1. Who was the Glenstal priest that became Abbot of Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem?

2. What were the circumstances of that priest having to resign as abbot and leave Jerusalem?

3. Were the Israeli police and the CDF involved and did it involve sexual matters?

4. . Did that priest return to Glenstal when he left Jerusalem?

5. Was that priest later given a reference by Glenstal to become a priest of the Church of England in the diocese of Chichester?

6 Was that reference written by you or your predecessor as abbot?

7. Did you appoint a junior monk from the African continent as your secretary.

7. Is that monk still in Glenstal?

8. Did monks of Glenstall drive a junior monk on a regular basis to receive spiritual direction from Richard Purcell OCSO?


1. Have you presided over the return of Mark Kirby as a choir monk of Silverstream?

2. In view of all the information you have been given are you claiming not to be aware of Mark Kirby’s sexual behaviours?

3. Are you aware of the accusation that Mark Kirby paid a sum of money to an external worker at Silverstream in a bid to stop him revealing what he witnessed?

4. Are you aware that Mark Kirby kept a large drawer of cash in his office that he handed out wily nily?

5. Are you calling the former monk of Silverstream a liar when he complained of Kirby’s inappropriate behaviour towards him and geave financial mismanagement?

6. Do you stand over the decision to ask the whistleblower monk to leave his home of ten years DURING A PANDEMIC?

7 Is it appropriate for Mark Kirby to be living with a group of young men?

8. Is Richard Purcell srill on Silverstreamvisitation panel?

I’m quite sure you will not answer these question for me.

But I wanted to make readers aware of these important questions.

I am asking these questions on the basis of information and documentation in my possession.

So, I may have to answer the questions on your behalf.