4th Nov 2020

Dear Bishop Dennihan,

Last evening, I received communication from a religious sister in the United States, who supplied information about Fr. Mark Kirby, the previous Prior (religious superior) of Silverstream. In light of this information supported by other correspondence that I have received in recent days; serious concerns now emerge about Silverstream Priory. And, it also raises questions about what has masqueraded as a so-called “visitation” conducted under your auspices as the Ordinary (bishop) of the Diocese of Meath.

In 1995, Fr. Mark Kirby was not resident in his monastic environment for some unknown/arcane “personal reasons”. Last evening, I was informed that in the United States; in 2006, the Virginia-based, Roman Catholic Diocese of Richmond, had such concerns about Kirby; he was not welcome in its canonical territory, although, I have yet to ascertain whether his entry was prohibited by a canonical Decree.

You may/may not be aware that Fr. Kirby was associated with the infamous/notorious Santa Croce Abbey that had become a byword for financial impropriety and sexual immorality in Rome. The said religious community was formally suppressed during the pontificate of Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, in 2011. The scriptor of the present is aware of other unsavoury aspects of Kirby’s past behaviour, however, I will not make reference to same because I will compromise the integrity of my sources. But, it is my understanding that some of this information would be found in the archives of the Diocese of Meath.

Bishop Michael Smith, was known to be among the more traditional/orthodox of the Irish bishops, when he was Ordinary of the Diocese of Meath.

Question One.

In light of the above, is it reasonable to presume that your predecessor in office, Bishop Michael Smith, did absolutely no due diligence on Fr. Mark Kirby? If so, why was due diligence not conducted?

Question Two.

With respect to the whistle-blower at Silverstream, prior to the receipt of his complaint — were concerns about the Priory brought to your attention in the past?

Question Three.

Where is the whistle-blower located at the moment? Is he located in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland?

Question Four.

Has the whistle-blower been formally interviewed by the Charities Regulator?

Question Five.

Can you confirm if the whistle-blower (a priest) has been bound by Pontifical Secret? If so, did you authorise this Ecclesiastical Act? And, who was the administrator of the said Ecclesiastical Act? This is a legitimate question, because it is normative, (I understand from a Rome-based Rotal Advocate) for the Pontifical Secret to be invoked in this kind of matter. Therefore, the whistle-blower is not really in a position to co-operate with the Regulator, due to a fear of ecclesiastical reprisal. Would you agree with this assessment?

Question Six.

If the whistle-blower is currently subjected to the so-called Pontifical Secret, would you be willing to give a written undertaking to the whistle-blower copied to the Charities Regulator that the whistle-blower is free to speak to any investigator without any fear of ecclesiastical reprisal, now and/or at any time in the future?

By this I mean — you give a written undertaking as the Ordinary of the Diocese of Meath (witnessed by the Diocesan Chancellor, ipso jure, an ecclesiastical notary) to the whistle-blower that no ecclesiastical sanction will be imposed on him for any evidence he may give to the investigator by virtue of its investigation into Silverstream. By ecclesiastical sanction — I refer to any of the range of options that can be imposed upon a priest by virtue of the Code of Canon Law. And, this undertaking would be supported by a communication from the Apostolic Nunciature on behalf of the Holy See signed by H.E. Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo.

Question Seven.

Dumb Elijah

Did you personally approve the appointment of Elijah Carroll as the superior of a Silverstream Priory? In light of the fact, he was the bursar (financial officer) during the tenure of Fr. Kirby, is this not an act of putting the fox in charge of the henhouse? This is a legitimate question in light of the fact that Br. Carroll was compliant with the alleged reckless profligacy of Kirby? The website of “Silverstream” makes reference to the fact that the Holy See was consulted, and are you in a position to confirm to the Regulator that the competent Dicastery, received a recommendation from you, and more importantly approved same?

Question Eight.

In light of the very strong influence of Fr. Kirby in the community and in light of the fact that Br. Carroll has not been ordained to the priesthood the latter can be legitimately described as no more than the patsy of the former — do you agree with that assessment?


During the “visitation” a number of allegations emerged about one (1) of the “visitors”, Dom Richard Purcell, OCSO, the current Abbot and Ordinary of Mount Melleray Abbey in Co. Waterford. These allegations included that Richard Purcell had consensual anal sex with a visiting priest in the monastic guesthouse of Mount St. Joseph Abbey, Roscrea and had attended, “The Boilerhouse” in Dublin — a well-known gay sauna, where it is alleged he had consensual sex with an ex-seminarian.

Question Nine.

In light of these allegations, and the involvement of Richard Purcell in same, do you consider the investigation to have been compromised by Purcell’s known immorality?

Abbot Brendan Coffey, OSB of Glenstal Abbey was also part of the visitation team. He, too, presides over a monastery where there are a number of deeply compromised individuals. Perhaps the best-known is the former Dom Gregory Collins, OSB, whose activities in Israel were so notorious, he was forced to resign as Abbot. A lawyer has access to screenshots of his Grindr (a gay dating website).

Question Ten.

Thus, it is legitimate to ask was/is the investigation compromised by the involvement of Abbot Brendan Coffey, OSB?

Question Eleven.

Is there any truth in the allegation that the visitation was brought to an abrupt end because certain ecclesiastical authorities in Ireland, were so keen to avoid further damaging leaks to the dissident priest/bishop, Pat Buckley, and to avoid these revelations to appear on Buckley’s Blog?

Over the years, the Irish church seems to have failed the lessons that transparency is always the best course of action. Thus, I am copying this e-mail to the Charities Regulator, and to the e-mail address of the Apostolic Nunciature in Dublin.

You will, of course, as the Bishop of Meath, provide answers to these questions and further co-operate with the Charities Regulator, if, so requested in light of the present.


Robert Hourigan



Tom, can I add a few questions of my own please?

1. What has happened to the near € 5,000.000 that Silverstream collected between 2024vand 2019?

2. Why has Elijah been appointed prior since he was the man who looked after the money during Kirby’svreign?

3. Did Kirby receive an attorney’s letter telling him to stop asking a USA women with dementia for money?

4. Canon law strictly forbids a priest to be a vagus or wanderer. Why are you not taking responsibility for the whistle blower monk?

5. Did you.personally tell the monk to leave the monastery for “his own safety”?

6. What danger was he in?


That’s true. They can it’s called redemption – a foundational Christian concept. Always good to be reminded.


At least 4 billion plus dollars (and rising) spent rectifying mistakes of the past in the Rcc in America. Always good to be reminded, mistakes cost, in more ways than one.


Mistakes of the past can never be rectified. We have to live with them and those we inflict our crimes and injustices on have to live with them as well. The idea that we can get away with a few mumbled prayers in the dark box to an anonymous stranger who claims he (always He) has some powers elsewhere is strictly for the angels and a cheap psychological get out. Only when we have asked for forgiveness of those we have wronged and -more importantly – that that person accepts our contriteness, and if they choose to, say what reparation would help them get over it can there be some hope – not redemption – but reconciliation.


John@4:50: You make a necessary and significant distinction between redemption and reconciliation. Redemption, for and from the offender’s perspective alone, seems a selfish concept.


Obsessive compulsive neurosis alert!
He’s been previously told to wind his neck in, but persists.
So HIS compulsion can NOT be “rectified “!


Dark hidden secrets in Stamullen. The Kevin Connolly cases of inappropriate behavior and missue of parish money.


Oh Pat, did I not give you the scoop on Dermot Farrell becoming AB two weeks ago? You totally dismissed me. I also told you about DM’s new house in aughrim street. You should not be so dismissive when people try to give you information. Diarmuid Martin has been nasty all week because he is losing power, he is expected to be gone by the middle of November.


Thank you. I’m sorry if you felt I dismissed you. That was not my intention.


No problem +Pat. I understand that you need to try and verify the information.

There is a certain irony that Dermot changed his name to Dairmuid and is now being replaced by Dermot. The Lord has a sense of humour, don’t you think Pat?


I do. Unfortunately I was sent several deliberately false suggestions for Dublin AB.

I see the Irish Catholic is naming Dwrmot this week two.

Thanks for your understanding.


It is my understanding that it was going to be Bishop Dermot Farrell all along.

His name was mentioned to me by Diarmuid Martin over two years ago as the next AB. Dermot Farrell requested that he would have time to settle issues in his own diocese before he came over to Dublin. This frustrated Diarmuid Martin because he wanted to go immediately. That’s why in every interview when asked about the next potential AB, Diarmuid Martin states that “he knows who it is.”

It is also my understanding that the Vatican wanted an older experienced bishop who had no connection to Dublin. They wanted a transitional bishop who would be there for less than 10 years. His main goal is to close Churches and repair clergy relationships; these are issues Dairmuid failed to address. The Vatican felt they needed more time to find a potential Archbishop who would lead the Church is Ireland because Eamon Martin has not been deemed not to be fit for purpose.

I hope this helps.


I think that is an excellent summary.

Were they not concerned that Farnell was related to Ledwith and was his executive assistant?


I think Pat has been mislaid by other people who deliberately made false claims about forthcoming episcopal announcements.

Underneath the Irish Catholic’s Facebook report on this speculation there is an interesting comment by Eamonn Gaines, a lay former philosophy lecturer in Maynooth when Farrell was president.

Eamonn Gaines wrote that Farrell is a brilliant money man who’ll look after the assets, but he was not the leader he’d have picked and he wouldn’t follow him into the fire, as it were. [I am not sure what he means by that].

Incidentally, the Irish Catholic is reporting breaking news that there is a legal challenge to the new penal laws prohibiting people attending Mass in the Free State.



Dermot Farrell has proven himself to be a safe pair of hands. He does not give himself over to cliques like DM. His family connections may have been highlighted as a potential risk but it did not effect the final outcome. His limited time as Archbishop of Dublin has also been factored in. He is low risk high reward. The fact that Dermot farrell flies under the radar was hugely favourable to the Vatican.

Pat, Diarmuid Martin is in foul form all week. He has made two secretaries cry. Joseph Merrick has also left early (the reason is unknown) but Diarmuid is burning bridges left, right and centre. The older order is passing away and it is dawning on Diarmuid that he is soon to become a NOBODY!


I think Eamonn Gaines might be referring to the Hedge Fund that operated out of Drumcondra and asset depletion that took place – fire sales of diocesan property. There was more hedge trimming and less funding. Let it be true that he is good with money and not like his predecessor spending like it is his own. Who will live with DM In the new house, will all his lay staff be allowed keep their diocesan-owned homes? Who has the deeds of these properties and in whose name are they? The title should be with St. Laurence O’Toole Trust.


Good call. Dermot Farrell is a very clever man and would have been a bishop long ago if he hadn’t been tainted with the mess Ledwith left. The Dunboyne years made him more approachable and pragmatic so it wasn’t time wasted.


There is nothing as EX as EX. Dermo is going to find out. Vin of Westminster will find out one day soon, too. Once you are gone, you are gone, and the world moves on. Sic transit gloria mundi.


Dermot Farrell presided over Gaynooth in particular at a time when vocations to the Roman Church declined dramatically. Is this man fit to lead the Dublin Diocese or perhaps he is the ideal person to preside over the final chapter and car boot sale that is eventually going to come. Will Dermot change his name to Diarmuid? Does he need to change it.


This e-mail was also copied to the Charities Regulator and to the Apostolic Nuncio.
In light of the known behaviour of Purcell in Mount Melleray Abbey and the behaviour of Gregory Collins in Jerusalem, which was also known and brought to the personal attention of the previous Abbot of Glenstal, Mark Patrick Hederman, the investigation/Apostolic Visitation of Silverstream has the credibility of a canard.
Any religious community reflects the emanation of the personality founder. Thus, to that extent, Silverstream is fatally flawed. You cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. The best example of that is the corrupting malignancy in the church that is the Legion of Christ.
Bishop Dennihan should suppress Silverstream. Those men who came to join in good faith, should be given every assistance to join some of the more traditionally-minded communities that celebrate the traditional liturgy. They might have to learn French; because some of those communities are located in France
If any other individual has information about Silverstream and/or the: a) the Bishop of Meath — Tom Dennihan, Trustee Chairperson, (since 2 September 2018) of the Roman Catholic Diocese and Parishes of Meath, Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20015176; b) Richard Purcell, Trustee Chairperson, (since 11 August 2017) of Mount Melleray Abbey-Cappoquin Registered Charity Number (RCN): 20003203; and, c) Brendan Coffey of The Glenstal Abbey Trust — along with other concerns should be submitted to the Charities Regulator at this e-mail address.
Over the years, the one lesson that the church has consistently failed to learn — that NOT following its own procedures is always more painful in the long-run.
We now have legitimate questions about financial mismanagement, and raft of other issues that will emerge in due course.
The cover-up is always worse than the crime. When will the Irish church ever learn that lesson? The answer is probably never; because most of its leaders are compromised and morally pusillanimous individuals.


Probably best to send your “legitimate questions about financial mismanagement” to their accountants who produce Silverstream’s ‘Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements’ to the Irish Charities Regulator.

Owen McDonough & Associates Ltd
Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors
Statutory Audit Firm
Pro-Cathedral House
Lower Abbeygate Street



It seems the See of Killaloe has been a frequent visitor or guest at both Mount Melleray and Silverstream. Perhaps she can shed some light on the questions raised in today.


There is. He is now contact all relevant authorities. I will keep you updated.


Who said pride comes before a fall?
Nothing has been lost, not one little thing.

St Anthony, still pray for us all the same!


Bp Pat, surely a copy of Mr Robert Hourigan’s email, together with your own questions, should also be sent to the former bishop of Meath, +Mandy-Rice Emeritus, as she may be able to answer or clarify any of the points raised in today’s blog.


“What has happened to the near € 5,000.000 that Silverstream collected between 2014 and 2019?”
Answers on the back of a fag packet, please.


It has been reported to the Garda along with claims of sexual harassment and extortion.


I wonder what else will crawl out the woodwork, Bp Pat? We’ve still not even heard about his alleged double-life in Canada. Anything is possible!


The brave gays wouldn’t dress up an an iman. Don’t forget it is the Islamic Republics where they don’t just pray away the gays, they outlaw them, stone them and throw them off the top of buildings.


At 12.29, you appear almost approving of what some Muslims do to gay people, just as Pope Emeritus Benedict, in ‘On the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons’ (1986), appeared to approve violence that might erupt against them should they campaign for equality with heterosexual couples.

Like Benedict, you’ve said more about yourself than you would have liked.


A much better course of action rather than wasting time on Melleray Pat. You have both a complainant and missing money. Richard will either learn to control his impulses or his time will come. I wish him the best of luck at this difficult time in his life.


Would You Believe on clerical sexual abuse


Oh, this is all so boring. Nothing is going to happen to Purcell. They and he will just sit it out. So, why can’t we have some fun with old characters, to entertain ourselves on these long dark evenings. The Dean, Power Bottom JPL, Roreeeeee, and a whole host of others.


“Oh:” “no honey”, “it’s firing blanks” ! “The Bishops will go ape when this gets out”!


This is a perfectly valid question. Can Mount Melleray survive with an abbot like Purcell? That, too, is also valid question.


LOL.Wonder why the usual suspects Josie Mumsy and the motley crew have gone to ground today.Probably praying novenas to St. Jude to avoid any oncoming tsunami of shite.


Yes, where is “Legal Eagle” today? I have missed his well-intentioned but misguided defence of Richard Purcell.

He must-be busy drafting Dom Purcell’s affidavit. It will be quite the challenge!

Remember that affidavit requirement is required by Section 8 of the Defamation Action 2009.

We all await with interest.



7.55: St. Robert Hooligan, p**s on us, for that is what he’s doing with legal threats…His Cistercian forebears hopefully are trying to intercede with the good Lord to urge Rob to stop harassing the elderly monks. What a sordid human being is our Roberta!!


Hi all. I have some very sad news. It is with regret that I announce the death of a regular contributor to this blog, Inspector Taggart. Fortified by the holy mother Church. Father battled alcoholism for many years and had been hospitalised. He died of a heart attack a few weeks ago. He was a great Pastor, friend, Counsellor and he loved this blog. He did chuckle when his Archbishop told him to stop contributing! He thought a great deal of you Bishop Pat and he always spoke fondly of you and what you stand for. He particularly admired your work with the poor, for prisoners and for the gay community. He really wanted to meet you. God rest him.


I heard about this yesterday. Thanks for your service Father and for your service to those who most Clergy turn away. I enjoyed you on line Masses. Pray for us.


Sadly Big Jim you have it wrong most Clergy Do Not Turn people away.
Archbishop Leo inherited a dioceses in distress because of poor leadership and he is turning the ship around.
Not only had he to and still is dealing with the debt, gay clergy, too many parishes and then Father Jamie Boyle going in a huff because his curate is transferred and resigns from the V.E. role for the Clergy.
If the New Papal Nuncio has any sense he will move Archbishop Leo to Glasgow to sort that out as it is in rapid decline with NO leadership.
Ireland is bad enough but Scotland is worse but hopefully the New nuncio and Archbishop Leo will save Scotland.


RIP Inspector Taggart.

I wonder what Kitty is saying to you about her Archdiocese.
However I do think you have help + Leo a lot so Rest in Peace.
So sad you died alone in the presbytery during Covid.

Look after the Archdiocese however it is very safe hands.


7.44: Hooligan Hourigan. You prove yet again your predisposition to play psychological games with people’s emotions. I hope you never have the misfortune to fail personally to your shame because it will destroy you. That would indeed be unfortunate but perhaps karma can be a blessing upon those who are clearly smugly arrogant, sneering and cintemptuble. I suspect that the Legal Eagle sees through your sham and charade but more relelevantly, your hypocrisy and your dangerous, perverted manipulation of information.


Anon @ 8.12: I agree. We are dealing with a nasty specimen of humanity in the persona of Hourigan. Life often has a strange way of biting hypocrites and liars in the backside.


Indeed. That seems to be the case. Life seems to have a strange way of biting in the botTom hypocrites and liars. Maybe some have learned hard lessons over the last number of weeks through this blog.
Rip Inspector Taggert.



Just like Purcell, Kirby, Casey and others indeed in the Church.

Hourigan is just highlighting what was first called out by +Pat. How come you are not attacking +Pat?

If I was Purcell, I would sue RH, and crush his lies. But Purcell’s silence make me think RH and +Pat are right about the abbot of Melleray. Why is the Cistercian AG so silent? These are hard questions that deserve answers.

+Pat has being right too many times in the past.


Sorry, but could we just stop to think for a minute. The Irish Catholic has written about Dermot Farrell being a possible Archbishop of Dublin? Dermot Farrell who oversaw failing Maynooth after his cousin almost closed it? And yet, this same paper hasn’t mentioned a word about an Abbot of the most prestigious Abbey in Ireland going around with his cock out outdoors or in the Boilerhouse Gay Sauna?


Jardine, launch a full investigation and find out what is going on in Paisley? Thanks!


Jardine you have taking the Scottish TV detective story to heart.
Edinburgh is almost sorted the gang of three have all went into retirement at His Grace’s wishes as you are better with fewer Good Priest than too many rotten eggs.
All over Scotland you do not need to waste your time as they is only one Diocese with cause for concern GLASGOW and the New Nuncio meet Pope Francis last week and was well versed about Glasgow.
Never forget Archbishop Leo is in touch with Pope Francis regular.
Paisley is delighted at the Holy Father appointing Father Joe as Monsignor as he has worked very hard for the dioceses and could be Bishop John’s successor.


The illiterate gay Irishman living in Scotland, getting enough sex…..urging people to write to nuncios….. is back.


The Boilerhouse comes up allot in these real and alleged going’s on. Is there a contact at the established or a member of management who can affirm thauld God Squad like a 💦 among many from all walks of life. Maybe a private dick should go in under cover hi


8:57 PM
Good night hi fly.
Begorra fly there was me thinking a boiler house was a building to house a boiler.
CCTV might display a pretty picture or two. Sherlock Him-lock or Dick Turpin could
go undercover and report back to HQ.
May The Force Be with You. +
Nighty night fly hi.


It’s not illegal to go to the boiler house. And I’m sure the management are unlikely to betray the privacy of their clients.


@8:15 pm
I’m afraid you are applying sensible standards to the behaviour of clergy and hangers on, who at every turn demonstrate they don’t get it and have failed to learn anything from the tsunami of bad publicity they have suffered over several decades.
If they had, they would have mandatory reporting, would cease whining that they are victims and would make decisions which would bear some semblance of adult priorities.
But they haven’t, hence the things you mention and this failure is reflected in the comments here. Not one of them pauses to think that the church is alleged to be the immaculate bride of Christ and they had better put some effort in to clean it up.
At this time of the evening most of them will be well down the bottle and unable to comment anyway.


8.15: What an ignorant, ridiculous and perverted a comment! Your brain must be up your foreskin, you moronic thick. Why should the Irish Catholic print hearsay?


Anyone else watched those Trump supporters on TV down on their knees praying for Trump to win?
Words fail me!
Maybe they’re praying to the wrong God


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