Baby Elijah

Abbots Coffey and Purcell exhaled a hugh sigh of relief as they disengaged with Silverstream Prior in the last few days.


Because of Silverstream Glenstal and Mount Mellary have come under the microscope- mainly connected to homosexuality.

Former abbot Gregory Collins described Glenstal as a gay community.

And Richard Purcell came under investigation for his sexual activities.

Lugs and Purcell

The situations in Glenstal and Mount Mellary are, and will be ongoing.


The new prior, Elijah is only 32.

He was recruited from Kirby’s old haunt of Tulsa.

He is not even a deacon.

He has not finished his studies for the priesthood.

He has health issues.

And bullying issues.

Will Mark Kirby give obedience to a man more than 36 years his junior?

Will there be conflict between the two?

The money issue is still outstanding.

A Baby Prior would find it difficult to manage a well run monastery.

And impossible to manage one that is mired in scandal and suspicion.

There is a theory going about that the appointment of this young inexperienced prior is deliberate – and will lead to the collapse of Silverstrwam.

That is an old RCC tactic – Give to Kill.


In the meantime back to Richard Purcell and the Cyst-tersians.


Robert Hourigan


07488 374364


Robert Hourigan should be down on his knees praying to God for guidance. If he is the discerning person he is claiming to be, would he ever consider establishing a new kind of monastic living. When Silverstream arrived I was curious and hopeful but now it seems to be sinking in the sands. Larne Oratory seemed like an interesting concept but the lack of any vibrant community involving mature, prayerful and spiritual people is disconcerting. What hapoened to the dreams fir something new? There is a need for an authentic, new, radical kind of monasticism or community suppirt group which imbibes the best of Benedictine prayer and spirituality. While critical analysis is needed in present circumstances and issues, I’d like ideas for a Christian community which is truly of Christ. With the falling away and disinterest in organised religion and a drifting into a non-faith reality of life, there’s a hunger for something different, sustaining and radically visionary but rooted in CHRIST alone.


“Dom Elijah holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Tulsa.
“Obviously, none of them hold a degree in accounting.


Abbot Cuthbert Brogan was about 30 when he became Prior (Superior) of Farnborough although he had been in the community for about ten years. I’m not sure when he was ordained but it couldn’t have been for long.
So Dom Elijah has bullying issues too?


There’s a middle-aged Dominican very suited to direct a reform-minded monastery of young men in their 20’s and 30’s.
There’s not a great emphasis placed on study there. That would suit him. His own supervisor concluded he was illiterate in English and theology.


Perhaps we should sincerely wish the new prior every good blessing, prayer and goid wishes. Every new community has its struggles and challenges. Look at the early Christian church…Let’s trust that the recent difficulties will focus minds and hearts to engage in genuinely rebuilding their community. It would be wiser I believe if Kirby was not there. But perhaps the community is practising true Benedictine hospitality!! Surely that’s exemplary.


9.26: If this is your level of constructive solutions, may I respectfully suggest that you take your head from those porno magazines and sites or from your backside. This is a useless comment. You trivialize serious issues. Grow up, imbecilic fool.


No need to go down my throat, as Dom Richard doesn’t say, unfortunately. It was Abbot Collins who described Glenstal as a gay abbey, so take it up with him.
AFAIK, the only gayness in Silverstream was the clumsy approaches of Prior Kirby to one monk, who resisted them.


In addition to the age limit, I don’t think you would pass muster unless you were also a nine-bob-note.


10.09: What a tosser you are, plonker.. A pandemic in our midst and this is your concern. I sincerely hope you are not a priest or a married man. You have much growing up to do. Get at it…immediately.


There is nothing any of us can do about COVID other than doing what we can. It should not be a catch-all excuse for ignoring a multitude of other issues. This blog focuses on the ills and scandals of the Catholic Church. If you are working 24/7 to develop a vaccine, treat the sick or manage preventive measures during the pandemic, then strength to your efforts. However, you seem to find time outside your vital work to pen a childish and vituperative post @10:09 am when one would have though you were hard at it saving the world.


When are the auditors coming in ? Has a complaint been made to the charaties regulator, what has happened to the monk who made the complaint? The update is very light on detail.


What about the Revenue Commissioners and CAB I’m sure they would be interested in drawers full of cash and missing millions.


Why are we bothering with all this stuff. They will carry on doing what they want to do, and treating us with contempt and indifference. Well, that’s exactly how we should treat them. They no longer have any power or authority or hold over us. They have no standing, no integrity, no trust. Why do you never see a priest’s collar in our city’s nowadays ? Because they know that people will just laugh at them, make fun of them, ignore them, treat them with distain and contempt. That is the only way to put these people in the place that they should be, on the fringes, largely irrelevant to what we think, do , how we act, how our society is ordered. They are largely on the wrong side of pretty much every argument these days, and we vote as we want to , which is usually not the way they want us to vote. They are a bushed flush. Just ignore them. Let them live out their odd, strange existence in the wilderness. As long as they don’t start fiddling with us and our children again.


I agree absolutely @9:09 with treating clerics as pariahs inasmuch as we should ignore them as being irrelevant as to how we conduct our lives.
Personally, I also ignore all their sanctimonious religious guff, regarding it not only as irrelevant, but as a source of harm both historically and presently.


This seems to be becoming a topic of specialist interest. I don’t think ordinary folk give a toss one way or the other


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