The Abbot General of the Cistercians has been given an ultimatum to sort out the Mellerary/ Purcell situation by the early part of this week.

Otherwise the matter will be referred to the state authorities to examine and investigate.

There is absolutely no suggestion that Pursie ever engaged with minors.

But the care of minors is not the only matter that is the responsibility of the state and its agencies.

There are other boundaries that are of interest to the state.

And in 21 st century Ireland the Church is held accountable by the state in a way it was not held accountable before.

One interesting matter is that priests are “mandated reporters” – in other words – priests are bound to report anything in the very wide area of the safeguarding of minors and vulnerable adults.


I have known for a very long time about the sexual misbevioyr problems involving diocesan, secular clergy.

More recently I have become aware of similar problems in religious orders like the Dominicans and Redemptorists.

The English Benedictines have been famous for a long time for their gay-ity.

Bur I have always thought of monks like the Cistercians and Carthusians of having very little of these problems.

But I have now come to realise that there is a big problem in many monasteries, even in Holy Ireland.

The current ones in the spotlight are Mellerary, Silverstream and Glenstal.

Lugs and Dickie

There is seriously effort going into protecting people.

This is because the one they are protecting has information about many others – and if he falls so will others.

But the boil of corruption must be lanced.


This issue will also bring certain bishops mid field too.