When I had my conversation with Abbot General Eamon Fitzgerald about the allegations against Richard Purcell he asked my advice as to what he should do.

I advised him to take the following steps:

1. Inform Richard Purcell of the allegations against him.

2. Ask Richard Purcell to step aside pending the outcome of the investigation.

3. According to OCSO rules- contact the Father Immediate of Mount Mellary – Abbot Andre Barbeau of Canada and ask him to begin his investigation and report back to the Abbot General and his council in Rome.

Of course, none of this would be necessary if Purcell did the honourable thing and resigned.

At present the OCSO’s seem to have taken no action and as far as I know Purcell is still in place.

I do know, from a monk contact, that the Cistercians are talking among themselves and saying that they are not taking the accusations seriously because they came from me.

Thats the easy thing to do – shoot the messenger and ignore the message.

But how does that fit in with the Cistercian 900 years of devotion to God, the truth, justice, poverty, chastity and obedience?

Must we now come to the conclusion that the Cistercians are just as corrupt as the rest of them?

If that is true – it makes me sad.

If enclosed monks are just as bad as the rest of then there is no hope.


The Abbot General knows about and told me about Purcell’s sexual activity in Roscrea. He said to me: “We were hoping that incident was a one off”.

Now he knows it is not.

The RCC tells us they have learned the lessons of abuse and cover up.

Yet they continue the abuse and cover up?

The only commandment the RCC believes in in the 11 th:

“Thou shalt not be caught”.

And Purcell along with the Dominicans, Redemptorists  the diocesans and all the others will continue to patronise gay saunas and have sex  basically, with anything that moves, including anal sex with priests at midnight in a monastery kitchen.

When a monk behaves like that at midnight how does he feel for hours later praying the first office of the day in choir?

Is he remorseful?

Does he not give a damn?

Or, or, is he an atheist?


From our Westminster correspondent

“Westminster Archdiocese has its very own version of “Gorgeous George” in this newly minted member of the clerical club, Fr Alex Balzanella. Truth is that he has set many a heart aflutter, both male and female, clerical and lay, for many years since first coming to notice as Elsie’s Communication’s officer in Archbishop’s House.

That’s where it all began, and his office could often be found being stalked by the same litany of characters – mostly old queens, who hung around the young buck like a bad smell.

Talking of “hung” his choice of tight-fitting chino’s left very little to the imagination – no doubt causing several of the sisterhood to reach for the blood pressure tablets, as well as enjoy the view. Mother Carmel was deputed by His Eminence Elsie to have a quiet word about his “inadvertently” being an “occasion of sin”.  

His ascent has been effortless since those lowly days and there is no doubt in the diocese that once finished his “further studies in Rome”, the papal diplomatic college is the next stop, his being too good for parish work.  The question is though, will it make him as happy as he was before signing on the dotted line? Let’s hope so. “