“This is how they stole money from the Pope”

The financial fraud charges in the Holy See probe. From real-estate to healthcare deals

di FLORIANA BULFON 30 Settembre, 2020 La Republica

ROME – An extraordinary 59-page document is unveiling an intricate mole-like maze of corruption that is crushing the Vatican.

Rapacious and feeling almighty, those involved have engineered diabolical operations to plunder the Holy See, and even get hold of Pope Francis’ reserved account, the most protected of Vatican coffers.

The probe submitted by the papal prosecuting attorney tracking back a 454 million heist depicts a merciless picture of an assault on the financial assets of the Vatican.

A London property real-estate deal has given way to a momentous scandal involving a number of monsignors, brokers and business lawyers, besides outlining a snapshot where Pope Bergoglio is a white spot surrounded by black souls who betrayed him.

The attorney’s summary is shocking: “The Secretariat of State financed the London operation with a 200 million dollars line of credit coming from Credit Suisse and from Banca della Svizzera Italiana and guaranteed by a pledge of assets the Secretariat of State owns after collecting them through donations to the Peter’s Pence.” In other words, the money given for alms, went to service speculations amounting to sums yet to be reckoned “that could top 454 million euros”.

From investments to blackmail

The investment’s stated goal was to buy the Harrods building on Sloane Avenue in London. The price of the building, however, began miraculously to increase. “A substantial accounting reappraisal was undertaken before the Secretariat of State underwrote the shares. Carried out by the fund managers, it doesn’t appear to have had a valid economic reason as of now in the investigations,” the Promoter of Justice Gian Piero Milano and his deputy Alessandro Diddi write. “Several companies whose financing partners are not to be known” were involved in the deal.

Probe records point to the dealmaker Raffaele Mincione as the person directing the operation. The files in the PC of a staff at the Secretariat of State, Fabrizio Tirabassi, further indicate him as being a “friend of Cheyne’s boss.”

Mr. Mincione from Pomezia, a municipality in the Rome region Lazio, is ever-present in a number of financial deals, from the fight for the Genoa bank Carige to that for controlling Retelit (in which he was assisted by lawyer Giuseppe Conte until a few days before the latter settled in the prime minister’s office in Palazzo Chigi). A whirlwind of acronyms, which seem to function just as a “black hole” for money flows, surrounds him triggering a feeding frenzy from power groups.

This is how mysterious Gutt SA, a Luxembourg company, comes into the picture. The owner of Gutt is Gianluigi Torzi, a “high-risk” financial dealmaker ranking in the world’s “bad press” index. The prosecuting attorneys write that he has “contracts signed by Monsignor Alberto Perlasca in his capacity as attorney for the deputy Monsignor Edgar Peña Parra. Gutt SA is to manage the property on behalf of the Secretariat of State. The Secretariat verbally commits to pay Gutt SA a 3 percent on the deal for an equivalent of 10 million euros. Such agreement is not formalized in any contract.” Monsignor Perlasca and Mr. Tirabassi’s verbal commitment are deemed sufficient.

Why did they choose Gutt SA? Mr. Tirabassi, a Vatican employee holding an account at the Institute for the Works of Religion through which he cleared one million euros by applying to the voluntary disclosure, claims to have been the victim of blackmail. It was “an extortion Mr. Torzi committed.” The investigators believe that this version “conceals in all likelihood a sensationally well-orchestrated artifice, protected by Mr. Tirabassi and perhaps other people’s complicity.”

The final outcome of the scheme was disastrous. “Shares in the fund shed 18 million euros. The Gutt SA operation caused a loss of 100 million. In brief: against an outlay of 250 million, the Secretariat of State became the owner of a property worth on paper 260 million, to secure the property rights of which, it will need to bear in the end 363 million (net of mortgage interests).”

A very profitable deal for consultants

Some individuals are good at having gold keep coming in. Lawyer Nicola Squillace, with the law firm Libonati Jaeger, pocketed “200 thousand euros for a generic legal consultancy assignment, in excess of further 150 thousand for indicating other professionals.” Right after this, he issued another invoice for 364 thousand euros. The Vatican did not pay, but he managed to bypass the obstacle. “With this gambit, Mr. Squillace, with Gianluigi Torzi being complicit, not only managed to elude the veto, but got paid another additional 17,000 euros.” Overall, 711 thousand euros vanished for unexplained consultancy fees. The records show British law firms getting hold of millions with no explanations provided.

They felt omnipotent. Mr. Tirabassi and Monsignor Perlasca manage to even penetrate “the UBS Discretionary Fund created in 2015 as a reserve for the Holy Father’s discretionary expenses and others he would authorize.” Twenty million pounds went from this fund to Mr. Torzi’s accounts. For consultancy fees regarding other real estate operations he was proposing to the monsignors he billed 5 million: a hotel in Milan in the San Siro area, a building in Piazza Cavour, one on New York’s 5th Avenue, a hotel for the Dubai Expo—rather reporting on the Vatican, it feels like playing Monopoly.

Finance and health

The probe unveiled a new and very murky front of papal investments: the securitization of the debt that several private hospitals and cooperatives submitted for payment to local health authorities. A case in point were the companies that became intermediaries in the business relations between the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome and the Lazio Region government.

Furthermore, a link was established between the Vatican and a cooperative, OSA, which thanks to Mr. Tirabassi’s recommendation was granted a super contract with the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital. Involved in this deal was an individual reported to have “strong ties with people and circles linked to the Apulian Camorra (the Bell and the Sacra Corona Unita clans).” The deal with the Villa Maria Group, a private hospitals holding, is one of several other similar deals.

In sum, this is the fertile ground of intricate businesses that initiated which the relations inside San Pietro, and put Mr. Tirabassi and Mr. Torzi in a position to set up the Gutt SA operation, “a well-planned maneuver to carry out a huge looting of Secretariat of State resources with no equal”.

Hands everywhere


Cardinal Angelo Becciu entered this game sideways owing to his secretary Monsignor Mauro Carlino’s relations. In his case, the prosecuting attorneys underline “a particular ease in moving in the high spheres of the State hierarchy, and his ceaseless activities involving individuals having a reputation in financial environments to bring about new entrepreneurial deals”. His meeting Luca Dal Fabbro, the president of Italian SNAM S.p.A., one of the world’s leading energy infrastructure companies, is an example. They reportedly discussed refinancing the London property’s mortgage and other new projects, involving once more Raffaele Mincione’s circle and one «Mr. Preziosi from Genova. (This was likely Enrico Preziosi, the well-known toys entrepreneur of Giochi Preziosi, already put on remand, and pointed to by Dal Fabbro as an individual “on many people’s mouth”).”

As to Monsignor Carlino, one of the individuals he is reported to have met is quite puzzling. Giovanni Ferruccio Oriente, “as revealed by wiretapping records, appears to have access to the Italian ministry of Internal Affairs, and to be able to gain access to all criminal charges filed by attorneys. He has knowledge about Mr. Torzi’s deals (the latter having pointed him out as a person who had approached Giulio Tremonti, [minister of Economy and Finances under prime minister Silvio Berlusconi], and Franco Frattini, [twice minister of Foreign Affairs with the Berlusconi cabinets]. Moreover, he seems to be in close contact with reporter and author Gianluigi Nuzzi, who is drafting a book with documents uncovered in the Vatican.” He also does business with Mauro Di Lello, an “entrepreneur and football players agent.” Last but not least, he was involved in the discussion for a deal around the Acquafredda estate, a property of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic Sea. “Monsignor Carlino shows to be well aware that the operation must be disguised behind social purposes, ‘otherwise they’ll bullet-riddle us that we just do speculative or commercial deals’.”

Nobody is exempt. The Vatican prosecuting attorneys are also after Tommaso Di Ruzza, the director of the Vatican’s Financial Information Authority, the very head in charge of supervising the Holy See accounts to prevent obscure maneuvering. He nonetheless “played an role in the London deal, a role which is not clear at all. He did not, in any way, detect the anomalies in the operation,” despite having corresponded with the parties involved. Moreover: “Mr. Di Ruzza faked on his Office’s letterhead a delegation to handle on behalf of Mr. Torzi in the capacity of intermediary.” The attorneys now know that he is the owner of a British company called Aquinas Foundation, and he is being further investigated—the aim being trying to understand how so many prelates, often appointed by Pope Francis himself, were ready to betray his mission to fill their pockets with money.
Translated from Italian by Marina Parada.


Just when it can’t get worse it does!

Now 20 million missing from Francis’ account.

Half a billion missing in all.

And probably more……

The deeper you dig into the RCC ground the bigger the worms get.

Dromore changes

Major changes to Dromore Diocese will see parishes restructured into five ‘Pastoral Areas’

Major changes are coming soon to the Diocese of Dromore which includes Craigavon, Lurgan, Gilford and Bleary areas.

By Carmel Robinson Lurgan Maip

Thursday, 1st October 2020, 4:37 pm

Archbishop Eamon Martin who is the Apostolic Administrator, announced a new Diocesan Pastoral Council will be formed – based on the five Pastoral Areas of the Diocese.

Canon Liam Stevenson will be the Vicar Forane for the new Pastoral Area of St Ronan’s which will encompass the Parishes of Shankill (St Peter’s Lurgan) and Shankill (St Paul’s Lurgan); Parishes of Moyraverty (Craigavon) and Seagoe (Derrymacash); Parish of Magheralin.

Very Rev Brian Fitzpatrick CC Shankill (St Peter’s and St Paul’s Lurgan) to be PP of Moyraverty (Craigavon) and PP Seagoe (Derrymacash)

Canon Liam Stevenson.

Very Rev Michael Maginn outgoing chaplain Craigavon Area Hospital is to be Assistant Priest in St. Ronan’s Pastoral Area.

Very Rev Canon Gerald Powell to be Vicar Forane of St Patrick’s Pastoral Area (Parishes of Seapatrick (Banbridge) and Annaclone; Parish of Tullylish; Parish of Aghaderg.)

Rev Juan Jesus Gonzales Borrallo, transitional deacon, is to serve in the Parishes of Moyraverty (Craigavon) and Seagoe (Derrymacash).

It follows a meeting of clergy and representatives last February at which the Dromore Diocesan Strategic Working Group was discussed.

Archbishop Eamon said the Diocese is re-­launching and re-­naming the five Pastoral Areas and in the coming months he will begin the process of establishing a Dromore Diocesan Pastoral Council, to take forward the recommendations of the Strategic Working Group.

The five Pastoral Areas will be as follows: St Ronan’s Pastoral Area encompassing the Parishes of Shankill (St Peter’s Lurgan) and Shankill (St Paul’s Lurgan); Parishes of Moyraverty (Craigavon) and Seagoe (Derrymacash); Parish of Magheralin; St Patrick’s Pastoral Area encompassing the Parishes of Seapatrick (Banbridge) and Annaclone; Parish of Tullylish; Parish of Aghaderg; St Brigid’s Pastoral Area encompassing the Parishes of Newry and Saval; Parish of Donaghmore; St Colman’s Pastoral Area encompassing the Parish of Magheradroll (Ballynahinch); Parishes of Drumgooland and Dromara; Parish of Dromore; St Bronagh’s Pastoral Area encompassing the Parishes of St Peter’s Clonallon (Warrenpoint) and St Mary’s Clonallon (Burren); Parish of Kilbroney (Rostrevor) and the Parishes of Clonduff (Hilltown) and Drumgath (Rathfriland); Parish of St Patrick’s Clonallon (Mayobridge).

Archbishop Eamon said: “I hope the Pastoral Area discussions and work will provide a forum to bring together and add value to the work of the individual Parish Pastoral Councils. With their help, our new Diocesan Pastoral Council will be able to promote new evangelisation, pastoral renewal and increased involvement of lay women and men in the life of the Church”

He added: “I trust that the Pastoral Area structure will also facilitate faith development, improved communication, pastoral formation and training, enhanced liturgical planning and a common sense of endeavour across the Diocese of Dromore”.

Archbishop Eamon thanked the priests and deacons for their continued ministry and service, and wishes well those who are taking up these new appointments. He also thanked the people of the diocese for their ongoing prayers.



Pat I’m so annoyed. The priest in the next parish is so lazy he is sending his parishioners to my place for Mass, thereby taking up places for my parishioners. The gobshite can’t drag his fat behind to open his own church door. Stop the lights.


Instead of slagging him off, why not call him and see he is ok. You’re obviously not exactly overworked if you’ve time to spew unkindness on here.


10.12: Are you imbalanced and sick? What an utterly inane, stupid comnent! Really, you can’t be serious? This comment is from an imbicile… nonsense concerns.


Do the ladies that try to buy up Harrods wear fur boas? This looks bad for Parolin – and Paul Gallagher, an Englishman. Obviously with their offices within a few square yards of each other supervision isn’t a practical problem. Interestingly Luxembourg comes into it: indeed the Vatican is probably not allowed to get ahead of Luxembourg, London, Dublin or New York in cleaning up the act (mustn’t show them up by doing any better itself). I heard of “churchy” money doing the rounds of various lands once before.


I find stories like this – financial scandal, unaccountability, dark shadows, power politicking in the Church – so dispiriting. It feeds in to what I have been feeling about the Church for many years, particularly the way it is structured, managed and governed. Essentially, it is still an autocratic monarchical entity, with little accountability – except perhaps to God. For so long we have been prepared to live with this, and to give it the benefit of the doubt, in the trust that the people who at the top of the pyramid are Godly and holy people. However, I have been increasingly doubtful about this, and for a long time now have been disinclined to take what is handed down to me at face value. I now question it, I investigate it, I critique it. Because, I have learned that I cannot trust those who are telling me the ‘truth’. It now seem so unacceptable to me to listen to a bishop or priest, or indeed the Pope, and just accept at face value what is being said to me. Why should I ? They have shown themselves to be corrupt, dishonest, grabbing, self-serving, self-interested, clubbable men who rely on our deference and obedience to do what they want to do. In the case of Becciu, for example, although I do not know the ins and outs of the case, it seems to me that this whole matter should be the subject of open, transparent and public investigation and justice. If the man has done wrong, along with others, as is being suggested, then surely that should be the subject of criminal investigation ? But, it won’t be. It will be quietly dealt with, brushed under the carpet, by the Vatican and the Pope and we will simply be told untruths and half truths that fit their narrative and agenda. Pretty much in any other walk of life these matters would end up with the police and the courts, and at least a public airing of the facts, so that justice can be done. So, I now no longer give any moral or spiritual or theological credibility and acceptance automatically to what my Church says to me or hands down to me. They do not deserve it anymore. Their claim to be the representatives of God, chosen by Him, to lead the Church sound so hollow and false. A new model of Church must emerge, one where the monarchical autocracy is done away with, and where the voice of God is listened to where it is most active and alive – amongst the laity. Will it happen ?



It’s happened already in Presbyterianism and Congregationalism, the Quakers and in the Cooneyites, in which the laity rule the roost. Even in the “Church of England” doctrine is decided by a show of hands in General Synod and in votes in the House of Commons. Why stay in the Catholic Church if it makes you so miserable? The Lord loves a cheerful giver, St Paul says, and St Benedict warns monks against the sin of murmuring. Set yourself free and turn Proddy.



Phew! So that’s ok, then. Everyone’s at it. What inverted logic!

Are you for real?

A Christian’s standard isn’t the world, but Christ himself.

What these Romans have done is truly terrible, especially since they refer to their evil cult as the ‘one true church’.

Anyone who donates one red cent to these fakers is complicit in their malfeasance.

Send them all packing, every bishop, priest, and nun and brother. Parasites.

We need Christ, not these plastic figurines. 😕


I was reading about the Glasgow Priest who has been arrested, charged and is due to stand trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court in March for allegedly having sex with a 17 year old female at the school where he was Chaplain. Charged with several counts of sexual intercourse with someone whilst in a position of trust, sending pictures of his erect penis and a sectarian public order offence. He has pleaded not guilty. Pray for all involved.


Whether she was 16 or 17 doesn’t really matter. If she was a student and he was the chaplain, then it should not have happened. It’s betrayal of trust, and he is toast. He will do time and he will not minister any more. That’s what should happen. Tough, I know, but he needs to learn to keep his todger in this trousers.


In Scotland it is a criminal offence for any adult to engage in sexual activity with a child under the age of 16. In addition, sections 42-45 of the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 (‘the 2009 Act’) provide that an adult who engages in sexual activity with a child under the age of 18 in respect of whom they are in a ‘position of trust’ also commits an offence. This reflects that adults in a position of trust may have particular power, influence or control over those in their care, and that it would be a breach of authority and trust to engage in sexual activity with that child, irrespective of whether they have attained the age of consent.

The 2009 Act defines a ‘position of trust’ for the purposes of the offence as including those who look after children in a range of institutional settings, including schools, hospitals and residential establishments such as care homes or young offenders’ institutions. It also provides that a ‘position of trust’ exists if a person lives with a child and has or had any parental responsibilities or rights in respect of that child, or treats the child as a child of their family.


11.50 here. Thanks.
Your post explains everything, except this priest’s utter recklessness. Presumably, he had been briefed on the law concerning his situation as chaplain, but took the risk regardless.


Pray for all involved? Why? And to what avail?
Prayer is closing the proverbial stable door when its too late.
A total waste of one’s time.


The age of consent is 16 but it’s different if the other person is in a position of trust. The young person would be assumed to be vulnerable until 18, in this case. This would be different if she was sleeping with another pupil aged 17.


A good observation @ 10;59.
I happen to think the same when I see all the “Rest in peace praying” at RC funerals. If there was even a smidgen of efficacy to prayer in ANY circumstances, surely it’s even less likely to have any effect after death: unless that is, it’s designed to shorten the purgatorial burnfest. And then there’s the predestination issue to consider too! Well I suppose it keeps otherwise indolent clerical theologians occupied.


Are you for real Polly? you’re so predictable with your usual rants against The One True Church. Have a look in the mirror there you’ll see the evil cult which is yourself, and for you to call anyone a parasite you’ll neither work nor want living, off the taxpayer to fund your habit THE GARGLE!


So 20 million gone missing from Peter’s pence.
Ara there’s plenty more from where that came. Not to worry.
Big whip round on the way.


Or just ask that eejit from yesterday to cough up some more dosh. If h/she can afford £30000pa it shouldn’t be too much trouble.



You’ve never read, then, the book ‘Christmen’, by Rev Dr Gerard McGinnity?

I have a copy of it in my bookshelf.


Is Camp Corr still VG in Dromore. I find it incredible that one of the smallest dioceses in Ireland is being split up into pastoral areas. What is the point of that but then again the auld doll running the show has little experience of management.


Pat interesting blog about Carmel Wragg and Vin Nichols yesterday. Some blog readers might remember that John Travelota O’Leary the Cardinal Sec took that pic of Carmel wearing the red.

Vin was furious that the pic got out. O’Leary was moved to Alice Hall as punishment as the vice rector. But O’Leary’s past has caught up with him …. monti has spilled the beans about him.


12.31: Do you wear a dress or a trousers? Your comment is typical of an effem queenie bitch. Grow up, little girlie! Time to wear the pants and grow balls not breasts…fool.


Anon at 12.57: Brilliant. The same could be said of many repeat commenters on Pat’s blog. Some crazy people with nothing to do. Gombeens.


Fr John was first sent to Tollington Park, North London, as PP. It is from there he is moving to Alice Hall.

Six Degrees of Separation! Everything comes back to good old Monty!


He moved from Tollington Park. Some time ago. In fact his successor is also moving on.


Yes Monty indeed but he hasn’t been very complimentary towards you Pat recently. Claims you are making his life a misery.


1:57 I understand he gives you nothing. Although for gossip he keeps your comments going. Of course gossip often has nothing to do with the truth.


Joe wasn’t sleepy during the debate was he? @1.30pm You have proven you are the sleepy one for failing to notice.


Fake news @ 2.04pm. Sympathy vote. The guy who helped young Donald with his property empire and Trump Tower. When he contracted Aids Donald totally wiped him out of his life and pretended he didn’t exist. That tells you a lot.



It has to be said that Trump came across with all the grace and finesse of a street punk. Hardly presidential.


Biden ran for the presidency back in 1987/88 but had to drop out after three months, his campaign mired in controversy. The moderator had to mind him in the debate against Trump. He’s a front man for Harris. Some critics claim he was wearing a wire during the debate with the Don.


Needs him like it needs a proverbial hole in the head.

200K plus of his fellow countrymen have died from a virus he has never taken seriously – until now, perhaps.


What good is a Mass going to do him? May as well buy a pack of cider and drink it instead. We could offer the Mass then ourselves afterwards


@5:57: This clerical “offering mass” is a risible shibboleth perpetuated by RC clergy as some sort of efficacious panacea for all problems.
I found its best example in the Fr Ted episode where Fr Dougal was trapped on the milk float going round in circles to maintain sufficient speed to prevent an explosion. The cadre of priests solution to his problem: “Arrahh sure I’ll go and say a mass for him!”


I suggest@8:20 that when you accept that +Pat’s blog is a forum for discussion of religious affairs rather than the availability of sufficient resources to enable public sector workers to do their job effectively, you seek more informed objective analysis of such matters elsewhere than the sensationalist red top press.


8.20. Context is important for any worthwhile assessment. And I wouldn’t expect the Mirror to provide objective context.
My social worker cousin tell that she and colleagues are regularly forced to place vulnerable teenagers in unsuitable B&Bs because there’s absolutely no alternatives available. You, or the Mirror, referring to this as a dereliction of duty hardly provides reliable context.


On a different point from today’s topic-Are Catholic churches currently closed in Northern Ireland? I called in at St Bernadette’s in Rosetta today and it was all locked up at 3 in the afternoon. Is this normal for churches these days or for Belfast or for that parish in particular?


4.09pm Some critics claim you say lol. Catch yourself on you clown. How many are some and who are the critics exactly? You don’t know as you are talking through your backside.


Ignoramus, on several levels. Inform yourself and catch yourself on, silly boy.


8.22pm You fail to answer the questions. So easy and lazy to label someone an ignoramus.


454 million Euros! Aren’t the lilies of the fields that we in Ireland were always hearing about from altars, that neither wove or spun, wonderful little earners. My family gave away a lot of their money to clerics as charity, when they should have directed them to these lilies. After my family gave what they had away, they had to take the boat to Holyhead a country, according to preachers , steeped in sins of the flesh and heresy and the pursuit of filthy lucre. Where did we all go wrong?



More silliness. You’re the one into bully boy labelling from the safety of a keyboard.
You illustrated ignorance at 4:19 with your personalized abusive remarks. Educate yourself.


Well, I have, and I’m donating the lot to Peter’s Pence, in return for a Mass.
Cheap at twice the price. 👍


Pat, just been listening to a discussion on RTE Radio 1 re: women from all strata of society who had a webinar today about the abuse, harrassment, vulgarity and intimidation towards them expressed through social media and on a face to face basis. Their stories are similar to the horrendous abuse, vulgarity and personalised attacks which you allow against priests on this blog, all which cause much unnecessary distress to many, including their families. These women are calling for service providers who facilitate such platforms to be regulated by introducing a Social Media Personal Abuse Bill as they are doing in the UK. Your blog should be scrutinised by authorities to find validated evidence of the horrendous personalised abuse, harrassment and vulgarity which you facilitate by posting your contemptible, repetitive narrative, much of it motivated by hatred and vengeance. The women today have given me inspiration in pursuing a complaints procedure to WordPress…You cannot abrogate to yourself an uncontrolled authority through which you allow horrendous abuse be directed against named individuals.


It’s a free country, with freedom of speech. For the moment, anyway.


Priests and their families are not forced to read Pat’s blog. If they have hurty feelings they can avoid the blog.


Really 5:41 pm
Vulgarity, repetitive, distress, harassment, personalised attacks, abuse, callings for ‘personal abuse bills.’ Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
It sounds as though you are being kept in a state of modern-slavery and servitude, harshly oppressed, human rights ignored- violated even!
And denied correct judicial process to boot.
This is 2020 and we have international laws protecting us all from what you have mentioned above.
Thanks to modern technology slavery and oppression is easier to spot. And prosecute.


6.59: MMM – If it’s any comfort for you I will offer mass fir you: not for your conversion, but that you may cease being the condescending, smart alecy, ignorant, drunken fool you are morphing into on a daily basis. Your repeat rhetoric is both tiresome and print. All too predictable…What a sad, lonely life you seem to have!


@6:53: Why thank you sir! I’m hilariously comforted.
I don’t mind criticism of my views the least bit and you’re very welcome to do that,……especially if you could manage to provide even a small bit of contrary argument rather than personal attacks on me as an individual. I mean just where do you get the notion that I am a “drunken fool?”
The reality is that individuals like you appear unable to coherently articulate any, and I mean ANY, positive evidence of the veracity of your religious beliefs, your supposed raison d’etre. I suspect that it is frustration from this inability, and knowing you are living a lie that causes so many of you to show yourselves up by your intemperate comments to this blog. And for supposed exemplars of “Christian living” some of your intemperate comments here simply add to our increasing knowledge of your clerical cousins financial, sexual and physical abuses.


I am not sorry to see the KIP close.
The Christian Brothers should hand it over to the homeless and pay off abuse victims.
Br. Ed Garfuk my gicker.


Emmaus was a beautiful sacred space with woodlands walks. The problem with Emmaus was the commercial ethos and the terrible attitude with some of the lay management.


They have paid in excess of €176 million. If they paid with their blood some would still want more.


9:44pm whose blood? The blood of the children they abused? Go and read the Murphy Report. Pig.


8.20: MMM has been asked before about such issues re: his former profession. He keeps very quuet about the horrendous negligence of his profession. One wonders why? Speak up Mournie Maggie from the Mournes. You are very quick to condemn all others. Be a brave man!


MMM is a socialworkerbot. He defends them, come what may. He even defends Sharon Shoesmith of the notorious Baby P case.
I worked as a civil servant in the second busiest family court in NI. I used to watch children who were looked after (misnomer of the year) by social services, and I’d watch individual children go through the family court, then a few years later the same children would be up before the youth court on their first of many charges, before a few years later appearing in the magistrates’ court, followed by prison.
Throughout their young lives they were looked after, badly, by a sucession of social workers who had taken over parental responsibility through the courts, and had even taken the children they were supposedly looking after, to court for the likes of breaking a window in the children’s homes.
In very few cases did it appear that the young people had benefited from the ministrations of family team social workers, many of whom were childless but self-proclaimed experts on children and families.
But don’t worry, MMM will say they are great and come out with the bone idle public servant line about lack of resources, even though a child in care has more money spent on them than a child in Eton.


10.36: Excellent and so true. MMM won’t have the moral courage to admit such reckless behaviour and abysmal failures in his profession. He’s a coward. Even Pat agrees with the pathetic and fatal failures of social workers.


And the source of your analysis, @ 10.36, of expenditure on resources is ??????
To refer to your point on child care costs, is it of interest to the public to know that when “charities ” (so called), like Barnardos, NSPCC, CHILDRENS SOCIETY, and the like provide a service to councils, they charge the council the FULL cost of the service. For a residential placement this will include not only a child’s food, clothing etc, but also staffing, property maintenance and depreciation.. So councils financially unable to build and staff their own homes are forced to buy-in from quasi charitable and private sector providers all capitalising on charitable status or other tax breaks. This is the reality of the Tory government private sector provision, ……driven as always, by the profit consideration.
I used be familiar with, and disgusted by it. As example: With a previously neglected three years old child needing adoption located far away from its inadequately abusive but scheming high profile wealthy single parent, in approx 1995 it cost my then employer thousands of pounds to obtain a suitable placement via a national adoption charity .
This was then, and still is even worse, the reality of public sector provision.


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