Father Nawara OSB

Dear Fr. Nawara,

Respectfully, I address you as the Abbot President of the Congregation of the Annunciation. Below are a list of questions that were addressed some days ago to Fr. Brendan Coffey, OSB, the Abbot and Ordinary of Glenstal Abbey, a constituent abbey of this Congregation. Therein, I included a call for his immediate resignation.

The central allegation against Abbot Brendan Coffey OSB is that exercising the delegated authority of the Bishop of Meath, Bishop Thomas Deenihan, the said Abbot Coffey knowingly, deliberately, and with full-knowledge actively participated in a cover-up by attempting to solicit from a whistle-blower who is co-operating with the Charities Regulator — an affidavit/statement of exculpation that would exonerate the notorious behaviour of the current Abbot of Mount Melleray Abbey. The behaviour of Abbot Coffey displayed all the aspects of what is referred to as a “joint enterprise”. Moreover, the matter has been referred to the Charities Commission, the Irish regulator for charitable trusts.

Therefore, I respectfully submit that Abbot Brendan Coffey, by virtue of this stated action has impaired judgement, and as a consequence of same; he needs to resign forthwith as the Abbot and Ordinary of Glenstal Abbey.

I need not remind you that Glenstal Abbey is well-known in Ireland for running a prestigious school. The known actions of Abbot Brendan are so serious they warrant an immediate referral to Tulsa, the Irish statutory authority response ability for child protection. At the time of writing, I have not brought these matters to the attention of Tulsa, however, I am hopeful that you as the Abbot President and/or the Abbot Brendan will self-report to Tulsa.

If Abbot Brendan with foresight is prepared to knowingly and willingly participate in an organised and deliberate cover-up of behaviour that is so egregious to the monastic state — behaviour that is known to the Abbot General of the Cistercians, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald; then, what behaviour is Abbot Brendan prepared to cover-up in Glenstal, and its school in order to protect its reputation?

This is a legitimate question; one that does require an answer. It is all the more pertinent in light of the publication of the “McCarrick Report” yesterday by the Holy See, and the finding by a statutory Tribunal in the UK that the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster protected the reputation of the church over the interests of victims.

For the avoidance of any and all doubt; I am not making any accusation of sexual/criminal impropriety against Fr. Brendan Coffey, OSB. Therefore, absolutely NOTHING, within the present can or should be utilised as a justification to remove his priestly faculties by a Decree and/or to impair his status as a monk and priest in good standing.

His naïve actions that may have been well-intentioned; but, they raise serious questions about his judgement. And, as a consequence of same, Fr. Coffey is not a fit and proper person to exercise, and to hold the office of Abbot and Ordinary of the monastery.

Before the close of business today, I will refer this matter to Tulsa in Limerick. However, I am hopeful Abbot Brendan will do the right thing and resign as the Abbot and/or be suspended until a proper investigation takes place in accordance with the Canon 1717 and the law proper to the Congregation of the Annunciation.

For the reasons outlined in the present, I would further respectfully suggest that you immediately abrogate your Decree of November 1, 2020 appointing Abbot Brendan Coffey as the safeguarding co-ordinator for the Congregation of Annunciation, and appoint another individual to the role.

This e-mail is been copied to Abbot Brendan, because he has the right of reply to my allegation. It is also been copied to the Archbishop of Cashel & Emily; because he is aware of the “issues” surrounding to Richard Purcell; he is also the Ordinary of the canonical territory in which Glenstal Abbey is located — the e-mail is also copied Ms. Cleo Yeats, the safeguarding officer for the Archdiocese; to the Bishop of Meath for obvious reasons; it is copied to the Bishop of Waterford for reasons that he will understand, and to the Apostolic Nuncio of Ireland; and, to the Abbot General of the Cistercians.

I am also copying this to Pat Buckley, who will probably publish a copy of this e-mail correspondence on his blog; because transparency is good for the church. You are respectfully advised that it was because of what has appeared on Buckley’s blog, priests of, and associated with the Diocese of Meath came forward and confirmed the actions of Abbot Brendan Coffey. I have assured them of absolute confidentiality due to a fear of canonical reprisal.

Moreover, I WANT you to independently establish the veracity of this allegation from the whistle-blower at Silverstream Priory.

O Reilly

The Bishop of Meath, I am sure will be more than content to provide you and/or Tulsa with his contact details — if the bishop is reluctant to do so; you can obtain the contact details of the whistle-blower from the Charities Regulator. I am sure the whistle-blower will under oath confirm the veracity of what is contained within the present.

Finally, for the avoidance of doubt, I have no animus against Abbot Brendan and/or against Glenstal or its school.


Robert Hourigan

From: Robert Hourigan
Sent: 09 November 2020 21:28
To: <>
Cc: <>; <>; Waterford and Lismore <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; Pat Buckley <>




1. Brendan Coffey demanded the log in details for the whistle-blower’s private PayPal account!

2. Brendan Coffey demanded that the whistle-blower destroy all copies of Kirby’s 30 page French letter in which Kirby outlines his homosexual history!

3. Brebdan Coffey demanded that the whistle-blower draw up a formal statement clearing Richard Purcell of sexual misconduct!

In doing this Coffey was attempting to suppress and destroy evidence against Kirby and Purcell.

The whistle-blower blower has sent a formal statement on Coffey’s behaviour to Coffey’s Abbot General with copies of all Coffey’s emails to him.

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Teileafón/Telephone: 01 633 1550 | Ríomhphost/Email: |

FAO: Robert Hourigan
By Email:
11th November 2020

RE: Silverstream Priory, 20080525

Dear Mr. Hourigan,

We refer to your email dated the 10th of November 2020, in which you raised a concern in relation to the
above mentioned charity.
As such we would request the following information in order for us to proceed:
 Can you provide us with the name of the whistleblower in which you referred to in your email.
 Can you explain which matters the above mentioned whistleblower is not at liberty to speak to us in
relation to.
 In your email you stated “I have also been provided with information that I need to independently
confirm about fundraising on behalf of Silverstream Priory that is gravely concerning”. Can you
provide us with the information you have on this matter.
 In your email you stated “It is my further understanding that Abbot Brendan Coffey, the Abbot of
Glenstal, sought to solicit from the whistle-blower a statement of exculpation for Richard Purcell, the
current Abbot of Mount Melleray Abbey. In effect, Abbot Coffey was attempting to engineer a cover￾up of gravely immoral behaviour.”. We are unclear what matter you are referring to. We would ask
that you clarify this point.
 In your email you also stated “For the avoidance of doubt, I am not suggesting that Abbot Coffey was
attempting to cover-up criminal activity, however, he is intimately associated with the governance of a
well-known and a very prestigious school. And, he is handling of this matter raises the gravest of
concerns. This is a most serious charge; one that is not likely made, the evidence of same does exist,
and can be confirmed by the whistle-blower. But, he is not free to speak candidly to the Charities
Regulator.” Again we are not clear as to the issue you are referring to here and would ask you to
 Lastly you have stated “I am copying this e-mail to Abbot Brendan Coffey; he is free to confirm and/or
deny the allegations made against him herein; but, I have the evidence to confirm and substantiate my
allegations.” As the Charities Regulator takes an evidence based approach when investigating any
concerns raised, we would ask that you would provide us with the evidence you referred to in your
email to support the assertions made.



The McCarrick report destroys the reputation of John Paul 11 and makes his canoniaation a mockery.

JP 11 covered up for the two worst abusers in RC history – Marcel Maciel and Uncle Ted McCarrick.

It also proves that popes are NOT infallible – even and especially in matters of faith and doctrine.

The appointment of bishops and protecting the little ones are ABSOLUTELY matters of faith and doctrine.

And Francis himself lifted the restrictions Benedict put on McCarrick.

Does RC often mean nowadays Roman Caca?