(Including information from a Silverstream inside source)

It will take Silverstream a long time to recover from the KIRBY SCANDAL – if it ever recovers.

As long as Kirby stays in Silverstream his presence will cast a dark shadow over the place.

We were told that Kirby has come back as an ordinary monk with no authority.

Kirby’s ego and neurosis is so big Silverstream never be a healthy place as long as he lingers there.

He can’t be very happy as the founder and former prior living as a good soldier?

And the new prior, Elijah, is not the brightest or strongest button on the shirt and I imagine Old Kirby will be manipulating him and pulling his strings.

Kirby has had a very varied and questionable past and seems to never have come to terms with his homosexuality.

He tells people he had sex with a woman ONCE to prove he was not gay!!!

He always seems to have needed a young man as a “companion”!

Not that Father Benedict has exposed Kirby’s sexual harrassnent of him the world and it’s mother knows that Kirby is dodgy.

And then of course, there is the big drawer of cash in Kirby’s desk, the spending spree and the un-built church.

And, as for Jesus talking to him from the tabernacle?

If Jesus did speak to him he would say: “Stop harrassing my young monks”.



I’m sure abbots Purcell and Coffey wish they had never heard tell of Silverstream and Kirby?

Since the beginning of the visitation Purcell has been exposed as a sexually homosexual abbot and his neck is on the line.


Brendan Coffey has been shown to be totally incompetent and his monastery, Glenstal, has been exposed as a disaster zone in so many ways.

The Garda and the Charity Regulator are to report on Silverstream.

Silverstream now has an international reputation for homosexual harassment and financial problems.

Silverstream will not last.