Richard Purcell
Abbot General

Dear Abbot General,

I wanted to pass on to you the information I have received from a priest Killaloe diocese.

I wish to make a formal complaint against Fr Purcell and ask for a formal investigation to be undertaken and to be informed of the outcome.

+ Pat Buckley


“Pat, the bishops of Killaloe know a thing or two about Dickie Purse. Remember Willy Walsh? His brother or cousin was a monk in Roscrea.

And that shite Kunty Reilly, now in Cashel, has the dirt on the guy Dickie fucked in Roscrea, his fuck buddy monk who was a priest of Killaloe who tried his vocation at Roscrea for a while.

“Kunty” O Reilly

O Reilly shafted the same Killaloe priest in a very nasty way, booted the poor guy out without any justice. Kunty had the dirt on the guy, used it and was merciless. I know all this because I’m a Killaloe priest but I have to be careful.

Kunty advised the Galway priest who was caught by the police at Salthill. Imagine if Drennan knew that! Kunty working against +Galway. Told him not to shit on his own doorstep.

Small world too cos the Salthill ex priest, Lee, was a regular at the Boiler House and could never keep his big mouth shut. Thats why his classmates in Maynooth called him Galway Bay! He blabbed around about the Killaloe priest being in the Boiler House, same priest who suffered at Kunty Reillys hands and who was fuck buddy of Dickie at Roscrea.

An ex seminarian friend of mine was fucked bareback by Dickie Purse in the Boiler House. The poor guy was lying on his back in a cubicle and Dickie landed in all horny, jumped on him and rode him without a word, yes, no, nothing.

My old friend was stunned. He couldn’t  put a name on Dickie at first but knew the face. He had been on retreat in Roscrea. He put two and two together later.

Dickie is one cocky bollox. When he was a theology student in Oxford, there were lots of stories about him, doing the rounds of OSB and SJ bedrooms! By the way, Coffey at Glenstal was a Killaloe priest. He’s salt of the earth, a really kind genuine guy. No double life for him. He must have heard about Dickie. Don’t know how he puts up with him when they meet.

Brendan Coffey


Your friend Bill Mulvihill could tell you about the Killaloe priest fuck buddy of Dickie. They are friends and I hear Bill is loyal to him.

“Lugs” Monahan

I had a lot of contact with Bishops House in Ennis before Lugs Monahan came there. That’s how I know about the former PP of Kildysart and his travails at Roscrea.

Someone mentioned Gerard Gillen on here a few days ago, who is not dead. Gillen is a big friend of Dickie and Dickie moves in those Dublin musical circles. Gillen was a big friend of Ledwith too. There’s a clique there. xxxxxxx had a close shave with a male student in Maynooth, bur got away without an official complaint. Be careful with him. He’ll bring out the big guns to defend Dickie if you dig too much.”


“I had to go quiet. Was warned the big guns gunning for you over Dickie Purse. I didn’t  think I’d be identified as source of info to you, but was naive. The bastards seem to have to their spies in Killaloe. I warned you about Gilken and the musical crowd. The Knights of Columbanus are very powerful. Friends in the police who won’t obey the law. They’ll monitor the blog and breach gdpr snooping on people posting and their ip addresses to locate them. Be careful. They don’t want Dickie going down.

Go easy on the Killaloe priest who was in Roscrea. He’s fragile enough and now in lay life in Dublin. He had the honesty to acknowledge his double life, not our Dickie though.

There was a shagfest near Melleray a few months ago organised by Dickie and some young Dominicans. I see someone else on your blog is on to them. You need to check the Irish OP, in Rome, teaching now at Sant Anselmo, the OSB place. He’s the boyfriend of the xxxxxx there, but that doesn’t stop him screwing any cute hole within 1000 miles. Total slut. I hear too that Dickie has been known to service two of the Glenstal guys and the odd C of I, very ecumenical our Dickie with his dick”.