I have learned more about Glenstal through the Silverstream scandal and Brendan’s Coffey’s involvement that I ever knew before. 

I have watched Brendan Coffey’s handling of Silverstream and have been shocked by his character and his actions! 


In hindsight Bishop Michael Smith of Meath, should have never allowed Kirby into his diocese. 

Kirby is a dangerous narcissist who has never come to terms with his homosexuality and has handled the donations given to Silverstream with a shocking recklessness. 

Kirby has also portrayed himself as a mystic who daily hears Jesus talking to him from the Tabernacle. Jesus does not talk daily with people who abuse their position and their power over others. 

The “whistleblowing” monk gave Kirby and Silverstream ten years of his young life. There are no allegations of any kind of misbehavior on the part of this monk. After the fact they are trying to accuse him of having mental health issues. That is only black propaganda on the part of those forces trying to hide Kirby and his sexual and financial wrongdoing. 

It was right to send Kirby away. It was seriously crazy to bring him back under the pretense that he will only be an ordinary monk. The unwell and now exposed Kirby will continue to undermine Silverstream to the point where it will have to be suppressed. 

When Kirby was away Tom Deenihan of Meath brought two abbots and a monsignor in, to investigate, and appointed Brendan Coffey of Glenstal as the interim superior. 

Brendan Coffey, it became clear, turned out not to be very wise or very competent. He is a very weak man – unable to take any pressure and indeed paranoid. 

When the pressure piled on and Glenstal started to be investigated Coffey panicked, withdrew from Silverstream and appointed a young, non-ordained, inexperienced and bullying type as the new prior – a certain Elijah. 


The same Elijah had been the one overseeing the money in Kirby’s time.  

Now the Irish Charities Regulator is conducting at least two investigations into those finances. 

Meanwhile – let us turn to Glenstal: 

Glenstal houses an elderly monk who had an earlier history of problems with children. 

There is the former presence of Dom Gregory Collins who caused massive homosexuality problems in Jerusalem. 


Incidentally, Collins described Glenstal as “a gay community”. 

In 2014 ten abuse allegations were made against six Glenstal monks. 

I imagine that Coffey has plenty of problems in Glenstal without getting involved with Kirby. 

And of course, Richard Purcell of Mount Melleray was the other abbot investigating Kirby. Kettle. Pot etc.   

It is clear to me that Irish monasteries and religious orders are in a bad state – an even worse state that the diocesan priesthood. 

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