A source close to the Monastic Visitation currently being conducted into Silverstream Monastery says the monastery has only enough money to survive for weeks.

But look at these published figures from the Irish Charity Regulator’s site – for 2015, 2015 2016, 2017 and 2018.

In those 5 years the monastery income was Euro 4,065,899.

Their expenditure for the 5 years was Euro 1,696,825

Therefore their profit was Euro 2,369,074.

And this does not include income for 2019 and 2020 which on average would have been Euro 1,626,359.

So income for 7 years was Euro 6,434,973.

Expenditure for 7 years Euro 2,375,555

Total Profit for 7 years Euro 4,059 418

If Silverstream has made Euro 4 million profit in 7 years why are they now broke?

Who spent the 4 million?

What was the 4 million spent on.

I was surprised to hear that they have wine at every lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

Could 8 monks spend 4 million on food and drink in 7 years?

That would be Euro 11,000 plus a week on food and drink?

I wonder how much the monthly and yearly wine bill was?

I have learned that Silverstream has not only been reported to the Gardai but also the Irish Charity Regulator, who are launching an investigation.

Where there is sexual irregularities there are generally financial irregularities also.

One source has told me that Mark Kirby kept a drawer in his office with many thousands of Euros in cash in it?

TOM DENNIHAN of Meath needs to clarify where the Euro 4 million has gone to.

This is money that the Catholic faithful have donated thinking everything was ok.