We are now seeing very serious questions being asked about three Irish monasteries:

SILVERSTREAM in Meath diocese.


GLENSTAL Cashel and Emily.


MOUNT MELLARY in Waterford and Lismore.

Mount Mellary

There are sexual accusations against two superiors:

Mark Kirby – the former Prior of Silverstream.


Richard Purcell – the current abbot of Mount Mellary.


The most serious allegations are made against Richard Purcell.

His Abbot General revealed to me sexual problems he had in Roscrea.

Abbot General Eamon

Richard Purcell should immediately step down as abbot.

If he wants to brazen it out then the abbot General and his council in Rome should depose Purcell.

This blog will keep readers updated about all developments in all three monasteries.



New information is emerging about ex abbot Collins time in Jerusalem.

The informations is leading to suspicions about behaviour that caused a monastery in Jerusalem to have damning graffiti written on its walls and a real fear by the Israeli police that the monastery could be attacked or burned.

This turned into some type if a threat of international relations between the Vatican and Israel being affected?


The Blog in association with very concerned others is asking priests or people with information with regard to the sexual allegations with regard Richard Purcell to come forward – for the Good of the Church and Mount Mellary.

I understand, that for various reasons people might not wish to approach me.

In that event they can approach Mr Robert Hourigan who has no association with me in any way.

Mr Hourigan and his family had a long history of involvement with Mount Mellary and had relations who lived and died as monks there.

Mt Hourigan, a practising Catholic, with a loyalty to his church, can be contacted on:

I can be contacted on

07488 374364

0044 7488 374364



What qualifies Fr. Dullea to participate on the visitation out of all the priests in the country? Is he a highly trained canon lawyer?


Fair play to you whoever you are and you’re right to want to restore the good name of Mellary and rid of scandal. May your relatives Rest In Peace in that sacred place and May it once again be rid of all this scandal and hypocrisy


Roscrea Abbey is in Killaloe diocese. +Richard’s bum buddy was a killaloe diocesan priest..maybe +fintan should wake up.. Killaloe diocesan priests are gold card members of Boiler House/ Out on the Liffey.. Incognito.. they are a horny bunch.. if the beds in Westbourne could talk..diocesan secrateries made deep impressions. No hole left unopened.. ex Michael hogan grindr pics etc.. what happened Killaloe diocesan most recent seminarian in maynooth?


The Nigerian monk who was in Glenstal for a year and who studied in the University of Limerick, and whose spiritual director was Dom Richard Purcell, was Br Justin Osih.


That monastery in Nigeria was founded by Glenstal, though the last Irish monk returned to Glenstal in 2000.

Justin Osih has gone from OSB to MIA.


Justin is probably in the USA doing a doctorate ! That’s where they all head when they don’t want to go back to Nigeria. The church is seen in those bits of the world as a vehicle to education, career and financial success. Wherever he is, they need to make sure the title deeds to the church buildings are locked up otherwise they will find the properties sold from under their feet. Ask + Elsie. He knows all about Nigeria clergy let loose.


I hope you sought the permission of Mr Hourigan before posting his contact details which would be a breach of data laws. I don’t believe for a second that you have no associations with this man.


The UK DPA (which is how the GDPR was transposed into UK law) regulates organisations and not private individuals, such as Pat, as I said.


Do you know what is to be published in CTS next month? I have serious concerns that the Scottish Bishops are turning a blind eye to homosexual priests and to this seminarian that is sleeping with clerics all over Scotland. CTS replied to me earlier to say they are investigating. Do you have any info?

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Should she not be? What has went on in Scotland over this past month is a disgrace and the secrecy surrounding it all is disturbing.


The seminarian in question is said to be a fittie and enjoyed all the attention from these clerics. Kunty Chops from CTS is wetting her wee pants at what’s going on in Paisley.


As a newly ordained I was sent to a Tallaght parish with an abusive parish administrator. He spent years hiding peadaphile priests: he made me feel like shite. I left the church as in good conscience I could not be a member of the same church as him. I am breaking my sclience now and going public. I wish to thank you Pat. You did more for me than you will ever know.


You left the Church because you were forcibly laicised. Two young men made serious allegations against you. Play with fire, as they say.


9.55.. What?? The allegations being swirled around like confetti are very disturbing. What is really going on with all these allegations?


I am glad you feel the way you do. Sometimes the hand that hurts is the hand that heals.
I wish you well in your future.
If I can help let me know.


12.05: By mentioning Tallaght, it is obvious to many of us whom you speak of, who you are what exactly happened. You are not the bright, virtuous person you paint yourself to be…


The Tablet, 1996
Benedictine Abbey, Ampleforth, North Yorkshire – Monk’s suicide.
A monk of Ampleforth committed suicide last month while being investigated by a newspaper as an alleged paedophile, an inquest in Malton, North Yorkshire, heard on Monday.
The body of Dom Benjamin O’Sullivan, 34, was found in the abbey grounds on 2 March 1996. There was a plastic bag over his head and a note in his habit in which he had written: ‘I never did anything wrong as they accused me. May God forgive them and have mercy on my soul.’ The message was written early the previous evening, soon after Father O’Sullivan had been confronted by a News of the World reporter over the claims of a twenty-two-year-old man referred to at the meeting as ‘Ashley’.
The inquest heard that Father O’Sullivan and ‘Ashley’ met earlier this year and had sex at a flat in London and the priest admitted to paedophile tendencies. When the two met again, ‘Ashley’ taped their conversation using a machine supplied by the newspaper. Recording a verdict of suicide, the coroner, Michael Oakley, described the News of the World’s behaviour as ‘underhand and despicable’.
– The Tablet ( London), 27 April 1996


Giving Wilton Gregory a red hat when the report on a previous Archbishop of Washington (Uncle Ted) has been disappeared like a Christian in China is just a giant Screw You to abuse victims the world over.


Homophobic nonsense. Evidence? Is that because he castigated the current US president because of a photo opportunity?


1.20: A questionable character… this is a very loaded phrase. Tell us why you think so. Be brave. It’s easy to attach labels to people but be brave….Why a questionable character – in your perception or can you elaborate with clinical data, not just innuendo?


Over the last few days, three Benedictine Abbots / Priors have appeared in this blog – Purcell, Collins, Kirkby. There appears to be a whole series of allegations against them, which have been aired on this blog. The superiors of these men, be they in the RC Church or the C of E, will be aware by now of what is being alleged, and the stories behind these characters and their activities. Everybody is entitled to a fair hearing, and the expectation is that these matters should be addressed immediately by those superiors. In any other walk of life in these days, these monks would have been suspended from their roles and ministry, without prejudice, as a first step in addressing the allegations and as a way of beginning an investigation. From my experience of business and charities, I assure you that this would be the accepted way forward. However, as is usually the case, churches seem to think that they are exceptions and the norms do not apply to them. I think that is what we are seeing here – special treatment, exceptions from the norms, denial, coverup, head in the sand, perhaps even illegal and criminal involvement in frustrating safeguarding concerns. I would counsel these men and their superiors to be proactive in dealing with these allegations and do what should be done. Suspend. Investigate. Take action. Otherwise this will escalate and will become even worse and much more serious.


3:03 & 6:28
There’s no end of questionable characters in the Institutional Catholic Church.
Look at McCarrick et al. Please stop viewing every issue through the lens of homosexuality.


I will expose you and Jack. Do you think he wanted to be your friend. What an idiot you are. Sending you photos – fool


How can the Visitation of Silverstream be taken seriously when it was undertaken by Randy Richard, by the abbot of chequered history Glenstal and a desk priest who’s never been a monk and who was put on the visitation because he is a crony and former co-di of Tom Deenihan?


The allegations concerning Dom Richard Purcell made by Pat Buckley were brought to my attention by number of people who read this blog on a daily basis. At the time, I dismissed them as salacious gossip. However, these allegations appear to have substance.

I want to make it unequivocally clear that I consider the alleged behaviour of Richard Purcell to be a disgrace. If the allegations are true, then he should do the honourable thing and IMMEDIATELY resign as the Abbot and Ordinary of Mount Melleray Abbey. Then he can decide whether he wishes to re-engage with his monastic vows and/or do the honourable thing and leave religious life.

It is my understanding that a priest with knowledge of these events has been threatened with ecclesiastical retaliation by his bishop. Such behaviour is wholly unacceptable. To that extent, I have been in contact with a number of people who are willing to provide support. One is a Dublin-based, senior counsel, who will (pro bono) review and amend any affidavit made by a priest, religious, and/or person who may have had an association(s) Richard Purcell. Further advice will be given on how to ensure the affidavit(s) can be utilised while protecting the confidentiality of the deponent(s).

Depending on who comes forward and the information they provide, and in what form, the competent Dicastery of the Roman Curia, the Congregation for Religious, might be involved, because the on-going inaction of the current Abbot General for the moment does not encourage/inspire confidence. An advocate of the Roman Rota is also providing informal advice about canonical remedies to have Richard Purcell removed as abbot, and will also provide advice to any priest might be threatened by his bishop and/or religious superior.

Upon reflection, people will wish to understand my motive. Mount Melleray Abbey is a place that I spent a lot of time as a child; it is a holy place; a place sanctified by generations of monks who sincerely prayed and were faithful to the monastic vows. It is a place that I love deeply. People like Richard Purcell (if the allegations are true) besmirch their legacy; I consider him to be a parasite and the worst kind of hypocrite.

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. And, it would appear that Dom Richard Purcell has continued to make “mistakes” with no intention of amending his ways, so for that reason, he needs to be called out, and he needs to be canonically removed as the Abbot, because inaction is no longer acceptable. One of the things that we have learned from the Gregory Collins saga in Jerusalem; if you present evidence, the church is forced to act.

I confirm that I have no connection with Pat Buckley. However, I have spoken with him on several occasions in recent days. We would disagree on virtually everything, however, I have found him to be a sincere individual, who I believe is speaking the truth, but more importantly knows where the bodies are buried.

I wish to make it unequivocally clear that any approach will be treated the utmost confidentiality, sensitivity in a non-judgemental fashion.


Robert Hourigan

E-mail contact:


This is serious stuff ! From Mr Hourgan’s post it is clear that the tried and tested play book inactions of the clerical hierarchy at at work again, namely do nothing, go quiet, hope it will all blow over, deny, coverup, defend etc. etc. However, it seems that in + Pat and Mr Hourigan the various abbots, superiors, bishops etc. have met their match, and there is a determination facing them on the part of + Pat and Mr Hourigan to move these matters forward. I welcome that, not because I particularly want to see life made difficult or painful for certain individuals, but that there are larger issues at stake here than any individual – integrity, honesty, fairness, openness, transparency, justice…….without these the Church can close up shop. So, these values need to be upheld and brought to the fore, and I hope the intervention of people like + Pat and Mr Hourigan will enable that to happen. Left to Church hierarchs, it will not happen.


All of the allegations against Richard Purcell are hearsay unless and until evidence is produced that he was in a sauna and did what has been alleged. No one has produced an affidavit to that effect. Hearsay has no basis in law.


10.08: Robert, you qualify your almost definitive conclusions with the proviso “if the allegations are true”. Have you doubt in your mind? Or do you write with full conviction that you can validate all “allegations”? You have unleashed either a vindictive witchhunt or opened a can of worms. Can you stand by all the accusations you are presently compiling? Why are you encouraging others to sign affidavits? You state that you had conversations with Pat. Therefore you are collaborating together in a very menacing way. Truth and justice are important pillars for integrity of purpose. You both seem intent in pursuing Abbot Purcell. Are there other issues which we do not yet know or are you just chasing after one man’s moral failures for a head on a plate? I have been to Mt. Mellary many times in my life on retreats and have always felt the holiness and prayerfulness of this monastery and its monks. I question what now appears as a lynch mob style of justice. I sense a very vengeful agenda.


Robert Hourigan is involved precisely because he is a life time devotee of Mount Mellary.


Well said, Robert. Good on you!
Many of the faithful throughout Ireland and abroad have connections to Mt. Melleray Abbey.

What I find very, very difficult, to understand, is why Dom Richard has not stood down, even temporarily, without prejudice, until the matter is resolved.


On the 13th September the Abbot General asked me what he should do. I advised him that Mellary’s Father Immediate should be asked to investigate and Richard Purcell step aside without prejudice while the investigation proceed.
That was over 6 weeks ago.
It was during that call that the AG told me about Purcell’s issue in Roscrea. The AG said: “We were hoping it was a one off”.


If someone approaches Mr Hourigan with hard evidence it’s game over for the lads, if not life will go on as normal. My uncle was a monk at Mellary, if the allegations against Purcell are true he should be removed as a vow breaker


11:17 am

Bishop Pat, when you first brought up the matter regarding Richard Purcell, threats were made against your person and property, by the so called “Bangor monks” as well as by one or two other posters to the blog. I find that deeply concerning and wonder, what in the name of God is going on in the Catholic Church in Ireland.


There are a fair number of aggressive fascists in the RC.
I have had letters from devour Catholics saying: “I offered up my communion this morning that you’ll get cancer”.


Pat, have the police done anything about those threats from the Bangor monks? Were they not supposed to be trying to trace them on the internet?


It has to be said, +Pat, that you are good at shedding a light and getting proper exclusives and pursuing the truth. From memory, though I am sure there are others, your scoops include:

PP of Pomeroy
Fr McCamley
The Maynooth Summer of Love and the mini-summer of love in the Irish College, Rome
The Wonersh flasher
The return of Captain Underpants
£4m+ refurb of Lisbreen
Mount Melleray
Earl Collins


11:43 am

Appalling! Absolutely appalling. Christianity is a love affair with Jesus NOT an ideology.
They obviously do not know Jesus Christ, the first thing about Christianity, and nothing of discipleship.


I’m afraid I have sad news for Mr Hourigan – the ‘responsible’ authorities will not be interested and will take no action unless actually forced to by the Roman Rota (unlikely in the extreme), in which case it will lead to the suppression of the abbey. The reality is that the glory days of these monasteries are decades ago and remaining communities are usually very fragile – members divided between the elderly and unsuitable youngsters taken on in misguided kindness.
The other thing is that even if Purcell has been putting it about, nobody will be interested. I speak as one of several veterans of a several decades long struggle to try to get the Benedictines to take any interest in Farnborough Abbey.
The things which would force them to take action are child abuse (and only if it’s likely to get the authorities in trouble themselves and anything else illegal such as actual theft. But again not if it can be kept under wraps.
The same for Rome. The church has spent centuries ignoring the sexual misdemeanours of its clergy and has only taken action on child abuse because it has been forced to.
The good news is that any prospective aspirants can see the rumours about the abbot on here now – good for them that is. The abbey is more likely to get dodgy applicants after this.


Assuming Mr Hourigan gets his written and sworn statements – then what?
What authority or power does he have to effect any change in Purcell’s monastery?
Won’t they just use the usual tactic and ignore the evidence until the furore dies down.


What I’m saying is that I have no previous or present connections with him except with regard Mount Mellary. He is notca friend. We have never met and we have very different views, Anonymous.


The other night I was reading an article by a young man who was visiting Jordanville Russian Monastery in which he mentioned that a monk told him that each city has a demon afflicting it, but a monastery is assailed by legions of them.

Perhaps a supernatural problem needs to be dealt with by spiritual means in addition to more prosaic practices.


Seraphim @ 5:12 pm

Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks, and the Paranormal Hardcover – 15 Oct. 2020
by Richard Gallagher M.D. (Author)

“The world’s leading psychiatric authority on demonic possession delves into the hidden world of exorcisms and his own transformation from cynic to believer over the course of his twenty-five-year career.
Successful New York psychiatrist Richard Gallagher was skeptical yet intrigued when a hard-nosed, no-nonsense Catholic priest asked him to examine a woman for a possible exorcism. Meeting her, Gallagher was astonished. The woman’s behavior defied logic. In an instant, she could pinpoint a person’s secret weaknesses. She knew how individuals she’d never known had died, including Gallagher’s own mother, who passed away after a lengthy battle with ovarian cancer. She spoke fluently in multiple languages, including Latin—but only when she was in a trance.
This was not psychosis, Gallagher concluded. It was, in his scientific estimation, what could only be describe as paranormal ability. The woman wasn’t mentally disturbed—she was possessed. This remarkable case was the first of many that Gallagher would encounter. Sought after today by leaders of all faiths—ministers, priests, rabbis and imams, Gallagher has spent a quarter-century studying demonic activity and exorcisms throughout history and has witnessed more cases than any other psychiatrist in the world today.”


If the Abbot General hasn’t been in touch with Fr Aelred who was in Roscrea when Abbot Richard was there and is aware of revelations made to at least one former member of staff perhaps Mr Hourigan could contact Fr Aelred?


That’s the problem; they cannot account for anything, the visitation audit concluded they’d spent everything. People are in jail for less.


Pat, dinne ye nay ken that tha wee Krankie is an avid reader of yoor wee blog? Och aye, Pat, even afore she reads the Scottie papers she devours the blog wi her porridge at the skrake o’ dawn. She loves Inspector Hamish Mac Taggart’s wee stories and tales. She gae a great wee thrill outta them.
Hey Nicola wee hen, widdne ye nay gie him a wee OBE? Put in a wee nod for him wi Lizzie Windsor och aye.


Ochhhhhh aye?! Wee Nicola’s ex finance chief is a close wee pal of this seminarian that’s going with all the clerics in Scotland. What’s the situation there?


I have heard about this. He was done for sexting a teenager. The rumour is that’s who he went to the gay bars with last December and the seminarian was snapped with the Santa jumper on.


If Farnborough Abbey is anything to go by, then I doubt much will happen in any of the monasteries mentioned in the blog. Unless it is clearly criminal and involves the police, the monastic, diocesan and other church authorities will just sit it out until people get tired or bored. So, I don’t really expect much to happen. Nothing has ever happened to the Abbot of Farnborough after years of stories about him.


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