Dom Eamon Fitzgerald

30th October 2020

Dear Dom Eamon,

With deep regret, I write the following e-mail. However, not to do so would be an act of the gravest omission. It is my understanding that you are aware of some of the “issues” outlined, hereinafter. These pertain to the behaviour of Dom Richard Purcell, OCSO, the current Abbot and Ordinary of Mount Melleray Waterford, Waterford.​

It is alleged that while as the Abbot and the Ordinary of Mount St. Joseph Abbey, the said Dom Richard Purcell, had consensual anal sex with a priest, who at that time was incardinated in the Diocese of Killaloe. This priest was considering a vocation to the Cistercian way of life at Roscrea. The said sexual act took place in the monastery guesthouse. As the Abbot General of the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance; you do not need me to elucidate that the alleged behaviour of Dom Richard Purcell is gravely at variance with to his solemn religious monastic profession; his priesthood, and the behaviour expected of any Cistercian Abbot.​

The name of the ex-priest is known to the scriptor of the present. He has since left the priesthood; however, he did speak about the incident to another priest (in good standing) of the Diocese of Killaloe. The alleged incident is also known to Fr. Aelred Magee of Mount St. Joseph Abbey, and another ex-employee of the Abbey. ​

It is further alleged that Dom Richard Purcell, has consensual anal sex at so-called “The Boilerhouse”, which refers to itself in its promotional material as “Dublin’s most popular gay bar/club”. This sexual act was with an ex-seminarian, who was studying for the priesthood at Maynooth, who recognised Purcell at the “Abbot” who gave him a retreat while he was a student in Maynooth. ​

It is my understanding that you have been aware of some of these allegations since the 13th of September. But, it is clear to me you are not aware of the “totality of Purcell’s behaviour”, otherwise, you, as the Abbot General would not have confirmed him as the Abbot of Mount Melleray Abbey following his election by the community.​

You are advised that a number of affidavits are currently being prepared that will outline the behaviour of Dom Richard Purcell. These affidavits will be reviewed by a senior counsel in Dublin, who is married to a woman whose cousin was a monk and priest of Mount Melleray Abbey. He is scandalised Purcell’s behaviour; so much so he is acting pro bono in this matter. He has given very clear advice about what steps need to be taken should legal proceedings be issued. He has also advised that this is a matter that needs to be referred to the civil authorities — should you as the Abbot General continue to be passive and permit Dom Richard Purcell to remain as Abbot of Mount Melleray. Nobody wishes to follow his advice. Nobody wishes to bring reputational harm to Mount Melleray Abbey and/or Mount St. Joseph Abbey with its College.​

By these presents, I ask that you ring Mount Melleray Abbey and request/demand the immediate resignation of Dom Richard Purcell as Abbot and Ordinary of Mount Melleray Abbey. I request that you discuss these matters with the Father Immediate of Mount Melleray and ensure that an interim superior is appointed by no later than 5 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon the 3rd of November. In the event that Dom Richard Purcell refuses to resign, I have been advised by an advocate of the Roman Rota – that you should immediately approach the competent Dicastery, the “Congregation for Religious”, and request an immediate Decree removing Purcell as Abbot having consulted your council. ​

In conclusion, I do not know Dom Richard Purcell; I have never met him; I have no animus towards him. In fact, in recent days, it has become clear to me that Dom Richard Purcell needs professional help; but under no circumstances can he be permitted to remain as the superior at the house of your monastic profession.​

Respectfully, I remain,​

Sincerely yours,​

Robert Hourigan


Mr Hourigan has given the Abbot General and the Bishop of Waterford every opportunity to sort thir matter out internally.

They have failed to do that – for suspect reasons.

Why is Kilkaloe, Cashel and Waterford trying to protect Dickie Purse?

Why is Glenstal and Silverstream trying to protect him?

Is rhe wheel protecting an important cog that should it fail the wheel might cause a disaster?

The mind boggles!

We must now take the issue out of house.

I imagine Robert Hourigan will have something to add.


What a laugh, hahahaha. Do you think any abbot general or bishop worth his salt is going to fall for this nonsense. Consenual anal sex in the guesthouse at Roscrea, my arse! Buckley we all know your father was a lawyer, whio do you think you are fooling with this Robber Whore-again character?


I’d guess Hourigans pro bono barrister is one of the Harrington Street group. Lol, the traddies destroy Melleray and Pat Buckled eggs them on


John Shine is very annoyed with yoy Pat Buckley. Don’t you know how sacred Mount Melleray is to the priests of Waterford and Lismore. Shame on you being part of this satanic work. John Shine is watching you from above and you shouldn’t have hurt him like this aftee his belief in you.


“a number of affidavits are currently being prepared” I doubt very much that we will ever see these affidavits.


The late Monsignor John Shine could be awkward and angular. He was good in crisis but he would despise the hypocrisy of Purcell. He would also support all fair means fair to have Purcell removed.
Did I see you at his funeral, Pat?


John Shine was one of the best men I ever met. As a he had a blind spot in defending the Church.
Now that he is heaven, and has the fulness of wisdom, he would want the Purcell situation sorted by resignation.


John Shine………….. Now there is a story for Pat about Child Abuse if Pat want to look into it. I must say that the Mgnr did not infliict the abuse, far from it, but…………………………….


10:38 pm
Sure all the clergy in Waterford and Lismore are living saints and you
wouldn’t find a cover up in W&L at all at all at all they are all so so so holy.
Am I right or am I right


I still don’t understand how this could be a matter for the secular courts. The canon law courts, perhaps, but not the secular ones. Am I missing something?


Source: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia

Waterford coach jailed for sex abuse was ‘a beast’ and ‘an animal’, say victims

He will spend 14 years in prison.

Friday 19 February 2016 17:50



Updated 5.45pm
A MEMBER OF a well-known Fianna Fáil family in Waterford was jailed for 14 years today for abusing 10 boys over three years.
Billy Kenneally, from a family of three FF TDs, threatened a victim that he “would not be believed” as the abuser was “part of the Kenneally political family”.
Jason Clancy, a 44-year-old complainant and father-of-four, recalled the rituals and abuse carried out by Accountant Billy Kenneally during sentencing in his victim impact evidence.
Guilty plea
Kenneally (65), of Laragh in Summerville Avenue in Waterford city, pleaded guilty to 10 counts on the indictment.
Detective Garda Maureen Neary outlined how the 10 sample counts relate to the indecent assault, now sexual assault, of the boys from 1984 to 1987. Some of the boys were as young as 13 at the time.
Kenneally was involved in coaching basketball in the south east for a number of years and was involved with St Anne’s Tennis Club. He groomed boys from these activities, along with his involvement in soccer.
He received two-year consecutive terms on all 10 counts, and with seven months suspended from each one, will serve 14 years and two months in prison. The victims present expressed their satisfaction with the sentence.
Detective Garda Neary explained how he told gardaí that “I more or less tied him up and molested him [Jason] with another fella”.
The gardaí were approached in relation to the abuse of a boy in 1987 but no formal complaint was made and it has emerged that Kenneally was advised to seek help. He has since had two years of clinical psychotherapy in the city.
Judge Eugene O’Kelly said that Kenneally’s apology, which was read in court by the defence, causing the six victims to leave for a short period, “came a generation too late”.
The photographing of his victims with a Polaroid camera during the abuse, involving them being tied up, handcuffed and acts of masturbation and oral sex carried out, was “some kind of insurance” in case of disclosure.
This remained in the boys’ minds as “a constant threat” that he would reveal their identities.
Kenneally “clearly gained their trust” through his involvement in soccer, basketball and tennis and this laid the way for the “grooming for the abuse that was to follow”. He said:

His modus operandi was to involve himself in sporting activities.

Kenneally used his coach status to “get in with them” whereby he began his grooming. He freely distributed alcohol from the boot of his car, with each case following a similar pattern of abuse.
However, gifts “always came at the price of sexual abuse”. Victim impact statements read out in court on the first day of the sentencing hearing “made for harrowing reading”, he said.
The maximum term for indecent abuse of minors was two years, prior to its replacement with the sexual assault charge in 1991. The increase to a maximum of 14 years “reflects society’s contemporary attitude to this repugnant act”, he added.
Judge O’Reilly said that Kenneally was living with his parents at the family home in plush Summerville Avenue. He said that his parents were clearly “hardworking respectable people who had no knowledge of what was happening under their [own] roof”.
Coming from a “relatively privileged background”, he had “plenty of readily available money to pursue his sexual appetite”.
Recently named in the press as a “sports coach”, to protect the anonymity of his victims, a number of them bravely took off this robe to highlight his identity.
Victim impact statement
Jason Clancy, who was indecently assaulted by Kenneally for some three years during his adolescence, read from his victim impact statement on Thursday.
A few weeks after his 14th birthday, his abuse started. He explains how Kenneally invited him to his home in Summerville Avenue when the accountant’s parents were away.


Clancy, from nearby Grange Park, explained how he was told to go to the bedroom where he was stripped and made to wear white shorts.
He was sexually abused and “when the sexual abuse was finished, he squeezed my testicles to make me smile and photographed me with his Polaroid camera”.
The assaults, involving masturbation and oral sex, occurred at his family home, along with various locations in laneways and lay-bys in the south east.
He regularly paid his victims, with his fixation on the number seven, affiliated in some way to his family bus and coach hire business, often revealed in payments including that number, such as IR£7, IR£17 and IR£27.
He often plied them with drink, sweets and chips before carrying out his fantasies, including him being tied up with handcuffs and orange twine in his bed.
Clancy, reading from his victim impact evidence, added:
“I felt dirty all the time… constantly showering… making sure any of Billy Kenneally’s semen or my own semen was washed away from my skin.”
While he put on a brave front, he “felt wholly inadequate and dirty inside and out”.
Kenneally is the respective grandson and nephew and namesake of William Kenneally Snr and William Kenneally Jnr, who both served as Dail deputies for the constituency of Waterford.
His grandfather served as a TD for Waterford from 1952 to 1961, while his uncle, also William, served from 1965 to 1982.
The family also ran a popular coach hire and public bus service in Waterford, Kenneally City Bus Company, which has since been sold to the Rapid Express/Kavanagh Group.
Kenneally was placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.
“Victim impact statements took a huge amount out of us”
Survivors of the abuse, who waived anonymity so he  could be named, said they were delighted and ecstatic that Kenneally – who they described as a “beast” and an “animal” – will be jailed for the incidents, which occurred in the mid-1980s.


I doubt this man is a senior counsel. His legal advice would only lead to a defamation / harassment case. What is his legal area of expertise may I ask? Very suspect legal advice, if I may say so.
1) No crime has been committed therefore informing civil authorities is redundant.
2) An affidavit is not evidence in itself. Anyone can make a sworn statement, “the sky is pink” – it does not make it true. Evidence is needed to corroborate the statements made.
3) An affidavit based on the hearsay of another (in the bolierhouse) is equally as redundant and it would never be admissible.
There may be a moral case for Purcell to answer in regard to the breaking of his vows/calling but it certainly is not a civil case. A legal case cannot be brought by Pat Buckley or Robert Hourigan as it does not directly relate to them. The people who are making the allegations need to come forward and supply evidence, witnesses and statements. It can only be a canonical case, forget the civil BS from the suspect ‘senior counsel’.


1:56 pm

Not sure what you mean….
I’m referring to the report into the role of various agencies in the case, including the Catholic Church in Waterford.


Is there any evidence that John Shine tried to protect his nephew from being answerable for his crimes ???


Pat, the reason this might not be gaining as much traction among the faithful of the south east is that when you google Mount Melleray you don’t see much from your site because you’ve been spelling it incorrectly as have many commentators. You spell it correctly occasionally as do some commentators. This isn’t meant as a correction but more of an observation I suppose. Its Melleray and there is both an ‘e’ and an ‘a’ after those two L’s.


Two things:
Knowing things about the abbot elect has never stopped them being confirmed: look at Cuthbert Brogan.
What does Mr Hourigan think will be done by the civil authorities? Nobody has been hurt, assaulted, traumatised, or had any loss as the result of the consensual sex, and I’m no lawyer but I’m finding it difficult to see a civil case here.


Trump will remain in the White House – The Dom will preside over Melleray and all will be well. The storm will die down and all will continue as before.
I don’t doubt Mr Hourigan’s existence and that he’s acting independently of +Pat but I feel he might well be all bluster. Surely the affidavits should be in hand and signed rather than “being prepared”before issuing his ulitimatum.
I am afraid usual tactics will be deployed. Batten down the hatches and ride out the storm. The nasty people telling the truth will be forgotten about soon.


The Melleray affair seems a lot less severe, Bp Pat, than the Silverstream and Dormition scandals, both of which justifiably resulted in the replacement of the prior and abbot respectively. There are no allegations of sexual assault and misappropriation of funds at Melleray, nor has Dom Richard’s alleged behaviour almost caused an international incident. Maybe you should let him off this time for suspected celibacy violations but with a very stern warning.


Im surprised Pat hasn’t focused in Silverstream where there are serious allegations of financial mismanagement and sexual harassment.


Pat has not forgotten about Silverstream. I’m working on it everyday.


What do you have to do to resign ? it seems like the litany of sexual misbehaviours by the Abbot is simply not enough. I don’t understand why. And yet, I see other priests being sidelines, furloughed, suspended, retired on behaviours that fall far short of what the Abbot is alleged to have done. I know one priest who has been MIA for 2 years has now been declared retired at the age of 60, with no explanation, but clearly there has been some misbehaviour that does not warrant any criminal charge, but does warrant his effective removal from ministry. What is good for the goose is surely good for the gander…. ?!


We know from Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, the Abbot General of the Order of the Cistercians of the Strict Observance that Richard Purcell was sexually active while in Roscrea — purportedly, a one-off, but, we now know that not to be true.

Let me be clear, the act of CONSENSUAL anal sex that took place between Richard Purcell when he was the Abbot of Mount St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea and an ex-priest of the diocese of Killaloe was NOT criminal. No law was broken. But, it does raise serious questions about Purcell’s abuse of power and other matters that will be addressed in due course. The services of senior counsel have been retained, should Richard Purcell commence defamation proceedings against yours truly.

I invite everybody to contemplate the following scenario. The Abbot General, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald, OCSO under oath about to be cross-examined about the behaviour of Richard Purcell by leading counsel at the High Court in Dublin before a jury. Then imagine the cross-examination and examination-in-chief of Pat Buckley about his conversation with Fr. Fitzgerald. It would be DYNAMITE.

Buckley, has a history of publishing stories on his blog that have been proved to be accurate, sadly. Evidentially, he would be highly credible witness. The questions about the tenure of Eamon Fitzgerald as Abbot of Mount Melleray and his appointment of a certain novice master from Donegal – might, I suggest portray Dom Eamon as a less than credible witness. Imagine adducing evidence from the DPP in Northern Ireland about a former monk of the Abbey who was referred to as a “sexual parasite”.

It is a case that would very ugly very quickly; but it is the case I would be happy to defend at the High Court. Again, Richard Purcell is welcome to issue proceedings against me at any time; if the allegations I have asserted are untrue.

In a subsequent e-mail with a number of interesting questions for Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan, again, I made a clear that Richard Purcell was more than welcome to rely upon that e-mail to commence legal proceedings against me under the provisions of the Defamation Act, 2009.

This blog has been hugely influential in bringing forward all sorts of interesting e-mails and correspondence about Purcell and others. Those who say no civil case is actionable; I would merely point out that Mount Melleray Abbey is subject to civil oversight. For obvious reasons, I will not be revealing my gameplan on this blog. Again, if Richard Purcell had any decency and integrity, he would issue a public denial; if there is merit to the allegations then he should do the honourable thing and resign as Abbot, and consider his future.


The Abbot General Eamon Fitzgerald when he was abbot of Mount Mellary in 1994 appointed McCallion as novice master of Mount Mellerary!!!
McCallions child abuse happened in 1987 and 1998.
6 years later Fitzgerald makes him novice master !!!!

Maybe Richard Purcell will be the nest abbot general?


PS McCallion later left the monastery and married a Cistercian nun!

Let’s hope she was past child bearing age!


This is all par for the course. Desite a visitation recommending his dismissal when a novice, Cuthbert Brogan is now abbot visitor of its English province, and there is no reason to think he wouldn’t manoeuvre to be the Subiaco-Cassinese congregation abbot president.

Mr Hourigan, I assume you are hoping a defamation case will be brought against you and the case will go to court that way. Otherwise on what grounds are you assuming this will end up in court? With no apparent loss or damage I’m still not seeing a civil case and can see no reason why a court would hear this? Unless the ex seminarian is going to litigate for damages for some reason?


10.08: Hourigan, we’ve had enough of your moral promulgation and your “Let me be clear” admonitions. You are a bully on this blog, whoever you are…and I believe your behaviour is both morally and ethically reprehensible. Who has authorised you to be the supreme judge? I believe you are most in Christian in your pursuance of one person. You must now have well organised your mob to arrive at Mellary to stone the Abbot to death. Whatever the transgressions if any mink or cleric, your behaviour is outrageous. Perhaps you too need to examine your conscience in the light of God’s word and the gospel of Christ.


At 11.54
What was that? 😕
The melodic sound of someone’s cage’s being rattled.😎



You have not proffered a single scintilla of justification to justify your specious assertion that I am a “bully”. And, there is nothing wrong with calling out behaviour that is morally and ethically reprehensible. But, I believe you may-be conflating me with Richard Purcell. Heaven forbid!

Let me direct you to the Constitutions of the Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance. It eloquently illustrates what is expected of a Cistercian abbot.

C. 33 The Ministry of the Abbot.

1). The abbot is elected from among the brothers. He receives his power from God through the ministry of the Church. He is believed to act in the monastery as Christ’s representative. He ministers to the whole community as a father in both spiritual and temporal matters.

Perhaps, Richard thought he was being “fatherly” to the ex-seminarian in the Boilerhouse?

2). The abbot exercises pastoral care of the flock entrusted to him. He shows to all the goodness and kindness of Christ, striving to be loved rather than feared. He adapts himself to the character of each, encouraging the brothers to run with a cheerful and happy disposition along the way God has called them. He is to pray constantly to God for each.

May-be, Richard was on his knees (praying) in the guesthouse in Roscrea?

3) As a master in Christ’s school, the abbot is the guardian of his disciples’ fidelity to monastic tradition. He sustains them with the food of God’s Word and by his example. He does not neglect to renew himself with Sacred Scripture and the wisdom of the Fathers. He makes himself available to all the monks for conversation.

So, when did having consensual anal sex in a monastic guesthouse with a priest who was contemplating entering the monastery in addition to having sexual activity with an ex-seminarian in a gay sauna satisfy the injunction of “fidelity to monastic tradition”?

My reply is, of course, satirical, because your observation is so absurd. “Let me be clear” (because you love that phraseology so much) Richard Purcell destroys the iconography of Cistercian monasticism. He brings it into disrepute and creates grave scandal.

With respect to the rest of your observations — I am wondering are you feeling a little hysterical, today? Calm down, dear.

Could it be possible that your own hypocrisy might-be exposed – if Purcell is forced to resign? Your reply indicated you might-be a little paranoid.

I examine my conscience everyday – I am a bit of a Jansenist. Perhaps, you might ask Richard Purcell to examine his conscience, and for the greater good of the church and Mount Melleray Abbey, he might resign.


You’re right this Hourigan character is outrageous, I think he has his own agenda Patsy you should do an investigation into him never mind the dreadful Purcill I find him very strange and he does sound like very like the dreaded Magna.


12.34: Pure fantasy by Oat and Magna Carta/Ribert Hourigan. An appalling show of monstrous hatred and poisonous vilification. Pat, sadly, knows the origin of these vicious comnents…what a nasty game to play with someone’s emotions.


I do not know if Richard Purcell is ambitious, however, in light of what has emerged on this blog in recent times — it may well be a providential development to ensure that Richard Purcell is never advanced to the episcopate and/or its elected to a senior office by the General Chapter of the Cistercians.


This will actually probably ensure his advance – the church does this to show full confidence in the accused.


I am wondering if the new prior of Silverstream has amended the suspect age limit on vocations.

Also, I see, under Documents tab, details of the annual “Report and Financial Statement” have been deleted leaving only the cover page of each year since 2014. Presumably, the authorities are now checking up on them.


They’re very sensitive when you mention pecuniary matters, Bp Pat. I wonder why.


@10:36 pm
“I’d guess Hourigans pro bono barrister is one of the Harrington Street group. Lol, the traddies destroy Melleray and Pat Buckled eggs them on”
That is a perceptive comment, however, you are incorrect. There is one senior counsel who does attend that mass at St. Kevin’s Church, I am told. However, I LOATHE the so-called Extraordinary Form with all its archaic accretions; so, I am not one of the “traddies”. I have given a clue. Keep fishing — I might even bite; then again, I might not.


12.25: Hourigan, you are behaving despicably and in a most un-christian manner. Your references earlier to Bishop Buckley as “Buckley” reveals your horrible nature. Magna Carta and Hooligan Hourigan are the same demented piece of caca…Pat knows this.


It looks as though it could be murder on the dance floor, guys and dolls. No?

Why sit round and let the mess be compounded furthermore?

The bigger the mess; the bigger the questions.

A sensible approach all round… begin to put things right for the hurt and abused- whatever you envisege as an end solution- allow the healing process to begin in earnest. Fair? Yes?

Murder On The Dance Floor – Sophie Ellis Bexter.


When Purcell was ordained a priest in 2005 “a vocation within a vocation” is he describes it, he did a round of media interviews. The journalist who covered it for the Irish Independent was……..Gemma O’Doherty. He admitted to having had “a huge amount of freedom in Oxford” where he had gone to study theology also observing that “celibacy will go and we will see married priests.”


Pat, how real of a person is this Robert Hourigan that we see posts from everyday of late and hear from you about. Can we see a photo of this same Robert Hourigan and a biographical piece about him. If he is looking for info how save is it to pass on info to someone you dont know. Maybe Robert Hourigan is someone that you made up yourself and set up an email address for. I am not saying you did or would do this, but there is bound to be people thinking this way.


Knowing what we know, I find what Robert Hourigan left unsaid far more interesting !
I suspect a number of cages are rattled. Fight the good fight, Robert.


@1:36 pm
That is very interesting. It has been brought to my attention in recent days that certain Benedictines who were studying at Oxford were described as “complete *ucking wh)res”. Seemingly, some members of the Society of Jesus were also less than exemplary while studying at Oxford. Of course, they might have spent too much time watching, Brideshead Revisited.

@Fr. Ted’s Brother,

I can assure you that I am very real. I am Munster-born. Currently, I divide my time between the UK and Ireland; I work in asset finance. As I write this reply, I am in Co. Kerry – not a million miles from Tralee. I might even have sent Pat sent screenshot of my location with the distance to Larne; because, he has no idea who I am. But, I did provide him with the affidavit that attested to the misconduct of Gregory Collins. Let us just say: a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a friend, of friend, of a friend, provided a copy — along with other interesting documentation.

Like I keep making clear, if anything that I post on this blog written by me that is untrue – I am ready to prove my case at the High Court. In fact, I would relish the opportunity to expose the hypocrisy of Purcell and those who are protecting him at the moment.

I love the fact that everybody keeps asking for my image; as I posted earlier today; my modesty prohibits

@2:10 pm

Thank you for those kind sentiments. Yes, there is a lot that so far has been left unsaid, sadly. Yes, cages are rattled, and they will become even more rattled when other stuff comes into the public domain. Some awkward questions have been asked of the Bishop of Waterford, and even more awkward questions will now have to be asked of the Bishop of Killaloe, and perhaps this afternoon, the Bishop of Meath. This situation is not going to ameliorate until Purcell resigns, and more importantly those who have covered-up his behaviour for a number of years are no longer in positions of authority. There is much more to this than Purcell.

I, and a few others (now there is a clue for the silent lurkers) are an evidenced-based approach to this on-going cover-up.

This is not something we wish to do; in fact, many of us wish the allegations were untrue. One woman has been in contact indicating she has executed a codicil to her will indicating that a significant legacy that would have been donated to Mount Melleray Abbey is to be placed in too abeyance until Richard Purcell is removed and/or resigns as Abbot. I suspect she is not alone. A significant amount of the income that keeps Mount Melleray going according to the Charities Regulator is donation-based. Financially, the Abbey will be starved if Purcell remains.

Also, certain stuff about the Diocese of Waterford has been brought to our attention, and I can assure you the Ordinary of that diocese will be demanding the resignation of Purcell for reasons that will become evident in due course.

Purcell is toxic, and it is only a matter of time, before he sacrificed on the altar of expediency.


2.28: Hooligan Hourigan – you must be exhausted with all that huffing and puffing. You are a fraud. Your threats are disgusting. You are morphing into the Magna we are used to – this time with an even greater evil and hatred.




Trump is pro-death penalty. You must really be thick to read this as being pro-life, you total fool.


LOL! Trumpie’s pro life for Trumpie!
“Yet the treatment for Covid-19 received by Mr. Trump — a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies he described as a “cure” in a celebratory video posted on Twitter — was developed using human cells derived from a fetus aborted decades ago.”
God bless Joe Biden!


It would best if you dispensed clemency on this occasion, Bp Pat, after all being made the subject of the blog for days on end and outrageously caricatured seems punishment enough in this sad case.


Listen carefully….(I can hear cages rattling all over the country)….and incline the ear of your heart. Prefer nothing to Christ. (Regula Benedicti).


Pictured are the late Br. Boniface (standing) and the late Br. Peter. The former was from County Dublin and the latter was from County Donegal. Both were remarkable men. Boniface had a good sense of humour. These men represented the best of Mount Melleray, unlike Purcell…


Bishop Pat, I know you hate my guts and have banned me from your blog. But will you please make an exception for this comment?



I said vile things to you under the influence of you-know-what. Desperate.

Thank you.


I don’t know anything about Mr Hourighan but consequently therefore in Pluribus Buseireanibus to whit and to woo. The legal angle and language seems to be the way to go. It separates issues from the realms of table talk pillow talk and bitchiness. Let’s see what happens hi


“Why is Glenstal and Silverstream trying to protect [Purcell]?”
That’s simple. It makes the visitation of Silverstream look like the inept lavender mafia cover-up that it is. It’s all falling apart. Enjoy, lads! Well deserved.


10:34 pm
Paul’s Thorn and God’s Grace
…8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9 But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly in my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest on me. 10 That is why, for the sake of Christ, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.11 I have become a fool, but you drove me to it. In fact, you should have commended me, since I am in no way inferior to those “super-apostles,” even though I am nothing.…
(2 Cor.12: 8-11)


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