Wed, October 7, 2020, Yahoo News

Cardinal Angelo Becciu was in charge of Church donations

A 39-year-old Italian woman confirmed Wednesday that she received 500,000 euros ($590,000) from the Vatican via influential Italian cardinal Angelo Becciu, forced to resign by the pope last month following accusations of embezzlement and nepotism.

“I didn’t steal a single euro,” Cecilia Marogna told newspaper Domani of the payments in tranches of tens of thousands of euros to her company based in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

Rather, “I have a letter from the cardinal giving me the right to travel and conduct diplomatic relations to help the Church in difficult countries,” she said, claiming to know “senior members of the Italian secret services”.

Marogna, 39, is like the 72-year-old Becciu a native of the Italian island Sardinia.

The payments to her came while Becciu was number two in the Vatican’s Secretariat of State, which manages the Church’s vast donations.

He has been accused of syphoning off funds destined for the poor to family members — a charge he denies.

Marogna denied being Becciu’s “mistress”, claiming that she is a “political analyst and intelligence expert” and developed “a network of relationships in Africa and the Middle East” to protect the Vatican’s representatives abroad.

Several Italian media outlets received anonymous envelopes with details from the accounts of Marogna’s company, Logsic.

Investigative TV programme Le Iene broadcast some of them showing spending of 200,000 euros on luxury products, including 8,000 euros at Chanel and 12,000 euros with Frau for an armchair.

“I think I have the right to buy myself an armchair after all that work!” Marogna said, claiming that she is an innocent victim of internal power struggles at the Holy See.

She added that some of the money had gone on a handbag she gave to the wife of a Nigerian friend, who she said had advised her on the dangers Vatican missions in African countries faced.


An armchair costing 12,000?

A handbag for a Nigerian friend?

Euros 8,000 for Chanel?

So this is what PETER’S PENCE is being spent on these days.

And are the laity still giving to Peter’s Pence?

Are they that imbecilic?

Its quite clear that many clergy, at every level, are squandering church funds on all kinds of luxuries for themselves, their sex partners and their family and friends.

Easy come – easy go!

Catholics have a huge moral responsibility to bring this to an end.


Having small medical procedure.


But Pat – this woman spent the money in her way and presumably on her own volition. I don’t know, as you don’t know – why she was given the money…Now that the Cardinal is stood down and rightly so, perhaps she is now a woman scorned with finances cut off. The retired cardinal is a disgrace. This woman is no better – spending 5miney on her friends…we need more information. This stinks.


The Vatican is disposing of charitable assets to meet the costs of the corrupt Chelsea investment. Yesterday’s Financial Times reported the following:
The Vatican has sold charitable assets to pay down a €242m loan that was partly used to fund a luxury London property development it says caused the Catholic Church “huge losses”, people with direct knowledge of the loans said.
The loan provided by Credit Suisse was secured against a portfolio of securities that the Holy See has described as “derived from donations” held in the Swiss bank’s Lugano branch, according to documents seen by the Financial Times.
News that Catholic charitable funds were mortgaged to make risky financial investments adds to recent revelations that Vatican officials who oversaw the donations were engaged in complex financial engineering, some of which the Holy See has said resulted in losses.
Last month Giovanni Angelo Becciu, the powerful cardinal who oversaw these investments between 2011 and 2018, was asked to resign by Pope Francis due to allegations of “embezzlement” against him not linked to the loans or London investment.
Cardinal Becciu denies any wrongdoing and has said he will defend himself against all allegations. The Vatican has not charged him with any crime. The Cardinal has repeatedly denied that charitable assets were invested in the London property development. However, he did not address questions from the FT about donations being used as collateral for loans used to fund investments such as the real estate development.
The Vatican, which declined to comment, was not forced to sell assets by Credit Suisse but chose instead to voluntarily reduce its debts to the bank, a person briefed on the transactions said: “The Holy See is trying to reduce its credit exposure.”


Pat, RTE 1 are showing a documentary – The Confessors – tomorrow night. It’s about priests in Ireland – real priests!!! Might be useful to watch it.


That programme may well be choreographed from within-Strictly Come Prancing. Find out who the production company is and follow up Keeeep Hunting


I’ll believe this if somebody shows me the armchair – and then I still won’t. On that scene you get asked to say something, then say something else . . . Everyone in the Secretariat knows the real story – and this isn’t it. No countries need nuncios, only pro-nuncios. Protecting church personnel per se is believable, but is only the “setting”.


A slut who knows how to charge. As you say +Pat very silly people who donate to this evil billion corporation. I hope I live to see the day St Peter’s is levelled and scrapped. People seem to be unaware of the financial and sexual abuse in this Church. For all that say bad things about you – I say eat it lick it snort it fxuk it as they do behind closed doors. Keep your eye on this and expose them. I am physically sick reading these stories.


What about all the money gone missing from parishes in Ireland? 90,000 here, 30,000 there.
Did you ever hear about all the money taken from the paris account in Kerry? The PP, left the check book with the curate. And guess what? The curate spent 30,000 on himself. But it was all hush hush because the curate’s family are big GAA. Begob and begorrah!


Easy come – easy go! Sounds like Kitty Kirby’s motto too, Bp Pat. Has our +Delia managed to shed light on the allegedly missing millions at Silverstream yet?


There is no evidence that this lady has committed any crime. I understand the importance of purchasing a comfortable armchair. I recently purchased a Conran for €5000, and it Is worth every cent. It is wonderful to see lay participation in the senior administration of the church.


I would not be surprised if some of the other monks who have apparently skedaddled may have dipping more than their wicks.


Boatloads of cash floating around with no accountability what so ever, what do you expect? Was Becciu way out of his depth, (a bit like Norma Foley), or, did he take a bung? He didn’t buy property in London, he bought a stake in a fund that owned property in London and then after being convinced by Mr. Mincione the fund owner that he was onto a good thing (like Cecilia Marogna) Becciu bought out the fund for a vastly inflated price, not only did he overpay but he also left the Vatican stuck with the debts the Fund had accumulated. Mr Mincione walked away from the deal with a handsome profit.
It also explains why the Captain, The King, Roaree, Mrs McCamley, Rawhide etc. weren’t fired, they didn’t have their fingers in the till, that apparently is the trigger, if you are bringing in the aforementioned boatloads of cash all sins will be forgiven.


The old shuntyard captain of Silverstream went from pleading “meagre means” in their 2014 newsletter to being investigated for (alleged) missing millions only six years later.


Financial creaming off is quietly endemic in most Catholic parishes and dioceses. Never mind in the Vatican. Parish finances are a grey economy, especially in respect of the priest and his living. He can sneak all sorts of personal stuff under the counter, fix up his house, buy furniture and computers and all sorts of stuff on the parish account, with no questions asked. I guess the rationale is that this is the quid pro quo for a small stipend. It is even worse with some of the priests from other countries who run parishes, especially where there is a strong sense of obligation to families back home – looking after mum and dad, paying for siblings’ education etc. You can bet that money is siphoned off and sent back abroad. I won’t mention some nationalities where this is endemic. I will just be told that I’m being racist. But, + Vincent is aware and won’t allow them to run parishes in his diocese because he’s had his finger burned in the past. Other bishops seem to be less concerned. Until they find the title deeds of the church and presbytery sold from under their feet ! Catholic parish finances are a mess. The next big scandal.


9.29: In our Diocese all Parishes are mandated to have a Finance Committee which supervises and overlooks all finances. It is not possible for a priest to sign a cheque alone: this must be done by 2 agreed signatories and all expenses outside of normal parish day to day running costs must be discussed at Finance Meeting. A regular record of income and expenditure is to be given at Finance Meetings. Personal items such as laptops, mobile phones, all furniture and other household expenses are NOT paid by Parish Accounts but out of a monthly Diocesan salary whuch each priest receives. All priest’s income and ecoenditure is audited by reoutabke accountancy firms on behalf of Revenue. Yes, you are being racist re: African clergy and disgustingly so. Has their presence lessened your income?? You are indeed a racist.


@5.14pm what planet are you living on? Best joke of the day – a parish cheque has to be signed by two people. Really? You don’t have a clue.


I think what I need to do to get the hat is to focus on fundraising and ignore everything else. #HarteWillBringInTheCash2020


Wayward clergy can find a ready welcome when acting as presbyter (in persona Christi) at a NCW eucharist. If unwelcome in a certain diocese (eg Portsmouth) the wayward could always volunteer to become itinerant in Cork or Belfast. Lady in question today could find solace there as well. Only saying like!


I’ve just had to delete my WhatsApp and reinstall because it’s playing up.
I have deleted and freshly installed using two-step verification and left two-step turned on.
It’s this inclement weather I’m sure.


You are a liar.

Can you prove that Pell’s accuser was ‘false’, ‘a liar’, in other words?

I believe that Pell is a dangerous paedophile, and that His Oiliness, Francis, is a fool and a hypocrite.

Look at the body language of these parasites: Francis is leaning as far from Pell as he can.

This picture expresses, without words, what the greasy Latino REALLY thinks of Pell.😃


3.02: God bless Cardinal Pell. I hope he will be able to get on with his life. Your hatred is well rehearsed and spewed out at this stage….hmmmm….hmmmmm…very well rehearsed.



O do shut up Polly and cease to weary us with your constant vile diatribes against an innocent man His Eminence George Cardinal Pell. You really are such a liar altogether and just can’t accept the truth. Can you prove any of your claims, No so keep quiet get out and look for gainful employment and stop being the parasite you have the cheek call everyone else


P f P@ 12:11.
I quote here from notes made this morning while listening to Prof Lawrence Krauss referring to his previous day’s debate with Cardinal Pell:
“I was amazed at his lack of understanding of evolution, ……when I asked him if he believed in evolution, and that we’re descended from apes, he replied ‘Yes, we’re descended from Neanderthals .’ When I pointed out to him that we are actually cousins of Neanderthals, he said, ‘How can that be for they’re extinct!’
Krauss went on to say he found Pell totally devoid of intellect and ungracious in his self belief inasmuch as he clearly had not read Krauss’s book ‘Something for Nothing ‘ yet criticised it while obviously demonstrating his failure to understand it while quoting a review he’d read of it.”
This was a YouTube discussion with Prof Richard Dawkins at an Australian University in 2012 I think. Well worth watching.


5.06: MMM – what a boring repetitive auld one you are!! This is about the third time you’ve made reference to and quoted the same article.. Are you stupid? Or just a narky, petty, vindictive, nasty hater?


Anon@8:09: Actually it’s the second time. But then one often has to repeat things for the slow learners.


🎵 Where have all the good priests gone?
🎵 Where have all the good priests gone?
🎵 Where have all the good priests gone?
🎵 Ever so far, far away. 😀



It is a global laughing stock, and it is making fools of its benefactors.


`Lucky you + Pat. Where I am they keep using the Covid stuff as an excuse for delaying my cataract surgery. It was even suggested that I might go private if I wanted it done quicker, to which I responded that I had private medicine – it’s called the NHS, in to which I have contributed huge amounts of money over a working lifetime through my taxes ! It’s shocking how the NHS, for all its heroic efforts in some respects, seems to find any excuse to delay when they can. I honestly think that some of the NHS people who haven’t been involved in the Covid crisis but were just put on slow time in the interim, now rather enjoy things being quiet and are in no hurry to get back to normal. Just saying…..


My cataract operation has been postponed twice now because of Covid. Maybe I should move to Larne if you are getting fast tracked there on the NHS. I was told that NHS hospitals in the North were carrying out very few
cataract procedures.


Hope you’re ok Patsy I had both cataracts done 4 years ago, be careful with the drops and you’ll be fine Please God. I was very nervous but it was not as bad as I thought, good luck to ya.


Nothing new under the sun.
Financial and sexual scandal two a penny when it comes to the Catholic Church I’m afraid.
Calvi scandal involved losses of over 1 billion – Vatican made payment of 250 million to pacify hostile and pissed off off investor losses.
Archbishop Marcinkus became International fugitive claimed diplomatic immunity – retired to Sun City – accused of embezzling 4 million dollars.
Archbishop Marcinkus famously said ‘You can’t run the church on a few Hail Marys.’ I doubt he even tried to.
I wonder how many priests were ordained by Marcinkus and where are they now?
Propaganda Duo (freemasonary) members included Calvi, Sinolla (mafia financier) and friend of Paul VI from his time in Milan.
Vatican finances, diocesan finances and corruption and gangsterism/old boys network/fiddling the books/shady deals and feathering nests goes hand in glove with Catholic Church at this (and probably every level).
They can’t be trusted to safeguard something as precious and priceless as children does anybody seriously think they can be trusted with money!! Cardinal Newman said all bow down before money and no one bows lower in worship and adoration than the Vatican and the church hierarchy in this regard!!
Using money from St Peters Pence is unforgivable and yet tragically forgettable because the faithful are like sheep and sheep follow they don’t rise up and revolt!!
Will things ever change and reform – I doubt it because the institution despite being incorrigible is also untouchable.


Hope you’re keeping well Bishop and the surgery was successful. You will be able to see clearer now. Is Mount Mellary still within your sight?


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