“Pat, Dublin is a hotbed for the Homo Mafia.

Their influence is centered around the Office in Drumcondra, presided over by Fr xxx xxxxxxxxxx who was removed from xxxxx under a cloud.  He is assisted by Coddle’s assistant xxxxxx who makes Dame Edna look macho,.

He has successfully manipulated birds-of-a-feather into several key appointments and they seem to be untouchable (Not in the physical sense of course.)

There have been instances of strange goings on'( to borrow Coddle’s phrase re Maynooth).

Drinkypoos and soirees in the past have been raucous and rather tactile affairs leading to “overnighting”; where beds were shared in some instances by three of the holy anointed.

Bottoms were sore in the morning in some cases.

Coddle is not unaware of these goings-on’s but chooses to ignore it, some say because of past indiscretions which might be brought to light.

Italian indiscretions have been alluded to on this blog in the past but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Pat, you are rattling some dangerous cages and are in danger of being bitten.

You  are dealing with nasty people. Tread cautiously.

Bottoms up”!




As Jesus is the God of second chances people like Fr McCamley and fully entitled to a second chance.

But in our Catholic tradition the expression of one’s sorrow precedes forgiveness.

As far as I know Fr McCamley has not apologised to the young man he flashed at or his family?

Nor has he apologised for letting down the people of Keady?

Nor has Amy apologised on his behalf.

Amy’s attitude was sneak him out and sneak him back in and to hell with those he hurt or scandalised.

This is rampant clericalism.

Its a pity these clerics are not as quick at saying sorry as they are at resurrecting themselves.




I have less contempt for ‘men’ like McCamley and Martin than I have for the moronic, forelock-tugging Cathbots who allow these Christ-scourgers to officiate at any kind of liturgy. By doing so, they are giving a moral pass to priests who not only did appalling things, but compounded them by refusing to apologise for their behaviour. What arrogance!
The more I learn of this disgusting and evil cult of Romanist priesthood, the more I am persuaded that ‘the smoke of Satan’ is the existence of this priesthood itself, historically unintended by Christ and facilitated by the kind of people that the Teutonic hypocrite, Pope Benedict, chided in that infamous letter of his as being ‘overly deferential’.



Polly shut up and do wan, you’re so tiresome with your constant anti-Catholic rhetoric. You’re so bitter and twisted, and swallow all the gossip on here, try a spoonful of sugar.


Aren’t you the poster who assured blog readers, and then reassured them repeatedly, that you would be the first, or among the first, to reject not only from ministry but from the priesthood itself sexually deviant priests? And yet, here you are in bellicose defence of a priest-deviant who has caused great scandal to Catholics in Ireland and elsewhere.
Don’t you realise that such people as Archbishop Eamon Martin would not get away with this, if people like you weren’t prepared to tolerate men like McCamley?
Eamon Martin has no respect whatever for people like you; he regards you as fools who will take to anything in a soutane, and clerical collar.
I don’t doubt that he gambled, correctly, that Catholics like you would not only accept a man like McCamley back into ministry, but would also defend this move. And this is precisely what you did. You utter fools.
Can you not hear Martin, and his clerical cronies, laugh at you? Because you can bet that they are. 😅😅😅


@10.19 Nothing to do with drink. I’m simply trying to call him out for what he is. I have emailed +Turpin on a number of occasions and have never received a reply. Evan is a liar and needs to be stopped. His double life is a joke.


Pat the only one who can save Dublin now is the poisoned dwarf himself. He’s to the right of Atilla the Hun but unlike the other runners in the last Terna he at least believes in God. Unfortunately he’s as thick and a hippo’s shite. But we have had to endure worse in Dublin. He has been a critic of the pointy hats in Dublin for ages. Everyone in Dublin knows who the poisoned Dwarf is. I won’t name him him now for the great multitude who follow your blog as its a Monday and he always golfs on a Monday and you know yourself there is no internet coverage in the middle of prestigious gold courses even on a Monday. And Please Pat be kind to your friend DM today, he’s going to be an absolute bitch in the office, more hissing and shouting and screaming than you would hear in a madhouse for poxey bishops. Just give the poisoned dwarf a chance and he too may invite you to an overnight soirée like your confidente DM has done. Although he would like to have inscribed on his tombstone (there one be one in Dublin) “Halte deine Freunde nah, aber deine Feinde näher ” Which has often been attributed to Sun Tzu and sometimes to Niccolò Machiavelli or Petrarch, but there are no published sources yet found which predate its use by “Michael Corleone” in The Godfather Part II (1974), written by Mario Puzo & Francis Ford Coppola: “My father taught me many things here — he taught me in this room. He taught me — keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” While it helps explain your visits, It also reminds DM of his loss of innocence in Italy, well he lost his wallet, keys, glasses, dignity and self respect, a proper mugging of the soul is was. He bought the three amigos in Dublin off with early retirements and cushy parishes and very very nice pensions. Now the question for yourself Pat is what was you price ? Κρατήστε τους φίλους σας κοντά, αλλά οι εχθροί σας πιο κοντά


Where am I defending any deviant priest? I was telling you to shut up and stop giving out your usual vitriol. I have no time for Eamon Martin who has been a disaster for Dublin and know doubt his successor wont be much better. I know nothing about Mc Camley except what I’ve read on this blog if it’s true there is no point in me commenting, Almighty God will deal with him as He will with you. I know that after you are long forgotten and burning for eternity, The Holy Church will be here Triumphant till the end of time.


You defended this deviant priest by default…through attacking me alone.
Your first, and only, concern should have been the fact that a priest-deviant was back in ministry, and probably around young people. But the truth is that you, like Eamon Martin and his clerical cronies, don’t give a fig for the spiritual welfare of young people. If you did, you would have objected to McCamley’s reinstatement, but you did not. And now the moment has passed.


Parish Details

Mullagh & Cross


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Churches and Mass Times

Parish PersonnelPriest

Very. Rev. Paul Prior P.P.

Address: Parochial House, Mullagh, via Kells, Co. Meath


The power that Dermott Martin currently exhibits over people will soon be gone. We will then see him for what he is and what he has always been.


Yes Pat, there is so much filth in the Church.
No wonder people are leaving the Church, attending other places of worship such as your chapel, or going to the SSPX.
Do you have any opinion of the Irish SSPX district?


SSXP – oh, just you wait until the veil is lifted on that lot. Why do you think that they take in so many good looking young men ? Think about it. There are all sorts of dirty goings on among that lot, which will come out in due course, and your last refuge from the Roman Catholic Church will be blown apart.


You wish, how do you know? The Holy Catholic Church will always survive despite every thing utter fools like you throw at it. ‘The gates of hell will not prevail’ the words of Our Divine Lord Himself. You of course will be on the other side of those gates enjoy the heat.



You are seriously unwell spiritually to wish such evil on posters. And it isn’t the first time for you.

There is an old Jewish proverb: when six people tell you that you are sick, lie down.

You have been warned, time and again, of the profoundly unchristian nature of your posts on this blog, but you are taking no heed.

Be warned again, there comes a point in personal moral and spiritual degeneration which is one of no return. You seem not only to have reached it, but to have travelled beyond it. The evidence for this lies in your continued refusal to listen to what others have told you, out of concern for you. You have rationalised, and assimilated, the evil intentions within you; and they are now part of your nature, making it even more difficult for you to confess the degeneration, and to repent of it.

Time is running out for you; so are the opportunities for moral self-reclamation.

At the very least, acknowledge, even if only to yourself, that wishing people to Hell, people whom Jesus loves and died for, is not an act worthy of any genuine Christian.

If such obvious and vile evil as this is beyond your recognition, then I really do fear for you.

May God open your eyes, in this world rather than the next.


An extremely judgemental post at 4:28 telling another poster not to be judgemental, lol.

PS nobody is beyond the point of no return. You sound like a Pelegian rather than a Catholic.



Calling out someone for profoundly unchristian conduct is not judgement (which is God’s alone), but a duty on all who profess to be Christian.

There most certainly is a point in personal moral and spiritual degeneration that is one of no return: it is when one hardens one’s heart, refuses to listen, or claims they can see when in fact they are blind. Jesus speaks of these (or some of them) warningly.

If you truly believe that spiritual reclamation is always possible, even if steeped in gravest sin, you are foolish. Is it possible to reclaim Lucifer, then? You’ll probably answer ‘yes’. But you’ll be wrong.

Freedom to choose is insidiously taken from a soul at some point, not by God, but by the power and entrapment of evil.

Life isn’t a moral romper room where we can do what we like and then find a way out. Sin has consequences for our nature, and for our wills.

As for Pelagius, he was more a Catholic, as it turned out, than his would-be theological nemesis, Augustine: Pelagius was right about the souls of unbaptised adults and children; Augustine was wrong.


Last week someone falsely posted that an emeritus academic and musician had died.

Last weekend someone falsely posted that an honest and upright Kerryman had been appointed to Dublin.

Is there a link between these two objectionable postings? For example, someone with a warped sense of humour, with a musical background with an axe to grind against the academic and an acquaintance, a classmate perhaps of the clergyman?


Very good question.
Any idea of the culprit?
Someone told me that Richard Purcell is a good friend of Professor Gillen?


Follow thevtrail to the mysterious departure of Fr Sean Lavery, the last priest Director of Sacred Music in Maynooth. Professor Gillen and PCL had nothing to do with Lavery’s departure, but a musical, sickeningly pious contemporary of PCL was very much involved, as was Frank the night watchman, but Frankly was just a witness.


Anyone ithere in the 80s will know who you mean.
With his sick sense of humour he’s well able to poke ‘fun’ but like most of his ilk totally unable to be on the receiving end.

And as for his Gaeilgeoir accomplice…. to be pitied more than blamed.


I take no warning from you or your likes, how many times have I warned you where you are heading I have done this in charity, but all to no avail. You never stop giving out about your hatred of The Holy Church and you will be held to account. I will try once more to advise you, repent and make a good confession. Return to the bosom of your Mother The Church where deep down I know you long to be.


In any other walk of life or profession, people like McCamley the flasher, Rory sending pictures of his privates to a student, and any of the dozens of other sexualised and inappropriate and out of order faux pas by clergy, would have been terminated and not allowed to resume their ministry. Simple. What is it about the Church that makes it think that it should not abide by the norms of professionalism and integrity ? I suspect because it is still riddled with a strong clericalism that looks out for the brother priest, no matter how misguided that is. Until there are strong norms that are consistently followed by the Church, we will continue to see priests disappear for a while after some egregious action, usually sexual, and then quietly be reintroduced in the hope that people will not notice. Well, thanks to + Pat and others, we do notice, and we are not impressed by the sleight of hand that the Church performs. If these guys were teachers, or nurses, or doctors, or social workers, or lawyers or whatever….they would not be allowed to carry on as if nothing had happened.



Clericalism alone is not responsible for the reinstatement of these deviants in ministry; in fact, clericalism is not even primarily to blame. What allows this egregious conduct are Catholics themselves, who turn up to events at which these deviants officiate.

The bishops would not get away with this if Catholics refused to tolerate it, and to finance it.

The truth is that Catholics get the priests they deserve, and look for.




48 year old Frank Drescher. Kicked from a seminary in Germany. Kicked from Maynooth. Kicked from the Dublin diocese. Readmitted two years later. Rome for one year then ordained by Archbishop Martin. Says it all really.


Appoint Frank Drescher to the German Department in Maynooth. It’s very friendly and they’d make good use of his language and other skills.


Planning application On the railings of City Quay
DM’s lackey in city quay is spending 2.5 million € on the church to have it ready for Fr.Frank who will be in charge of the German speaking community in Google et al .


Full Development Description

PROTECTED STRUCTURE: Permission for development at the The Church of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, a protected structure, RPS No. 1864 at City Quay, Dublin 2. The development will consist of the following: 1. External works to the existing church building to include pointing and stone repair to the south elevation and campanile; -new lead capping to the external buttress wall at the south east corner; -insertion of 6 no. slate vents into the east and west church roof; 2. Works to main entrance area to include a new short access ramp, adjustment to existing door for accessibility purposes, new matwell and tiled floor finish; relocation of 2 no. holy water fonts; relocation Shrine to Our Lady, demolition of existing timber lobby screen and doors and replacement with new glazed screen and doors, additional light and wiring to new routes; 3. Works to the western annex to include the removal of 1 no. existing confessional boxes, installation of an accessible WC and installation of new fire escape doors in eastern elevation. 4. Works to the main body of the church to include redecoration, renewal of flooring and selected joinery, relocation of 4 no. shorter pews from the rear to the front of the main aisle to allow for new wheelchair spaces, new Olea Sacra to the western nave, new floor finish, repair work to stained glass window in the north facade, repair works to the window above the altar as well as various repairs to the windows on east and west facades, replacement of cover plates to the donation boxes; Insertion of a new Olea Sacra cabinet on the narthex adjacent to the existing baptismal font; 5. Works to the altar area to include commissioning of a new altar and steps to the pulpit; 6. Refurbishment of stained glass windows including repair work to stained glass window in North facade, repair work to the window above the altar, as well as various repairs to the windows in the east and west facades; 7. Works to the sacristy area; 8. New brass guardrail to choir area; 9. Upgrading of mechanical and electrical services throughout the building including the addition of new lighting and wiring routes, installation of new destratification fans suspended from the roof.


Frank Drescher’s letter in the 2019 issue of ‘The Sheaf’, the newsletter of the SJYPS.
Dear members of the St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society,
Dear Readers of THE SHEAF,
I send to you my warm and heartfelt greetings from Rome! It is with pleasure that I accept the invitation to address you in this newsletter and to introduce myself briefly.
My name is Frank Drescher. I am 43 years old and am currently in my sixth year of priestly formation as a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Dublin. Since 2017 I have been studying thetheology of spirituality at the Pontifical Gregorian University.
Before taking up studies here, I had the opportunity to gain valuable parish experience in Clondalkin Village in County Dublin under the mentorship of Fr Damian Farnon and with great support from Fr Séamus McEntee, following a year of studies in Maynooth previously. I spent last summer on a pastoral placement in Leixlip, where I enjoyed the great hospitality of Fr John McNamara and
his parish.
From these occasions I know anumber of SJYPS members personally and I appreciate your very generous support. And by that I don’t just mean the financial sacrifices you make for us. I also know that you continuously keep us in prayer, support, and encourage us whenever we have the opportunity for a personal conversation. I cannot thank you enough for that!
I’m often asked about my vocation story. In a few words, I was born in Germany in 1975 in the industrial city of Duisburg at the river Rhine. During and after philosophical and theological studies at the University of Münster, I often thought about becoming a priest. But I lacked the courage and personal maturity to follow the call when I was younger. I needed my time and had to pursue
things at my own pace.
After working several years in the private sector, life (or rather, providence) brought me to Ireland. I found a new home in Dublin,where I used to live in Blanchardstown. There I learned an important lesson for my vocation: For a long time, I thought my
call was to serve God on behalf of the people. Now I understand that it is exactly the other way around – as a priest one serves the people on behalf of God.
After many wonderful people taught me this lesson in the course of my life, I was finally ready to accept this vocation. And, thank God, the Archdiocese of Dublin offered me the opportunity and the possibility to respond to this call with joy.
Here in Rome I am enjoying an excellent training in spiritual and pastoral theology, which I hope soon to bring back to Dublin for the greater benefit of all.
Once again, I thank everyone very much for their support, also on behalf of my brother seminarians here at the Pontifical Irish College, and I look forward to my next encounter with members ofthe SJYPS.
Praying for God’s blessing for all of you.
Yours in Christ,
Frank Drescher


It probably sounds horrible to say so, but I’ve been at quite a few ordinations and weddings where, on the day, I’ve looked at the ordinands and spouses and thought “this won’t last”. I have a very strong feeling that way about Frank.


Self-serving, saccharine nonsense by Drescher, especially his epiphany on Romanist priesthood : that it is a call to serve people on behalf of God. 😂 Which is about as far from the truth as one can get, since Jesus did not establish any kind of priesthood whatever, but simply instructed ALL his followers to break bread and drink wine in his memory.
Anyone daft enough to make such claims of pious twee about this priesthood today, given all we now know about the sexual criminality and perversion by priests of the Roman Church, is worryingly out of touch with Church history, long past as well as more recent.


You’ve got that out of your system. But you’re not any the better for it. You’re repeating yourself. You’ll still be as dysfunctional tomorrow when you’ll need to repeat the performance again.



Erm, no I shan’t…unless Drescher is the subject of tomorrow’s blog as well.

Why don’t you address the points I made? It is not a fantasy that Jesus did not establish a priesthood; it is historical fact.

Aren’t you capable of joining the intellectual dots here? If Jesus didn’t establish a priesthood, then it is entirely a human and flawed creation, one that historically has done enormous damage, morally and spiritually, to the movement that Jesus did establish.

Here’s a thought for you to wrestle. The fault line on which the Church has actually been built, priesthood not Christ, will continue to disturb, to cause destruction, disillusionment, and disaffection among Catholics unless it is seriously addressed. But then, perhaps you don’t care about the welfare of believers, since you seem content with the staus quo. Don’t you, Father?


The subject matter may change but not the virulent rage. Years of posting here hasn’t dried up your invective. Doubtless it has done you no good, if that photo of you when you were outed here is anything to go by.


Frank probably thinks he sounds profound, but I don’t know what he actually means. Is he saying that he was the Moses of Clondalkin coming down to the people on behalf of God?


Anyone claiming to be Moses in Clondalkin would normally be sectioned.


Each of Frank’s assertions are as self-aggrandising as the other, though he seems to think he’s become more humble when he comes out with this BS:

There I learned an important lesson for my vocation: For a long time, I thought my call was to serve God on behalf of the people. Now I understand that it is exactly the other way around – as a priest one serves the people on behalf of God.


Last time I looked, food and drink constituted a meal. And I think sensible people would agree. Moreover, Jesus told them to eat and drink in his memory, so I’m at a loss over your pist.
Perhaps you have other, abnormal uses for food and drink, but don’t, please, tell us.


Former Vatican Envoy to France to Face Trial on Sexual Assault Charges .
He will stand trial on sexual assault charges in the French capital on Nov. 10 .
Several men allege that Arch Bishop Luigi Ventura assaulted them betwean
2018 and 2019 .


Bishop, will you be revisiting the story you treated us to for the past couple of days? It would appear that some commentators tried and are trying to steer you in another direction. Furthermore, will you be sharing some more of the information which your informant shared with you concerning matters mentioned in past few days? And finally, if you have received information concerning the exploits of certain individuals who do not come under the direct supervision of a local bishop have you forwarded that information to the relevant head (in Rome) of the particular order because let’s face it you may as well be pissing in the wind posting it to bishops here – unless the Papal Nuncio forwards reports he receives to the relevant Orders?


Wasn’t there an American car called Duisberg?

Giving rise to the term “Its a Duisie”.


There is no way Amy should be allowed to unleash his perverts back into parishes. McVeigh now in a parish and now it’s the turn of flasher McCamley who is allowed to roam about parishes to help out. Rory still in exile so surprised he didn’t feature on the aul Dolls changes. This really is an affront and Amy has no moral credibility left – who can take that ejit seriously anymore? He is obviously shit scared to move his PP’s including the problematic ones. What sort of management and leadership is that? The auld doll needs to be worried and his side kick Gordon because they are sitting on another scandal they hope will not break. Armagh really is a cess pit diocese and when thet try to treat people as gombeens that will be their mistake in the end. Sending the pervs like McCamley back among us is but only one example.


Treated myself to a few Babycham today as hadn’t had it in years. Will crack it open around 11pm to read the latest frolics as I have a day off tomorrow. Hope it’s nice and juicy gossip Bishop Pat.


When I looked at that pic of McCamley with that little smirk on his face and knowing about him what I know now my reaction was ‘ You’re taking the piss c**t!’


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