Jeremy Leatherby: Details emerge of charges against excommunicated priest

Christopher Altieri Catholuc Herald August 12, 2020

Readers should be advised that this story contains potentially disturbing details of sexual abuse allegations.

The Catholic Herald has learned that the Sacramento priest excommunicated for schism earlier this month is accused of grave crimes, including sexual abuse of at least one adult woman, spiritual and psychological abuse, abuse of the Sacrament of Confession and other Sacraments, and multiple violations of the Seal of Confession.

Church officials in both Sacramento and Rome declined to comment on the investigation or canonical process, but the nature of the allegations the Catholic Herald has heard from one of his victims is such, that under Church law, the crimes of which Fr Jeremy Leatherby of Sacramento is accused would be tried in the tribunal of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The Catholic Herald has obtained several documents supporting her construction of events and showing that Church officials including the Bishop of Sacramento, Jaime Soto, believe she did suffer serious abuse and are deeply consternated by the delay of justice in her case.

The accuser – who has requested anonymity as a victim of sexual abuse and because she and her family have faced threats and intimidation from supporters of Fr. Leatherby – alleges that Fr. Leatherby initially invited her into a “spiritual friendship” with him, modeled on the friendship of Sts. Francis and Claire of Assisi, and then used that relationship to manipulate her, threaten her marriage, and upend her life. She alleges Leatherby frequently used her as an instrument of his own gratification in sexual and other ways over a period of roughly six years, from 2008 to 2014.

The allegations in brief

The accuser alleges that Fr. Leatherby at one point extracted a vow of obedience to him, which he received in an ersatz ritualistic ceremony. The victim alleges Leatherby sheared her hair in another pseudo-ritual, during which Leatherby required her to remove her shirt.

The most bizarre pseudo-ritual the accuser described was what she called the “Mary Magdalen Routine”, in which Fr Leatherby asked the victim to kiss and caress first his feet, and in subsequent iterations of the ritual also his body. At least once, Leatherby brought oils for the routine – supposedly blessed – with which the victim alleges she would anoint his feet.

She alleges that sometimes he would be wearing only underpants, and would be visibly aroused.

“On ‘special occasions’,” she told the Herald, “he would take off everything except his boxers, and the Mary Magdalen Routine turned into something even more disturbing.” Asked to describe Leatherby’s reaction to the performance of the routine on those special occasions, his victim said: “He would get an erection,” and explained that he would ask her “to come all the way up to his groin,” which she did, though she says she never deliberately touched his genitals and he never pleasured himself while in the room with her.

“His birthday was a special occasion,” she said. “Christmas was a special occasion. When he cut my hair off was a special occasion.” That last – the shearing – was one she says he described as “a sacrifice to his priesthood.”

Fr Leatherby’s victim-accuser also alleges that the priest would give her the Sacrament of the Sick, sometimes asking her to remove her outer clothing and foundation garment and unbutton and lower her slacks. He would massage her with copious amounts of sacred oil – at least once on her breasts and very near her groin – saying things like, “These are not my hands, these are Jesus’ hands touching you, healing you.”

A text of the vow of obedience Fr Leatherby’s accuser says he received from her reads: “I surrender myself with my whole heart to your priest, Fr Leatherby,” and, “I place my soul in Father’s hands.”

The victim-accuser says Fr Leatherby told her that, during some performances of the Magdalene Routine, he “could tell she was growing in purity” and “was going to become a great saint and mystic”.

The victim-accuser told the Catholic Herald she was almost unassailably convinced of her abuser’s special holiness. “He kept us isolated from one another,” i.e. the many women – within and beyond the parish – to whom he “ministered” and offered his particular spiritual direction. “I was unable to process, especially because he told me I could never tell anyone about our ‘special relationship’, because no one would understand it. He told me it was my job to protect his priesthood.”

Fr Leatherby responds 

Fr. Leatherby has admitted to “boundary violations” with his accuser and another woman. He says he is “profoundly sorry” for the pain he has caused, but denies the more serious charges.

“[W]hile acknowledging that I had done wrong and erred in ways,” Leatherby wrote in a letter to priests published last week to the website of an organisation calling itself the Saint Joseph’s Battalion, “I also categorically deny and want to refute a number of the allegations brought against me.” He said, “Some are of such a nature that I cannot bring myself to believe that she even claimed them.”

Addressing himself in the letter directly to his victim-accuser, Fr Leatherby said: “I hope you will  forgive me for the hurt that I have caused you, and I pray that from this moment forward we can both let this rest.”

“I categorically deny any sexual acts between myself and my accuser,” Fr Leatherby specified in his response to the Catholic Herald. “The reference in my letter [another letter he wrote “To Bishop Soto, the Priests and Faithful of the Diocese of Sacramento and Beyond” before Bishop Soto made the excommunication public – ed.] to lines crossed does not pertain to sexual acts.” Leatherby told the Herald: “I respectfully decline to go into detail or address the sensitive allegations in the press as this is not fair to any of the parties involved and the matter is still open with the Diocese.”

“Believe me,” Fr Leatherby wrote in the letter, “there is another side. I could expose much, but have refrained all this time. I don’t want to ruin other people’s lives, marriages or families.”

In response to email queries from the Catholic Herald, Fr Leatherby further stated: “I also, as a Catholic priest refuse to publicly disparage another person.”

Now, Fr Leatherby says he is preparing a petition for release from the obligations of Holy Orders – “voluntary laicisation” as it is sometimes called.

Earlier this month, Bishop Soto informed Fr Leatherby that he had incurred a latae sententiae excommunication when he denied the legitimacy of Pope Francis and declared his belief that Benedict XVI is the true pope. Leatherby also admitted to celebrating the sacraments in violation of the restrictions Bishop Soto had placed on him.

Leatherby told the Catholic Herald he has “ceased holding services since being excommunicated.” He also explained that he “began those services around Easter Sunday to provide the sacraments, especially the celebration of the Mass.” Fr Leatherby said: “There was such a hunger and thirst by devoted Catholics to receive Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confession, as they consider these more essential than anything else in this world.”

“These Catholics,” he told the Catholic Herald, “did not feel that the Bishop was truly fighting for their faith and Constitutional rights to worship.  If scores of people could go to the Dollar Store, Home Depot or the grocery store, hold press conferences or protest in crowds, it was not right (with common sense precautions) that the faithful should be denied that which sustains them spiritually.”

What effect the petition for laicisation will have on the canonical process is unclear, but the Catholic News Agency has reported that the Diocese of Sacramento told the service they would support Fr Leatherby’s petition.

Justice delayed

Fr Leatherby has been under canonical process for more than four years. “The last several years I have waited and waited and waited for an opportunity to defend myself against the charges brought against me. I have been told that I would finally be heard ‘next week,’ ‘the week after,’ ‘next month,’ ‘next….’ for nearly four years. All to no avail.”

“All I’ve wanted was a fair, complete and speedy hearing,” Leatherby told the Herald. “I have yet to meet with a Vatican representative to present my case,” he also said in response to the Herald’s questions. “I do not know why the process has taken so long.”

The victim-accuser gave detailed evidence to diocesan investigators in her original report more than four years ago, but told the Catholic Herald the judge in her case asked her very specific questions related to things she had told Fr Leatherby in confidence, sometimes under the Seal of Confession. Correspondence between the victim and the judge, which the Catholic Herald has obtained, is consistent with that report of their transactions.

The interview with the judge in the case was a long time coming.

The victim-accuser only met with him in January of this year. “When I spoke with [the judge],” she said, “I asked him: ‘Why did this take so long? Why are we just here now?’ and he said, ‘That’s a question that I’ve been asking. I’ve wanted this off my plate for forever.’”

The interview with the judge also only happened after a man supportive of Fr Leatherby called on the victim-accuser’s family early of a Saturday morning, saying he “just wanted to talk,” as she recalled, because, he said, the Blessed Virgin had told him to drive six hours across state lines and confront them. This man had ascertained the victim-accuser’s identity, new address, and other highly sensitive personal information. He had threatened both Bishop Soto and Fr Leatherby’s victim-accuser with “exposure” in the press.

It was shortly after the victim-accuser’s report of the incident to local police and the Diocese of Sacramento, that she finally received a call inviting her to give evidence to the CDF-appointed judge. The victim accuser said she believes “that’s what got the ball rolling again” on the Church proceedings.

Whatever the reason(s) for the protracted process, the accused and the victim-accuser with whom the Catholic Herald spoke agree that its duration is intolerable. The Bishop of Sacramento acknowledged the significant strain the situation put on all parties. In a letter dated July 22nd, 2019, Bishop Soto wrote: “I am embarrassed and frustrated that I have not been able to reach a more rapid resolution in the canonical proceeding pertaining to Fr Leatherby.”

Bishop Soto wrote his letter in response to a correspondent with intimate knowledge of the matter, who had asked for public disclosure of pertinent facts including the nature of the allegations against Fr Leatherby. The Catholic Herald has also obtained the letter to which Soto responded. The original letter read, in pertinent part:

You most likely know, as do both [the victim-accuser] and I, that there are other victims of his out there. They too need and deserve pastoral and therapeutic care, but they remain silent, alone and uncared for. Why? Because each of them either thinks they are the only ones, because they do not even know they are victims, or because even if they know they are victims they fear retaliations from the Leatherby family.

There was in fact only one reason [the victim-accuser] had the courage to face the slander and shunning that she expected to receive – and in fact did receive – by coming forward about her abuse, and that was the revelation from another victim that she too was being used and deceived in the same ways. These two women marveled in shared disgust at how he had used all of the same lines, all of the same “saint stories”, all of the same manipulations to make them feel special and loved like no other woman. It was this revelation and this revelation alone that compelled her to put a stop to this man and keep him from hurting others.

And so I beseech you, for the sake of the other victims out there, past and perhaps even current or future, to make known to the public what you know about him. Silence from the Diocese is not only a source of ongoing pain for [the victim-accuser], but it also effectively encourages [Fr Leatherby’s] other victims to remain in silence and it enables him to continue his same manipulations in silence.

Bishop Soto’s correspondent had said that Sacramento diocesan officials had led him to believe there were concerns over how release of information related to the case might affect the Sacramento diocese’s compliance with the privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and that those concerns were keeping the diocese from disclosing details.

In his response letter, Bishop Soto cites “other considerations” including “privacy considerations that relate to [the victim-accuser], Fr Leatherby, and others.” Bishop Soto wrote, “I have resigned myself to this powerless position, with the hope of protecting the good name of others.”

“I have asked my judicial vicar to keep me informed of any communications with the Holy See on the canonical proceeding,” Bishop Soto went on to write. He undertook to have his chancellor be in more regular communication with the victim-accuser as well. “I beg for God’s grace to sustain her through the waiting, and heal her from the abuse afflicted upon her.”

On that point – healing – the victim-accuser says the Diocese of Sacramento has been very supportive: offering consistent and complete financial support for the cost of therapy, from the moment in which the diocese received her allegation and deemed it credible – a matter of weeks after she first brought them her report.

“I have come to rely on the Lord’s promise,” in Mt. 10:26, Bishop Soto explained: “Nothing is concealed that will not be revealed, nor secret that will not be known.” Bishop Soto went on to say: “I am grateful of [the victim-accuser]’s courage in cooperating with our investigation and urge her to tell her story for the good of the Church.”


This case is a break from RCC home abuse and deals with RCC hetero abuse.

I have personally counselled women who were treated exactly like this by both diocesan and religious order priests.

I have had such priests get woman to lie on an altar naked while the priest says Mass over them and consecrated the women to God and the sexual service of the priest.

They explained to the women: “If you serve me sexually I will be strong enough to continue doing God’s work!

This Jeremy Leatherby is a sick man and hurting his victim further by calling her a liar and a fantasist.

But I think his Bishop has got the measure of him.


We have not talked about the bullying PP of Magherafelt on the blog for a while.

Well, he has now become a COVID HERO and has placed the following pics of himself on his parish website

I’m really glad the holiness and saintlessness of Gates has finally being recognised.

There’s not a rude bone in the man’s body.

EVERYONE in Magherafelt adores him.

Nice designer jacket Johnny. It will go well with the pink shirt in Donegal and at the seaweed baths in Newcastle with Big D.


Best of Luck Canon. Personally I think the hat will go to Limerick but you never know.
Archbishop Matt Cardinal Hep?


Matt I sincerely hope you become Archbishop of Dublin. Please reform Maynooth as both a seminary and lay university. We really need this to happen. Please #Make Dublin Gr8 Again
P.s. the lay American theology professor in Maynooth is HOT. I can see why they employed him


Ireland would appear to have lost its soul. Why have you guys not rebelled against evil forces? shame on you guys for allowing the devil to infiltrate the Isle of saints and scholars.


At least we’re not inundated with neo-cons disloyal to Pope Francis and happy to become schismatics.


Old Sleepy Hep will destroy our great Archdiocese.
Vote for me, Msgr. Jim B’stard!
#KeepDublinCollections #KeepDublinmyPower


Maynooth Admissions office insisted that only ‘good looking’ people should appear on the college website. Why?


At least they haven’t stooped so low as to put an age limit of 30’s in place as was done by the priests with the ladies white socks and no underwear brigade!. That way they ensure a fresh crop of young blood each year. They think their pseudo spiritual rationale is not seen through for the barely concealed sexualised action it is. Like Silverstream’s overnighting and admissions policy. Now that the cat’s out of the bag it will be fun to see them dodge the awkward questions and trying to justify the policy.


It’s kinda sad that Irish Catholic creeps sigh for the American guy, who is just standard format of good looks for the USA!


The abuses described in this sorry tale are the natural conclusion to the idea that the priest is alter Christus.
Interesting how he uses a technique frequently used – in the past but not now because everything has improved (not) – by the church when talking about the targets of abuse. That is to suggest that there are two sides to the story and there is something only he knows about his victim. This is gaslighting plain and simple.
It’s also interesting what got him excommunicated was denying the popeness of the pope and not his actions towards other people.
Another example of totally wrong priorities.


Does that mean all the so-called Catholics who voted for abortion are excommunicated?


Thanks Pat for keeping the focus on Gates. He craves attention. He has his usual sycophants about him but the core of this unsavoury individual is rotten. You mentioned his designer jacket but look at the watch as well. He is a narcissist, unchristen and totally unsuited to the priesthood.


What do you “look at his watch” ? What about the ring on his finger. It would remind you of that song they use to sing in Maynooth for the Bishop’s. CHORUS:
Sure I’ve got rings on my fingers
bells on my toes
elephants to ride upon
my little Irish Rose
So come to your Nabob and next Patrick’s Day
Beeeee, Mistress mumbo, jumbo
jijiboo Jay O’Shea

Jim O’Shea was cast away
upon an Indian isle
The natives there they likes his hair
they liked his native smile
The called him Cheif Panjanderum
Nabob of them all
They called him Jijiboo Jay
they rigged him up so gay
so he wrote to Dublin Bay
to his sweetheart for to say CHORUS

O’re the sea went Rose Magee
to see her Nabob grand
she sat within his Palanquin
and when she took his hand
He led her to his harem
where he had wives galore
she started shedding a tear
he said my dear don’t fear
these wives that I keep here
are just for ornament my dear CHORUS

In Emerald Green he robed his queen
to share with him his throne
mid eastern charms and waving palms
they’d shamrocks Irish grown
All the way from Dublin
to Nabob Jay O’SHea
But in his palace so fine
Should Rose for Ireland pine
With smiles her face will shine
when he murmers sweetheart mine CHORUS


Our John terrorised the poor nun in the sacristy in Maynooth. Interesting to see that years later this leopard hasn’t changed its spots


9.19am Totally agree about Gertie Gates. He is a little Nazi, deeply unpopular in our town. Small man syndrome. He learned much from being Secretary to Cackle Daly. Arrogant, rude and offensive little PP. Wanted to be Auxiliary in Armagh.


Why would John Gates go to a seaweed bath in Newcastle? Is he that vain? Who is big D?


It’s obscene that you guys are dancing on Cathal Daly’s grave eleven years after the good man’s death.


I thought it was unusual to have a straight priest scandal, given that most priests are gay, but there’s more to it.
According to the Catholic News Agency, Jeremy Leatherby’s supporters claim the allegations were trumped up, as retaliation against his family, because the priest’s father, a deacon in the diocese, reported to Church authorities that some priests in the diocese were involved in a homosexual affair.


I cannot understand this alleged abuse, unless the apparent victim was a minor, or intellectually disabled. From the reports, she seems to have known that it was wrong, disturbing, yet chose to participate in it anyway.


When the person abusing you is an authority figure who has exercised their power over you your choices are greatly reduced. He is obviously a very manipulative person and she a very passive one.


10.32: They were/are both adults. She surely knew it was morally outrageous and spiritually abusing – why didn’t she speak out before it happened a few times? There are 2 adults – both irresponsible towards one another. It takes 2 to tango. Oh yes,….the man is always the evil one.


No the man is not always the evil one. But abusers often dominate passive victims.


10.29 & 11.37, De Soto’s position – and yours – isn’t as firm as you might fancy. The powerful JP II insisted that body theology applies outside marriage as well as in. JP II’s and De Soto’s organisational basis is kidding men that confecting – and such like mystique of mysterious mysticism – is the basis of their profession. Why would clergy less devious than Leatherbotham wish to bind themselves to the many bad popes we keep having? Every priest should be taking the laicisation route (if an organisation like Bp Pat’s isn’t to hand) while in good odour, so Leatherbotham’s sour grapes don’t impress. I saw a priest grooming a mentally handicapped woman into talking foully with a view to influencing others and verbally attempting to implicate a child – and an ambiguous stink ensued. De Soto will find out he like all bishops is not in charge (the elbow joggers are). De Soto will find out he is as uncertain of “faith” as the woman is – and CCC is not consistent enough for anyone’s reference.


10:32 am
That of which you write sounds similar to possibly issues here in Liverpool. And Wirral.
I have never encountered such a catastrophic mess than that which is unfolding.
Gaslighting, and mechanisms used, have been taken to new heights; and to the depths of depravity.


Exactly. A doctor, counsellor or teaching doing what he did would be struck off. I don’t understand the people defending him. He’s a priest ffs. He shouldn’t be behaving like that.
The other day there were people defending JPL perving on the young policeman because the cops said there was no crime. The fault was a moral one and about how a priest should behave towards those in his pastoral care.


When a priest in a position of power and trust abuse a child or teenager. It’s difficult for a child to tell his or her parents cos they won’t believe their child. It happened to me many years ago. I found out best way to break this to challenge a priest in question or make a threat for instance, Vincentian priest who broke the seal of confession. Then we issued a threat to CBS re him by saying we will be waiting for him. They don’t like it re any threat or challenge thrown at them just because they got used to getting their own way by means of position of power or trust. I find it lot harder to trust any priest nowadays cos they(not all priests though) can’t be trusted or tell lies quite easily due to their status and power. They aren’t honest when it comes to abuses. Once you challenge them and not give them any deference whatsoever then they started to hesitate and their sense of power take a hit. If you give them deference then you have given them a full licence to do anything even abuses.

I couldn’t understand why that girl was on her own as she should have brought her friend to support or aid her if things go wrong.


You were very courageous to face down your abuser(s), especially if you were very young.
As for confessing to a priest who could break the seal, I confess to God alone. He alone is to be trusted with my sins, and he alone can absolve me of them. I wouldn’t confess picking my nose to a priest.



I was only a teenager that time. I was shocked and outraged when that Vincentian priest nw deceased broke his seal of confession by reporting our sins to a certain Christian brother. That led couple of us as young boys to issue a threat to that cbs by saying we will be waiting for that priest. He never came back and was transferred to deaf school for deaf girls few miles out. Why wasn’t that priest ex communicated for breaking the seal of confession?? Bishop of Dublin stripped Vincentian fathers for their job to deaf schools for 60 years around 2010 I think.

One ex auxiliary Bishop that time was dodgy when it came to confirmations. We avoided him and moved away from him re photos or chats to our parents.


11.26… Picking your nose is not a sin….so you’d have no need to confess that…But your more serious sins – yes!! And rightly so.


11.24: Bullies…never change. How rught you are Bully Buckley. You’re a small man spiritually and sexually….You wouldn’t fight me…or anyone who’d stand above you.


And you’re so brave you post ANONYMOUSLY.

I challenge you. Give your name!

No I thought not !🥵


“Interesting” must be the most inane comment possible – enables the speaker to nail her/his views to the fence.

What’s so interesting about your link? Nothing at all! Waste of time, space and energy.


I found it interesting and more spiritually nourishing than stupid Hep manifesto/campaign slogans, YouTube music videos and single issue obsessives commenting on maniples, Alive, and Blackpool standing orders.


I suppose such a site wouldn’t be of interest to the church in Ireland, which by common consent, is the sickest part of the global church, and is a byword for abuse. Just as well the Church in Ireland is over, kaput, finished.


Well as there’s no such thing as the Roman Catholic Church (a title invented by Anglophone Protestants) he should be safe enough.


Lol I will keep using the phrase just for your benefit.
I think you will find the word Catholic is used here differently from your cosy proprietorial ownership of it. For example Pat is a Catholic bishop. The Old Catholic church is definitely Catholic. Whereas the body calling itself *the* Catholic church can hardly be said to be so, since it is hardly one, holy, catholic and apostolic. The term Roman ‘Catholic’ is used to refer to it, since its headquarters are in Rome and some term must be used to differentiate it from the Catholic Church.


The Roman Catholic Church is the official title of the Roman Catholic Church as is made clear by the Council of Trent.


They were in a BDSM relationship. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, she only complained when she discovered he was two timing her. He was booted out for denying Franks authority. Nice to see a red blooded hetero story on the blog for a change Pat.


Bishop Pat @2.25pm He did Church services online. I thought most priests were doing that too. Best not approach Fr Gates regarding cemetry issues at St John’s. My relative did so very recently and got a mouthful from this rude, arrogant and nasty man.


I have heard he gives a lot of people, even older people a lot of grief about cemetery issues.


I see John Gates’ friend Jackie Bartley who was Principal at St Pius X College in Magherafelt has moved on. There were quite a few unhappy teachers then. Thankfully she didn’t stick around and is now Principal of St Genevieve’s in Belfast.


There’s a massive over-suppy of new teachers every year in NI, with too many teacher training places, and many posts are filled by greedy retired teachers who took a package and then come back as supply teachers.


She was conveniently placed in St. Genevieve’s but it is alleged that’s she’s up to her old tricks there as well.

There should be a distinct line between the state and organised religion In our education system, but I would start with rooting out CCMS’ incestuous and morally bankrupt relationship in the corrupt system. What a bunch of brainwashed sycophants.


There is more to come on Silverstream.

I will publish it when the person who supplied me with it allows me to publish.


4.42: And I trust you will attribute the information given to its rightful author? Surely if there is an investigation in situ, any commentary here may prejudice the judgment and defame innocent.people. BE CAREFUL PAT….BE CAREFUL.




Och Pat, is it nae time soon for another wee Scottie Day? Och aye the noo ya wud miss the poor wee Scotties and tha greetin’ an tha caterwauling’ affa them – like the moooornful wind whistling thru the thistles on tha bonnie slopes o’ Ben Nevis. There’s no nay naethin’ to bate a few wee shinty matches, an a cupple o’ games of Donald Where’s Yer Troosers and tha bonnie wee laddies, Pat wee hen, wi’ a wee few drams.


I’ve been reading his book ‘For God sake don’t go to Church’ after watching his life story on Youtube.
You and him have a lot of common ground and you are very similar. If the oratory joined the Open Episcopal Church you could give an answer to a lot of succession questions.


Alan @6.06pm If your face fits for a teaching job then you are ok. Some PP’s like Gates are too close to Principals and they decide who to hire and fire. If a Principal decides to make teachers lives difficult and unberable they often have the backing of the PP.


Education ought to be taken out of control by ANY religious group.
The State must secularise the instruction of the young, s protection against the poison of religion.


6.56 ….And teach children the poison of atheism, secularism and materialism….Oh yes, for that is what will happen. God will definitely be killed off.


@8:03: “God will be killed off” you say. Many will say “Impossible!”
Some more strident atheists will say that He, She, or whatever your idea of God is, never existed in the first place, ever!
For me, since I see no proof or evidence of any god, supernatural beings or their alleged actions, it would be perhaps something of a double negative for me to attempt to prove that there is no god. I only say that I can not simply believe in the existence of a god because others claim He does, yet provide no proof.
But I see plenty of evidence of the malign influence of belief in god.


First Mass (ordinary form) of recently ordained Irishman Fr Henry O’Connell CO, (formerly Ciaran O’Connell) of York Oratory. There is now an Irishman in the York and Birmingham Oratories, and another will be ordained in Oxford Oratory in September. The Cong Orats in England will have ordained more Irishmen this year than the 23 Irish dioceses put together.


Donning and doffing birettas has nothing to do with Jesus’’ action at the Last Supper. For an Irishman rev speaks with an artificial English accent. What else about him is put on?


One would think one had stumbled into an Anglo-Catholic church: the odd mixture of the modern(ish) Roman Mass in English with an English Hymnal opening hymn, yet the superfluous Tridentine High Mass complement of clergy. At least the Anglicans would have used the westward facing altar as it had been intended. Why on earth reverse it, rather than simply get rid of it, and use the original High Altar if the Oratorians want backs to the people? You can catch sight of the former Provost of the Oxford Oratory, Daniel Seward, sitting discreetly in choir on the Gospel side. Most egregious was the celebrant’s use of “Brethren” which, along with everything else, is striving to make a self-conscious point – and to my mind childishly offensive.


Why did Ciaran change his name to Henry? There’s already a perfectly good Anglicisation for Ciaran – Kieran. (Father Gavin has done something similar.) Do Oratorians normally change their names? They are diocesan priests after all.


8:19 pm
“Forget and let live and move on”? Are you for real? This person, and his acomplices have pro-actively tried to a vulnerable adt who was abused wrongfully sectioned for the past two-years. That bad so, they have literally taken control of one of Her Majesty’s Court’s and, caused ridicule and disgrace on the one thing in society which is there to protect the the most vulnerable: the law.
In addition, and in doing so, they have removed ALL traces of Criminal evidence which, has lead to a vulnerable victim of Roman Catholic clerical abuse being wrongly served with a ‘gagging Order.’ He now has the threat of going to prison looming over him just for speaking up about being abused!
Now go away and crawl back under the rock you appeared from.
Have a wonderful day


As you know, Bp Pat, most of your readers prefer… well, let’s just say, crotch-peepers. Any upcoming news on Cathy Kirby?


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