I thought that I was unshockable when it came to the sex lives of Irish priests and religious.

But this week I have received so much new information about the homosexual goings on in presbyteries, religious houses and monasteries that I am actually in a state of shock.

I had always hoped and thought that there was a remnant of goodness in these places and that there were still a number of “good” and healthy apples in the barrel.

But now I realise that the barrell itself is truly rotten and full of rotten apples to the point where any good apple must be barely surviving.

Places like monasteries, where people like me were drawn to for spirituality and guidance, are very often nowadays little better than homosexual whore houses.

People that I once regarded as spiritual light houses are now frequenting gay saunas and humping fellow monks and retreatants.

And I am discovering that there is an Irish homo web involving bishops priests, monks, politicians, the police and the various professions.

This web protects people like Paul Prior.

And it goes from the top to the bottom of the Irish church in terms of involvement, knowledge, facilitating and covering up.

These people are engaging in sex in saunas and in various places with each other.

And they are now threatening me as you saw on the blog last night.

Why is someone threatening me over Dom Dick Purcell the Abbot of Mount Mellary?

I have involved the N. Ireland police and they have begun an investigation.

If anything happens to me I want people to know that this church web was behind it.

Here is a message I received from a priest

“I had to go quiet. Was warned the big guns gunning for you over xxxxx xxxxxx I didn’t think I’d be identified as source of info to you, but was naive. The bastards seem to have to their spies in Killaloe. I warned you about xxxxxx xxxxxxx and the musical crowd. The Knights of Columbanus are very powerful. Friends in the police who won’t obey the law. They’ll monitor the blog and breach gdpr snooping on people posting and their ip addresses to locate them. Be careful. They don’t want xxxxxx xxxxxx going down. Go easy on the Killaloe priest who was in Roscrea. He’s fragile enough and now in lay life in Dublin. He had the honesty to acknowledge his double life, not our xxxxx xxxxxx though. There was a shagfest near Melleray a few months ago organised by Xxxxxx xxxxxx and some young Dominicans. I see someone else on your blog is on to them. You need to check the Irish OP, guy teaching , He’s the boyfriend of the Rector there, but that doesn’t stop him screwing any cute guy within 1000 miles. Total slut. I hear too that Xxxxxx xxxxxxx has been known to “service” two of the Glenstal guys and the odd C of I, very ecumenical our xxxxxx xxxxxx with his member”</p>

What is going on ?????

And who are THE BIG GUNS ?