Every diocese now has a clique of homosexual priests .

Every religious order now has a clique of homosexual religious.

This corruption of priesthood and religious life is allowed and encouraged by bishops religious superiors and abbots.

In Ireland this situation is most present in dioceses, the Dominicans and the Redemptorists.

We have seen two active homosexual monastic superiors exposed in recent weeks:

1. Dom Richard Purcell Cistercian monk and abbit of Mount Mellary in the diocese of Waterford and Lismore.


2. Prior Mark Kirby of Silverstream in Meath diocese.


Neither Phonsie Cullinan of Waterford or Tom Deenihan have commented publicly.


Phonsie installed and blessed Purcell as an abbot.

Silverstream is a diocesan monastery and Deenihan has full power over it.

Public immorality is involved in both cases and both bishops have nothing to say about this public immorality.

Why I wonder?

Phonsie has always been quick enough to lecture the laity on contraception, same sex marriage etc.

Is he not at all concerned that an abbot residing in his jurisdiction is having sex with monks, priests and others?

In fact, Phonsie seems to be Purcell’s friend ‘ visiting the monastery and going to Los Angeles together.


Eamon Fitzgerald.

I had emails and a long telephone conversation with the Abbot General.

It was in fact the Abbot General told me personally of Purcell’s homosexual conduct in Roscrea Monastery.

The Abbot General in fact said that the Cistetcians were hoping Roscrea was a one off.

Now we know its was not a one off.

Now we know forgive the pun, that its a HABIT!

We hold that it is IMMORAL for a man to make a VOW of MARRIAGE to a woman and have sex with anybody else.

Should we not equally hold that it is IMMORAL for a bishop, priest or monk to make a VOW of CHASTITY to God and have sex with others?

Why should bishops, priests and monks hold married people to higher standard than they hold themselves to?

The truth is that nowadays the priesthood and religious life is the best place to get away with hypocrisy and double standards.

Join the priesthood or religious life and be on a pedestal, have everything material you need, and have an entree into the world of senseless bonking – and fuck (literally) poverty, chastity and obedience.

“Join the navy and see the world”.

Join the priesthood / religious life and get your hole!

The current situation is not only immoral and hypocritical.

It is the realm of the Father of Lies.

But then did a Pope not say: “The smoke of Satan has entered the Church”.


This photo probably relates to the Colleges Volunteer Corp, a group of students who were involved in stewarding and ceremonial​ activities for the Patrician Congress in 1961,The head was Brendan Glennon, pictured on the left. Next is Fr Conn Dowling (I am fairly sure). The guy with the sunglasses is Paul Irvine and next is indeed Diarmuid​ Martin. I am unable to name the others.I was a member of the same Corp and this photo brings back good memories.