A case now before the criminal courts of Germany involving a former high-ranking Vatican Monsignor reveals the alleged mishandling of credible allegations of sexual abuse within the Vatican’s own walls. 

Sat Sep 5, 2020 – 10:30 am EST

September 5, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) –

In 2002, the Catholic Church was rocked by the widespread public revelation of sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic clergy. While sexual abuse in all professions was nothing new, among clergy it brought a particular repugnance. But more than that, the new revelations highlighted the role of the bishops themselves in the crisis, as it made clear that they had allowed known sexually abusive priests to go without punishment and be transferred to other parishes or dioceses where they would sometimes even abuse again.

Sixth months after the revelations first surfaced in the Boston Globe, the US Bishops issued their “Dallas Charter.” While stipulating a zero-tolerance policy for sexually abusive priests, it came under criticism for failing to address the bishops’ own role in the scandal. The charter, which excluded responsibilities of bishops, was led by the then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and Archbishop Wilton Gregory, then-President of the USCCB.

Pope John Paul II met with the U.S. Cardinals to address the issue in the wake of the scandal breaking in 2002 and then in 2004 with US Bishops. Pope Benedict XVI too had many meetings addressing the abuse scandal.

Nevertheless, the Vatican itself came under scrutiny for its handling of abuse early on as well. The reputation of Pope St. John Paul II’s pontificate was marred significantly as the revelations of sexual abuse by Legion of Christ founder Fr. Marcial Maciel came to light. A source close to Pope John Paul II told LifeSite that John Paul II could not bring himself to believe the accusations since Maciel masqueraded as a conservative, and in John Paul’s native Poland the Communists often accused faithful priests of sexual abuse so as to damage their reputations.

A group of eight former Legionary seminarians first went to the Vatican to lodge abuse complaints in 1998, but it took until 2006 for Maciel to be removed from all public ministry, and only after the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

Just prior to that, in late 2005 Benedict took decisive action to reaffirm a ban on homosexual men from seminary responding to the finding that the vast majority of abuse perpetrated by priests was homosexual in nature.

Nevertheless, it seems there was another homosexual abuse scandal playing out quietly inside the Vatican at the same time as Maciel. While Pope Benedict himself along with the rest of the Church was expressing public grief, meeting with abuse victims and promising reforms, those in high Vatican positions were using the same old playbook in mishandling credible allegations of sexual abuse within the Vatican’s own walls.

There is a case now before the criminal courts of Germany in which two priests allege gruesome sexual abuse at the hands of a then-senior official in the Vatican’s Secretariat of State, Monsignor Christoph Kühn.

Monsignor Florian Kolfhaus and a second man – a former priest – both allege that Kühn violently compelled them into sexual masochistic acts.

Kolfhaus first lodged a complaint against Kühn at the Vatican in 2006. He testifies that his abuse took place inside the offices of the Secretariat of State, as well as inside the Casa Santa Marta, a residence for Vatican prelates.

But it appears no formal investigation was launched until 2019, in spite of the fact that the Report of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Delegate for the Pontifical Representations, was presented to the Superiors of the Secretariat of State on July 3, 2006.

The other priest has since become laicized and is now a practicing homosexual and LGBT activist. He has given his testimony for the Kolfhaus complaint that is currently underway in Germany. In the court files is also to be found a WhatsApp message (seen by LifeSite) from Kühn to him (from April 2017), in which the Monsignor offers some future financial support should the laicized priest help him to clear his name with regard to the allegations against him.
On Monday, September 7, Kolfhaus will have his first hearing at the Diocese of Eichstatt, Kühn’s home diocese.

Kühn was the head of the German Section of the Secretariat of State in the Vatican from 2001 till 2008. This position put him in charge of vetting priests and bishops from Germany for elevations, and as such he was privy to all the personnel records of these prelates. Being in such a high position and involved in the German church, Kühn was often in close contact with Pope Benedict XVI both after his 2005 election and prior to that in his role as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith.

As head of the German Section until 2008, Kühn organized Benedict’s trips to Germany, traveled with him on the papal plane, and was often photographed side by side with him at official receptions such as that with German President Horst Kohler in 2005 during his visit to Cologne, Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, as well as the future Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Kolfhaus says he suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Kühn from the end of 2003 until 2004 and has been reporting the abuse to different superiors in the Vatican and elsewhere since 2006. Through his lawyer, Dr. Alexander Stevens, Kolfhaus told LifeSite that he did not begin the legal process or go to the press with the abuse he suffered. Only after details of the abuse were reported by the German newspaper Die Bild in 2019, and police questioned Kolfhaus, did he act.

“When journalists or civil authorities come to me I have to answer truthfully, to lie here would be nothing other than covering up for the perpetrator,” Kolfhaus told LifeSite.

Viganò intervention

On January 22, 2020, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò provided testimony for the Church investigation into the case because from May 1998 till July 2009 he was the Delegate for the Pontifical Representations at the Secretariat of State, a position which was responsible for the personnel of the Roman Curia subordinate to the Substitute of the Secretary of State.

In Viganò’s testimony — which LifeSite confirmed with the Archbishop that he did indeed issue it — he states that he is “aware of precise information regarding the harassment and all kinds of abuses committed by Msgr. Christoph Kühn against Msgr. Florian Kolfhaus.”

Archbishop Viganò also notes that Kolfhaus informed various individuals of the abuse including a superior at the Secretariat of State and also a Bishop in charge of preparation of candidates for diplomatic service for the Vatican.

Archbishop Viganò also reports that now-Cardinal Pietro Parolin was informed as well. Parolin at the time was Undersecretary of the Section for the Relations with States of the Secretariat of State.

LifeSite reached out to Cardinal Parolin for comment via the Secretariat of State and, on August 24, received the following response from the Vatican Press Office: “As you are aware, the accusations pertaining to Mons. Kühn are being examined by canonical and civil authorities. Under these circumstances we are confident that you understand that at this time a comment is not appropriate.” The reply issued by the Vatican press office added, “In the meanwhile, we trust that you will make every effort to report the facts, and avoid speculation, on the case.”

According to Viganò’s knowledge, no official investigation was undertaken by July 2009 (when he ceased his duty as Delegate for the Pontifical Representations) to examine Kolfhaus’ reports of the abuse he suffered. Evidence which would have called for official investigation included: the report sent to the Secretariat of State by Archbishop Justo Mullor, President of the Pontifical Academy; a report of the Psychologist who returned a negative judgment on Kühn, dated June 14, 2006; and Viganò’s Note for the Substitute on July 3, 2006. Archbishop Viganò relates:

His Excellency Msgr. Mullor considered it his duty to inform his superiors at the Secretariat of State in writing about the confidences he had been told by Fr. Kolfhaus. Given the seriousness of the case, the President of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy considered it opportune to submit the documents containing the confidences of Fr. Kolfhaus to the judgment of Fr. Bartholomew Kiely, S.J., Professor of Psychology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, reticito nomine [removing names]. On the basis of this document, Fr. Kiely formulated a negative prognosis about the personality of Msgr. Kühn. (These documents too may be found in the Archives of the Secretariat of State).

Viganò’s testimony also calls into question the 2001 decision to have Kühn at the Vatican in the first place. He recounts that sexually scandalous behavior by Kühn was known to the Vatican as early as 1997 when Kühn was a priest in the Nunciature in Zimbabwe. Viganò relates:

Msgr. Christoph Kühn began his service on July 1, 1997, in the Apostolic Nunciature in Zimbabwe. During this, his first assignment, the Nuncio, His Excellency Msgr. Peter Prabhu, had to report some of the behavior of his collaborator [Kühn] that could have indicated his possible homosexual tendency.

The Nuncio reported in February 1998 that on returning from a pastoral visit of several days, he was told that Fr. Kühn was very sick and that he [Kühn] wanted to see him [Prabhu] immediately. The Nuncio went to his room and knocked on the door. Kühn told him [Prabhu] to come in and revealed himself lying in his bed wearing only very skimpy panties. The Nuncio told him to get dressed and went away. Afterward, Kühn went from his bedroom to his office dressed in the same way, despite the admonition he had received, and then went down to the common area of the Nunciature in that same undressed state.

On another occasion during an encounter that lasted two hours in an Italian club, with the lights out as slides were projected, Fr. Kühn took a young blond boy about 9 or 10 years old and made him sit on top of him with his arms around the young boy.

In 2008, Kühn was moved by the Substitute then-Archbishop Fernando Filoni to Vienna to work in the nunciature (Vatican embassy).

Two sources close to Pope Benedict spoke anonymously to LifeSite about this matter, suggesting that Kühn was moved to Vienna because his scandalous sexual behavior (some believed to be consensual) became too well known. One said that the Pope moved Kühn knowing of the problems and even asked Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Archbishop of Cologne, to take Kühn into his diocese but Meisner refused. Another source stated:  “When it became known that he [Kühn] had harassed various young men (among them also Kolfhaus), he was removed by Benedict XVI from the Vatican and sent to Vienna.” This source insisted, defending the Pope, that Benedict did personally intervene and that he punished Kühn two times by sending him into less important positions, first to Vienna (2008) and then to Eichstätt (2012), this time removing him from the diplomatic service.
Pope Benedict was the Roman Pontiff of the Catholic Church from 2005 until 2013.

Another source from Benedict’s circle however suggests that Benedict did not know of the matter and it was handled either by the then Secretary of State himself (now-Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone) or the then-Substitute (now-Cardinal Fernando Filoni).

LifeSite reached out to Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, via his personal secretary Archbishop Georg Gänswein, asking for comment, but did not receive a reply.

In the court files, currently with the State Attorney, a man who was employed in a high-ranking position by the diocese of Eichstätt sums up what he was told by higher-ups in the diocese concerning Kühn. He was warned to be “cautious” around Kühn “because of his somewhat difficult past.” When he asked for further information, both the finance director of the diocese and the Vicar General informed him that Kühn was known to have had some “unresolved encounters” during his station in Africa that were related to the “homosexuality of the prelate Kühn.” During his time in Vienna, they added, “it went so wild he was forbidden entrance into a hotel.”

According to this source, the Vicar General told him that the official reason for Kühn’s dismissal from Vienna was the “story with the hotel” as well as “additional non-consensual sexual contacts during his diplomatic stations.”

In the midst of this scandal in April 2011, Pope Benedict awarded Kühn a special designation as “Prelate of Honour of His Holiness,” a papal designation that often comes after a number of years of service in the diplomatic corps of the Vatican.

At the end of August 2012, Kühn was removed from the diplomatic service of the Vatican and was moved to his home diocese of Eichstätt in Germany where he was personally appointed Canon of the Cathedral by Bishop Gregor Hanke.  That position, however, gained Kühn a much larger salary and notable position.

In April of 2019, accusations against Kühn were brought to the public by the German newspaper Die Bild. Only after this did Bishop Hanke of the Diocese of Eichstätt, who according to the Viganò testimony, had been informed of Kühn’s assaults previously, suspend Kühn from his duties. Kühn was also told only to celebrate private Masses; however,  LifeSite found that in June of 2020, he celebrated a public Mass in the Diocese of Regensburg. Responding to a media request by LifeSite about this, the Diocese of Eichstätt merely pointed out that Kühn celebrated the Mass in a different diocese. The Diocese of Regensburg declined to comment.

LifeSite reached out to Monsignor Kühn with questions. In response, Kühn’s lawyer threatened a lawsuit should LifeSite report on the case. The response denied all charges and not only forbade reporting on the case but also further research into it.

Kühn publicly addressed the accusations for the first time in July 2020 after Italian Vaticanist Marco Tosatti published a translation of portions of a July 16, 2020, Die Bild article on the case on his blog. Kühn vehemently denied all charges. Moreover, Kühn claims that Kolfhaus’ lawyer Alexander Stevens is “a well known LGBTQ activist and supporter of the relative lifestyle and debauchery.”

Stevens told LifeSite Kühn’s accusation against him is false. “The prelate obviously doesn’t hesitate to even discredit the victim’s lawyer,” he wrote via email. “Here, in my opinion, Kuehn’s strategy is once again exposed: to neutralize the enemy by deliberate untruths.”

Canon law (1395) insists that “a cleric who persists with scandal in another external sin against the sixth commandment of the Decalogue is to be punished by a suspension. If he persists in the delict after a warning, other penalties can gradually be added, including dismissal from the clerical state.” Canon law experts have told LifeSite that much of the problem leading to the Church sex abuse scandals has been the ignorance of and refusal to apply canon law.

Dr. Maike Hickson contributed to this report


This is a very interesting story and reveals even more of what goes on in the Vatican, dioceses, nunciatures, monasteries etc.

But it’s rather startling that a senior monsignor in a diplomatic mission be in bed and be walking around in skimpy panties.

Was the man drunk or on drugs at the time?

Or was he just proud of his kink?

Or is that type of behaviour so common no one turns a blind eye?

Vatican and RCC clerical homosexuality seems to of the kinky kind – and not the lovey dovey, kissey kind.

Its just as well Robert Mugabe didn’t come across Kuhn in his knickers or he might have ended up knickerless and knacker-less😃


”There are no homosexuals in Africa” – said a nun once studying in Maynooth. Anyone remember this? It was quite a talking point.


all the HOLY PRIESTS are the men typeJESUS was a men type and the ones he brings into the PRIESTHOOD are all the men types the NUN was speaking of the truth


Mugabe would have turned a blind eye. He was banned from flying into any European country yet he visited Rome twice with permission of the Vatican. Despots are made more welcome at the Vatican. Germans are well known for their extremes in gay sex and kink so no surprises there.


@10.12pm Go to Berlin, Cologne or most German cities and see for yourself. Sounds as if you could do with a good session, you might learn something too.


Your little, Catholic conservative world is slowly, but relentlessly, falling apart, isn’t it, Bella? All that makes you feel secure, superior, and untouchable…all just crumbling away. And you can do nothing to stop it.
No wonder you’re tetchy these days. 😅


1. It was an EU ban. The Vatican is not a member of the EU.
2. The Vatican has a railway station, but no airport. The Jesuit-educated dictator attended Bergoglio’s installation by flying into a Rome airport. He stayed in a hotel in the Via Veneto. It was a matter for the Italian authorities to respond to that. The Vatican does not control who or who does not enter Italy.
3. At the time, a Vatican spokesperson explained that: “The Holy See informs everyone that this event is taking place. There are no invitations. There are no privileges and no one is refused. While one country may have problems with someone else, we invite no one. This must be made clear.”



Oh Polly ya poor tormented soul you’re never done giving out about me, my traditional Catholic Faith is as strong as ever and always will be. Despite all these disgusting reports which we hear. These disgraceful people are not Catholics, if they were they would not be behaving like that and Almighty God will deal with them in his own good time as He will with you. Despite what odious cretins like you hope The Holy Church will emerge Triumphant in the end. After you lot have been dispatched to where you belong.
Evivva Maria!



Your third point is pure Vaticanese.

The Vatican invites no one …by informing everyone that there is going to be a party. Sure. It’s as convincing as the euphemism that the Church does not charge for sacramental grace, but instead receives ‘a donation’ for the Mass, for baptism, etc.

On yer bike!😅


Shocking! A Monsignor in skimpy panties! Whatever next? The gossips at the horrible Life Site News are hyperventilating.
By the way there is no such magazine as “Die Bild” (which grammatically should be “Das Bild”). The title of the tabloid is simply “Bild.”


Ah please, who cares about African bishops. what about the terra thingy that was sent to Rome last February where they laughed at (rejected) Mullen, O’Carrol, and the weird one McDermott, something to do with” Intellectual Questions” which in Vaticaneese means they are not people you want your sons or daughters anywhere near. Alright people were not too happy with the mention of Fr Gregory O’Brien that means they don’t want a clone of DM the Panto Queen. So that lives us with one intellectual, pastoral, insightful, as the new Archbishop of Dublin who will be equal to if not even better that the friend of the media who forgot that Clonliffe Collwge was worth 300 million. All hail the new archbishop, Martin Harte, far wiser and far pastoral than the lead singer/dancer in Coddle the Panto


“Monsignor Florian Kolfhaus and a second man – a former priest – both allege that Kühn violently compelled them into sexual masochistic acts.”
So these two grown men come repeatedly to another man in order to undergo masochistic experiences? Something is askew with this picture.


Even you, Bella, with your outright denial of the alleged kiddie-fiddlin’ behaviour of His Disgrace, John Charles McQuaid


The religion of church members should not be a diplomatic affair. When attempting upgrading from pro-nuncio in the 1980s, the UK government ought to have insisted (as non-negotiable) Northern Ireland be included and the province have its bishops / dioceses cut off at the border.


Yes, the whole point of nunciatures is that they are supposed to be diplomatic representation to the government of the host country, not to the Catholic Church in that country. That is why the host countries grant them rights and privileges of diplomats.

The nuncio in London is to the UK, including NI, while the nuncio to Dublin has diplomatic relations with the Irish government, which, like its recent predecessors, renounced any territorial claim to Northern Ireland.

Despite that, the Holy See has put a border down the Irish see, and the Nunciature in Dublin covers the whole island, which is not right, for the reasons I’ve mentioned.


Very good point. It means, for one thing, that the Vatican does not recognise a document that is binding under International Law, the ‘Belfast Agreement’.


The church would not have agreed and we would neatly have retained the existing situation in which relations were good anyway. The change was bad, even though both sides claimed it was good. It’s supposed to be our religion, not the big wigs’.



Is that you just out of yer scratcher you sound very tetchy that’s what happens when you’ve too much drink taken. I’ve advised you to come off the gargle but you won’t listen, as regards your insulting remark about His Grace Archbishop McQuaid look up the word ‘Alleged’ you don’t seem to know the meaning. I know you just said it hoping to upset me but what do you expect from pigs, but grunts.


Off topic, Pat, but a few blogs ago you asked me what was wrong with a bit of lust in a stable relationship. I gave you a smart-arse answer, but I was wrong.
What the hell IS wrong with a bit of lust? If nothing else, it lets the other know that he or she is sexually desirable. And what’s wrong with that?


Monsignor Kolfhaus preaches eloquently on the mysterious bond between Our Lady of Fatima and the visible head of the Church, as attested by no fewer than nine Popes. He interestingly notes that 17 is an unlucky number in Italy just as 13 is elsewhere, and that Mary chose to appear on a Friday 13th in 1917 to give the unlucky numbers a lucky twist! John Paul II give the bullet of his would-be assassin to Our Lady of Fatima and it fitted perfectly into an aperture in her crown. Also JP II was shot on a 13th at 17 H, and Pope Francis was consecrated bishop on a 13th at 17H. The year 1517 also has the unlucky number 17, and marks the split of the Church, which weighs heavily on Germany. Kolfhaus’s dad was a Lutheran. Then Freemasonry was founded in 1717 and the Russian Revolution happened in 1917 (bringing in the tyranny of relativism and the materialism denounced by Benedict XVI). Mary chooses for her counter-revolution not soldiers or intellectuals but children, to whom she says, “Pray the Rosary every day.”


Thank you for the jpeg of the skimpy panties – it brought the story to life.
Seriously Pat – is there any necessity to post such silly pictures. I’d hate to see what your browser brought up when you searched for that image. or perhaps you have a stock to hand 😉


I thought the panties added to the titillation of this particular story.
They really are skimpy. Imagine if the Monsegniour had to sneeze? Or even worse, kneel down to tie his shoe lace?
He could cause himself a real injury 😂


Greetings @ 10:30 am.

“Mistakes of the past can be rectified”.
Don’t get your knickers in a twist.
Butt that can also be “rectified”.

In fraternal kindness.


8.05: The problem with you, Navan Road, is that you have been “erectified” too much and it has damaged your brain! Grow up.


Greetings @12:46pm

Did Rev. Fr. not have the chat with you in Seminary concerning erectifications?
Never fear, my child. “Mistakes of the past can be rectified”. You’ll grow up, one day.
Fraternal consolations.


Discord in the Music Department of Westminster Cathedral.


Damian has tweeted in response that it is clear we need a new Archbishop of Westminster ( but not the super-ambitious Arnold or Roche or the ineffectual Longley) and a new school headteacher.


Damian T is right. + Elsie needs to go. He is past it. Also, he’s reached that dangerous stage where he thinks he’s indispensable and always right. The Fuhrer mentality. Pack him off to Chiswick with he nun and retirement. Gauleiter Arnold of Salford is creepy, and he would have the knife out pretty quickly and wield it without any hesitation. Arnold likes to sort people out. Roche should just stay in Rome, after having been instrumental in inflicting that abomination of a new missal / translation on us. Oh, and running Leeds in to debt then bailing out to leave others to sort it out. + Longley isn’t so much ineffectual, he just takes his time, and has a different approach and style. He gets other people to do the dirty work for him. He chooses his battles carefully. Nobody has mentioned + Stock of Leeds, who while still young, is a gifted man. Not much fun, very serious, but very capable. + Vinny has a lot to answer for in the Cathedral Choir and School cockup. He’s not had his eye on the ball there and has let the thing get out of hand, and his legacy will be the deconstruction of what has been a fine cultural, liturgical and music phenomenon. That, along with presiding over the clerical sexual abuse scandal and his embarrassing performance at IICSA, as well as allowing the ex-Anglican Queens to flourish (much to his cost because the Queens worked out that +Elsie was as much a bitch as they are and have turned their tongues on him for a lashing), will be his legacy. I don’t think there will be many that will remember +Vinny with affection in Westminster, or in his previous incarnation in Birmingham. For all his vaunting ambition, he is ultimately unloved. Except by the nun. Sad, really.


10:55 am & 11:26 am
If you turn left at the top of Centro Habana, Havana City,Cuba, you’ll find Navana Rd.
Ask anyone.


Marcus may be a good outside bet, but folk find him boring with no personality. Perhaps that is to his advantage. Any other candidates from among the bishops of England and Wales? No one has mentioned Egan. Most of the others are too old or too young.


He just runs crying to his Bishop and he reassures him all will be well. His Facebook pictures/selfies are a disgrace for someone in seminary.


The psycho/stalker/bully who has a monomania is a failed applicant to Paisley diocese, who said “don’t call us, we’ll call you. The psycho/stalker/bully blames a Paisley sem called Evan Macnamara for that, and the psycho/stalker/bully has gone as far as creating an imposter Facebook, supposed to be Evan. Such repeated bullying on this blog shows how right Paisley diocese was.


Ahh, that poor music lady, she’s been there nearly 9 years as well.
Lordy, I am in absolute agony, I only need roll over in bed and my chest hurts,
but the cuts on my hand are starting to scab over now.
My GP has prescribed painkillers.
The cats have just been fed and now out galavanting. Pip is a bit of a handful, has a mind of her own lol; but I wouldn’t change her for the world 😺 🥰


Speaking of painkillers, be careful not to get yourself addicted to them; only take them as prescribed. And by a registered doctor, in good standing…

I knew of somebody who went doolally on painkillers. He had an explosive temper; violent outbursts like you would never.
Some people are never happy unless they are on a drug.
Authority and power- in the wrong hands- has been likened to a drug.


20 Luglio 2020 Pubblicato da Marco Tosatti

Marco Tosatti
“Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, a procedure is underway in Germany centered on Msgr. Christoph Kühn, who oversaw the German desk in the Secretariat of State from 2001 to 2008. In the past few days, the German daily Bild published an article, which we offer you excerpts of here in translation with some brief explicative notes in italics. It is the latest example of how the highest levels of the Church – in spite of declarations, vademecums, exhortations, and various documents – tolerate and close their eyes and ears when sexual abuse and harassment – specifically homosexual – takes place towards priests and seminarians.”
“The affair is centered on a German prelate who served in the Vatican during the pontificate of Pope Benedict. It is said that the man made unwanted sexual advances against at least two priests, which he denies.
To clarify the case, the bishop of Eichstätt, Gregor Hanke, even sent a religious (a former prosecutor) to Rome last week as an investigator!”



Dear Pat,
I am hearing that xxx xxxxx from xxxxxxxc Diocese has now cancelled his membership at the xxxxxx sauna rooms that he was well known for visiting. I am assuming this is him preparing to head off to xxxx


Or maybe now he has taken up jogging or brisk walking to enhance his physical well-being, instead?
A good hot sauna is known to be good for you. The Russians and the Swedish are big on saunas.


All the effem, gay darlings, living out their fantasies through the sex lives of others on this blog should see a psychotherapist – you little boys should grow UP!


2.16: Lolita, you can be my psychotherapist. Want to give me your number? With a name like Lolita, the imagination is running wild. 👜👜👜🤠🤠🤠🤠😹😹😹😹😹😆😆..


Mavis Davis from Shrewsbury will get Westminister. And the only one I see getting Dublin is Another Dermo. Dermot Farrel of Ossory.


Dark Mavis can’t even run her own diocese, the Cure D Ars routine doesn’t fool anyone she’s surrounded by gay clergy the same as everywhere in England.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we want a propper clone. We want Gregory, a propper poisoned dwarf, not a make believe one. Give us Gregory. Amen


Pat, I’m surprised that you’ve never covered the lurid case of Mgr Ricca. If you tried to make it into a movie, Holywood would say it was too far-fetched, but is too, too true.


Oh my word, have you seen the news about Covid restrictions and lockdown rules being stepped back-up?
There are new lockdown changes coming next week as coronavirus cases sharply rise.
Positive cases of the virus are rising across the country forcing the government to take drastic action.
Just when we thought the issues would become easier and less complicated as we were supposed to be coming out of lockdown.


Please watch this short video on modern slavery and Servitude, by Greater Manchester Police.
Modern slavery and servitude is an umbrella term, defined as, but- not limited to- keeping a person in servitude by means of denying them access to basic human rights or services, like protection from organisations acting other than in accordance with the law.
Denying a child or vulnerable adult access to legal advice or services; sometimes this can be done to keep a person locked into a negative situation for one’s own, others’, or an organisation’s own personal gain.
Please keep a look out for some of the signs mentioned in this video.


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