by JD Flynn Denver Newsroom, Aug 22, 2020 MT (CNA).-  

If you think you’re a priest, and you really aren’t, you have a problem. So do a lot of other people. The baptisms you performed are valid baptisms. But the confirmations? Nope. The Masses you celebrated were not valid. Nor the absolutions or anointings. And the marriages? Well…it’s complicated. Some yes, some no. It depends on the paperwork, believe it or not.

Father Matthew Hood of the Archdiocese of Detroit learned all this the hard way.

He thought he’d been ordained a priest back in 2017. He’d been doing priestly ministry since then.

And then this summer, he learned he wasn’t a priest at all. In fact, he learned he wasn’t even baptized.

If you want to become a priest, you must first become a deacon. If you want to become a deacon, you must first be baptized. If you’re not baptized, you can’t become a deacon, and you can’t become a priest.

Of course, Fr. Hood thought he had been baptized as a baby. But this month, he read a recently issued notice from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The note said that changing the words of baptism in certain ways makes it invalid. That if the person doing the baptizing says “We baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” instead of “I baptize you…” the baptism is not valid.

He remembered a video he’d watched of his own baptism ceremony. And he remembered what the deacon said: “We baptize you….”

His baptism wasn’t valid.

The Church presumes a sacrament is valid unless there is some proof to the contrary. It would have presumed that Fr. Hood was validly baptized, except that he had a video showing the contrary.

Father Hood called his archdiocese. He needed to be ordained. But first, after three years of acting like a priest, living like a priest, and feeling like a priest, he needed to become a Catholic. He needed to be baptized.

In short order, he was baptized, confirmed, and received the Eucharist. He made a retreat. He was ordained a deacon. And on Aug. 17, Matthew Hood finally became a priest. For real.

The Archdiocese of Detroit announced this unusual circumstance in a letter released Aug. 22.

The letter explained that after he realized what had happened, Fr. Hood “was recently validly baptized. Furthermore, since other sacraments cannot be validly received in the soul without valid baptism, Father Hood also was recently validly confirmed and validly ordained a transitional deacon and then a priest.”

“Let us give thanks and praise to God for blessing us with Father Hood’s ministry.”

The archdiocese released a guide, explaining that people whose marriages were celebrated by Fr. Hood should contact their parish, and that the archdiocese was making its own efforts to contact those people.

The archdiocese also said it was making efforts to contact other people whose baptism had been celebrated by Deacon Mark Springer, the deacon who invalidly baptized Hood. He is believed to have invalidly baptized others, during 14 years at St. Anastasia Parish in Troy, Michigan, using the same invalid formula, a deviation from the rite clerics are required to use when performing baptisms.

The guide clarified that while absolutions performed by Fr. Hood before his valid ordination were not themselves valid, “we can be assured that all those who approached Father Hood, in good faith, to make a confession did not walk away without some measure of grace and forgiveness from God.”

“That said, if you recall any grave (mortal) sins that you would have confessed to Father Hood before he was validly ordained and you have not yet been to a subsequent confession, you must bring them to your next confession explaining to any priest what has happened. If you cannot remember if you confessed any grave sins, you should bring that fact to your next confession as well. A subsequent absolution will include those sins and will give you peace of mind,” the guide said.

The archdiocese also answered a question it expects many Catholics will be asking: “Isn’t it legalistic to say that, even though there was an intention to confer a sacrament, there was no sacrament because different words were used? Won’t God just take care of it?”

“Theology is a science that studies what God has told us and, when it comes to sacraments, there must not only be the right intention by the minister but also the right ‘matter’ (material) and the right ‘form’ (words/gestures – such as a triple pouring or immersion of water by the one saying the words). If one of those elements is missing, the sacrament is not valid,” the archdiocese explained.

“As far as God ‘taking care of it,’ we can trust that God will assist those whose hearts are open to Him. However, we can have a much greater degree of confidence by strengthening ourselves with the sacraments He has entrusted to us.”

“According to the ordinary plan God has established, the Sacraments are necessary for salvation: baptism brings about adoption into the family of God and places sanctifying grace in the soul, since we are not born with it, and the soul needs to have sanctifying grace when it departs from the body in order to spend eternity in heaven,” the archdiocese added.

The archdiocese said it first became aware that Deacon Springer was using an unauthorized formula for baptism in 1999. The deacon was instructed to stop deviating from liturgical texts at that time. The archdiocese said that, though illicit, it had believed the baptisms Springer had performed to be valid until the Vatican’s clarification was issued this summer.

The deacon is now retired “and no longer in active ministry,” the archdiocese added.

No other Detroit priests are believed to be invalidly baptized, the archdiocese said.

And Fr. Hood, newly baptized and newly ordained? After an ordeal that began with a deacon’s liturgical “innovation,” Fr. Hood is now serving at a parish named for a deacon saint. He’s the new associate pastor at St. Lawrence Parish in Utica, Michigan.


This story, to me, shows a very legalistic approach to God’s grace and the Sacraments.

While on the one hand I recognise the need for some rules around the question of who can celebrate a Sacrament and the use of traditional and laid down texts I also think that its very difficult to be totally black and white in the realms of grace and spirituality.

In the old 1917 code of canon law there was a canon 209 which said that on occasions the church SUPPLIES in cases where the recipient of a sacrament believes they have received the sacrament but for some reason for nothing to do with the recipient the sacrament was invalid.

I don’t know if canon 209 was retained in the 1983 code?

If a man unknowingly confessed a moral sin to someone pretending to be a priest and later died, would God send the man to hell because in canon law the sacrament was invalid?

I don’t think so.

Surely God would reward the penitent for his sorrow expressed in his experience of confession?

And this thing of saying “we” instead of “I” invalidates a baptism.

If two priests are jointly celebrating a baptism and they say “we baptise you…” how could that be invalid?

If they had said “we nless you” it might be fifteenth.

Cahal Daly removed my “faculties” in 1986 and I told him I would be taking my faculties from then onwards from a much higher source.

I don’t have even the slightest doubt that God recognises and blesses the sacraments I perform.

Canon law is often the refuge of scoundrels!



You couldn’t make this shit up, could you.
The other thing it shows is the church doesn’t really believe in God, because there is no mention of the supplying thing you talk about. I didn’t realise it was in the 1917 Codex, I imagined it was found in pre-Vatican 2 style theology. In fact historically the church has erred more on the side of validity. Even the first draft of Apostolicae Curae said that Anglican orders were valid!
The church shot itself in the foot with that one because of course loads of men sought unquestionably valid orders, usually from Old Catholic sources, and became an irritation for years.
The decision that baptisms using ‘we’ are invalid will come back to bite them repeatedly, because it is limiting God’s power…


where might one purchase cheap property in Dublin? I’m looking for a 4 bedroom detached, large garden front and rear (Landscaped), indoor poor (will settle for outdoor if it comes to all).



They aren’t yours to sell, archbishop; they belong to the people who actually paid for them. There are no priests among these, since they don’t work for a living but exist off the hardwirking backs of others.


That’s one of the kitchens each curate has in the self-contained apartments in the presbytery. The kitchen in the parochial house kitchen is massive.


I know somebody who was baptized twice and confirmed three times because of this very issue. One of his confirmations didn’t make use of holy oil and the one turned out to be invalid because he was baptised in a Unitarian Free Christian Church


What a load of tosh. It’s like checking if the chef on the titanic has his City and Guilds in cooking. Who gives a toss. The ships going down chaps.


Spot on, Moby!
God’s grace, and indeed His all encompassing love, is not restrained, restricted, or denied to anybody.
Grace is a gift which flows from God unto His own; and baptism is a public acknowledgement of one’s recieving God’s grace.
When we are in love, we are filled with love and happiness – it is Alive and Active’ within us. It can sometimes be hard to contain it.
However, even though being filled with all that love and happiness is brilliant; letting it be known is what makes other people smile and want to fall in love too.
… The love is still very real, only we should really share that love with others;
… I think that is basically what Sacramentology is about: making God and His love known in the world, in our lives and with the people we meet.
God is love. He is what counts: love.
And in relation to the Detroit priest who was not baptised, what the heck! If He is making God and His love be known in the world, then that is valid. Ask his parishioners what they think. They seem happy enough.
I don’t believe God does box-ticking excersises.
I hope not anyway, because that’s me bamboozled lol.
I cannot envisage St Peter standing at the pearly gates asking to see baptism certificates and ordination certificates before granting entry; however, I can see him checking his big book to see if you have done your best and tried to spread the love and kindness.
Just my thoughts, hope they help a little x


Who said it is invalid? What happened to the words of Jesus in the Gospel ” Where two or three of you are gathered I am there in your midst .” In the words of no less than the Son of God a compelling case could be put that such baptisms are indeed valid.
It could be argued that such a use of words expresses beautifully the prayer, and role of the Christian community in the ministry of the church, and in administering the sacraments. That it is the prayer of the whole Christian community gathered together as one.So the words ” We baptise you ” it could be argued are more close to the Gospel than simply an individual minster praying ” I Baptise you .” It calls in to question the whole nature of how ministry is exercised in the Christian community. Are we to maintain a hierarchical stricture focused on the ordained which in reality can not be continued with the vocational shortage of clergy in many parts of the world?


Talking of legalities… how is it these people have the cheek and audacity to scream ‘rules’ and ‘legal validatiin’ when, they turn a blind eye to abuse. Then have the brass to cover it up?
(Ps Andy Bell hanging onto the ladder in the video is me amongst the Liverpool debacle which is Lok nfilding). DRAMA – By Erasure – 1989
… “One rule for us
For you another!
Do unto yourself as you see fit for your brother…
Is that not within your realm of understanding??
A fifty second capacity of mind
Too demanding?
Well, then, poor unfortunate you
There are a myriad of things that you can do
Like pick up a pen and paper or go talk to a friend
The history of the future
No violence or revenge…
Your shame is never ending…
Just one psychological drama after another…
You are guilty and how you ever entered into this life
God only knows the infinite complexities of love…
We all have the ability
Our freedom is fragile.
We all laugh and we cry don’t we? We all bleed and we smile.
Your shame is never ending…
Just one psychological drama after another…
You are guilty and how you ever entered into this life.
God only knows you’re not to sacrifice the art of love…”
‘Drama’ – song/lyrics by Erasure – 1989


What a load of shiite. Typical of a Church that is a based on a mechanistic legalism and a contrived theology that defies credibility. Who says that even those priests who are supposed to be priests are really priests ? What does that mean, to be a priest ? We know that the Church and priests themselves have bigged up the priesthood over the centuries for their own purposes. Mostly to feather own own authority and nests It’s a nonsense. Anyhow, whatever happened to the ‘ecclesia supplet’ nonsense and get out clause that the Church and priests often used to cover their tracks ? Why couldn’t they do that here ? This is the kind of legalistic, mechanistic, learn by rote rubbish that the likes of Fr Maniple Littleton screeches on about, for example.


Littleton’s liturgical preferences raise an interesting point here. He follows the rubrics from the old rite when celebrating the new rite Holy Mass.
Could it be argued that this is a deviation from the rite in the same way that changing the formula of baptism is?


@ 8:17: Your first sentence is concise and to the point.
As several “aside points.”
I’d thought of baptism as making the recipient a Christian as opposed to a CATHOLIC, which +Pat’s heading refers to. I wonder about other baptised non Catholics: what form of words used: if “wrong” words used are they Christians at All? And those clerical Anglican converts who were fast tracked to become Catholic priests: did they have to be re-baptised etc etc?
What a mess the whole farrago would be if taken seriously!


Ya couldn’t make it up hi. Is there an ontological change when an egg becomes a chicken 🐓 Have a restful holiday weekend yall


Hi, hi. Have you seen that your “Church of England” moved quickly to correct Private Eye’s report that there are 27 different investigations ongoing into safeguarding concerns about senior clergy: there are actually 30, with at least seven concerning a “direct allegation of abuse”. Full details in the new Private Eye edition, out now.


The same thing happened to a priest in Kildare, he’s a convert and the Anglican that baptised him used some odd formula. “We welcome you into the community of God in the Name of the Most Holy Trinity. I think the church where the ceremony took place was the Holy Trinity.


The CDF which ruled on this matter must have had a bad day that day.

There’s something here which smacks of superstition – that if the right formula (spell) is ised God hops to a human command.

Logically, ‘I baptise’ is contained within the phrase ‘we baptise.’ The ‘we’ is composed of at least two people, one of which is the speaker.

A bad decision.

Vigneron is the first archbishop in almost 100 years (1937) not to have been s cardinal.

Good decision.


The lads were on the lash the night before and had a bad case of the heebie geebies when they came up with that one. What a Load of rubbish.


The story above about Detroit is almost unbelievable how could that have happened. When your faculties were removed it meant that any Sacrament you perform was illicit and invalid. The fact that you presume that God blesses any Sacrament you perform is just what anyone in your position would say. Presumption is always the refuge of a scoundrel!


I left in 2018, Bishop Pat.
— Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind but now I see…
Was Grace that taught my heart to fear
And Grace, my fears relieved…
How precious did that Grace appear
The hour I first believed
Through many dangers, toils and snares
We have already come
T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far
And Grace will lead us home.
My own recieving of truth and grace came just at the right time; it came through, and in, the form of a ‘black sheep.’ x



Bella dear, sacraments are merely signs; nothing more.

The sacred (grace) is something else entirely and is dispensed by God, not by a priest.


The Detroit priest should have kept his mouth shut.
He has given scandal by suggesting that God is out to trip us up.
Abraham had a better idea: “The Lord will provide.”



I’m sure Our Lord will judge Cardinal Daly as He will judge us all. He will also judge those who caused him great hurt and distress by their disgraceful disobedient behavior when their turn comes.


I never read as much self serving shite in all my life. Add to that my amusement at some of the meaningless dross of some of the commentators on here ,dancing on the head of a pin, and I’m off to enjoy my day laughing my arse off thinking that these people are so far up themselves it beggars belief. Whatsmore, they actually take themselves seriously!
Did nobody tell you lot that there is a thing called the golden rule which provides many in the world today with the feeling of wellbeing and inner peace without any canon law code or biblical text in sight
‘Do unto others as you wish done to you’
Perhaps, just perhaps, when you realise the irrelevance of canon law and ecclesiastical structures in the lives of a better educated and socially aware community we live in today, you may come to see that the difference between the perpendicular pronoun and the first person plural matters not a jot to those who starve, are unemployed or who suffer.
What does matter is that an increasing number of our fellow travellers in the world know that religion is dying. (particularly the abusive, controlling and exploitative RC variety) and that reaching out, being practical, helping and loving unconditionally is what counts.
God, if he or she or it exists, won’t want to know how proficient you interpretation of canon law was and whether an apostrophe here or there made a difference to the meaning of that canon or this. God will say bollox to you and your scholarship. Did you feed the hungry, did you comfort the lonely or did you help the poor struggler?
That’s what will matter.
Anyway, off I go to the off licence for the weekend supply of the old BB then back up and into the chair and read the next thrilling chapter of Steps on my Pilgrim Journey by Cahal B Daly. NOT!


Lord, allow Cahal to see all the people he hurt and grant him true repentance for all his sins


Bella, do you think the Lord will judge you for YOUR abusive behaviour. I mean calling someone a ‘dick’ is hardly respectful.
You’re a very bitter and nasty soul, Bella: it shows on this blog time and again. But to you all that matters are rules, and what you consider proper form. None of this matters a jot to God, and you had better realise it by wakening up to yourself before time for you runs out.
And it will run out.


Pat at 11:20 – in your view is Cackle Cahal Daly looking down on this blog or looking up? Why did you change your view on him being holy and now saying religious?



Can you read you cretin, I was replying to a poster who called himself Dick. I don’t think you have been respectful to me with your personal insults, you sound to me a very bitter and nasty person attacking someone with a different point of view. You are right in saying time will run out for us all that includes you, so waken up before its too late. You will be judged as the nasty person you are.



‘Cretin’? Really?

I said you were bitter and nasty, and you’ve just proved my point, yet again.

You proved something else, too: that you’re a liar, too. You know perfectly well the sense in which you used that word. You said ‘the dick at 10.42’, and ‘a Dick’.

You’re a bitter, nasty liar, Bella. Your ‘faith’ in God will not save you when your time comes, because your ‘faith’ is fake. Were it genuine, your behaviour on this blog would be better.

Havev a care: you have received a warning through me. You will get only so many.


Back in form DD, and well said.

Your reference to the irrelevance of canon law to the better educated reminds me of a Richard Dawkins lecture. In it, he produced figures of research into religious belief. In summary, research indicated that in general, the more intelligent, and better educated one is, the less likely is belief in religion, supernatural powers, or any form of ‘life’ after death. By saying “in general”, allowances were made for the reality that there were indeed intelligent and educated individuals who still held religious affiliation.
Just as in the ‘nature V nurture’, debate consideration of the nature and influence of the ‘education’ is relevant, as is assessment of the level of emotional indoctrination on intelligence.
What I have found very telling is that among the higher echelon of world renowned scientists in key fields of physical and biological sciences, an overwhelming majority have no belief in religion or its accompaniments.


6:20 pm
MMM, that is not accurate.
Many scientists, especially cosmologists, but also scientists who study areas such as NDE’s (near death experiences), believe in the Transcendent.
Dawkins is peddling dressed up 19th century notions for the 21st century market.


Bitter and Nasty, you’ve just proved what a nasty person you are, with your personal insults to me. If you give it out expect to get it back, I take no warnings from the likes of you whoever you are. May you die roarin’, hell wont be hot enough for you. Hope that was nasty enough for you.


With respect @ 9.42, I wouldn’t regard a cosmologist or student of NDE as a scientist in the physical or biological sciences.
Since reading your comment I googled to find lots of at times contradictory research findings, relating largely to who funded the research, and geographical distribution of subjects. Nevertheless I still think Dawkins assertions are correct.


You have “left” the “RC” Church eh Pat? No you haven’t.

Absolutely everything you do religiously, sacramentally, devotionally, piously, whatever you want to call it, is entirely dependent upon – and taken from – the RC Church.

The rites you perform and follow, the missal and lectionary you use – every jot and comma comes from, was devised and written by – the RC Church.

The way you dress and style yourself? Totally indistinguishable from the RCs. There are pictures of you on the internet in the full regalia of an RC prelate – one in particular where you are laughing your leg off with that old nun you “ordained”. INDISTINGUISHABLE you are from any RC bishop. You wouldn’t be out of place walking around the Vatican in the get up of you.

At least the “reformers”, when they left the Church, they devised their own rites and formulae, etc., to fit their rejection.

All you really are at the end of the day is a “rebel” RC priest with a massive chip on his shoulder (with some good reason – Daly was an aul shite).

You even made sure when you got yourself “ordained” a “bishop” that it would be “valid” if not licit – valid that is according to the theology and traditions of the RC Church.

So your claims to have “left the scoundrels” are quite frankly risible and complete codology – one of the reasons in fact that you are not taken too seriously. You’re simply a contrary, rebel Roman Catholic priest.

Daly needed a good kick up the hole all the same and at least you ruffled the feathers of the pompous little bollox if nothing else. So credit where it is due.


I respect your point of view.

I see myself more in The Old Catholic tradition.

I had every desire to throw away the dirty water but to keep the baby.


Every tradition has its “dirty water” Pat and its “scoundrels” too.

What I wouldn’t have given to have seen the face on that aul doll Daly when you told her a thing or two. I’d say it was priceless. I’d say thon aul eyebrows rose to the heights of skyscrapers! 😂


I agree.

The last conversation that Daly and I had lasted several hours. I can assure you that I left him understanding what I and many others thought of him.

Let’s just say his jugular veins were quite swollen and he spilled his tea 🙂


would you consider joining the Old Catholics? It could be a win win situation – you’d have a wider community to connect with.


+Pat, I watched your YouTube channel. Very interesting stuff! I see Pat Kenny asked if you would ever make Bishop, you never said no!

Do you still believe Cahal Cardinal Daly was a holy man?


1.07: A miserable, risible comment from you Pat. You are CATHOLIC -Truth and fact. As said, you are indistinguishable from any Catholic Priest. You are simply a rebel. You’d be at home in Sancta Marta!! You use all CATHOLIC liturgical texts. So – acknowledge you are a Catholic- Roman, through and through.


Catholic texts? Roman? I thought Bishop Patrick used texts produced by the Vatican II Cult which is absolutely not Catholic and utterly not Roman.


Do you have nothing better to do, Magna, at 12.22 p.m.? Now that you have been outed here your vitriol is rather tiresome and predictable. Why not go on the Camino? You might find yourself.


I saw your entry on the late Seamus Conway’s book of condolences, +Pat. Very kind offering a mass I know you mentioned this on the blog too.

I saw James Caffrey’s too – aka Fr. Jim – he is still in the monastery.

I believe this is in The Diocese of Gaylord – what a name for a diocese?


1.52: Thank you Pat for offering mass for Seamus Conway. He was a good man. A good pastor and very kind.


James Caffrey – another casualty of Coddle Martin’s cruelty and callousness. Poor Jim, thinking he was “friends” with Coddle, thought he was going to be one of the “inner circle” when Coddle arrived from Rome, on the great white steed, to purge Ireland of child abuse. He wasn’t. Nervous breakdown and self-imposed exile.


Caffrey was shafted by Coddle. Current Adm of Pro was involved too. Paul Tighe was a close friend but that friendship ended. Why were some of the good priests treated so harsh. Not very Christian.


Sounds as if the older bitches were worse than current day bitchez.

What was done to Jim Caffrey?


@5:09 – Bishop Pat:
Fr. Jim was the last director of Catholic Youth Care CYC which in 2012 was merged into another diocesan charity in Dublin. They said this was to save money by merging resources but surely Fr. Jim was not on a reported (2016) salary over 150k which from google seems to be roughly the salary for the director?
Fr. Jim is a lovely priest and was an excellent leader for CYC and all their achievements with the youth of the Diocese.


The Missal I use is the one issued by Paul VI after Vatican 11.

I do not use the missal promulgated by Benedict.


Is there any merit in the claims made on Church Militant that they are seeking to have His Excellency Dr. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin and Real Estate Mogul (par excellence) excommunicated from the Catholic Church?
Allegedly thousands of Irish Catholics have signed a petition calling for the excommunication of Dublin’s archbishop after the primate of Ireland participated in Muslim prayers on Eid Al-Adha Friday citing Pope Francis’ Abu Dhabi declaration.
At the event, IRISH Catholic YOUTH were assaulted by a pro-Moslim leftwing protester.
Why did the Real Estate Mogul not sell Holy Cross Chapel to the head imam in Ireland? He seems to be involved in real estate too – according to his twitter he is a “bridge builder”
The GAA might have given them a dig out to convert it into a mosque.
The thousands who signed the petition, are they all fee-paying members or just sit on the sideline screamers? How many of these have darkened the door of a church recently?


For heaven’s sake, most of the OT can’t be falsified because it is already FALSE…myths; that’s all.

The tale of Abraham and Issac isn’t historical narrative; it isn’t even rudimentarily Jewish, but is based on pagan folklore (Sumerian) adapted for Jewish taste.

I can’t believe that in the 21st century there are people who take this crap seriously and are prepared to argue over it.

Beam me up, Mr God. Oh, I forgot: you’re a myth, too. 😅


Ignorant Magna is at it again. Any sentence beginning with ‘Most of the Old Testament….’ is about as nuanced as a bull in a china-shop. Generalisations based on Wikipedia are about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike – to use a simile employed by Pat recently. Have you nothing more constructive to do with your time – that is with your life?


You are quite correct @ 6.31 in saying that the OT is merely myths.
As a basis for religious beliefs, of any sort, …..well frankly it’s laughable.
That there are those who cherry-pickingly quote it abundantly shows the delusional effects of indoctrination.


2.48: Fr. Iggy made a good contribution- certainly, more moderate than the woman who almost jumped through the radio shouting at everyone. She was ignorant, rude and arrogant spewing her rant against Bishop Willie Walsh and others who cautioned against allowing our anger to dominate our response to challenges. And you Rita….what have you to say? Not just about Fr. Iggy? Need I ask?


5:10, excuse me, are you talking to me? I don’t engage with crackpots such as yourself, who support faith wreckers. Have a nice weekend!


Even Gemma O’Doherty is aware of the asset mis-management arm of the Dublin Diocese- listen from 9 minutes of the video linked in the above article or below. At 9 minutes she states “he is selling our Catholic Churches in there…. OUR catholic treasures that our parents and grandparents BUILT.”


Gemma O’Doherty is away with the fairies. She can well afford to go to protests and take legal action in courts. She received a massive sum in compensation from Denis O’Brien. If you are seen at one of these very small protests, then your job is likely at risk.


It is highly unfair on the Archbishop. He has given his whole life to the Church and service of other, and what does he get in return? Abuse. Let us all remember this man is 75 years of age. We would all (I hope) be disgusted at this type of abuse being leveled against our parents or grandparents either online or offline. He is only human, at an age where most other people are living a quiet life of retirement – working in a highly demanding job at 75 is not easy and would not be done by the majority – this is him living and being true to his vocation and ordination promises. Lord, send down the holy spirit to walk with our Archbishop, stand with him in times of trouble and joy, Lord hear us. Amen.

Love is not resentful; it is not rude. Love is not arrogant, nor boastful, nor jealous, but love rejoices, rejoices in the truth. The truth will set us all free.

This is what God asks of us, to act with justice, to love with tenderness, to walk humbly with God, to give our lives in service to others.

The Archbishop is the epitome of giving, sharing his life in service of others.


“Islam is about the subjugation of women”. The same has been said millions of times of Judaism and Catholicism.


‘Restored to its former glory’ those nuns must have employed IKEA to design their chapel the place looks like a barn. Who wants to get married in a white box with spotlights and cheap banqueting chairs wrapped in cloth?



Odd, then, that Augustine had a few heresies all his own, including the twisted doctrine that the souls of unbaptised adults and children end up in Hell.

More Roman crap.


I note you don’t say how I supposedly showed myself ‘a complete theological ignoramus’.
And we both know why.


Free Speech is a right, but it doesn’t guarantee you freedom from consequences. If you are attending a far right protest that perpetuates the assumption that the virus is a hoax, created to make way for a new world order, then well….yano!


7:47, did anyone say it wasn’t? But if one turns up a far right protest on a Friday declaring that Ireland is being overtaken by ‘blacks’, and then expects to walk into their civil service job on a Monday, let them think again. I myself work in education management and I can assure you, if any of my staff attended a Gemma O’Doherty protest in support of her ideas, it would be taken to the BOM, and the outcome wouldn’t be favourable for the individual.


Bishop Pat, saw you racing to get on a bus at the Europa in Belfast yesterday evening. You looked quite the figure in your clerical attire and a fine hat. I didn’t realise it was you at all because some couple in the queue next to me said “there’s Father Buckley” and then I looked at you. You seemed to be getting on the Dungannon bus. I was tired and had a hard days work and was on the bus to Downpatrick.


Sorry Bishop Pat the Dungannon bus must have been next to the Larne one. It’s busy that time of evening. The couple next to me were suggesting you were off to Dungannon.


When Paul Tighe was in Dublin recently, he was preparing the Dublin Priests Diocesan Appointments 2020 Pretty soon to be named Archbishop Of Dublin .oh the morale will be so high and all the behind closed doors bitch sessions will begin. Who will be named the 2 new Auxiliary Bishops? Oh we wait with bated breath Canon.


What patent nonsense. Bishop Tighe was on his customary visit to his aged mother in a coastal south Dublin nursing home. He did indeed stay with his patron in Drumcondra but I doubt he would give a rolling fuck where the foot soldiers of Dublin are to be deployed.

Which a ‘nice’ man the said Tighe hasn’t a pastoral bone in his body. He is a cerebral creature at home in the world of abstract ideas and rubbing shoulders with the chattering classes. By nature he’s an introvert – he even blushes in a charming adolescent way on occasion.
Dublin needs a dedicated pastor whose whole attention will be on the diocese. DM spend more time jetting around the world giving talks than he spent on the ground in Dublin. We do not need his protege to replace him. Nuncio please copy!


No wonder the Roman Church and its priests have become a global laughing stock, with such absurdities as this from the Archdiocese of Detroit: ‘Theology is a science…? What a load of risible hogwash! 😅 A science? 😅😅 Since when has science been premised on myth, superstition, and human subjectivity?😕

And there is more of this arrant Roman nonsense from the Archdiocese. ‘According to…God…the Sacraments are necessary for salvation.’ Well, according to God (Jesus, at any rate) they aren’t, since he assured Dismas, the so-called ‘Good Thief’, that he would be in Paradise that very day, and all without the hocus pocus of the Roman sacraments.


He is known also as ‘the Penitent Thief’.
The Romanan ‘sacraments’ are NOT necessary for salvation, but grace is. And its admission to a human heart is repentance, not baptism nor any of the other so-called ‘Sacraments’.


People like you wouldn’t know your far right from your far left whether in education management or creche management. You sound a wee bit of a dictatorial fascist, yourself.
Taking an Anti-Corruption political stance is not far right, regardless of your simplistic soundbite labeling misrepresentations.


9:08, Yeah and the British National Party and Britain First are harmless, very welcoming and inclusive of all race and creeds. Get a grip ya dope! I suppose you, like O’Doherty, think the new world order are controlling the weather and that Covid is a hoax. You’re not well in the head !


Did I upset you ?
People can hold alternative views in a democratic society, yano… like.
So, don’t taking a tizzy fit. We are not all political clones!


dude/woman at 9:12 is clearly not a professional and unaware of the code of conduct that governs professional conduct, both inside and outside of the job. I suspect you have no job. You should use this time wisely to send out some CV’s. They are allowing for call centre people in swords at the moment. G’Luck 😂



I’m a professional, alright. So, you suspected wrongly. Indicative of poor judgement, on your part. Are you with antifa, by any chance,….sounds like you might be.
Less of the gobshiting. Yano, like. B’good.


Yeah. That’s all shrills like you can do, is gaslight, while misrepresenting. Thuggery comes to mind. People like John Waters, intellectually, would leave characters like you in the halfpenny place, regardless of your educational management position.
Education in Ireland is also gone to pot, yano…yourself.. like!


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