Amy communicated with the Armagh clergy together in recent days to ask them to accept a 25% cut in wages.

There was all out war and the Armagh clergy told Amy to put his pay cut where the monkey put his nuts.

Amy was left with her tail between her legs.

One senior Armagh cleric was heard saying:

“What credibility Amy had – and that was precious little – is now gone”.


I wonder what Amy’s wages and expenses amount to?

In 1983 Cackle Daly asked for £ 120.000 a year to support himself and two auxiliaries.

£120,000 in 1983 is £ 407,607.29 today.

So if three bishops get £ 407,607.29 then one bishop gets £ 135,869.

Does Amy and other bishops get £ 135,869 between salary and expenses?

If they do then they get about £110,000 per annum more than priests.

Or do bishops, like in the past, have a free hand with diocesan funds?

Bishop Michael Brown of Galway used to have a cigarette box in his study with special cigarettes with His Lordship the Bishop of Galway printed in gold on each cigarette!


Brown also liked champagne every afternoon at 4 pm with his afternoon tea.

We know Diarmuid Martin’s extravagance is business class flights.

Eaton Casey liked cars, women and cognac laced with milk.


Mc Quaid liked his black limousin with darkened windows and a Citroen DS for informal driving with his chauffeur.

Presumably, bishop’s salaries come from public donations?

Why are their wages and expenses not published?


News in – the PP of Toomebridge is ill.

FROM 2017

Duneane parish priest Fr Patrick McWilliams marks ordination golden jubilee 10 August, 2017 01:00

Fr Patrick McWilliams, parish priest of Duneane in Down and Connor, has marked the golden jubilee of his ordination to the priesthood.

Fr McWilliams was born in The Moorings, Creagh in Toomebridge – right beside his current parish – and returned to the area just over 20 years ago.

He attended Anahorish school until the age of nine, when his family moved to Portstewart, and from a young age he developed a love of animals and the outdoors – he still enjoys these today, as the community learned when they gathered for Mass to celebrate the anniversary in Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Moneyglass.

Bishop Farquhar and Fr Luke McWilliams celebrated Mass, which had been organised by the Duneane parish pastoral council.

Stories were shared of Fr McWilliams’s time in Belfast, where the greater part of his formative years as a young curate and as a parish priest were spent in Turf Lodge and in Polegate.

These were difficult times; Turf Lodge was a parish starting from scratch – it wasn’t only a church, schools, and youth facilities that had to be built; a community had to be gathered, as the people had been uprooted from their homes and were feeling isolated.

Fr McWilliams’s first move to parish priest came at an unusual time. He remembers that his phone rang in the early hours of the morning, and he expected it to be a sick call. It was, in fact, Bishop William Philbin, asking him to take on the role of PP of the newly established parish of Poleglass.

He agreed to take the job but lay awake wondering had it been a prank call – surely a Bishop wouldn’t ring at 4am?

He celebrated his silver jubilee in Poleglass and shortly after that he was transferred to Duneane, and Moneyglass and Toome.

The crowds assembled in Our Lady of Lourdes Church were a testament that in Duneane, just like in his earlier parishes, Fr Paddy has the support of the community.

He was congratulated on his golden jubilee – a night of nostalgia and for reminiscing, but also a night to look forward.


Money not coming in, no interest or negative interest on deposits. The tide is going out. Eamonn Casey’s misuse of funds had a huge phycological effect on, as Pat would say, “the holy water hens” many of whom just stopped giving to the church. Most churchgoers are in their sixties and may not be familiar with online donations.


“Diarmuid Martin spent more on flights in a 5 year period than most peoples salaries in a life time” – Joe Merrick


I can assure you there has been no gathering of Armagh clergy in recent days. Not only would this not happen during this time of pandemic but it is simply not true.


From an article published three years ago regarding the assets of D&C, it is understood that a curate’s annual salary is £15,000, rising to £16,200 for a parish priest while a bishop earns £19,500.
The article also says it is the first time a Catholic Church diocese has had its funds made public through the north’s charity regulator.
There is no mention of the fabled gold door knobs.


There is no way that Noel Treanor’s total income is £ 19,500. That would not cover £69 bottles of wine and his travel.


I imagine that type of expense will be allocated to entertainment expenses.

The salaries quoted will be “all found” as they used to say with everything provided, such as food, electricity, heating and laundry, etc., at no additional cost.


Oh dear, life is becoming hard for priests ! 25% cut in income, the Boiler House closed, flights to the sun limited, more surveillance of the roads and lay-by by the police. All they can do now is stay at home and pray their breviary. Or do porn. Or Grindr. Or play with themselves. My heart goes out to them.


Let’s get real about clergy stipends / income. It’s not astronomical, but let’s remember that it is a base level for starters, and that in the clerical culture there are all sorts of benefits in kind, both transparent and hidden, that the priest is able to access. Housing, heating and lighting, food and drink, access to the parish accounts, access to the parish collections, access to the candle boxes etc. etc. The list goes on. Priests are able to buy things for their own use which the parish pays for. So, it’s not such a bad life. It’s just another example of the rather strange clerical culture that our priests live in, which is opaque and not completely above board. What you see is not what you get. I don’t think that’s healthy, either for us or for the priest himself. It’s just another example of clerical exceptionalism and specialness, which as we know can so easily lead to more sinister behaviour. So, I would suggest that bishops look at the clerical economy and come up with a system that is above board and honest, and doesn’t require a priest to be economical with the truth about where his support and keep comes from. It might mean raising the priestly stipend rather than cutting it, but as long as it was clear cut and honest, that would be to the advantage of everybody.



I cannot work out whether you are a spoiled priest, or a bitter divorcée, or a feminist cat lady.

Whatever you are, surely you’d be happier as an Anglican than remaining in the Church with your anti-clerical derangement syndrome?


None of those, dear. Mind you, it’s easy to tell that you are an angry, defensive priest, who knows what I write at 9:37 is true, and you can’t stand it that we know….


10.05: I’d say that 9.37 is a combo of all three and more: a liar, distorter and a begrudger. It’s amazing how some twats get into an apoplectic tizzy re: priest’s salary, as if we should be like Pat, renting our services out all over the place. If I could do that I’d be blessed and happy…what a fortune I’d have. Get a grip, miss catty face.


Oh dear, @ 2:28 – your already rent yourself out, don’t you ? Mass stipends, baptism stipends, wedding stipends, funeral stipends……you are a jobbing priest, and you rent yourself out. Get it ?


And, of course, every time they visit a parishioner at home, they won’t leave empty-handed, something will be pressed into their hand.


For example, “here, get yourself a packet of fags, Father.”

Or a pack-of-three in Dom Richard’s case.


10.55: You are right. As the gospel says – the labourer deserves his wages – stop being a begrudger and a spiteful little bitch. Jealousy is a cancer….


5.26: Ahhh…but – I am a Roman catholic priest who celebrates the sacraments of the Church and I minister to the pastoral and spiritual needs of parishioners. My salary is paid for by people’s donations, whatever they may be and I am grateful for their support. I know you’re being tongue in cheek but if you require a baptism or pastoral care in any way for yourself or a family member, my time and my ministry are totally free. You are more than welcome…If you offer me a donation, fine – and if not, it wouldn’t bother me. Thankfully parishioners are exceptionally kind and very generous and not at all begrudging. Would it annoy you to know that today a parishioner brought two beautifully prepared dinners, scones and lovely apple crumble. If you’re close by I’d gladly share with you. Definitely.


The whole farce is that the begrudgers, moaners, malcontents and mad menagerie of spoiled priests, atheists, queens and spinsters who comment on the blog are not Massgoers, haven’t been for years and last made a financial contribution to the Church years ago, if at all.

The Lord says that the labourer is worthy of the hire, and Catholic social teaching accords to human beings the dignity of the right to a home, shelter and the necessities of life. So shut up with the begrudging. It is a very undesirable trait among we Irish.

It would be different if people here were taxed or we were back in the days of Irish people having to pay tithes to the Anglicans, whether they were Anglican or not, or the deplorable church tax in Germany, so beloved of the liberal German Catholic Church.

Anyone who contributes to the Church in Ireland or the UK does so with their own money, using their own free will.


And@3:29, fortunately we do have free will, both in the sense of freedom of choice, and to wilfully exercise that freedom by refusing to contribute to such an unworthy institution.
Your whole rant, especially the second paragraph, assumes, without good reason, that your church institution has significance validated on evidential truths. That ,for starters, is patently untrue, but also, and significantly, it is an already wealthy institution whose hierarchical overlords and lower echelons of clerical workers have shown such disgraceful behaviour as to warrant having their property sequestered, not enhanced.
Of course you won’t agree. But rather than attack me, just consider that I am merely articulating a common perception rapidly increasing everywhere. Don’t like it? Tough luck!


Hey MMM. Unlike the free will offerings I make at Mass, which I can stop and start at my discretion, I have no choice over paying taxes to fund social workers and their gold-plated pensions and payoffs. You were schooled a few weeks ago in the fact that children “cared for” by social workers, cost more per annum than Eton, with such very much worse outcomes.

You could reflect on the fact that this week it was revealed that 10% of children adopted in NI go to gay couples. 10%! And almost as many go to childless single people.

So I won’t take any lessons from you.


@8:06: if you are interested or concerned about social work issues I suggest you research them to allow you to opine in an informed manner on appropriately and relevant forums.
Some commentators might criticise your comment by pointing out that it is simply a puerile ad hominem attempted diversion from discussing whether or not subsiding the RCC is in any way sensible. I won’t make any criticism of your inability to deal with the issue: no point.


The auld bitch was perplexed with the uproar. Someone told her to move across opposite the cathedral into clergy house.


11.45: You are a reckless, selfish, dangerous pervert. A lover of porn. When you get STD or HIV, remember your stupidity and dangerous irresponsibility.


Filthy remark which should be deleted. This is supposed to be a Christian blog. The young priest does not deserve that comment. Wash your mouth out!!! That is a very dangerous comment. Are young men at risk from you?


I see bunny in Birmingham is following in Elsies footsteps having an ex Anglican as an Auxiliary in David Evans.


Twenty-five percent reduction is a lot to expect. I wonder what little luxuries +Turtle allows herself daily? I imagine an expensive watch and a luxurious mattress are amongst her prized possessions. A signature scent will also be a must-have.


12.35: What kind of sick saddo are you? If you are a cleric, which I think you may be, you are nasty. Only bitching queens ascribe effeminate names to one another. You ought to be ashamed of your slutty, smutty crappy mind. A gutter brainless twit. P.S. – don’t forget to take off your pinkie dress before you put your priestly vestments on for mass!! We wouldn’t like to find out your truths, would we?


2.17: Your intelligence level is up your backside. What a supercilious, silly comment. Humour – stay in the loo!!


Dearest Pat, please tell us you’ll have an update over the weekend on Mellary. Have you noticed that certain serial commentators go silent once he’s mentioned here. They’re all on tinder hooks or even Grindr hooks!


Please, it can’t be about Dom Richard all the time, there are others you know. But here something to keep you going meantime.


It was nice reading about the +Aul Doll again, Bp Pat, and speculating on her income and wealth, although it seems her vulgar appeals for donations at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic have gone largely ignored.
Also, I see the Belgian King Philippe meets half-sister Princess Delphine for the first time.


Coddle active on the national newspapers this week! One of his complaints was that his car was rocked by demonstrators which I found surprising given his Italian adventure.


6.20: MMM – I say “here goes again…” Your bar stool rhetoric is very difficult to take from someone whose profession is mired in devastating poor reports in its negligenve of children, young people, parents and guardians. You are on a pretty good pension fund, paid for by our taxes. So, your begrudging of clergy receiving “a paltry salary” by way of donations is inherently hypocritical and blindingly contradictory. You receive far more from the public purse than a household would in 5 years or even a lifetime. But that aside, your repeat anti clerical narratives are tiresome. You have said this repeatedly. I know that the work of my local priest is marked by his obvious goodness, care, kindness and pastoral outreach, even in these painful times. That’s why when auld, narky, bar stool gobshites like you express such disdain, you deserve only misery and contempt. Perhaps for the deep hurts which, under your social work portfolio, you caused to families, you might get out of your comfy, selfish world and do some kind act for a needy family. Failing that, you might return some of your largesse in pension to a family support charity.


My my@8:40, is it the Daily Mail, Sun, or Star that makes you so well informed? Can I make the same suggestion as above, that you do some proper research before venting your ad hominem prejudices.


8.40, are you just pissed off and blindly jealous that he had sense enough to quit the clerical cabal, work in public services ( paying all taxes, national insurance, and employer superannuation contributions) and now enjoys the benefits of that foresight. Meanwhile you clergy’s past privileges have gone, leaving you having to suck up to that fine body of men otherwise known as the hierarchical half wits.
Is that what REALLY pushes your buttons?


Eamon Martin has all the materials related to the subversive activity of an illegal Maynooth network in which senior Irish Clergy and Irish Seminarians are part of. The network is model of McCarrick’s. Eamon was briefed on the events in Prague, Boston and New York in which a senior Priest organized gay orgies and escorted a select group of seminarians into a gay sauna in Prague.


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