Archbishop Aymond reconsecrates church and altar; calls priest’s acts ‘demonic’

Christine Bordelon October 13, 2020 Catholic Herald

In an act of solidarity with the 350 parishioners of Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Pearl River, a visibly upset New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond celebrated Mass on October 10 for a second consecutive week for the parish and reconsecrated its church and its new altar.

The parish had learned a week before that its 13th pastor appointed in July 2019, Father Travis Clark, was arrested on September 30 for alleged obscenity with two women in their church.
Before he began celebrating Mass, Archbishop Aymond reiterated to those present his shock and anger over what happened — calling Father Clark’s behavior inside the church obscene. He said he knew the Sts. Peter and Paul parishioners were shocked and angry, too.

“The desecration of this church and altar is demonic, demonic,” he said. “Let me be clear, there is no excuse for what took place here. It is sinful, and it is totally unacceptable. Travis has been unfaithful to his vocation; he’s violated his commitment to celibacy; and also, he was using that which was holy to do demonic things.

“He will not be able to serve in priestly ministry, and he will not be able to serve as a priest anytime in the future.”

Archbishop Aymond encouraged parishioners to move forward and said God will move forward with them. He asked them not to judge the church or priesthood by the actions of a few priests.

“Let us continue to focus on the Lord Jesus and his mission and ministry here,” he said, and then introduced them to Spiritan Father Carol Schirima, who was in residence at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Slidell, Louisiana, as the new shepherd and administrator of the parish.

Just the week before on October 3, Archbishop Aymond celebrated Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul and heard the feelings of disappointment, anger and surprise from parishioners who never expected their pastor — whom several said was personable and involved in the church — would let them down as he did.

“I came last week and asked for God’s spirit to be in all the parishioners and in this place of worship, the church,” Archbishop Aymond said. “However, after hearing the details about what had happened, it was clear that there was desecration. In that case, the church requires that we consecrate the church and the altar.”

Father Clark, 37, was booked October 1 on obscenity charges, and the archdiocese removed him as pastor the same day. He is accused of engaging in sex acts with two women on a church altar, which is “clearly visible from the street,” the police report said. The two women, identified as Melissa Cheng, 23, and Mindy Dixon, 41,were booked on the same count as the priest.

Also on October 1, Father Patrick Wattigny, 52, disclosed his sexual abuse of a minor in 2013. The New Orleans Archdiocese immediately removed him as pastor of St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church in Slidell. Archdiocesan officials said law enforcement had been notified and the priest’s name will be added to the archdiocese’s clergy abuse report.

The previous wooden altar at of Sts. Peter and Paul Church was removed and burned October 9 and replaced with a wooden altar from St. Francis de Sales Church in New Orleans, which closed in 2008.

At the October 10 Mass, Archbishop Aymond blessed the people and the church with holy water. He used chrism oil and incense to bless the new altar and place a relic of Sts. Peter and Paul inside the altar, representing the risen Christ in our midst.

“The church is a very holy place and when a church has been used for unholy things and has been desecrated, we must drive away the evil spirit … and doing so we reconsecrate it to Christ,” Archbishop Aymond said.

Reconsecrating a church and altar signifies that the church and altar are set apart from any other building.

“It means the altar is not to be used for anything other than the worship of God,” said Betty-Ann Hickey, associate director of the archdiocesan Office of Worship. “It is really a sanctifying and setting apart, and means it is only for sacred use.”
Parishioners were thankful that Archbishop Aymond came to be with them during this trying time at Sts. Peter and Paul Church.

Cathy Downey, whose late husband, Pat, was a deacon, has been in the parish just shy of its founding 50 years ago. She said Sts. Peter and Paul parishioners are devoted to Jesus and are close-knit. In fact, the same night as the consecration, Downey was helping out with the parish’s 50th-year celebration, which had been delayed because of COVID-19.

“It’s like a church family,” Downey told the Clarion Herald, newspaper of the New Orleans Archdiocese. “The parish is really upset, but this event shows how the parish comes together. We are not going to let the devil take over. With Archbishop Aymond here and consecrating a new altar, we feel like the church is backing us up.”
Bonnie Milczarek, parish secretary and a 40-year parishioner, also expressed their distress.

“We’re glad that Archbishop Aymond came here,” Milczarek said. “He’s not only blessing us but ministering to us and our community. … The biggest thing is to have a new consecrated altar. … The people will see that it is holy.”

Archbishop Aymond acknowledged that it’s tough to be a Catholic today in the Archdiocese of New Orleans but said Catholics should remain steadfast in their belief in the church. There is a strong fraternity of good priests in the archdiocese who are equally upset and embarrassed as he is by recent events. He plans to meet with them in a few days to discuss what has happened.

“2020 has been a terrible year,” Archbishop Aymond said. “We have COVID, the reorganization of the diocese, financial challenges and now two priests who have been removed from the priesthood.
“I will discuss these things and others with the priests to be able to be in solidarity with their feeling of betrayal and to strive to move forward as we try to continue the ministry of Christ.,” he continued. “We will pray together and renew the promises of ordination for two reasons — it is appropriate, and secondly, we were not able to do it at the chrism Mass because of COVID.”
Christine Bordelon is associate editor of the Clarion Herald, newspaper of the Archdiocese of New Orleans


Sorry for being a bit absent in the past couple of days.

On Monday morning I had cataract surgery on my right eye. It was necessary because I was finding it difficult to read and had a major problem with night time sriving.

Currently in Northern Ireland we have an NHS cataract waiting list of two years plus.

A couple of years ago my optician encouraged me to join a partial private health insurance scheme that costs £ 10 a month.

Did so and have paid my monthly premiums. £ 10 a month is not a great burden by any means.

As a result I was able to have one eye treated on Monday and the second eye will be treated at the end of November.

The total cost is £ 5400 and will be paid for by the insurer.


At least the New Orleans man did something about the sex on the altar priest.


Whereas Crean in Cloyne did nothing after Big Mick Lomasney seduced the Maynooth seminarians on the altar in Kildorrey


What kind of mindset does a priest have to have sex on an altar that represents God and goodness.

But it can be a slippery slope from the dark room in the sauna to demonic sex on an altar.

The sexual appetite can grow to the point it cannot be satiated.

Satan has many of the clergy by the short and curries.

And his chief weapon these days is wild, out of control gay sex.

Some years ago a priest friend told me of a black Mass in the Vatican with different chalices contains human blood, semen and urine.

We have not even heard yet how deep these evils go.

We can hardly even imagine it.


The Archbishop in Louisiana did the correct action of reconsecrating the Sacred Altar. Bshop Cream should have done likewise to the desecrated altar in Kikdorrery. Pat, you draw very wild conclusions to the leaps of imagination you make.. perhaps you’ve made the same kind of journeys!! You seem all too familiar with erratic and sinful patterns of behaviour..


11:07 pm
Our ordinary human condition is one of sinfulness and patterns of behaviour; it is our openess and willingness to make good and positive change which counts. On the whole.

Clearly, the priest who desercrated the altar is in need of some very complex changes in his own life. However, I do agree he must never be put in a position where he could do such a thing again.

There is the outrageous sexual element to this- among other concerns- which make it a possible safeguarding issue: no room for taking risks here.
(some could argue that behind a bin shed may have been far more suitable a place- and somewhat less sinful… but he didn’t choose behind a bin shed: more’s the pity).

The desecration of the Lord’s table and that church- discussed in the above article- is just as demonically shocking as it is immature and lacking in understanding in respect to others and holy affairs (no pun intended! Honest…).


The Louisiana archbishop ensured that the incident will live forever in the minds of the faithful as a demonstration of the power of Satan. Bishop Crean ensured that the Kildorrery incident would be treated as a squalid misemeanour best forgotten. I’d say Bishop Crean showed more common sense and pastoral prudence.


Jesus Mary and Joseph I give you my heart and my soul. Jesus Mary and Joseph assist me in my last agony. Jesus, Mary and Joseph may I breathe forth my soul in peace with you.
Bishop please publish this prayer.


This goes beyond horror stories. All 3 apparently agreed with this activity. What exactly were they after. Blessings and I sense is fine for what it is worth It’s the heads that did this that need the blessings and purification hi


I don’t know her camp name, but I think Bp Crean was right to play down the novelty sex act in Kildorrey.


+ Pat, you are lucky to have got some private insurance, and then the cataract operation. I have always been able to afford private insurance, but have avoided it on principle, mostly because I believe that over a lifetime of work I have already paid in to my own private insurance, namely the NHS ! Also, because opting out of the NHS has a tendency to debase it and lead to a view of the NHS as the sink option for those who have no choice, That is dangerous. So, I stick with the NHS, but as a consequence have to wait, and wait…. ! I don’t make any judgement on you personally, but I do think there needs to be a solidarity in respect of the NHS and a view of the common good. Opting out undermines that. By the way, your optician will have been keen to get you in to the insurance scheme because he will have been getting a cut ! His encouragement was not entirely altruistic ! My optician and dentist are regularly trying to get me to sign up to a scheme, but go very quiet when I ask some probing questions, such as: “how much of what I pay goes in to your pocket ?” So, frustrating as it can be, I’ll stick with the NHS, like the vast majority of people who simply can’t afford private insurance premiums. I could afford them. I just chose not to.


I cannot afford full private insurance this is a partial insurance scheme that costs the the price if a packet of cigarettes or a bottle of wine a month. There are very few people, if any, who cannot afford 30 pence a day.


9:36 – does that mean that you would only shop in state-owned shops, like in Soviet Russia? Despite the billions poured into the grossly inefficient NHS there are huge waiting lists, now lengthened by the overreaction to Covid-19. There isn’t a single country on the planet that copies the NHS model.
Good on anybody who uses private heathcare. It means the waiting list gets shorter for everybody else.
If the NHS stopped spending millions on abortion there could be more cateract and other treatments.


1:28. I certainly wouldn’t want any NHS money spent on those “cateracts” (sic), whatever they are!


They were making a movie. Cheng has a gofundme page for her defence that has raised 10k for her defence.


I know the mentioned Maynooth Seminarian he is also implicated in several alleged Child safe guarding online allegations .


Given the amount of controversy around that particular seminarian, it is astonishing that he is still a seminarian! Are there some very high ranking notches on his bedpost?


Yes, we know who he allegedly is – “trolly dolly” and all that. What’s incredible is that he is still a seminarian!
With the amount of rumours circulating – and the extreme gravity of their content – one hopes that Éamon Martin has thoroughly investigated the accusations and is absolutely certain, beyond a shred of a doubt, that they are unfounded.
If this man is ordained – and goes on to cause scandal – there will be no excuse for his superiors.
Back in the day, if there was even a slight whiff of scandal around you, it was “goodbye”. There’s a STENCH around this fellow!
So is he the innocent victim of a carefully orchestrated smear campaign? Or is he being allowed to get away with bloody murder? On both counts WHY??? It’s bizarre.
If he’s the guy who had sex on the altar of Kildorrery Church with the priest – and he’s still in formation and not in jail – then one can only conclude that “they” need to keep him “sweet” and “on board”!!!
Crean in Cloyne is another pathetic excuse for a bishop. He typifies the episcopate in Ireland at present. Useless as tits on a bull, morally spineless and spiritually empty. A bankrupt leader and leadership.


Reading about such behaviour here, and abusive behaviour elsewhere previously, raises several key questions.
A) Were clerics responsible always so inclined, yet managed to conceal such inclinations during training? If so, what other behavioural characteristics went undetected? What does this infer concerning the quality of seminary training processes involved?
B) Did the relevant clerics’ understanding and respect for their religion’s tenets, and their role and responsibilities, change to such an extent as to induce such abhorrently disrespectful and abusive behaviour? If so, what factors contributed to such changes?
Other questions come to mind, as do possible responses.
Could it be that anaemic clerical formation processes produce weak individuals who emerge unchallenged to eventually find that in the real world, their raison d’etre is nothing but a meaningless sham? Is widespread abusive behaviour of clerics a reflection of this?


I think you are looking too deeply into it, they were making a movie to sell online to make a few quid that’s all.


I think for the women concerned this is clearly true – if indeed it was not in “public”. To a non-believer a church is just a building and sex is just sex – which is fine for them.
The issue here is the priest. This goes against everything he signed up for and publicly represented. What a hypocrite scumbag.


11.13: MMM – You’re a sham because recently you never listen to – or respect any point of view other than your already concluded judgments and your sneering contempt is utterly nasty. There are a myriad of reasons for errant and abusive behaviour among clerics. Bad formation is one: poor human developmental courses given, lack of on-going psychological development. In a priestly way of life, unless you are a solidly strong, faith-filled, prayerful and spiritual person, it is easy to stray. Also, the lack of day to day accountability and “aloneness” of priesthood are contributory factors. The growing feeling of irrelevance of our ministry in a fast material and secular society impacts on the well-being of priests. The leadership from bishops is miniscule and unvisionary. It is never easy to adapt to changes and we are in a huge time of change, spiritually, culturally, religiously, socially….politically. It seems to me that the unquestioned and unchallenged power of clerics up to recent decades has come back to bite us very hard. Much of what gave a purpose, relevance and meaning to our lives is swept from under us. Sadly, after 40 years, I feel totally on the fringes and know the impact of changes only too well. I have to rediscover my purpose anew each day. What I find most disconcerting and disilusioning is the constant lie that all priests are crazy, inhumane, stupid, fools…as evidenced in the condescension of MMM and others, that we are second class citizens…. and that we deserve shabby treatment.


@12:18: April from your first and last sentences, your comments ring true. You seem not to note that in previous comments I regularly acknowledge the genuine pastoral behaviour of some clergy.
Your final sentence “disillusionment ” is noted. The condescension is deserved, perhaps not by you personally, but by your “profession ” in general.


Where you hit the nail on the head is that the previous prestige is biting you.
In return what I find very disconcerting is the ongoing privilege and entitlement exhibited by some other priests – rather than the reaction you show. You see the reality for what it is however the challenge for your profession remains an appropriate response to the situation, which in general terms I’m not seeing.
Certainly the behaviour of many commenters here shows your church up in a bad light, and I am afraid the attitudes demonstrated indicate this will not be changing any time soon.


I think you are looking too deeply into it, they were making a movie to sell online to make a few quid that’s all.


I was given details of this blog by a fellow lapsed Catholic. I visited Scottish Salamanca College many years ago as a guest of a cousin who was a Priest. Within 2 hours I was propositioned by 2 seminarians. One had his todger out and asked me to suck him off before he went to class, the other asked me if I was top or bottom. I was only 19 at the time. Later on during my week trip, I visited a few restaurants with my cousin and saw some seminarians and staff up to no good. The staff were dining with local nice looking guys, I saw one seminarian and a local camp lad holding hands in the street and then snogging in a door way and on the last night of my stay, another seminarian entered my room and offered me oral sex! Nothing changes I see. A google search confirms 2 of them are still Priests. I wonder if they were just going through a phase.


Nah, it wasn’t a phase. It was the accepted culture. Encouraged even. Have it all. Whilst at the same time telling the world that you are celibate. Dishonest. Dysfunctional. Arrogant. Entitled. Clericalism.


You have reported this tosh before so don’t pretend you’ve only been made aware of the blog. You are a liar. I remember this story before on this blog. You are also a fantasist.


1.20 I’ve never been on this blog! If someone reported a similar story then that backs me up. Sounds like you are a Priest offender


I wonder if this is the same gay stalker of the Paisley seminarian that was mentioned on here recently?


Anyone know the position around Permanent Deacons wearing clerical dress? I’m
advised that in Lancaster and Salford Diocese for example, the previous Bishop’s Secretary banned it, but in most of the Scots Dioceses, all the Deacons wear the collar which is confusing. Not sure what the position is elsewhere. Presume Bishop’s make their own rules despite there being a Universal Church? Thanks


There being the school in Slidell (which is handy for New Orleans) both had been chaplain of, if elements in the archdiocese’s deployment section don’t pray enough about – and in – their jobs, clergy of a “requisite” type risk keeping being repeatedly deployed to that locality. (Can video makers pay a hire fee to hire premises? Do “saunas” charge dues?) The prayer at 11.25 p.m is right. (Bp Pat keep up those drops on time.)


And because liabilities who think they can feature in porn at the same time, are found suitable for ordination!


My statement at 3.45 wasn’t an implicit admission that Romanist priesthood was once successful.
My point is that it NEVER can be successful PRECISELY because it was unintended by Christ. Hence, it fails. Always has. Always will.


Fortunately not@6:11. I was never so naive as to have contemplated entry into such a charade of smoke, mirrors and escapism. But I have known some ex priests and seminarians. I found them much more clued-up and well rounded than “successful ” clerical RC wishy washy windbags. aka the “non-spoiled?


3.45: You keep repeating your usual. The problem with priesthoid and the Church is not that Christ never intended such – but that they are not imitating Christ in fullness or his gospel. Tell us your illuminating analysis.


Lol ‘spoiled priest’ – there isn’t a priest who isn’t a spoilt little prince, that’s what it’s about.
It is a badge of honour to have got out of seminary when you realise it is a racket, or better still to have been kicked out. Look at this priest today who went through the system 🤣


You stated it in your post.
What part of my comment at 3.45 did you find difficult to understand?
I should have thought obvious the implication of Romanist priesthood’s not being intended by Christ: it can do nothing BUT fail.
The history of this priesthood is one of utter and abject moral failure. And this is only the history we know of.


Well you certainly got the badge of honour, as you were kicked out unceremoniously when you were found unworthy. What an escape we all had, it would have been a disaster if you’d sneaked through, let us thank Almighty God for that.


@9:30: You appear to be unaware of the many times this individual has refuted this unfounded assertion and challenged anyone to prove it. Can you?
But perhaps you’re not unaware?
Perhaps you’re just another 😔 😳 😌 🤧 😏 I’ll refrain.
Enough comments have already been made about your type.


Bp Pat, you still seem obsessed with Kildorrey. Please avert your gaze from the late protagonist’s length.


8.14: Your comment is indecipherable – confusing even! If priests in general and the Church as a community acted just like CHRIST and lived the gospel values truly, fully and with commitment and holiness, I believe we’d have more authentic witnessing of CHRIST. But we are human beings with strange propensities for wayward, abusive and hurtful behaviour, all of which is never justifiable in any situation or way of life and in some cases – in the Church institution particularly, any criminal or abusive behaviour is morally reprehensible and deserving of civil law justice. I have been fortunate to have worked with some “wonderfully” committed men as priests who gave totally of themselves selflessly and who always endeavoured to be CHRIST. Their witness often shamed me in my paltry and shabby efforts and responses.


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