Priest jailed for theft blames Catholic doctrine, also facing sex abuse charges

JD Flynn

November 27, 2020 at 10:32 am

Denver Newsroom, Nov 25, 2020 / 12:20 pm MT (CNA).-

A South Dakota priest has been sentenced to almost eight years in federal prison, after he was convicted of 65 felonies related to stealing donations from Catholic parishes.

Ordered to pay more than $300,000 in restitution, the priest said he stole in part because he disagrees with Catholic doctrine on homosexuality.

The priest is also facing federal criminal charges related to child sexual abuse and possession of child pornography.

Fr. Marcin Garbacz, 42, (pictured above: photo courtesy of the Diocese of Rapid City) was convicted in March of wire fraud, money laundering, and tax fraud — crimes he committed while serving as a chaplain and Catholic school teacher in the Diocese of Rapid City, between 2012 and 2018.

Garbacz was ordained a priest in 2004.

Prosecutors said the priest stole more than $250,000 from parishes, spending some money on artwork, a piano, a Cadillac, liturgical items, and a $10,000 diamond ring.

In 2019, the priest was arrested at Seattle’s airport, shortly before boarding a flight to his native Poland, for which he had purchased a one-way ticket. He had more than $10,000 in cash in his possession, along with several chalices, diamonds, icons, pens, an expensive watch, along with cufflinks and other jewelery items.

He had withdrawn more than $50,000 from his bank account before the flight, according to court records.

According to prosecutors, the priest snuck into Rapid City parishes in the middle of the night to steal cash donations after Sunday Masses. He replaced the tamper-proof bags in which the cash was stored with new ones he’d purchased online, and told people that his mother sent him money each month. When he bought expensive chalices and other liturgical items, he told people they were gifts, and had false inscriptions engraved upon them as proof.

Before he was arrested, Garbacz had been suspended from ministry, apparently after he was caught stealing roughly $620 from a parish in 2018, and was convicted of misdemeanor petty theft. He was sent by the diocese for six months to a residential treatment program, but left early and then worked as a FedEx driver in Washington.

He reportedly attempted to flee after becoming aware of the federal investigation against him.

At his sentencing Monday, Garbacz apologized to parishioners, and said he was angry with the Diocese of Rapid City and the Catholic Church. According to the Rapid City Journal, the priest said he was upset that Catholic doctrine considers homosexuality to be “intrinsically disordered.”

Garbacz, the Rapid City Journal reported, identifies as gay, and claims he was treated as a “second-class citizen” because of his dissent on the Church’s moral teachings.

After Garbacz was sentenced, the Diocese of Rapid City told CNA that “The diocese trusts in the judicial system and appreciates its dedication in making sure that justice is served in this case.”

Garbacz is also facing charges related to child sexual abuse and possession of child pornography.

He has been indicted on sex federal charges, and is alleged to have engaged in sexual conduct with someone a boy under the age of 18 while in 2011 traveling in a foreign country. An FBI agent also discovered, while searching a thumb drive during the financial crimes investigation, that the priest was in possession of child pornography. At least one pornographic video involving a minor appears to have been produced by Garbacz, according to the Rapid City Journal.

It is not yet clear what canonical charges the priest is facing, or if he is expected to be laicized.



1. Why has the announcement that Dom Elijah has been appointed as prior of Silverstream been removed from the Silverstream website?

2. Is all not well between Kirby and Elijah?

3. Is the honeymoon over?

4. Why is Kirby’s personal blog still linked to the Silverstream site?



The RC Church is in serious and swift decline.

There are obviously all kinds of cultural and social reasons for this decline.

But there is one big contributory factor to the decline.

And that is the homosexualisation of the priesthood.

And I don’t mean there are more gay priests.

I mean that more gay priests have no morals and standards and are turning the priesthood into a global gay sauna and knocking shop.

And that takes money – church money – old ladies money.


Bishop Pat you always knock the Church that someday you will return 😁
The True Church is not in decline in fact World Wide.
However sadly it is in decline in Ireland because of lack of True Leadership.
And some Good Bishops have inherited disasters like Bishop Tom but it will be sorted.
Ireland and GB is small fish to the Holy See.
Offer your prayers for the Genuine Monks of Silverstein and if you have rosary beads then offer that too but if they are for decoration just pray.


Roughly 2.2 billion Christians on the planet at the moment, about one in three of every living human being hardly qualify as a cult.


And they get very defensive when their cult is criticised because they can’t question. Millions of people also voted for both Trump and Biden – your argument would indicate they are both right.


The next step is surely forced closure of the enture school. Any parent who still wants to send their children there should be reported ted to social services for neglect. You only get one childhood. Imagine spending it far from home in a place where monks and lay teachers have been sent to jail and the Government think it unsafe for new pupils. Though if it is unsafe for new pupils why are tge existing ones allowed to continue you? It must have been a finely-balanced choice between disrupting their education versus risk of abuse.


It’s come to a pretty pass that one of the lines to take to reassure parents is that they have cut ties with the monastery. Says it all.


While one shouldn’t judge on appearance alone, …..doesn’t he look just like a typical ingratiating sycophantic RC priest? And not content with robbing the stupidly donating sheeps’ donations, he robs them every other way he can.
Yet this is a man, ontologically changed at ordination, whose “magic words” in the Mass are alleged by the Catholic laity and clerical establishment, to “change” wine and wafer into the one and only almighty, all powerful Creator God!
How is it possible to make any sense of this, to understand it, or to believe in it?
I challenge any of you, clerical or lay, to explain this without referring to yet again more mysterious magic, or that other great “get-out” of “faith.”


I am not Catholic however do have something approaching an explanation which is that religion actually attracts the criminal, deviant and devious. They either hope it will cure them or they see the religion as a great big racket. These two ways of thinking will be apparent in all of the clergy who get mentioned here, but of course the church’s narrative of flawed humanity making mistakes and being redeemed bears no such resemblance to reality.



Moanin Minnie, there is no explanation other than faith, to an ould atheist like you there is no point in explaining. You’ll get all the explanation you want when you stand at The Judgement Seat and hear your sentence, hell for all eternity!


@3:41: Is this a typical Christian explanation and response? Does it represent the extent of the charity Christians claim with their “Caritas Christi urged nos?” Is its ” holier than thou” gleeful relish at someone else’s perdition typical of “believers.”
And all because the original commentator@1.09 asked some searching questions?


And you Anonymous @3-41 will not get any explanations when you snuff it and close your eyes for the last time………..nothing!! Then it will be lol on you.😀😀😀


Private schools are the biggest rip off ever, and that’s why it suits cults to run them. They are so lightly regulated in comparison to state schools that the pupils can come out with an atrocious education and be exposed to actual danger. But of course it’s the name of the school on the CV the parents are paying for.


Yes, and the self-confidence and self-entitlement that those schools engender. It’s a good investment because ex-public school pupils massively and disproportionately dominate elite professions and the media, and competition from clever pushy oiks has reduced since the abolition of grammar schools.

Some people have what you might call a “quadrangle to quadrangle” existence, going from a prep school, public school, Oxbridge (or TCD in Ireland), then the City, or a pukka regiment, or the senior civil service, the media and so on. Even acting is full of them.

So what, you might say, and parents can spend their money how they choose and the state schools need to up their game, and we celebrate elitism in sport and in models so why not education. That’s what the Tory-voting side of me says, but the Catholic side of me questions why monks and priests are on that half of the educational divide and not opening good schools in the inner cities for everyone there.


Though now the public schools are filling their places with rich kids from China and Russia, who think they are in a Harry Potter film, and the racist English parents are not happy that they are spending £40k – £60k for their children to be mixing with such pupils.



No Seamus it was a warning given in charity and hopefully giving this individual time to repent so that he saves himself from the road to perdition that he is on at the moment. Truly ‘Caritas Christi urget nos’.


@ 6.08: It sounded anything like a charitable warning! Gleeful derision was its most significant feature.


You couldn’t make this shit up. Garbage was stealing because he was angry at the church? And thinks he was treated like a second class citizen because he was gay!
It’s not like there are straight priests coming out of the woodwork!
The fact he’s a nutjob should have been picked up in seminary, and he shouldn’t have been pampered by being ‘treated’ for theft.
Yet another example of the dysfunction of unholy slut church.


Exactly. At the first conviction a lay person would be dismissed immediately from his or her jobb immediately with no “treatment” offered. The Church is strange in that it gives no rights to seminarians or simply professed religious, but after ordination or solemn vows they are put in cotton wool and lokked after for the rest of their lives, no matter what. Consider, for example, Anselm Hurt of Glenstal, the acknowledged abuser whom the monks bought a house for after he left, in what IICSA called “cradle-to-grave” care.
Or consider the “c/o bishop’s house” priests, such as Alexander Anderson of Derry, who has been c/o for longer than the total time he served in parishes.


So true Pat, God be with the days of the hard drinking, housekeeper riding priest, now a thing of the past.


Yes, the old “man’s man” PPs, fond of a smoke and the horses, and a bit of a terror to curates, had full churches, catechised children and were close to their people. More respected than loved, they were not the feared, derided and effete figures, ministering only to old ladies that the modern seminaries turn out.


That Elijah guy doesn’t look well. Is he really up to the responsibilities of Prior of Silverstream ? The difficulty with that nutcase kind of monastic culture is that the more ill and wane you look, the more spiritual you are thought to be, whereas really all you need to do is start eating properly, go to the doctor, and generally look after yourself, including your mental and emotional health. I’d say Elijah is a melting pot of neuroses, anxieties, unresolved conflicting psycho-sexual issues, misguided austerity,….shall I go on ?!


9.08: … I’d say YOU are just a nasty old queen, a bitch of a gossip…who will find any reason to be disdainful and crappy towards others…the lace curtains twitchers, soothing your fanny, cig in mouth, china tea cup…”look at her.. ” type of mischievous bitch. Granny types…


1156 – no I’m not. Never heard of Fr Littleton. Who he ? But I have heard of Elijah – even seen him
In the flesh, not a pretty sight – and I do stand by what I say. The man has problems.


Monks don’t have to be pretty.
They are there to pray. Prior Elijah certainly prays!


11.23: I wish upin you a hard, nasty accident that might put your brain back into proper order …first take it out of your a**e. You pervert.


My God, I’ve been up since 6 and a half day’s work done in the Church and still no comments…what the hell? Layabouts….


When you posted this your ‘half day’s work’ didn’t come anywhere near a half day of work in the real world. What did you do? Say some prayers and get your lacy frock out?


Buckley at 11.33: Cults come in all shapes, outfits, dresses, sizes and nastiness, even the despotic cult of The Oratory..A one man show: Cultic in its most vengeful approach run by an anti christ…💀💀💀💀💀💀💀..


Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing at 1:09 am
Is not your whole statement one of “Faith and Belief”. You’ll never prove it even to yourself for if there is no God vou’ll never know it as in death you’ll be no more.


Quick, send for the Coffey/Purcell/Dullea dream team to do an urgent unannounced Visitation
of Amplecash. They are the go-to Visitors and they’ll sort it out in no time.


11.05::::Not a cleric…just another bitch following others on this bitch fest blog!! 😆😆😆😆😆😹😹😹😹😹😹😹…


The Archbishop and the Bishop have both been arrested for worthy causes. Just like Jesus!


Ampleforth College is toast. They are saying they will appeal but every recent inspection by Ofsted and the independent schools’ inspectors has highlighted shortcomings in their safeguarding, and that after plenty of warning and time to attend to it. So it shows just how careless and arrogant places like Ampleforth are and now the axe is hanging over them. Serves them right. Like +Nichols they only came lately to realising how serious was sexual abuse in their midst and still didn’t give a toss for victims but concerned themselves with reputational issues and looking after their own. + Nichols says he now understands but I don’t believe anything he says. He says what’s useful to him for his own purposes. I’d say he still is wondering what all the fuss is about. Both + Nichols and Ampleforth are seeing the chickens come home to roost and neither is going to survive for much longer.


Boring ! Boring! Tis reality that’s boring. Maybe that’s why so many like to live on Fantasy Island funded by the bank of candles penny box . Eggs with no yokes hi


While you mockingly take the piss Fly, there’s often perceptive reality in your comments. @8:21 you rightly point out that many religious believers do live in a “make-believe world”, where, despite so much contrary evidence, they engage in “lottery winning syndrome.” Unthinkingingly they continue to “buy their heavenly entrance ticket” through the candles box, the St V. de Paul box, and all those other money making scams employed by the RCC
And like yokeless eggs, there’s simply no substance to it.
Good on you. Keep it up.


8:21 PM

Good Night-How-Hi Fly.
Be the hookeys butt sounds more like eggs gone googy woogy.
Whats a knockin shop hi. The Bish keeps bangin on ’bout it.
Would it be a shop where knockers are got…begorra.
Brass pull out or wooden you tell me fly.
Knock knock who’s there…
I stand at the door and knock…
Anyways knocked out knocked up or knocker-less
May The Force be With You.
Good Night Fly Hi.


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