The Charity Regulator in Ireland has received two formal complaints about Silverstream Priory.

The second complaint is from Robert Hourigan and he has received confirmation that they have begun to investigate.

The first investigation has been under way for a longer period.

There have been problems at Silverstream for a very long time.

Silverstream was the dream of Father Mark Kirby.

But Mark Kirby is not a well or stable man.

He is a homosexual man who have never fully accepted his sexual orientation.

Two people exist in Mark Kirby.

  1. The man who wants to be a monk and be holy.
  2. The man who has never resolved his sexuality.

He has been from country to country and from monastery and diocese to monastery and diocese.

He gets emotionally and sexually involved with men and that leads to great conflict in his own life, the life of others and the life of the monastery he is in.

Who is Lennoxtown?

He founded Silverstream with a very small number of younger men.

The current “Whistleblower Monk” became the target of Mark Kirby’s emotional and sexual advances.

No great sexual sin was committed but there were years of “loving” touches, “loving” messages

And on a number of occasions the younger monk claims that Mark Kirby sexually exposed his genitalia to him using excuses like having the monk find an insect bite!

Indecent exposure is a criminal offence.

Many people from Mark Kirby’s past have unpleasant memories of him and recall disturbing stories about him.

It seems that the former Bishop of Meath, Michael Smith, did not do proper checks into Kirby’s past and character.

And for the first ten years of Silverstream Smith conducted no visitations to see everything was alright.

Deenihan inherited the unhappy situation.

Money is another great concern. In the last 6 years Kirby has raised Euros 4,500,000


It is claimed that Kirby kept a big drawer of cash in his office – thousands of euro.

Workers were paid under the counter without records being kept. Tax and VAT rules were flouted.

At least one instance of extortion / blackmail is alleged.

Kirby, a 68byear old guy man only allows under 35s to join


So. The Charity Regulator has a great deal to look into.

Oh! By the way – the man in charge of the money during Kirby’s time was Dom Elijah – the new prior – who is not even a priest !!!

Dumb Elijah