or beyond the need for professional help when necessary. That belief has wreaked much damage, hurt and disaster in priesthood but also for many innocent children and vulnerable people. I believe that all Dioceses should have on-going education for the full well-being of priests. It is cessential.


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