I have always said that I would go to meet ANYONE, ANYWHERE.

The human being must always have an intellectual openness.

The Christian must always regard every human being as their brother and sister.

The people of CTS are our brothers and sisters.

We might have deep theological and liturgical disagreements with them.

But they ARE STILL our brothers and sisters

CTS wants the RCC purified of its scandals and corruptions – as do we.

Here are excerpts from their July newsletter.


CTS have suggested that we blog jointly about all matters on July 22nd – Feast of St Mary Magdala.

I think it’s a good idea.


Bishop Pat,

I’m interested that you have devoted a thread to our July newsletter report on my visits to this blog around Pentecost.

I know I promised one of the contributors who objected to my presence that I would not blog again, but – as I’m sure everyone will understand – I’m interested in what your bloggers have to say about my report.

However, I can’t get through to read the comments. The link doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve emailed about that but, unusually, not heard back. Bishop Pat has always been prompt in replying to my emails – courteous and helpful. I’m not sure, therefore, whether I’m blocked from the blog (or if the link not working is simply another example of the Wonders of WordPress) and/or in the “email doghouse”! I’ve tried the link a number of times, last night and again just now, but it’s not taking me to the comments. I hope I’ve not been blocked to spare my feelings – I’m totally accepting of all criticism.

I’m pleased, in any event, that Bishop Pat approves of the “debate” suggestion, scheduled for 22nd July. I’ll launch that thread when the time comes.


Morning Patricia,
I am happy to have a Scottish Day / CTS day on July 22nd.
I was wanting to ask you to write a piece for that day telling people about CTS and what you feel your mission is to Cathokuc Church in Scotland.
I think you already know that you will get some criticism on here. But like you say, you can more than cope with that.
In Ireland we have a saying: “The old dog for the hard road” 😄


Thank you! I’ll certainly write a piece about Catholic Truth in Scotland – I’ll get it to you as soon as I can and certainly before 22nd July.

And yes, I’m very well used to criticism….To cite another well known saying, if I can’t take the heat, I’d steer well clear of the kitchen!


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