Eamon Fitzgerald

Below is the Abbot General’s email to me.

Below you will see my attempt to telephone the Abbot General who was staying at Mount Mellary. I got through to an answering machine and did not leave a message. Instead I sent the AG another email.

Call to AG AT 6.30 PM

The AG rang me from the Mount Mellary number. For some reason it came up as “potential fraud” on my mobile but my new mobile seems to regard unknown numbers as potential fraud.

As you can see the AG and I spoke for 18 minutes and 36 seconds – not a short call by any means.

It was during this conversation the AG surprised me by telling me of the incident involving Fr Purcell in Roscrea. I said to the AG: “I’m a bit shocked you are being so honest with me”.

He replied: “Well I am talking to a bishop”.

He then told me that he had already asked the Cistercian Procurator General to send him Fr Purcell’s file which is kept in the Generalate.

In all of this I have been acting in good faith.

I have had a lifetime connection to the Cistercians especially at Mellifont Abbey.

I had cone to regard the Cistercians as special and an example for the rest of us priests to emulate. For that reason I expect more from a Cistercian monks and priests than I do from other priests.

Of course I do understand that like all of us they are sinners and human beings.

The Church is very corrupt and has gone astray and I regarded the Cistercians as the prayerful power house of possible purification and renewable.

I would truly be shocked to discover that the Cistercian bottom line is the bottom line of the rest of the RCC – “mental reservation”, plausible deniability, slight of hand, now you see it and now you don’t politics.

A priest friend of mine calls the RCC indoctrination we all got as “the medicine”.

He always says to me: “You’ve taken too much of the medicine”.

Maybe I have? Maybe part of me is still very niaive ?

But as I said the other day:

“If the Cistercians are at it – then there’s no hope”. 🤤

What next?

The Dali Lama found dead in a gay sauna !!!!!!


Pat with Aria (3) (white head) and Buzz (2)