NIALL MC CONNELL – A Man Outstandng In His Own Field ๐Ÿ™‚

I cannot for the life if me see that Diarmuid Martin did anything wrong in Croke Park on Friday.

It was a Muslim high feast day and he went along to stand with the Muslim community of Dublin and to show he was open to dialogue.

DM is obviously a Catholic. He does not regard Allah as his God. Nor does he promote Islam and Islamic ideas and doctrines.

What he did was akin to any of us who had a Jewish neighbour going to attend one of their religious parties.

Some years ago the Muslims of the Dublin Rialto mosque asked me to spend a day in dialogue with them.

I prayed with them in their mosque.

We had hours of discussions and meals together.

At the end of the day they asked me to convert to Islam.

Of course I had absolutely no inclination to do so.

They tell us they are a religion of peace but all over the globe Musmins commit atrocities in the name of Allah and think they will be rewarded for their terrorism by 72 heavenly virgins.

Islam has the responsibility to distance itself from Islamic terrorism and expel them.

But world domination and the imposition of Sharia Law is its stated goal?


Siol na hEireann is a strange mixture of Irish Republicanism, Mariology Racism, and”Catholicism”.

I think they are racists.

In their anti immigrant policies they forget that Jesus, Mary and Joseph were first century immigrants into Egypt. So much for their megaphone Hail Mary’s.

I think they are a potentially dangerous group. They already practice angry intimidation. I believe they would be capable of violence.

Should they be proscribed? Maybe not just yet. But the authorities and police need to keep a very close eye on them.

They seem to attract people with Ulster accents and people South of the border with culchie accents.

McConnell himself is bright. But some of his followers come across as thick as champ.

I wonder is Phonsie a member of Siol na hEireann?

I think he might be at home there.

He doesn’t want girls immunized against cervical cancer ๐Ÿคจ