by JD Flynn

Denver Newsroom, Oct 1, 2020 / 10:48 pm MT (CNA).-  

On October 6, 2018, the Holy See announced a review of its files and archives pertaining to Theodore McCarrick, the former Archbishop of Washington, D.C, who is now laicized and living in disgrace, a known sexual abuser who has offered no public words of repentance.

— A global pandemic swept across the globe, locked down nations for months, crippled economies, and killed more than 1 million people.
In the same timeframe, here’s what has not happened: The publication of the Vatican’s report on Theodore McCarrick, his rise to power, those who aided him, those who looked the other way, and those he harmed.

The report, by many accounts, is completed. It has been rumored frequently to be on the verge of publication. But it remains unpublished.

This means that if clerics in Rome or the United States were complicit in McCarrick’s misdeeds, their complicity goes apparently unacknowledged and unaccounted for.

That if there are as yet unrecognized victims of McCarrick, they might be still unheard, or God forbid, or unhelped.

That if there are lessons to be learned from McCarrick’s 63 years of priestly and episcopal ministry, behind which were hidden lies, deceptions, and abuses, they have gone as yet unspoken and unheeded.

Still, that the McCarrick report is unpublished does not mean nothing has been done to address clericalism, abuses of power, and episcopal misconduct or negligence since the investigation began.

The Holy See has developed new policies and procedures. So has the U.S. bishops’ conference.

Even a few diocesan bishops have begun reforms of the particular diocesan law that sets standards on clerical conduct.

And investigations into several bishops accused of malfeasance have begun.

One ended with the resignation of a diocesan bishop. One ended with the resignation of an auxiliary bishop who failed to disclose allegations of priestly sexual misconduct, although, in fairness, that auxiliary bishop remains a priest in good standing.

Other investigations continue. The investigation of a Minnesota bishop began, and was eventually concluded by the Holy See with a call for more investigation, which, as of now, remains ongoing.

In some dioceses, laity have been given a greater role in assisting bishops to address allegations of clerical misconduct with adults. That comes with mixed reviews.

While in some dioceses, it is clear that lay expertise has proven a helpful tool, in other dioceses, priests and some Catholics conclude the pendulum has swung too far, and the rights of due process and a fair hearing have been jettisoned in the name of “transparency” by bishops hoping to prove they take seriously what McCarrick’s superiors apparently did not.

In some places, priests have told CNA, that amounts to lay boards with near absolute power over how a priest accused of misconduct will be treated, regardless of his rights in canon law.

Some priests tell CNA that because bishops “messed up,” their priests pay the price. One priest, who says he was denounced as an abuser even while he was cleared of wrongdoing, has sued his archdiocese, and his archbishop, for more than 2 million dollars.

One priest told CNA that bishops who failed in the past to punish abusers made the mistake of substituting their judgment for the law of the Church; bishops who now fail to afford due process to the accused, he said, make the same mistake.

On the other hand, one change regarded almost universally as positive is that in the two years since the McCarrick investigation began, the voices of victims have begun to be heard more clearly.

Groups like Spirit Fire, and Catholics like Teresa Pitt Green and Luis Torres have helped the entire Church to understand how profoundly destructive clerical sexual abuse can be.

Still, the report remains unpublished.

Theories about its absence abound. Some have speculated, morbidly, that the Holy See is waiting for the deaths of senior Vatican and U.S. figures at whose feet blame can be laid.

Others suggest, cynically, that the Holy See may be waiting until litigation windows close, or even until the conclusion of capital campaigns.

Still others theorize that the investigations of attorneys general in New York and New Jersey has slowed the release of the report.

Any of those might be true, or the reason might be something completely different. Pope Francis has often indicated that he will not be rushed on matters of this kind, and in some cases, though not all, his deliberative pace has led to positive resolutions.

When it comes, the report will probably not be easy reading for most Catholics. It will likely contain genuine scandal. It may well plunge Catholics back into the frustration, despair, and anger they experienced in June 2018, when news of McCarrick first emerged.

But until it comes, it is for many Catholics a kind of scandal in abeyance, an ominous absence they do not understand.

It is clear that the publication of the McCarrick report will not be a deus ex machina moment that sets to right all problems in the Church.

It is as likely to cause new problems as to solve old ones.

But after two years of waiting for the Vatican’s report, many Catholics are eager to move forward, regardless of what the report might contain.


The delay in the publication of the McCarrick report is a total disgrace.

The delay is totally down to Francis.

The finished report has been on his desk for ages.

He is personally delaying it.

It shows him up primarily – for overturning Benedict’s ban on McCarrick.

It will also, if its telling the truth, be critical of many cardinals, bishops and others on both sides of the Atlantic.

Francis – let the puss flow out.


Good to see that the vote on euthanasia in Ireland has passed it’s first stage in the Dail today (Wednesday). People here should have the right to die, the right to have a termination and equal rights in all aspects of society.


10.56: A horrendous decision. We should read professional medical reports from Holland, Belgium and elsewhere to know the route any euthanasia bill will go. Huge concerns are now being expressed by professional psychiatrists, psychologists and other professional groups about what is happening. I suppose we’ll be told, as we were, with Remove the 8th, that abortion would only be legal, safe and rare. Now look what’s occuring – abortion on demand!


If people want equality in life issues they should be prepared to accept equality with death issues.



I know little about palliative care, but hasn’t euthanasia-by-another-name been available to certain categories of patient for yesrs through self-administration of pain relief that will, eventually, kill them?


If we permit a culture of euthanasia, won’t it pressurise sick people to opt for earlierdeath rather than to be a bother?


5:36 pm
I’m getting concerned, Bella. 😮
4:33pm was not Patsy. 😡 You reckoned incorrectly, Bella.😜


+Pat has written – “Francis – let the pus flow out.”
Bishop, he can’t stop it. The Vatican and the Hierarchy have no control over the internet or Social Media. “Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small”.
For example, In Australia a day or so ago one of the Church’s main defences against child-sex- abuse claims (The Melbourne Defence, architect Cardinal Pell) was destroyed by a ruling of the Supreme Court of Victoria,
“The Supreme Court of Victoria has overturned a Deed of Release signed by a victim of child sexual abuse, who was paid $32,500 by the Catholic Church in 1996 in exchange for his silence and no further legal action.
The landmark decision will enable two things: For this particular victim to now sue the church for damages, and secondly, pave the way for other victims to do so. It’s estimated that there are about 500 victims who signed similar Deeds of Release, often for small financial payouts, under the Catholic Church’s controversial “Melbourne Response … ”
The full story is at —


LORD LUCIFER (There is ample room in my ass for the remaining Catholic clergy.👹)says:

Wonderful news. Absolutely wonderful!
The sooner this evil cult, with its perverts, is dead and buried, the better. There will be no resurrection to prominence for its kiddie-fiddling clergy.
So much for Jesus’ flippant remark that the ‘gates of Hell’ (such a silly expression) would not prevail against it. We are doing very nicely, Nazarene!


Polly dear, you’ll soon know the the ‘gates of Hell’ isn’t a silly expression when you pass through them on your road to perdition. The Nazarene will make sure of that!


@ 5.50, still wishing people to Hell, Bella?
You’re a fine ambassador for Christ.


Who would want to be Pope ?! Francis is having to deal with an inbox of substantial problems. Becciu and now McCarrick. And there are probably a good few more that we don’t know about yet. I’m not sure that Francis’ judgement is that solid. Sacking Becciu without an apparent due process is just storing up resentment and trouble in the future for Francis. He may have done it “pour encourager les autres” and even though it might scare people for a while, they will be feeling resentful that one of their own has been dealt with so peremptorily and won’t forget that. Francis will not have made any friends in the Becciiu affair. In the matter of McCarrick, why exactly the report is being delayed I do not know. But, Francis will not come out of it well, especially given that he seems to have made an instant wisdom decision to ignore the judgement of Benedict in restricting McCormick’s movements and activities, and reintroducing him back to the centre. Why ? It’s baffling. I think that Francis pastoral instincts are good – smell of the sheep and all that stuff – but his decision making and his management skills do seem to be lacking. What a shit job he has.


For all his folksy smell of the sheep stuff, when push comes to shove Francis is a bit of a fascist and very autocratic. After all, he’s a Jesuit.



Francis’ pastoral instincts are good???

Where is your head, pal?

This guy returns to ministry pervert priests who go on to perve on kids again, and then face jail.

And he ignores allegations of priest-perving by victims in Argentina.

Again, where’s your head, pal?


3 20… Where your head is – up your back side with that pervy talk…filthy.mind…!!!


If Benedict ever restricted McCormick’s movements, he himself ignored that decision (starring with McCarrick at two social events in Rome), and so did McCarrick (telling McCarrick “we all love you” at a sycopantic social even in the USA). All this whille McCarrick was supposed to be restricted.


It was said the supressed KOB report could have burnt the vanish off BXVI desk. It’s probably still Georg Gänswein’s favourite bedtime reading.


10.19: You are a pervert. You do not add anything to debate. You are sick and I hope you are found out for your pornography…It does not belong to Pat’s blog.


And “Pat says”, along with the usual, predictable daily outpourings of hatred, bigotry, high dudgeon, hysteria and faux outrage on this blog achieves just what? A Whole Great Big Load of Nothing – that’s what.


Pat, how are all the wee Scotties? Is there nae a wee peep out of any them? You miss their wee melodious voices like a wee breeze blowing softly through the heather and thistles.
Wee Nichola Krankie was on the tv the other day doing a wee highlander fling of pure fury at all the cockwombles in Scottie Land who dinny ken about the wee Covid beastie.
Och the wee Krankie was absolutely beside herself with lividness. Her wee tam o’shanter was trimmering with outrage at all the thick as shite Scotties nae dayin as their tault by wee Nichola.
Och it’s all so sad this Coronavirus ballyhoo. Poor old Inspector Hamish Taggart and all his dosiers and meticulous research and investigations on all the bold wee bonnie laddies – years of sleuthing and monitoring various wee priesties – all in vain.
All his promised dosiers and exposures will never see the light of day – nae noo niver – right up yer kilt!
Och wull ye nay hay a wee dram afore ye go wee hen?


All the info I’ve given to this blog has been accurate and truthful. I broke the news about the Fr Neil McGarrity’s arrest, the Fr John Sweeney’s arrest, the Fr Tony Sweeney rent boy story, the story of the breakdown of Glasgow and Paisley gay Clergy relationship and the concerning conduct of one of them, and I named 2 of the accusers of KOB who remain to this day sexually active. What more do you want?


Taggart is a bullshitter. He is as stupid as his name even suggests. He only tells us what has already been in the Scottie papers or known generally by people already. What about the Lourdes photos you promised us Jock. Thought so! Nothing.


Och Inspector, compose yer wee sell. Sit doon an dinny tack on so. Is yer auld heed awreet? Wull ye hae a wee dram wee hen? Hitch up thon auld kilt til we tickle yer arse wi a thistle! Wull see ya later doon Sauciehall St och aye! 😂😂😂🥃🥃🥃


This Inspector Taggart is reminding me of the late Auld Mother Gossip who used too haunt this blog under various names. What do these vile gossips get out naming people they really are dross. What we want is for you to MYOB.


All my blogs on here have been before they hit the papers. The Lourdes story was a difficult one. I got hit with legal action that I couldn’t afford to defend! As well as that, one of the clergy involved asked me not to release his details as he was going through a nervous breakdown. As a fellow Christian and brother Priest, I obliged. Thanks


Hi Inspector. Keep up the good work, although be careful. I know you’re retired and in recovery, but big Phil and co are on to you and will throw you out of the Church property near Bellahouston Park if you aren’t more careful.



Jeez! Are you a fifth columnist?

If those creeps really don’t know who he is, they soon will. Church property near Bellahouston Park? A local bobby copper couldn’t give such identifying information.

Hey, Inspector! Take this guy seriously. He’s made you a threat, not given you a warning. He’s one of Phil’s boys.


New bishop of Dromore will be made public at Roman noon tomorrow, 11 in Newry. A fine young priest from Down & Connor. Rev Fr Eddie McGee.


Wasn’t Auxiliary Bishop Router appointed to oversee Dromore?
Also, isn’t the Church supposed to be consolidating dioceses wherever possible and not creating new bishops?


Lol Frankie is doing exactly what all the clergy who come on here saying they abHOr abuse are doing – talking about it and not doing anything. And then making out everyone hates them.
Unless any RC cleric is obeyed completely and his every whim followed by kow-towing flunkies, he always thinks he is being hated, because there can never be enough adulation for these narcissists.
If Frankie really wanted to sort out the church he could, but he doesn’t. And that goes for every prissy attention seeking cleric who comes on here with their FAUX charity.
Anyone for the sling in the Vatican?


Totally impossible to fill their need. That’s why so many have addictive behaviours.


6.22 Archdiocese of Glasgow has several properties around Bellahouston Park. All for retired, sabbatical, sick clergy.


The Church of Ireland bishops emphasize sacredness of human life in assisted dying debate. Meanwhile the Catholic archbolloxes write to government about masses in churches. They are missing the money. They must be fuming after months of loss of dosh. It’s the cash they want. Mass is only a pretext for extracting cash from the Faithful as they condescendingly call them. Bigger fools too wasting their dosh on Amy, Coddle and Kunty


10.30: The Catholic Bishops have also expressed their concerns about the euthanasia bill. Rightly they have sought a meeting with the government re: ooening if Chyrcges. The amount of emails, letters and phone calls I’ve received from parishioners is amazing. While I will respect all guidelines I am so sorry for the thousands who feel a great loss at not being able to gather for Mass and community connectivity. The spiritual well being is a legitimate concern. Obviously for a b****cks like You, it doesn’t matter.


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