In recent weeks the blog has been receiving numerous messages about an Irish gay monk who is very sexually active and becoming well known on the gay scene.

The monk is frequenting gay saunas.


His lifestyle is totally at odds with the solemn vows he has professed.

He is taking very seriously risks and is oblivious to the fact that more and more people are hearing about him.

Its only a matter of time before someone gives his name to some journalist and a massive scandal will ensue.

This scandal will rock his religious order which has a particular reputation for prayer and spiritually.

The blog has been given his name and the name of his order.

Diocesan clergy know about him too.

These are some of the messages we’ve been receiving:

Monkus Erectus

Pat, you’ve gone quiet about Silverstream and Aunty Kirby. What a cheek that monk of xxxxxxx needs investigating. Is xxxxx xxxxxx a celibate? You should check him out. Cute hoor fraud. Cant keep his snake in his habit, any male will do. Has been known to ride fellow monks  but God knows where he got someone close to his own age. He has more luck in the saunas where you might be lucky or unlucky to  Pity poor humble honest having xxxxx to listen to yer man’s sanctimonious shite.

Friar ! uck

Pat, easy enough to work out who xxxxx xxxxx was “with” in Xxxxxxx He likes his own age or slightly older and not many of those in xxxxxxx  in the 1990s. The guy isn’t there anymore. Xxxxxx is brazen too, the Boiler House is risky for a monk. The walls of xxxxx could tell a few tales  I wonder what Bishop Xxxxxxx makes of the lover boy?


Nobody is imprisoned in the priesthood or religious life.

As a monk you take a SOLEMN VOW OF CHASTITY.

Diocesan priests take a simple promise (not vow) to remain celibate – unmarried – with obvious implications for sex and chastity.

But the monk is called to strive to become as pure as the driven snow.

Contradictory and all as it is for a diocesan priest to be on the fay scene and in saunas it is mindblowingly contradictory for a monk to be like that.

This monk needs to make a good Confession, change his lifestyle completely or immediately resign his position and return to Civvy Street !

The bishop in the diocese in which he is located needs to challenge him.

This issue will not go away!