Sexually active gay priests, seminarians and monks have hijacked the Irish Catholic Church and are destroying it from within!

Because of their promiscuous life style they cannot have a real faith and they cannot be saying their prayers.

In fact, is it not a moral travesty to spend your nights in a gay sauna having sex and then turn up to celebrate Mass the next morning or climb into the choir stalls to say the Office.

I can understand any man falling in love with another man or woman leading to sexual intimacy in the context of either love or the search for love.

I can understand anyone ‘falling” in the context of loneliness.

But surely no one can claim that being involved in premeditated sexual orgies, whether straight or gay, is compatible with Christian or Catholic values and morality.

And on top of that priests and monks have either publicly professed promises or vows of celibacy and chastity.

And the men we are talking about are involved in:

Sex on altars and in consecrated places.

Sexual violence.

Multiple partner sex.

Passing younger men around each other for sexual exploitation.

Using church, monastic or religious order funds on their sexual exploits.

This cabal exists in every diocese in Ireland.

It is in Maynooth.

It has infiltrated monasteries like Silverstrean, Mount Mellerary, Roscrea and Glenstal.

It has caused nervous breakdowns and physical injuries.

It is responsible for multiple injustices.

Is is giving grace scandal and destroying people”s faith

And that is why this blog on concerned about people like Dick Purcell and Kirby and Elijah.

It is being covered up by bishops and religious superiors here and in Rome.



What does undetectable = untransmittable (U=U) mean?

Bakita Kasadha

‘Undetectable = Untransmittable’ (U=U) is a campaign explaining how the sexual transmission of HIV can be stopped.

When a person is living with HIV and is on effective treatment, it lowers the level of HIV (the viral load) in the blood.

When the levels are low (below 200 copies/ml of blood measured) it is referred to as an undetectable viral load.

This is also medically known as virally suppressed. At this stage, HIV cannot be passed on sexually.

This scientific evidence was gathered from several studies. The studies included thousands of heterosexual and gay couples in which one partner had HIV and the other did not. Over the course of the studies, they found that there was not a single HIV transmission from an HIV-positive partner who had an undetectable viral load.

When a person is undetectable, condoms are not required to prevent HIV transmission, but being undetectable does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections.

U=U applies to transmission through sex only. We have more information about the risk of transmission through other routes, including breastfeeding and sharing needles.

We have provided a U=U page specifically for HIV-negative people. As well as U=U, PrEP is another way to prevent HIV transmission, for HIV-negative people who may not know the HIV status of their sexual partner(s) or whose sexual partner(s) is not undetectable.


There is an awful lot of ignorance out there about HIV and AIDS, even among people working in the medical field.

HIV is not AIDS.

AIDS is not HIV.

HIV means that you have come in contact with a virus. It does not mean you are ill.

There are two tests the doctors do to check the state of your health.

One involves testing your blood”s CD4 count. A normal CD4 between 500 and 1200.

If you have a low CD4 count it’s a cause for concern.

The other test is the VIRAL LOAD COUNT.

The higher the viral load the greater concern.

An undetectable viral load is very good.

Most people today NEVER go from HIV to AIDS because of wonder drugs called antiretrovirals.

Antiretroviral drugs are not a definitive cure but are indeed a managed cure.

Most people who are HIV+ will live a normal life and life span.

The progress since the 1990s are almost miraculous.