“Knock is a miracle that keeps giving. In just three years, this small shrine on the periphery of Europe has raised a whopping €13.4m in donations and pledges to finance a much-needed structural and spiritual revamp. Some €11.4m has been used to refurbish the 40-year-old basilica which had become dated and worn”.

(Sarah Mcdonald – Irish Independent)

Dick Gibbons is the RCC PP of Knock and the general manager of “Knock Casino”.

In the video above Dick gives us an insight into the way he thinks:

The two referenda – same sex marriage and abortion – represent Ireland turning down a bad, non Catholic road.

Knock is the primary Defender of The Faith of Our Fathers.

Irish RCC resurgence will come from Knock with Mary being the new Queen Maeve.

Knock will defeat the referenda heretics and schismatics.

Saint Dick himself, like Louis Marie De Montfort before him, is Mary’s 21 st century social and spiritual warrior.

The 13.5 million raised by Dick is part of raising up the new Blue Army of which he is the 4 starred General.

Its weapons of Mass reconstruction will be Novenas, missile like candles, extra powerful holy water from Mayo bogs, jet arrivals into Horan by bishops, cardinals and popes and all the Marian weaponry, primed and hidden in underground basilicas.

The Holy Water Hens will continue to fund the war with Mass Offerings, Novena Enrolments, the purchase of pictures of Frank and the appropriate clauses in wills.

The Ireland of Garrett Firzgerald, Enda Kenny (the local heretic) and Lovely Leo will be crushed under General Dick’s stirrups and Mary’s heel.

John Charles McQuaid and Eamon Devalera will rise from their tombs to reinstall the 1937 Constitution.

Noel Brown’s corpse will be uninterred and strapped to a Legion of Mary banner and displayed at the 15th Station.

And Ireland will return to the holy, pure, chaste, child loving, Magdalen loving place it was from 1923 until 1970.

The Christian Brothers will be flooded with new meat eating members from the Kerry and Mayo mountains.

Kilnacrott Abbey in Cavan will reopen as the National Shrine of Saint Maria Goretti for youth.

The Kremlin will announce that Annie and Peter Murphy were Russian propaganda inventions and Eamon Casey will be the patron Saint of Catholic orphanages country wide.

Mary will reveal that Michael Cleary’s kids with his housekeeper were immaculate conceptions.

Dick will be made Bishop of Galway and later succeed Kevin Doran as archbishop of Dublin.

Dick will sell archbishop’s house to the GAA for 300 million and pay off DM’s air flight bills with interest.

Sean Brady’s Dundalk interviewees will be made Papal Counts and publicly forgive Brady on Paddy Reilly’s Bridge in Ballyjamesduff.

Amy Martin will elope with the Armagh child safety officer Gay Gordon and have a same sex marriage in the former Loreto Chapel in Dublin presided over by humanist solemniser Ryan Tubridy with Mary McAleese and John Waters as witnesses.

And they will all live happy ever after…NOT!


Cardinal Gibbons once told a very shocked cleric that he didn’t believe the pope was infallible.

“Why”? the shocked cleric asked.

“Because every time he meets me he says Hello Cardinal Gibbins” said Gibbons.