12th November 2020


Bishop Deenihan,​

Sadly, you have not displayed the personal or professional courtesy to acknowledge previous correspondence. Following advice, I am copying this e-mail to Grainne Sullivan at Tusla. I do, so, because, the handling of matters, thus far, by you, do not inspire the requisite confidence that you are capable, willing or competent to deal with child protection matters in the Diocese of Meath for reasons to be outlined, hereinafter. So, while you may continue to ignore the scriptor of the present; you will be less likely to ignore, Ms. Sullivan.​

Yesterday, I e-mailed to the Abbot President of the Congregation of the Annunciation of which Glenstal Abbey is a constituent abbey about concerns I had about Abbot Brendan Coffey.​

I wrote:​

“The central allegation against Abbot Brendan Coffey OSB is that exercising the delegated authority of the Bishop of Meath, Bishop Thomas Deenihan, the said Abbot Coffey​ knowingly, deliberately, and with full-knowledge actively​ participated in a cover-up​ by attempting to solicit from a whistle-blower who is co-operating with the Charities Regulator — an affidavit/statement of exculpation that would exonerate the notorious behaviour of the current Abbot of Mount Melleray Abbey. The behaviour of Abbot Coffey displayed all the aspects of what is referred to as a “joint enterprise”.​

Abbot Coffey was exercising YOUR delegated authority. So, it is legitimate to enquire did you instruct Abbot Coffey to seek the statement of exculpation for Abbot Richard Purcell?​

It is clear that Abbot Coffey made the request on behalf of a number of individuals. As he was exercising your delegated authority, it is not an unreasonable to infer that you as the Bishop of Meath were the conduit for these requests. So, mindful that all this can be evidenced in writing — if you are prepared to facilitate a cover-up for Richard Purcell — what else are you prepared to cover-up the Diocese of Meath? ​

I know you will find the following suggestion wholly offensive, however, based on the preponderance of the totality of your mismanagement of the Silverstream issue i.e., by appointing somebody known to be as compromised [Richard Purcell] — it is not unreasonable to suggest based on your behaviour you would be willing to take the requisite steps to cover-up the sexual misconduct of a favoured cleric involving a child in the Diocese of Meath. This is quite a serious charge; one not lightly made; but based on what has emerged from your handling of Silverstream Priory — it is one that is reasonable, proportionate, and justifiably asserted.​

We can evidentially establish that Abbot Brendan did make the request for the statement exoneration for Richard Purcell. Was he completely naïve, stupid, and/or gravely incompetent? Is he somebody that acts unilaterally? If that is the case he is not a fit and proper person to hold the office of Abbot of Glenstal Abbey, and not an individual that is suitable to exercise oversight of a prestigious boarding school. Otherwise, Abbot Brendan was specifically following instructions/requests originating you as the Bishop of Meath in order to facilitate a cover-up. Would you ask Abbot Brendan to procure a statement if a child was involved?​

Are you willing to list the people who made these requests on behalf of Purcell? Was one of these individuals the Abbot General of the Cistercians, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald? Do you deny instructing Abbot Brendan Coffey to make this request of the whistle-blower Silverstream? Are you prepared to make such a denial on oath and be subjected to cross-examination on the matter by leading counsel? Are you prepared to confirm in writing to Tusla in your capacity as the Roman Catholic Bishop of Meath that you had no hand in this nefarious course of action? Do you deny the entirety of what is asserted within the present? Be very careful about your answer, because I can evidentially defend everything I assert.​

Are you willing to order the whistle-blower to return to Ireland and provide him with accommodation of his choosing and sustenance in order that he can answer questions pertaining to the investigation of Silverstream to: a) Tusla and, b) the Charities Regulator?​

Are you prepared to give the whistle-blower a canonically binding undertaking, i.e., on the headed paper of the Diocese of Meath, (signed by you as the Ordinary, countersigned by the Chancellor, witnessed by an ecclesiastical notary, and bearing the seal of the diocese) that the whistle-blower is free to speak to Tusla and the Charities Regulator without fear of any ecclesiastical penalty now or in the future?​

I am also copying this e-mail to the Apostolic Nuncio, because you are a bishop, and these legitimate concerns need to be addressed to him as the Nuncio in Ireland; he may wish to transmit a report to the competent Dicastery, the Congregation for Bishops; Abbot Brendan Coffey, so he may exercise his right of reply, along with the Abbot General of the Cistercians, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald; and, Pat Buckley who probably will publish this e-mail on his blog, because on-going transparency is good for the church in Ireland.​

Sincerely,​ ​

​ ​

Robert Hourigan 

11th November 2020

Dear Bishop Alphonsus,​

In yet another astounding development, I learned that Abbot Brendan Coffey, OSB of Glenstal Abbey sought from the whistle-blower at Silverstream Priory — a statement of exculpation for Dom Richard Purcell’s rampant and grossly immoral behaviour. This can be confirmed by e-mails and other correspondence. Whilst, I have not read the correspondence, I have been assured that the whistle-blower is prepared to make a sworn affidavit about Richard Purcell, along with a statement on oath before an ecclesiastical tribunal in the presence of a priest notary because the reputation of a cleric is at stake supported by this correspondence. You are advised that these matters have now been referred to Tulsa.​

I am told that Abbot Brendan stated he was acting on behalf of dioceses (note the pleural); thus, I e-mail to enquire did Abbot Brendan act at your behest as the Bishop of Waterford? Would you be prepared to confirm in writing to Tulsa that you had no involvement in seeking this affidavit/statement that was exculpatory and beneficial to Richard Purcell?​

As you will have inferred, this is a matter that is not going to resolve until a public denial of the allegations made against Richard Purcell is made by the aforementioned priest supported by the signature and seal of office of the Abbot General, Dom Eamon Fitzgerald and/or the resignation of Richard Purcell as the Abbot of Mount Melleray Abbey.​

Of course, I would not presume to tell you what to do as the bishop of the diocese; but, I would be demanding action from the Abbot General to resolve/ameliorate the situation, which is only going to get worse by inaction.​

I would be grateful for an acknowledgement of this correspondence by no later than midday, tomorrow, the 12th of November.​


Robert Hourigan


Ex-Vatican envoy’s trial for sex assault begins without him

John Leicester Nov 11, 2020


PARIS — A sexual assault trial for the Vatican’s former ambassador to France went ahead without him Tuesday after he produced a doctor’s note saying it was too dangerous for him to travel from Rome to Paris in the midst of France’s resurgent coronavirus epidemic.

Lawyers for the accusers of retired Archbishop Luigi Ventura asked that the trial be pushed back because he wasn’t present. But the court ruled against a postponement and then heard detailed testimony from multiple men that Ventura groped their buttocks in public settings.
The testifying witnesses included a former seminarian, Mahe Thouvenel, who said he was grabbed repeatedly by the clergyman when they celebrated Mass in December 2018.

“These are facts that happened to me, that hurt me, and I suffered a lot,” he said.

Asked in court what he would have said to Ventura had the former envoy attended the trial, Thouvenel replied: “Monseigneur, why did you do that?”

Represented by his defense team, Ventura was tried in absentia on five counts of alleged sexual assault. Three of his alleged victims who filed police complaints of groping and inappropriate touching on their buttocks were in court.

Ventura has repeatedly denied wrongdoing. Sexual assault is punishable by up to five years imprisonment and fines in France.

Exceptionally, the Vatican last year lifted the ambassador’s diplomatic immunity, allowing for his trial.

But during Tuesday’s hearing, the prosecutor, Alexis Bouroz, produced a Vatican letter in court that said Rome still reserves the right not to apply any eventual punishment for Ventura, if he is convicted.

The prosecutor agreed that the trial should proceed without Ventura. He said he didn’t believe the retired archbishop would come for any future court hearings, and so delaying it would just waste time.

Lawyers for the alleged victims seethed at what they viewed as contempt for the proceedings.

“The Holy See doesn’t give a hoot for your deliberations,” Thouvenel’s lawyer, Edmond Frety, said.

Thouvenel said his seminary kicked him out after he filed a police complaint. Under questioning from Ventura’s defense lawyer, he put his right hand on the top of his right buttock to show one of the spots where he was allegedly groped.

“It’s violent,” Thouvenel said. “It sticks in your memory.”

Defense lawyer Solange Doumic told the court that his doctor deemed it “completely unreasonable” for Ventura to travel at age 75 during the pandemic, as Paris hospitals are again struggling to cope with coronavirus cases.

The lawyer suggested that the plaintiffs’ request for a delay was to milk publicity for the case.

Another of the accusers, Mathieu De La Souchere, alleged that Ventura touched his buttocks repeatedly during a reception at Paris City Hall.

The judge said that, during prior questioning, Ventura explained his behavior by saying he had a “Latin” temperament and that there was nothing sexual about his gestures.

“Mr. Ventura is lying,” De La Souchere told the court.

“There is talk of a hand on a buttock,” he said. “It was more than that.”

The Vatican recalled Ventura last year and he later retired. The Vatican has recalled other diplomats when they get into trouble during overseas postings.


Ventura did wrong and he knows it.

We all must observe boundaries and touching another person sexually without their agreement is an assault.

Ventura has a history of this type of behaviour.

We await the outcome of the French hearing.


As Legal Eagle said – Mr. Hourigan is clutching at straws. He is motivated by a desire to destroy others for some sinister reasons. Those reasons have nothing to do with morality or faith or monastic vows. A vengeful auld cow is Hourigan. All his “allegations” will backfire spectacularly on him. Believe me…


When these emails are released they will rock the monastic Church in Ireland and probably a few bishops too by the sounds of it


Poor hoopie bogman from Kerry. Lies…Lies.. intimidation…hassessment…..fiction…what a distasteful specimen you are.


I agree Pat. Touching someone sexually without there permission is assault. It happened to me once. Sad but true. But it only makes us more aware of the effects it has.

I wonder what it is about our sexuality which is so damaged.

Original sin kind of makes sense. Maybe it wasn’t an actual Adam and Eve, but maybe the first human being, who was born from an ape. They rebelled against God?


Fr, you’re clutching at straws for an explanation from biblical or religious sources 🙄 The greatest source of what you describe as damaged sexuality comes from the warped beliefs concerning it put forward by religious “leaders”, especially the RCC.


11.11pm: MMM – The mournes are alive with the sound of Moanie Minnie……the birds dance to his song…sesgulls drop their caca on him and then he feels inspired to spew his shit hatred all over this blog…Go back to bed.. OAP…MMM.. 👜👜👜👜👜😃🤣😃🤣😃🤣😉😉😆👒👢😆🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩👠👠🙏👁🙏🙏🙏….Say your prayers. Amen.


Thank you Josie for your inspirational advice. That, and the level of intellectual effort put into your choice of emojis tells me you are truly one worthy of esteemed acknowledgement.


Wouldn’t bother Mman. Posting lots Emojis like that is same as baby throwing toys from pram.
Best ignored.


Who is this Robert Hourigan? It’s difficult to take his missives seriously when he either hasn’t bothered to proof-read his texts and thereafter remove the spelling and punctuation mistakes, or isn’t literate enough to know better.


10 25: It is obvious that Hourigan is using law manuals from Google and Wikipedia. The many quotation marks are an indication of his reliance on such resources. In transcribing he is misspelling many words, his grammatical constructions very poor and his over usage of certain words and phraseology is plagiarism of the worst kind. The bogman from Kerry is spiralling out of control and going around in circles. His legal threats are disgusting and I doubt if they would be acceptable as solid, fact based evidence for any barrister to proceed with. A lot of hearsay and innuendo and spurious speculation – all very unethical and morally reprehensible. When he eventually falls like humpty dumpty, it will be a fall to behold with amusement and delightgul joy!!:


Are you serious ?- have you read half of the badly written, ungrammatical and poorly spelt nonsense that gets posted here – sure he’s made a few mistakes but his writing is clear and generally well written.

I should also add that badly written doesn’t mean invalid argument.


The woods are crawling with all sorts of creepy crawlies… a surprise.
I have my two teddies here haha Roarr! just had a boss chippy omlet with rice and now chilling lol.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom at top of my road was swapped, 2 days ago, for a high qual, high-def spherical dome (can’t see where it’s…) 36X powerful optical zoom!
I’ll have to put my foundation and powder on when I go for my milk and news paper to hide my crow’s feet and wrinkles haha
It’s IP is on dual-stream which is odd. (Stream 1 to: City Watch / Cncl’s control rm as normal.
Stream 2: frig knows…)
Eeee 🤢, did you see how Ko jack was saying the rosary… they need putting in a bowl of Dettol 😂


I’m exhausted after reading all that and none the wiser as to what it’s all about. Robert, I suggest you run a bath with some radox. Put some popcorn in the microwave and switch on Netflix. And for the love of God, would ya ever cop onto yourself.


You have to appreciate the irony (for lack of a better word) of ‘Mr Hourigan’ demanding transparency in letters he won’t sign in his own name


Last year, I and my partner were on holiday in Dubrovnik. Having a final glass of wine in a beautiful local bar, four women, of the American kind, came in, looked at him and joked how cute he was. One sat on his lap and groped him. I thought it a joke, but he was visibly upset! Only afterwards when we talked about it did I understand. He’s Japanese. Can you imagine if we had complained?


If a senior who has your future dreams in their hands sexually assaults you then it is really is scary. Can almost destroy you as a persin. And if his bishop covers it up, then it is soul destroying. Believe me!


Do Cistercians, Benedictines and similar, have Vocation Directors, and do they have methods for discerning vocations to monk that have been objectively ethically checked? Do they advertise in foreign countries and do they (and their superiors both diocesan and non-diocesan) look especially for pliable and susceptible personalities? We might as well find out, from all possible sources.


For 1,000,000 Euros-
The next resignation in the Irish Catholic Church will be ?
A) An Archbishop
B) A Bishop or two
C) An Abbot or two
D) All of the above
You can: ask the audience, do a 50/50, phone a friend, ask the quiz-master.


Please God, all of the above!

I will never touch another piece of chocolate or pass the men’s rugby field on a Saturday, ever again!

However, there is a supermarket just past the men’s rugby field and I do do my shopping on a Saturday 🙄 haha


Trump continues to insist that he has won the election, notwithstanding that there is abundant evidence that he has lost. + Nichols continues to insist “So, on we go !” in spite of the fact that he has lost all credibility and trust following the withering criticism of him by IICSA. Two men in denial of the truth and reality. Both surrounded by sycophants who will not tell them the truth and will not tell them to ship out, because they are afraid for their own arses. I wonder will the bishops of E & W have the guts in upcoming meetings (probably by Zoom) to tell + Nichols that his time is up and he needs to go ? I doubt it. Both Trump and + Nichols are undermining greater things than themselves by their arrogant intransigence and vaunting vainglory and self-interest.


Presumably, the sad old, soiled-senior-citizen, Michael Smith, is primarily responsible for the shambles at Silverstream which now threatens to engulf royalty at Melleray and Glenstal.


Ah! That answers my question from yesterday Robert, Deenihan is the puppetmaster pulling poor Brendan’s strings and is now leaving him swinging in the wind to be the fall guy in this debacle. Deenihan and the Nuncio are still at phase one, ignore all correspondence. Phonsie is phase two acknowledge but do nothing. Does this mean that Phonsie genuinely didn’t have a clue about the cover up and isn’t on the same page as Deenihan and the Nuncio? Come clean Brendan, it’s your only option to save, yourself, your monastery, your dignity and self respect. Let Deenihan deal with the fall out.


1.33 if that is the case does it suggest this bunch want the money arrangements to continue / resume, via possibly more than one paypal account?

What were the native countries of the monks of those various houses?


All very iffy. No Google print of Hourigan QC whatsoever. Despite his use of words like “insouciance” 🤣 his letters are poorly written. Why bother to use words like “insouciance” 😂 and not bother to check for basic grammar? Probably all a big spoof.


10.46: Hourigan is playing dangerous games. He is reliant on big manuals for his information and I suspect he is helped by an equally low level “solicitor” friend. The repeated big words do not impress at all. He is a charade, a creep, a shady individual.


“He is a charade, a creep, a shady individual.”
That’s is a very good description of Kitty Kirby, also.


11.16: But….we are talking about Hourigan in this instance….he has “something of the night” about him….creepy.


There does seem to be an Irish priest James Norman who crusaded against a priest paedophile, and advocated for his victim. So, if Robert Hourigan is said priest, good on him.


Hearsay; embellishment; intimidation; innuendo; gossip; harassment; bullying; slander; defamation and coercion – this will not end well for the Mr. Hourigan character.

I did not realise “Mr. Hourigan” was making these scurrilous accusations while withholding his real identity! In the interest of fairness, justice and equality – you have gone out of your way to publicly identify this priest while affording yourself the right to remain anonymous. This is not how these things work Mr. Hourigan. This is scandalous, insidious and insipid behaviour which is equal to contempt. These are the actions of a “pusillanimous” coward!

You have nothing of worth – no evidence, no witnesses, no case. Goodbye, you are dismissed.

Yours, Legal Eagle.


What rubbish Legal Eagle, I agree with you that R Hourigan is a straw man but if these men were innocent they would have at the very least;

(a) Availed of Pats right to reply offer.
(b) Contacted Pat and explained how the allegations were all a fabrication.
(c) Threatened Pat with legal proceedings if he continued to publish these allegations on his blog.
(d) Obtained an injunction against Pat preventing him from publishing these allegations and force him to publish a retraction.

I, more than most, am aware of the costs of pursuing a High Court action, a feeding frenzy for the vultures that populate the legal profession, these men’s orders have the deep pockets to fund such an action, Pat Buckley doesn’t have the resources to defend.

Pat Buckley has shone a bright light upon their activities, they remain silent hoping it will all blow over, and as DG said, it probably will.

Personally I don’t think Phonsie was in the loop on any of this, the cover up was masterminded by Deehihan who walked Coffer up to the top of the hill.


I have represented myself before – at high court level.

I think we are dealing here with an iceberg of corruption. What we see above the water is only 3% 0f the total


1.57: Hourigan under a pseudonym…very definitely. Old and Reckless….how apt a name for Hoop La from the Kerry Bogs….


The onus would be on you to prove in court that what you were publishing about the lads was fair comment Pat. You obviously have the goods on the lads seeing as they are staying very quiet, apart from the obvious comments on the blog. You are right about the corruption.


11.42: TRUTH spoken with great clarity. I am uncertain as to what ecactly Mr. Hourigan is pursuing. One thing is very clear: his agenda has nothing to do with morality, justice, spiritual integrity or truth. He is motivated by something insidiously sinister. I do feel that his cover will blow soon and much damage, sadly, will be done to many ithers. He is, essentially, a coward, a boy and a repulsive human being. Hourigan should immediately seek out a more intelligent barrister for a future law suit.


Why do I get the impression that Pat’s blog is being overtaken by very frightened monks and supporters of Mellaray, Glenstal, and Silverstream? 😂


Yes the tone of the blog has changed, you have reached an even wider audience! Well done Pat!!!!!!


And what if it’s not about morality and justice? What if it’s only about sticking it to a bunch of hypocritical, con artists who cynically life a life at variance with the one they would have their flock believe they live.
You see, I don’t care what R H’s agenda is. I hope his letters have some impact / I really hope that he brings the whole rotten lot of them down. Unfortunately, I doubt it will have much impact. But if it causes just one of them to feel, even the tiniest little bit, uncomfortable well then I’m behind him all the way.


@3:56 pm

Speaking of pseudonym. Lolita from Venezuela, (interesting handle),
is likely heading back to Caracas playing the maracas.


It’s gone bloody farcical. This will run and run to boredom. It won’t be solved overnight as it will take weeks, months or years. Tit for that re verbal war between legal eagle and Hourigan. 3 amigos plus 3 Bishop amigos are laughing at this blog cis their silence and secrecy would ensure that. This is how they work and their strategy as well. Once you have your foot at their door to get into their info. I better switch it off for now and watch trump antics videos.


Given The Archbishops letter on the web site under Coronavirus he speaks like he is going to be there into the New year.
Tomorrow will tell if anything.
The everyday stories from Hourigan keeps going however mot many today but The Bishops will be laughing sadly the only one likely to go will be Abbot Brendan as the fall guy.


I believe that all the information Robert H is posting and reporting is the truth – however the church will do what it has always done. It will refuse to engage and wait for things to blow over.

The Glenstal school issue is a worry. I’m not suggesting anything inappropriate is happening there but if it where, what would Coffey do to try and protect the ‘good’ name of the school and Abbey?


I am glad you recognise what is being posted here is the truth. I TRULY wish it was not the case. Because of what is posted on this blog, so many people have come forward with information and confirmation of the central allegation. The e-mails and their resistance have been the icing on the cake — they were most unexpected, and they were given as a result of the invective directed towards yours truly. That is why I wrote “Legal Eagle” has been my most useful ally on this blog.

Abbot Brendan has set a worrying precedent. Hence, he is FATALLY compromised as the Abbot of Glenstal. He has no choice but to resign. And, when the matter is referred to the Minister for Education he will have no choice but to resign.


@10: 14
To be honest, we do not know who exactly was pulling Brendan’s strings, however, we do know that the request was made on behalf of a number of “bishops”. That is contained within the e-mails. Perhaps, Abbot Brendan might like to clarify these comments in due course.
You are absolutely right about Deenihan and the Nuncio; they will ignore all correspondence; it is the typical standard/modus operandi. However, it is not the role of the Nuncio to become involved in this kind of matter, but hopefully, he is bringing this to the attention of the Secretariat of State in his reports.
Bishop Alphonsus is now aware of the situation. In fairness, there was an acknowledgement from the diocesan office. However, because Mount Melleray is an Abbey of Pontifical Rite, he has no jurisdiction; but the Congregation for Religious will not ignore a letter from the local Ordinary asking the matter is resolved. Bishop Alphonsus could, however, prohibit Purcell from ministering in the Diocese by a Decree.
Unfortunately, Abbot Brendan is fatally compromised, because of his involvement in the solicitation of an exculpatory (there you go Legal Eagle) statement on behalf of Richard Purcell. And, hence, his judgement is impaired, and in due course, he will have to resign as the Abbot of Glenstal.
Deenihan being a serpentine Corkman will probably survive, because he wears a mitre — otherwise, he, too would be thrown under the bus. Remember, in the church if you are privileged to wear a mitre; you are one of the chosen sons; if you are a simple priest; you are one of the unwanted step-children.
For those who are interested, Tusla*, have replied. They recommend a formal referral of the two schools overseen by “compromised superiors” to the Department of Education. As the Minister for Education is my constituency TD, I will bring these matters to her attention next week. Her constituency office is located near the Dominican Church in Tralee. This is going to get uglier and uglier until people do the right thing. The sclerotic response of the church again indicates the only way this will be resolved is by the involvement of state institutions. You will create another embarrassing mess, which could have been avoided if people did the right thing.
“Legal Eagle”, I always value your vituperative observations. Thus, I would greatly appreciate your guidance about how these concerns should be addressed to Norma Foley, TD. What tone should I adopt? Because I am a fair and reasonable individual, I am happy to include in the documentation your affidavit in support of Richard. You have my e-mail address — do not be shy.
*As I utilise speech recognition software to dictate all my work Tusla was misrecognised as Tulsa, but, I should have double-checked.


Pat is this going to be your biggest story? You know more than us right now, so is it bigly as President Trump would say?


Not that big. But big. Thats why its so hard to land this fish. It is big.


Has to be Deenihan Robert, that “number of bishops” is just to give him cover. This wasn’t on Phonsie’s radar or he too would have ignored your correspondence. I see Legal Eagle hasn’t replied to Old&Reckless yet. If he indeed is a Legal Eagle he would be salivating at the thought of all those High Court fees, that kind don’t care who wins or loses as long as they get paid.


Robert the Congregation for Religious was abolished under Pope Frances and a new congregation was formed The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, headed by Cardinal José Rodríguez Carballo OFM.
He is responsible for Religious Orders.
However the Bishops are responsible to the Congregation of Bishops and that is cardinal Marc Ouelett who is due to retire soon.
Papal Nuncios as Archbishop Okolo said are the messengers for Pope Francis but he is worse than Archbishop Brown.
But Good Luck.


Robert do not be misled and think that a Mitre carries you in the Church of 2020 that is certainly not the case now.
Bishop Thomas Deenihan is not one of the Papal Nuncio’s favourites and made him sign a mandate in front of everyone on the Altar and that has NEVER been done before so Bishop Deenihan will be praying this blows over.
But depends on Abbot Brendan and if he says anything.


You are talking through your hat.
– Deenihan would not be in Mullingar if the nuncio took a set against him.
– The altar signing is a matter for the MC at the ordination in conjunction with TD and Jude Thaddeus and means nothing.


Is there any proof that a mandate was actually signed that day or is it just wishful thinking?


Indeed, corruption (with a lower case ‘c’), as in misdemeanours, are one thing…
… stuffing a Twix down your cake-hole in Asda when you think nobody is watching – and giving the other half to your friend just incase somebody is watching 🙄- is not, in anway, hurting children or vulnerable adults.
It’s not rocket science! Don’t play games, 6:28 pm.
The abuse of vulnerable people and the misdemeanours of others are very different in essence- ethically and morally- and in law.
Then there is the human suffering and damage to victims and survivors; including their families.
If money under the ‘table’ is being stored up by perverts who cause havoc to innocent people, then use that money to buy top barristers to cover up their abuse- then go after them I say.


It can also mean cover up, destruction of evidence etc.

I think Purcell and Coffey are in the queue.


Both of these men do not emerge in a good light. Purcell will destroy Melleray if he remains. If this comes to wider knowledge donations will stop. Coffey is an incidental victim, but he also has to go because he is so compromised. Hourigan going to the minister for education will bring this to an end. If he does that Coffey is toast because of the school. Roscrea could also be in trouble. Hourigan is either mad or telling the truth. I think he is now telling the truth. We have taken him for a fool when in fact he is a cute whore of Kerryman. All credit to him.


@Old and Reckless
My sensitive soul is hurt that you erroneously think that I am a “straw man”.
“(c) Threatened Pat with legal proceedings if he continued to publish these allegations on his blog.
(d) Obtained an injunction against Pat preventing him from publishing these allegations and force him to publish a retraction”.
Of course, they will not do so, because they are pusillanimous cowards — afraid of the truth. We would have an absolute field day with leading counsel cross-examining witnesses.
Yes, it is true that the only persons that would benefit from such a vexatious/frivolous action would be barristers and their instructing solicitors.
“Pat Buckley has shone a bright light upon their activities, they remain silent hoping it will all blow over, and as DG said, it probably will”.
I can assure you it is not going to “all blow over”.
“Personally I don’t think Phonsie was in the loop on any of this, the cover up was masterminded by Deehihan who walked Coffey to the top of the hill”.
Time will tell, but it is ugly, insidious, and horrible to observe.


6.42: Do you, Mr. Hooligan, have financial resources to pat your fees for legal representation for the suits you are envisaging? I believe you are stymied in your resources. Apart from this, you’ll have an ignominious fall.


Pat, yesterday I confronted an anonymous poster to your blog to provide evidence for his serious accusation that Abbot Brendan Coffey was sexually abused by Prof Ronan Drury; so far, no evidence whatever has been provided.
I believe that this poster was lying. Unfortunately, you took him at face value.
You need to take stock of what you are allowing to take place on your blog, without any reasonabke checks; when all is said and done, the buck stops with you. And you will be judged, Pat, for the calumnies that you are permitting your blog to spread.


+ Pat: You need to focus less on the sexual predilections and misdemeanours of various abbots and look more at the cyclical, arrogant, self serving interests of bishops like Nichols of Westminster who has just caste off awful criticism of his behaviour and leadership, and thinks that he can just go on and on and on…… That is much more significant than Rawhide Purcell putting his todger where the sun does not shine. This is about the arrogance of an episcopacy that thinks of themselves as above criticism, supervision, comment, critique, and act as though they belong to a completely other universe. All Nichols is bothered about is whether he is in with the Pope or not. To hell with the rest of us. Please show him some attention and let him know otherwise.


Are you a priest? Why aren’t you challenging him? Pat can highlight what is brought to his attention but until men like you ( I’m making an assumption here) stand up and be counted then…. well, how can I put this? You made your bed. Now lie in it.


@6:56 pm

Sadly, yes I am writing the truth. I truly wish it was not the case; I really do. However, I will take your observations about being from Kerry as a compliment.


The first time in a year and I have received an offer from you and I don’t think I would be interested to do that this weekend I have to be there for you a little while and then I have a lot to go with my friends to get a new car so I’m not really sure what time you want me there or you do that it is not a good thing for me I just want you know I love it and I’m so happy that you are so much you are all good with me this year and you are so happy for me I hope you’re feeling well I hope you’re doing ok and I’m glad you’re doing good thank love for your help and I’m so glad that you’re doing ok I love it I hope you’re doing well I love it I hope you’re doing ok and I’m so glad that you’re doing ok I love it I hope you’re doing ok and I love it I hope you had some wonderful memories and you are a good man and I’m so happy that you’re a wonderful friend to you I hope you’re feeling well love it I hope you’re feeling better I love it I hope you’re feeling better and I’m so happy for your family I hope you’re doing well I love it I hope you’re doing ok and I love it
Suicide is hidden here.
Call the Samaritans on 116 123 for free.


I imagine Egmond is already on full Sheba-alert just in case they both suddenly turn up at the Abbey for… well, let’s just say, an extended period of reflection and prayer. It has happened before, it can happen again.


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