Tabernacle Dom

We can thank Mark Tabernacle Kirby of Silverstream for the current exposure if Ireland’s gay abbots and abbeys.

Kirby”s sexual overtures towards one of his monks, over a ten year period, was absolutely inappropriate and makes no sense of his ridiculous claims that Jesus speaks to him from the Tabernacle.

If Jesus was speaking to Kirby from the Tabernacle he would say to him:

“Stoping coming on to your monks and stop showing them your John Thomas”.

Ater ten years of enduring Kirby’s antics the monks finally had enough and made a formal complaint to the monasteries ecclesiastical superior, the Bishop of Meath.

The Bishop, Denihan, appointed three visitors – Coffey the abbot of Glenstal, Purcell the abbot of Mount Mellary and a Cork monsignor.

The complaining monks made sworn statements and an affidavit.

We are not at the stage whereby the monks was sent from the monastery and Kirby was taken back as an ordinary monk.

Objective observers are now persuaded that the visitors and Deenihan have decided to save Kirby’s skin and offload the complaining monks – in other words do the normal RC cover up job.



Purcell has been accused of being homosexually active with other men – religious and lay-AND of having visited the gay Boiler House Sauna in Dublin.

His abbot General has told that he had a homosexual problem in his previous monastery – Roscrea.

People are now calling for his resignation or deposition.

We are awaiting the outcome.

Purcell is now collateral damage of the Kirby scandal.


The homoerotic spotlight is now on Glenstall.



A Glenstall monks was appointed the abbot of the Dormition Abbey in Jerusalem.

But Collins didn’t keep his whistle clean.

Below is an affidavit sworn as part of Collins’ resignation as abbot in Jerusalem which is with the Congregation for Religious

‘I, the undersigned xxxxx xxxxx, born 13th May 1977 in Cadca (Slovak Republic residing in Rome Piazza San Pancras 13 hereby declare

In his last year of teaching at the Pontifical Athenaeum of Saint Anselms (2007/2008).

Father Gregory Collins, in one our talks informed me of his intimate relationship with Brother Ephraim Huser OSB. By the end of the academic year Brother Huser had left religious life and Father Gregory went back to his monastery Glenstal.

I met with Patrick Huser, ( the civil name of Brother Ephraim) in November 2015. He referred to Father Gregory Collins as his “ex boyfriend”. Patrick Huser declared his homosexuality many times in the past in front of other Sant Anselmo residents.

Father Gregory Collins also told me about the gay community at the Glenstal Abbey. According to Father Gregory, when he asked to join the monastery, Father Henry O’Shea, who was then the novice master was “delighted when he learned about Father Gregory’s sexual orientation.

I later relayed this information to Father xxxx xxxxxxx OSB whom I have known personally for 16 years, in as much as I worked at Sant Anselmo as his assistant.

This is a true and correct statement of the facts and events related herein.

Xxxxx xxxxx

However it does appear that other matters featured in the resignation of Gregory Collins that involved the Israeli police.



Collins is now left Glenstal and indeed the RCC and is now an Anglican vicar in the very gay friendly diocese of Chichester.


Nude Biblical images by Glenstal monk are banned by Facebook

‘We don’t allow ads with content that features sexually suggestive posturing ’

The Good Thief, by artist turned monk Br Emmaus, features in Glenstal Abbey – Through the Seasons

Patsy McGarry

Tue, Oct 8, 2019, 14:23

Facebook has banned a post advertising a new book from the monks at Glenstal Abbey in Co Limerick because of nudity in illustrations of the Good Thief crucified with Christ, and of the Archangel Michael.

A spokeswoman for Columba Books, which is publishing Glenstal Abbey – Through the Seasons, said the images had been “deemed ‘too sexual’ by Facebook and against their policies”.

However nude images of the Good Thief from the book have been posted by the Irish Catholic newspaper on its Facebook page. A caption accompanying the images reads: “Nude paintings in a monastery library? The IC (Irish Catholic) can exclusively reveal that a new book on #GlenstalAbbey from Columba Books features nude paintings called ‘The Good Thief’. Is it appropriate to hang on the walls of a library within an Abbey? You decide!”

Columba Books and the Irish Catholic are both owned by Grace Communications.

Giving its reason to Columba Books for rejecting the advertisement, Facebook said: “The ad isn’t running because it doesn’t follow our Advertising Policies which apply to an ad’s content, its audience, and the destination it links to. We don’t allow ads that feature people with excessive skin visible.”

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It recommended “using content that focuses on your product or service rather than the model.”

Columba Books responded: “The ‘nudity’ in question is art pieces from a Benedictine monk at Glenstal Abbey. It’s art! Not a photo, does not feature a real person, and has been shared with permission.”

In a further response, headlined, “Here’s what’s preventing your ad from running,” Facebook said, under the heading “Image” that: “We don’t allow ads with content that features sexually suggestive posturing or that shows a lot of skin (even if it’s for an artistic or education reason) because of their highly sensitive nature. I suggest you have a look at our Advertising Policies for more details, including some do’s and don’t s.”

This it repeated under two further headings “Leading Page” and “The reason behind our policies.”

The images are by artist turned monk Br Emmaus, whose larger than life nude paintings adorn Glenstal’s library wall. Br Emmaus says he renders the human figure naked “to follow the naked Christ.”

In the book, Br Emmaus says: “Prior to my solemn profession at Glenstal Abbey in 2014, I worked as a graphic designer in Los Angeles, USA, for ten years after receiving my BDes from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin.

“Currently a student of the University of St Michael’s College in the University of Toronto, Canada, I am about to enter my third year of doctrinal studies. My area of research concerns questions involving the need for contemporary liturgical art to adapt Christian iconography in terms of postmodern recontextualisation.”

He says: “In rendering the human figure naked ‘to follow the naked Christ’, these paintings, like the Benedictine commitment to a life of daily conversion, echo the challenge to emulate the paupertas, nuditas, et humilitas Christi (the poverty, vulnerability, and humility of Christ) and become, in ourselves, transparent images of the God who made us.”



1. If Collins resigned as abbot over sexual misbehaviour Purcell should follow the precedent?

2. What is this about the “GAY COMMUNITY AT GLENSTAL that Collins is speaking.

3. Is it all a gay community?

4. Or is there a gay community within the general community?

5. Why the need for homoerotic paintings in Glenstal?

6. Glenstal happier to receive homosexual novices than heterosexual novices?


Should Brendan Coffey of Glenstal resign too?