Paul Prior

Paul Prior, ex Rome, ex Maynooth ex SJs, having spent a week as the curate of Glenfarne is now appointed PP of Mullagh on the Cavan / Meath border.

Many regard him as a parish dodger – so finally he has embraced parish life.

He leaves a trail of destruction behind him in Rome and Maynooth as the Grand Inquisitor of erections, wet dreams, underwear and all things associated with those matters.

Hopefully he will restrain himself in these areas as I imagine the 21st century young males of that parish might react rather aggressively to his enquiries.

As Christians we must wish him well.

But as Christians we must ask if he has any plans to express sorrow to all those whose sexual privacy he invaded?

Some of these young men are still carrying deep scars from their encounters with him.

One hopes that Paul has also engaged in proper therapy to address his fixation on these matters – to give himself peace and to stop him having inappropriate discussions with others.

Some on this blog has claimed that Paul was a victim of the unwanted attentions of Father Ronan Drury a native of Mullagh?

Paul has never denied or confirmed this.

I wonder if Drury is interned in Mullagh churchyard?

Somehow, I don’t think that this is the last we will hear of The Very Reverend Paul Prior PP.