Stories are emerging from various international sources of Kirby’s strange life of homosexual orientations/actions and his efforts to come across as a holy monk.

He has also portrayed himself, internationally, as a man to whom Jesus speaks to from the Eucharistic Tabernacle.

He has confessed to several people about his life as an active homosexual monk.

He has indicated his homosexual activity both inside monasteries and outside of them.

One person remembers being present when Kirby introduced himself to young men as “a same sex attracted man”.

Much of this behaviour happened in Canada.

I could go into more detail – and will if necessary.

His behaviour in Canada, etc, gives massive credibility to the complaint made by the now “missing” Silverstream monk.

This monk spoke of Kirby asking him to look under his clothes at an alleged insect bite and then showing the younger monk his genitalia.

The exclusion if men over 35 years old from Silverstream is a very strange requirement. Has this anything to do with Kirby’s personal predelicitions?

It has become absolutely clear that Kirby is not suitable to monastic life and most certainly not suitable to be a monastic superior involved in the formation of young men.

There are you men responsible for sorting out Silverstream:

1. The Bishop of Meath. Tom Dennihan.