By MailOnline Reporter 23 Jun 2020

Guo Wengui accused Beijing of silencing the Vatican on religious matters 

The exiled billionaire alleged China started to pay the Holy See from 2014 

The dissident said countries including Italy and Australia were also muzzled 

He made the bombshell claims on a US show hosted by an ex-Trump adviser 

An exiled billionaire has accused the Chinese government of giving the Vatican £1.6billion every year in bribes to prevent it from criticising Beijing’s sweeping clampdown on religions. 

Fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui claimed in a podcast that the Communist Party had been paying the Holy See generously since 2014 because Beijing ‘wanted the Vatican to shut up about China’s religion policies.’

US-based Guo, 52, said in the interview that the Communist country had also spent large sums to muzzle other countries – including Italy and Australia – from voicing concerns.


Steve Bannon (pictured), a former Trump strategist, spoke to the Chinese fugitive tycoon Guo Wengui in an interview on Bannon’s self-launched radio show ‘The War Room’ on June 20.

The billionaire’s comment comes after China faced widespread criticism over its crackdown on the country’s religious groups, particularly the ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims.

Guo, who is known for his criticism against the Communist Party, made his bombshell claims on June 20 during an interview with The War Room, an American podcast hosted by an ex-Trump adviser, Steve Bannon.

The highly wanted dissident said that the Chinese Communist Party had been allocating £1.6billion each year to gain influence over the Vatican in the past six years.

‘[They] want Vatican to shut up and follow the CCP about the religion polices,’ Guo said on the radio show. ‘That is disaster.’

The Chinese dissident also claimed that the Chinese government was paying the Holy See with $100million (£80million) before 2014, without specifying when those payments initially started.
‘CCP knows, if the Vatican tells the truth about Chinese Christians and Catholics, CCP is die,’ Guo said.

‘CCP is so worried, so they give two billion [dollars] to the Vatican, 1.5 billion [dollars] to Australia, 100million [dollars] to Italy,’ he added.

Guo has developed a relationship with Bannon – who has also been an outspoken critic of the Chinese Communist Party.

The two announced their plans to set up a $100million investigation into Chinese corruption in November, the New York Times reported.

Guo’s interview comes as China has been heavily criticised by other countries and humanitarian groups over its policy against Muslims and other religious groups.

UN experts and activists have claimed that at least one million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims are held in the detention centres in the region.
Former detainees claimed that Muslims were forced to eat pork and speak Mandarin in those internment camps.

After initially denying their existence, China acknowledged that it had opened ‘vocational education centres’ in Xinjiang aimed at preventing extremism by teaching Mandarin and job skills. 

Who are the Chinese Muslims?

Muslims are not a new presence in China. Most of China’s Muslim communities, including the Hui, Uighurs and Kazakhs, have lived in China for more than 1,000 years, according to fact tank Pew Research Center. 

The largest concentrations of Muslims today are in the western provinces of Xinjiang, Ningxia, Qinghai and Gansu. 

A substantial number of Muslims live in the cities of Beijing, Xi’an, Tianjin and Shanghai. 

Chinese Muslim men take part in gathering for the celebration of the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, or the Muslim Feast of the Sacrifice, at the Niu Jie mosque in Beijing, China

They make up about two per cent of the 1.4 billion population in China. However, as the country is so populous, its Muslim population is expected to be the 19th largest in the world in 2030.

The Muslim population in China is projected to increase from 23.3 million in 2010 to nearly 30 million in 2030.

Those who grow up and live in places dominated by the Han Chinese have little knowledge about Islam – or religions in general – thus view it as a threat. 

Beijing’s policymakers are predominately Han. 

At the same time, radical Muslim Uighurs have killed hundreds in recent years, causing China to implement even more extreme measures to quash potential separatist movements.

Uighurs in particular have long been used to heavy-handed curbs on dress, religious practice and travel after a series of deadly riots in 2009 in Urumqi, according to the Financial Times.

Schoolchildren were banned from fasting during Ramadan and attending religious events while parents were banned from giving newborns Muslim names such as ‘Mohammed’ and ‘Jihad’. 

Certain symbols of Islam, such as beards and the veil, were also forbidden. Women with face-covering veils are sometimes not allowed on buses. Unauthorised pilgrimages to Mecca were also restricted. 


Judas got his 30 pieces of silver.

Here is the Vatican getting £ 1.6 billion a year for letting the Chinese Government choose bishops and keeping stum about the Chinese Government’s murderous human rights record with regard to it’s own citizens, the people of Hong Kong, Catholics, Christian’s and Muslims.

Of course Francis himself colluded with the junta in his native Argentina, including in the killing of two Jesuits, and God knows how many others?

This is not just playing horrible politics with horrible people.

Staying silent in front of the torture and mass killing is nothing short of EVIL and SATANIC.

Cardinal Zen of Hong Kong is a voice crying in the wilderness and has also been betrayed by the Vatican and the 200 cardinals he wrote to about Chinese atrocities.

I terms of evil, there is no real difference between the likes of Islamic terrorists and the Vatican.

The Vatican too, is a centre of religion based terrorism.

There has to be a HELL. And it.must be full of religious murders and their enablers?


Pat, The ex-journalist David Ike maintains that Lizards in human form are controlling the planet, unsurprisingly he has a cohort of devotees. Any lu-lah can make outrageous claims.
and will find people willing to believe them.
This chinese man suits your anti-catholic crusade and so you clap loudly. Quelle surprise!


The current centralisation flies in the face of subsidarity, and is also why it is scandalous that seminary authorities didn’t keep those getting ordained around now, abreast that what they are binding themselves to is different than what they thought seven years ago.


What do you expect ? The Vatican will do all it can to protect its own interests in any territory, just as it did in Nazi Germany, where the Church by and large was at best mute about what was happening. All in the interests of protecting its own interests. So, no surprises that the Vatican diplomats in the Vatican and in Chine are intent on protecting the interests of the Church. All well and fine if you are in business or in government. But decidedly iffy if you say that you are an organisation that believes in gospel values like justice and fairness.


Whoa! Hold your horses, Pat! It’s an unsubstantiated allegation. Do you normally jump the gun when such allegations are made? Or is it only when they concern your arch-enemy, the Catholic Church?
The Chinese guy ALLEGES that the bribes are being made, because the Vatican’s criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would cause it to ‘die’. A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e bullshit! 😅 Seriously, he expects the intelligent world to believe that the mighty CCP is crapping itself over the ‘power’ of a tuppeny city state that is in danger of becoming a political pariah around the world with its criminal concealment and facilitation of child sexual abuse by priests?
This, I suspect, is another nutjob attempt, by the loony political far right in the American so-called ‘Culture Wars’, to rack up fears of ‘one-world government’ by ‘Marxists’; you know, the kind of mind-bending crap we had on the blog recently by that lettered nutjob, Taylor Marshall. And with Steve Bannon driving this particular bandwagon, with the Chinese guy bumping along on board, my suspicion deepens.
Honestly, Pat; you’ll fall for any old codology.


Yeah, completely unsubstantiated!
China is a Communist country…
People are disappearing over night and that Cardinal Zen has said so, he has written a book/ dossier.
So are your calling Zen a liar?


You’ve either lost the plot, like many of the far-right nutjobs in America, or you’ve raised a strawman. I’m not falling for. The subject of the blog is Wengui’s completely unsubstantiated allegation, not Zen.


I think you ought to be very caution about anything that Steve Bannon posts. He has a right wing agenda of his own, and still supports and admires Trump, but Trump had to dump him as he was too extreme for him. Figures within the Vatican Invited Bannon to lecture some of the cardinals, He could be right about the Chinese, but I would use a very long spoon with Bannon.


Vatican figures invited Bannon to lecture cardinals on what? Presumably, on what one supposes they already knew (if Bannon is right here) : the Chinese Communist Party’s bribing the Vatican with colossal sums of cash.
Where would that money have been stashed? The Vatican Bank? Whose transactions, incidentally, are being monitored 24/7 by a special unit of Italian law enforcement. So wouldn’t the Italians be able to offer to the world proof of this fraud?
But hold on! Bannon and Wengui have this covered, too: the Italians are on board the same gravy train, because, like the Vatican, they are on the payroll of the CCP.
Of course (and as usual) no evidence is offered, no smoking gun, to back up all these incredible accusations.
Methinks there is no smoking gun, but a lot of smoke and mirrors.


4.55, who said the Vatican was ‘unimportant and trifling’? However, Wengui is off on a colossal flight of fancy, and mischief, when he says that the Chinese Communist Party would ‘die’ 😅 if the Vatican didn’t stop criticising its human-rights record towards Catholics in China.
The CCP, in its diplomacy with Vatican representatives (McCarrick et alii?), probably looked for this quid pro quo, or for something remarkably like it: in return for relaxing our policy towards internal dissidents (outspoken Catholics, and others in China), we expect you to exercise your influence by ordering these Catholics not to be openly critical of our government.
Now in THIS context, I can accept the possibility of a (shall we say?) ‘donation’ by the CCP to the Vatican’s Institute of Religious Works (aka the Vatican Bank). But not in the nutty context of ‘one-world-government’ by ‘Marxist’ imperialists, as the American political extreme right would have us believe.
Still, that niggling question just won’t go away: where is all the money? Such regular and colossal sums could hardly drop off the radar of international finance, especially when an arm of Italian law enforcement is daily monitoring Vatican Bank transactions.


@11:36 implied that the Vatican was unimportant and trifling when he or she wrote this:

“Seriously, he expects the intelligent world to believe that the mighty CCP is crapping itself over the ‘power’ of a tuppeny city state that is in danger of becoming a political pariah around the world with its criminal concealment and facilitation of child sexual abuse by priests?”.


5.46, I implied nothing of the kind, but you inferred it.

The statement by me that you quoted directly follows this statement of mine:

‘The Chinese guy ALLEDGES that the bribes are being made, because the Vatican’s criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would cause it to ‘die’. A-b-s-o-l-u-t-e bullshit!’

In this context, I was self-evidently denying that the Vatican had the degree of power attributed to it by Wengui; I was not suggesting that its power was ‘unimportant and trifling’.


Last month, both Wengui and Bannon flew propeller planes bedecked with anti-CCP propagana slogans; the stunt has been described as ‘ridiculous’. I’d have chosen another word, ‘farcical’.😅
Bannon has already alleged that some scientists working in the Wuhan lab from which SARS-CoV-2 escaped, ALLEDGEDLY, defected to the West and are now working with various intelligence agencies here to build a legal case against the CCP.
As usual with Bannon and Wengui, no evidence whatever is offered by either man for their incredible claims, probably because the claims are just that: incredible. 😅
🎶 The lunatics have taken over the asylum. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.🎶😅


“The lunatics have taken over the asylum”.
Did you attend Valladolid during 2017 – 2018 by any chance?


5:36pm and 12:03am!

Are you still on the gargle? what have I told you. You’re gibbering away like a budgie and your going over the top with the imoges always a sign your under the weather again!


Objectively – as Jesus and St Paul pointed out – neither laity nor clerics can be considered bound. Rome threw onto us the world’s sexual guilt, in Jesus’ name naturally. Frantic attempts to bond us or “make” us feel important backfired, though some clerics still try to use these as bargaining tools (on a gamut from titillating with “inside information”, to “communion” in the hand or elsewhere) which we are presumptiously stated to be hankering for.
PR types made bishops “look” like they were above needing prayer. Dumbing down = cowing by mentally starving into submission. The good chapters of Easter People got blocked. Holy Spirit nurturing, and honouring each one’s space and time, will be the only real thing for it. Joint and common, are very different from corporate.


9:02 am

Suspend skepticism of Marshall’s conspiracy theories.

I watched the above video link. If you go to 22 minute the Chinese deal is discussed.


Even if this allegation is true it’s as likely as not that the Vatican is just moving the money on behalf of somebody else. (So earning goodwill, and being paid a commission of course)


11:08 am

I don’t think so, Bishop,but who am I to judge, although Jesus chastising money hustlers in the temple speaks for itself, so why its ignored is way beyond my theological or scriptural knowledge or understanding.

Maybe its more pick and mix of scripture to suit, like ignoring millstones for harming children.


11.08: Mr. Self Righteous – did Jesus intend for his servant bishops to engage in SHAM WEDDINGS – all for personal financial gain and as the judge said – not a VICTIMLESS CRIME!!! Did you ever reimburse these vulnerable people? Just wondering… and as for the thousands raked in doing rituals all over the country and world!! Now Pat – there’s a deep putrid stench of hypocrisy in your own life. Just thought I’d tell you.



Check out the history of marriage in the Christian Church and decide when “Sham” set in….marriage was not church business for hundreds of years until they decided it was very lucrative……You are in error if you think Bishop Buckley in that courtroom was deserving of those words. The judge was ignorant of history entirely….his words should have echoed back approximately a millennium.

In fact when you are at it…research Osiris.


I have celebrated 4,000 marriages in 44 years. The marriages that got me into trouble with the law was 14. That’s 0.0035 of my marriages.
I was led into celebrating these marriages by a crooked solicitor who went to prison and was debarred.
I paid the state the demanded £ 6,000 for those 14 marriages.
And, unlike the Vatican I do not claim to be God on earth.


“Deep stench of hypocrisy ” says you @ 10:21 in referring to +Pat’s marriage services. Many would disagree. Even I, as an atheist who thinks the whole RCC marriage industry to be unnecessary, am obliged to recognise that many, even non believers, wish to have a formal marriage service with some religious significance. Some reject, or are rejected, by the RCC “requirements “, so may seek out +Pat’s services of their own free will and preference.
I feel they are quite entitled to do so, and +Pat is quite entitled to provide those services and receive a fee for this, one he has said several times on this site, that he forgoes if the couple’s circumstances suggest it necessary.
The matter of the “sham weddings ” you refer to has been discussed here regularly. Perhaps some background reading on your part is required 😉


Yes MMM, many people do like a spiritual / religious to their wedding.

I have provided this for Catholucs, other Christians, Jews, Muslims, Parsee, Hindus, etc.

I have also presided over weddings for Athiests, agnostics, white witches, etc.

Spirituality is far bigger than Christianity.


So generations of Priests would have sworn respect and obedience to sexual predator and financial fraudster Cardinals and Bishops rather than to Jesus Christ! Symbolizes the whole sickness of the institutional church.


Yes, 11.00am. And they are still doing so.
The moral culpability of men who make these vows or promises is in proportion to their knowledge of institutional corruption in the Catholic Church. No man ordained priest today can claim ignorance of this corruption.


True. I entered the seminary 50 years ago this September. I had NO idea how corrupt the RCC was and has been.

I’m glad I do not have to make the decision again.

I now only believe in God and trying to help people.


4:40 What you say so true. And a man ordained today becomes both a supporter and part of the corruption.
Two examples are the Nigerian priest in Portsmouth and Fr Goldielock in East Anglia mentioned on the blog a couple of weeks ago a


@ 11:00am – No they haven’t. And the majority of cardinals and bishops were and are neither sexual predators nor financial fraudsters. Corruption will be a problem until the end of time because ALL human beings are sinners. The parable of the wheat and the tares. They grow side by side until the harvest. We need to see both wheat and tares – not one to the exclusion of the other. People like you see only the tares. There are others who post on here who see only the wheat. Both of you are wrong. Both of you are harming the Church at two different extremes.


Did the majority of bishops cover up for clerical child sexual predators?
Corrupt criminals in the priesthood need to be weeded out to face justice.


7.21, how on earth do you know that ‘the majority of cardinals and bishops were and are neither sexual predators nor financial fraudsters’? Did you survey them all, presuming their answers to be honest?


you’re all very uptight folks!!

come live with me in the 18th century. its great craic altogether. People kiss my ring and I dress up in lace and have young altar boys carry my long cape, while self-obsessed sexual confused fellas fuss over me.


Wash your mouth out ya horrible ould wagon daring to say that about His Eminence. You are probably some jealous ould drag queen wishing you were in the 18th century as Nell Gwyn.


Perhaps it is with respect to +Pat time for people to bypass the Episcopate, and refuse all authority of any Bishop. They should each community have a its own authority, and lay hands on each other as a community if they want someone set apart for a ministry. The institutional church is the house of Satan today. Those who stay in it by staying are supporting all the wrong that goes on by not leaving.


3.31, not all angels of light are frauds. But all frauds here, at the Vatican, are losing their glow. So open your eyes to whom is really from Satan.


Maybe. In my own case I am a bishop with no power or authority. When I ordain priests I always offer to leave out the obey bit or change it to obedience to God and conscience.


5:11, no, in order to ordain other bishops you would need at least 2 concelebrating bishops.


That’s not true. One bishop can ordain another. Three bishops is just a current, non obligatory practice.


3.07: Utterly nonsensical and ignorant, Father..A hirtible judgment on the good people who feed you! Go and join the Oratory or establish your own “perfect church”. Tell us your blueprint for being the true People of God. If you believe your notions, be laicised and start all over again – this time by having a pigeon or a dove lay his feathers on your head!!


5.12, what’s troubling you, Father? Can you feel the rug being pulled from under your feet? All that status, privilege, exceptionalism through ontological change…can you feel it being pulled away from you?
I have sad news for you: it has already largely gone. Most people now do not hold you in the esteem to which your kind were used 50 or 60 years ago.
You have become a joke, but without a punchline.


The usual pattern on the blog, which we’ve see again today, is that instead of dealing with the rights or wrongs, an issue is dismissed simply because it is made by a conservative media outlet.
A simple web search shows multiple people who are bewildered by what the Vatican is doing with China?
I have chosen comments by the impeccably liberal Chris Patten in the impeccably liberal Tablet so that they cannot be dismissed out of hand.


3.56, stop being naughty. This claim isn’t dismissed because it was made by a conservative media (albeit one paranoid through obsessing on the fanciful notion of Marxist one world government), but because it typically offers not a jot of evidence for its claim.

Paranoid obsession is not evidence, at least not of Chinese communist hush money to the Vatican.


I hate to tell you, but Patten’s address (convoluted or confused?) can be dismissed more easily than you’d prefer. What to make of a man who appreciates the Vatican’s desire to improve conditions for Catholics in China, but who thinks it a huge error to have done so when a Chinese government is clawing back human freedoms. Come again, Chris. 🤔 I should think such a time the most appropriate: after all, you don’t try to reason with a bully to be on his best behaviour when, um , he’s already on his best behaviour.
You jump in when he’s beating the crap out of some little guy, Chris.


4.53: A decision made by all Catholic Priests – love God and neighbour in imitation of Christ. That’s what I try to do, along with hundreds of other priests.


Well done Father. Do you think that you are in the minority? Do you think the likes of Etienne from Blackpool and co give a toss about anyone else?


So we reach the usual impasse – either the Roman church is a holy body or its a corrupt, thieving, abusing fraud.
I saw in some research yesterday that the only two Christian bodies growing in the UK are fundamentalist churches and the Orthodox!
This does feel like a turning point.
The arrogant response of so many priests indicates this trend will continue.


The fundies and Orthodox are growing because of the clarity of their teaching, and in the case of the Orthodox, their ancient liturgy with liturgical dress, languages and practices that would drive the so-called Catholics round the bend if the Catholic Church returned to such practices.


5.51, so it’s clarity of teaching, or liturgical opulence of dress that attracts people?
Then it isn’t God who’s attracting them.


Yes, the “clarity of their teaching” is autistically simplistic and idiotic. Appeals to the autistic and the simple and the idiotic.


There is no analogy between Orthodoxy and “Trad” Catholicism. Orthodox liturgy is ancient but informal; the eastern church is relatively free from clericalism as it has a clergy who live normal lives often with day-jobs and it doesn’t have grandiose ecclesial structures or a “magisterium”. Most significantly it is theologically-light compared to the Western church (catholic or even Protestant). It doesn’t attract what PF would call “rigid” young men who want to take refuge in Aquinas to shelter themselves from the dangers of intimacy (with themselves, with others, with Christ).


6.03: Nothing troubling me at all sir!! Just calling comments ignorant and nonsensical when deserved. I am well acquainted with the responses of people in today’s world. I cannot take responsibility for all personal decisions. I respect people’s freedom but pummelling people into the ground has nothing to do with Christianity. Sneering at the priesthood of others is absolutely unsavoury and not a virtue.


6.53, but didn’t you know that RC priesthood isn’t a virtue either, since it was never intended by Christ?
‘Do this in memory of me’. Not ‘only if you are an ordained RC priest’, but simply as you are, male and female.
You usurped Christ’s will, hence the evil fruit of clericalism, and of RC clerical paedophilia/ephebophilia.


You know, Magna, that the vast majority (95+%) of pedophiles and ephebophiles are not clergy or religious.


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