Everyday, my enemies, and the enemies of this blog, come on here with their litany of complaints and accusations.

Their litany includes:

1. The accusation that I am guilty of doing myself what I criticise other bishops, priests and monks for doing.

2. The accusation that I lack the compassion of Christ for wrongdoing bishops, priests and monks.

3. The accusation that I am anti Catholic.

4. The accusation that I hate and am full of vengeance.

I feel absolutely no obligation to deal with or answer the accusations of these ANONYMOUS priests and others.

But hey! I have nothing else I want to blog about today.

1. I have been openly and publicly gay for many years. I came out publicly in October 1999 on the front page of the NEWS OF THE WORLD, a newspaper I wrote for at the time.

NEWS OF THE WORLD 10.10.1999

Six years later I published a book about my sexuality and spiritually.

The vast majority of gay priests are secretly gay and many of them are leading double lives. And that is both psychologically and spiritually unhealthy.

Thankfully for many years now I have been totally open and honest about my sexuality.

My congregation and all those I minister to are totally aware of all that I am.

I do not lead a double life.

I have never been to a gay sauna.

Did I experiment years ago as part of my coming to terms with my sexuality. Yes I did. Do I feel guilty about that? No I don’t.

In fact I did in my 40s what most people do at 16 to 20.

But I was too repressed then and full of Catholic guilt. They had fucked my head up too. And I struggled hard to un-fuck it with the help of a couple of good counsellors and therapists.

Every trapped creature gains its freedom through struggle.


I have great compassion for any human being who is suffering.

And I think there is a massive difference between a priest falling in love or acting out of loneliness and a cynical and conscienceless bishop, Abbot and priest, frequenting gay saunas looking for “fresh meat”.

Many of the priests we hear about on this blog are not seeking intimacy, comfort, love etc. They are prowling around like lustful lions looking to devour bodily bits and orifices, using their positions and priesthood as bait.

They are also forming circles of lust to facilitate gay origies.

And all the time, cynically pretending to be celibate and chaste.

I have every compassion for any man or woman struggling with any human weakness.

But please don’t ask me to feel compassion about lies, cynicism, double standards and cover up.


I am 100% anti the Roman Catholic institution because it is 100% corrupt in every way.

But I am not anti Catholic.

I am a Catholic. I treasure the Eucharist and the other sacraments.

I like Catholic liturgy and ceremony.

I can find endless inspiration in Catholic spirituality.

I have spent 34 years now as an independent Catholic.

I regard the RCC and many of its clergy and members as anti-Christ in so many ways.

I have thrown away the dirty water but kept the baby.


Anybody who knows me will tell you I am not a hateful and vengeful person.

But as Christians are we not supposed to “hate” and oppose evil, injustice, corruption, abuse, sin, lies, deceit, materialism, abuse of power, misogyny, prejudice, violence, etc?

I find all these things in lorry loads in the RCC.

I hate all these things


When people accuse me of washing Catholic dirty linen in public, I always reply:

“Well, give me a laundry room WITHIN where I can wash it”.

The RCC has no proper forum for people to debate and discuss all the burning issues.

In fact debate and discussion is forbidden.

So, this blog us one place people can express their views, differences, complaints hurts etc.

And that is why its important and good.

Those who oppose and dislike the blog are those who want to cover up all that is going on.

“Men have shown that they prefer the darkness to the light”.

I will keep the lights on here for as long as I am able and God allows.


Can anyone identify any of the guys in this old pic?