Baby Elijah

Abbots Coffey and Purcell exhaled a hugh sigh of relief as they disengaged with Silverstream Prior in the last few days.


Because of Silverstream Glenstal and Mount Mellary have come under the microscope- mainly connected to homosexuality.

Former abbot Gregory Collins described Glenstal as a gay community.

And Richard Purcell came under investigation for his sexual activities.

Lugs and Purcell

The situations in Glenstal and Mount Mellary are, and will be ongoing.


The new prior, Elijah is only 32.

He was recruited from Kirby’s old haunt of Tulsa.

He is not even a deacon.

He has not finished his studies for the priesthood.

He has health issues.

And bullying issues.

Will Mark Kirby give obedience to a man more than 36 years his junior?

Will there be conflict between the two?

The money issue is still outstanding.

A Baby Prior would find it difficult to manage a well run monastery.

And impossible to manage one that is mired in scandal and suspicion.

There is a theory going about that the appointment of this young inexperienced prior is deliberate – and will lead to the collapse of Silverstrwam.

That is an old RCC tactic – Give to Kill.


In the meantime back to Richard Purcell and the Cyst-tersians.


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