Stories are emerging from various international sources of Kirby’s strange life of homosexual orientations/actions and his efforts to come across as a holy monk.

He has also portrayed himself, internationally, as a man to whom Jesus speaks to from the Eucharistic Tabernacle.

He has confessed to several people about his life as an active homosexual monk.

He has indicated his homosexual activity both inside monasteries and outside of them.

One person remembers being present when Kirby introduced himself to young men as “a same sex attracted man”.

Much of this behaviour happened in Canada.

I could go into more detail – and will if necessary.

His behaviour in Canada, etc, gives massive credibility to the complaint made by the now “missing” Silverstream monk.

This monk spoke of Kirby asking him to look under his clothes at an alleged insect bite and then showing the younger monk his genitalia.

The exclusion if men over 35 years old from Silverstream is a very strange requirement. Has this anything to do with Kirby’s personal predelicitions?

It has become absolutely clear that Kirby is not suitable to monastic life and most certainly not suitable to be a monastic superior involved in the formation of young men.

There are you men responsible for sorting out Silverstream:

1. The Bishop of Meath. Tom Dennihan.

2. The temporary superior of Silverstream – Brendan Coffey the Abbot of Glenstal Abber, Limerick


The day to day running is now in the hands of Coffey.

Coffey is the one doing all the communications about Silverstream with everyone else.

Coffey is not coping well.

He seems to have invited Kirby back to live in Silverstream.

And he seems to want to protect Kirby at all costs – even though his protection of Kirby is coming across as hysterical.

I must ask ‘has someone got something on Coffey?

Of course Coffey’s job is made more complicated by the ight of his fellow visitor DOM Purcell of Mount Mellary who is now under investigation for sexual matters himself!

Imagine! Purcell is investigating Kirby!

A further complication for Coffey is the rumour that two Glenstal monks are linked to Purcell!

Are we beginning to see the bursting of a big anurism in the belly of Irish monasticism?

And poor old Coffey is trying to stem the bleed.

Kirby needs to retire away from Silverstream.

Coffey and Deenihan need to appoint an external prior or close the place down.

Purcell needs to relinquish the abbots position, become a dedicated choir monk or go back to the world.

And then Coffey can look after his affairs at Glenstal.



Listen, if someone is hearing Jesus talking to them from the tabernacle, then they are cracked ! It’s probably his way of covering up for all the shit that is bubbling away in his life and character. The man is a problem. Needs to go away for counselling. And then head off to live a quiet life of prayer and penance. Or a job. FFS, do you think we are idiots ! I’m fed up of this stuff.


@11:07: It has been argued that religion originated in primitive early humans, when, for want of anything better to lessen their fears, they began to believe often weird and wonderful explanations for threatening natural occurrences put forward by “compelling individuals.” The latter, it is argued, included a wide range from those with, just a strong personality and self belief, to the sort of crackpots you refer to, and everything in between.
Having a following of willing believers gave power, prestige and authority, all welcome and desirable benefits, especially for those claiming knowledge of, and intercessory powers with those feared gods, of thunder, lightning, earthquakes, floods, crop successes/failures etc etc. And, it has been argued, religion worldwide as we now know it, is simply the continuation of such beliefs moulded, adapted and refined to suit the needs of the believers and the “teachers.”
So maybe having a personal hotline to Jesus in the tabernacle can be thought of as nothing remarkable. Perhaps it is just a continuation, albeit in a more sophisticated refined way, of the kind of con tricks religious promoters have always put forward?
Only asking …


Why should Purcell become a dedicated Choir Monk If what you blogged about him is true? What about seminarians being shown the door due to a once off encounter and being caught? By all accounts he has a bloody gold card for the gay sauna


Yes, he had to leave Jerusalem in a hurry. Glenstal would no take him back. He is now Erl Collins, Anglican priest in the C of E diocese if Chitchister. You can find him on YouTube


Both Abbot Brendan and Abbot Richard were at Bishop Deenihan’s installation. Presumably prior Kirby was there too.


Well that’s a complicated question. Technically Bishop Smith invited the Prior Kirby. BUT the answer to your question resides in Dublin where she masquerades. I don’t want to make it too obvious, but to help the boys and girls in the slow class, try looking at the Trustees


Lance the boil and you have to deal with the pus that emerges, do nothing and you can wait till it all blows over. There is probably and underground gay network of monks, much like the underground gay network that used to exist among Dublin priests when I was there. Plenty of camp clerical dinners!! Most of then eventually came out and left the priesthood.


I think everyone knows that alot of the church personnel are homosexuals. It’s been going on for years. Celibacy is not something that I agree with. It should be scrapped.

Kirby always came across as odd on his interviews. The church is under attack from Satan.


”I think everyone knows that a lot of the church personnel are homosexuals” A problem? Isn’t everyone here obsessed with this? Most of the contributors here, lay and clerical, including our host, are “homosexuals”. “We’re here, we’re queer, get over it.”


I think Archbishop Diarmuid Martin should go on the news and talk about the “strange goings on” in sauna houses in his diocese.


“Ripperger is one of the most intelligent, intellectual contemporary Catholics who thoroughly enjoys bringing what he knows to be true down to the lay level for understanding…he is powerhouse of Catholic doctrine and he speaks with the sword of authority that cuts through any bs. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God! GOD BLESS YOU Fr. Chad Ripperger, you are one of those kinds of heroes that i so admire! ” And we await the sound of the other shoe dropping, as with Michael Voris.


I don’t know anything about Chad R. personally (or, as yet, his writings) but I assume he is addressing some exceedingly nasty extrapolations which proper evolutionists like S J Gould don’t hold with. In which you are the same subaltern of the same hegemony, dressed up in commercial and administrative terms, that came from overbearing prelates. Aquinas – who was a politician – claimed to base himself on Aristotle yet I have found flaws in his “changed ontology” in priests and hosts, things Aristotle didn’t need and neither do we.
The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle contain mental virtues this age has been deprived of by spiritual and secular overlords alike: prudence, discernment, honesty. I haven’t yet checked out whether Chad R. actually seeks to deflect blame from Aquinas and shan’t let him off if he does, but the rest of the strategy, if he goes about it honestly, is part of what the public and scientists need for resuming enquiry.


I am sure the visitators and/or administrators appointed do not underestimate your power and influence as a blogger, Bp Pat. Still, you must give them time to do their work.

One can only assume the appointees have restricted Kitty’s movements in case she does a runner and sets up shop somewhere else.

An article in the as far back as 17 April 2014 reported: “an anonymous donor from the Netherlands came through with an incredible €100,000.”

Under EU regulations, you cannot transfer “anonymous” funds without specifying payer and payee.

Also, the possible disappearance of some of the monks is not a good sign were alleged mismanagement of funds are concerned.


“The exclusion if men over 35 years old from Silverstream is a very strange requirement. Has this anything to do with Kirby’s personal predelicitions?”
If the sham trad pressure group in the Dominicans have implemented a similar policy, their cover is blown. Interesting times ahead.


Sham tradition is right. One OP mouths a Latin text at Mass in Cork on a regular basis. Does he know one word of what he is saying? Yes. That word is ‘Amen.’ And he most likely recognizes it because of its place in the text.


The concept of needing to “understand” the prayers at mass is a Protestant one.
We Catholics say a “Yes and Amen” to all that the Holy Catholic Church deems to be orthodox enough to be placed in a missal with a valid imprimatur.


@2:16 not the case for priests who have traditionally had to be fluent enough in Latin to be educated in it. Even the current code of canon law expects priests to learn Latin, a requirement virtually ignored.


Requirements according to their website:
between 18 and 35 years of age.
successful completion of a course of study or mastery of a manual skill.
unmarried and living a chaste life.
not belonging to another Religious Institute.
free of debt.
not trying to evade the challenges and responsibilities of life in the world.
without a criminal record.
free of incurable or contagious diseases.
not responsible for the support of aged parents.
free of addictions to tobacco, alcohol, stimulants.
big cocks most welcome


Hmm monastic life becoming more appealing.. love the toms in the pictures… postulants would be full to overflowing! Now Papa has spoken Silverstream and Mellary could start doing double beds.. marital suites… easier than slipping into the Boiler House backdoors.. lockdown and all that..


Never heard of Tom of Finland until Kirby.

Apparently a Tom of Finland used to visit Kirby in a Canadian monastery.


Tbh these kinds of age restrictions were not unusual in the past, and are usual in trad orders.
Assuming the aim is to revivify ‘tradition’, that’s what they’re doing. The aim traditionally was to avoid recruiting people who were older and assumed to be less pliable.
This is of course assuming a complete absence of sexual motivation lol


All of this talk about someone being seen in a gay sauna is hearsay. Nothing more. Where are the witnesses who have signed affidavits?


2.15: Why not? Birds of a feather….🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦🐥🐥🐤🐤🐥🐥🐥🐦🐦🐦🐦🐦👜👜👜👜🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀..😁😁😁😁😁😁😁


Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions, saying: ‘Homosexuals are children of God and have the right to be in a family’ 
The papal approval came midway through a feature-length documentary, titled Francesco, which had its premiere at the Rome Film Festival, Italy, earlier today.


Yeah, well the Pope also called for practicing homosexuals not to be priests …
Non practicing ones could be.
Perhaps the Nuncio should take out an advertisement in the Waterford News & Star and also in the Meath Chronicle.


Great news that Pope Francis is significantly acknowledging the dignity and beauty of same sex relationships and giving a blessing. It is time for the Church to accept diversity and become an inclusive community of God’s people. I hope this become a a greater reality soon.


“I must ask, has someone got something on Coffey?”
Do you have that “funny feeling” again, Bp Pat? You have the ability, it’s a gift really, of being able to detect… well, you know, in other people.


It is, of course, a myth peddled by the gays that civil unions and marriage are what they all aspire to, as straight people do. Lol. I’d say about 1% do. The 99% will stick with Grindr, saunas and public loos, thank you very much.


There is another argument of course which says that since straight people have made such a mess of marriage, gays would not have anything to do with it.


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