Sexually active gay priests, seminarians and monks have hijacked the Irish Catholic Church and are destroying it from within!

Because of their promiscuous life style they cannot have a real faith and they cannot be saying their prayers.

In fact, is it not a moral travesty to spend your nights in a gay sauna having sex and then turn up to celebrate Mass the next morning or climb into the choir stalls to say the Office.

I can understand any man falling in love with another man or woman leading to sexual intimacy in the context of either love or the search for love.

I can understand anyone ‘falling” in the context of loneliness.

But surely no one can claim that being involved in premeditated sexual orgies, whether straight or gay, is compatible with Christian or Catholic values and morality.

And on top of that priests and monks have either publicly professed promises or vows of celibacy and chastity.

And the men we are talking about are involved in:

Sex on altars and in consecrated places.

Sexual violence.

Multiple partner sex.

Passing younger men around each other for sexual exploitation.

Using church, monastic or religious order funds on their sexual exploits.

This cabal exists in every diocese in Ireland.

It is in Maynooth.

It has infiltrated monasteries like Silverstrean, Mount Mellerary, Roscrea and Glenstal.

It has caused nervous breakdowns and physical injuries.

It is responsible for multiple injustices.

Is is giving grace scandal and destroying people”s faith

And that is why this blog on concerned about people like Dick Purcell and Kirby and Elijah.

It is being covered up by bishops and religious superiors here and in Rome.



What does undetectable = untransmittable (U=U) mean?

Bakita Kasadha

‘Undetectable = Untransmittable’ (U=U) is a campaign explaining how the sexual transmission of HIV can be stopped.

When a person is living with HIV and is on effective treatment, it lowers the level of HIV (the viral load) in the blood.

When the levels are low (below 200 copies/ml of blood measured) it is referred to as an undetectable viral load.

This is also medically known as virally suppressed. At this stage, HIV cannot be passed on sexually.

This scientific evidence was gathered from several studies. The studies included thousands of heterosexual and gay couples in which one partner had HIV and the other did not. Over the course of the studies, they found that there was not a single HIV transmission from an HIV-positive partner who had an undetectable viral load.

When a person is undetectable, condoms are not required to prevent HIV transmission, but being undetectable does not protect against other sexually transmitted infections.

U=U applies to transmission through sex only. We have more information about the risk of transmission through other routes, including breastfeeding and sharing needles.

We have provided a U=U page specifically for HIV-negative people. As well as U=U, PrEP is another way to prevent HIV transmission, for HIV-negative people who may not know the HIV status of their sexual partner(s) or whose sexual partner(s) is not undetectable.


There is an awful lot of ignorance out there about HIV and AIDS, even among people working in the medical field.

HIV is not AIDS.

AIDS is not HIV.

HIV means that you have come in contact with a virus. It does not mean you are ill.

There are two tests the doctors do to check the state of your health.

One involves testing your blood”s CD4 count. A normal CD4 between 500 and 1200.

If you have a low CD4 count it’s a cause for concern.

The other test is the VIRAL LOAD COUNT.

The higher the viral load the greater concern.

An undetectable viral load is very good.

Most people today NEVER go from HIV to AIDS because of wonder drugs called antiretrovirals.

Antiretroviral drugs are not a definitive cure but are indeed a managed cure.

Most people who are HIV+ will live a normal life and life span.

The progress since the 1990s are almost miraculous.


DG 8:00am Shocked as well I’m sure! Don’t let discovering this lessen any comfort you got from using the service. Yet another reason why RP should stand aside until a credible inquiry can report on allegations against him. Actually, what qualifies either of the clerics vs the sister and lay members, to be on the board? One might think their sole purpose there is to gleen info and influence?


The clergy on that board seem to have no formal qualifications in counselling, therapy or psychology.


You wouldn’t need those qualifications to be on the board of any organisation. Clergy do, however, not hesitate to make themselves out to be multi competent. This causes their biggest shock when they get out here in the real world.


A word of advice for Rawhide Purcell, the Boilerhouse barebacker, on this World Aids Daysays:

As we remember World Aids Day, a word of advice for Rawhide Purcell, the Boiler House barebacker, to go an have an HIV test for his own sake and for the sake of his sexual contacts.. If he’s positive he can access antiviral treatments that will be of benefit to his own health and if he still insists on engaging in unprotected anal sex then he will also be protecting others because his undetectable viral load after a while on treatment will minimise any risk of transmission to others. If he is negative on testing, then he should start on PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) which will protect him if he comes in to contact with HIV during his risky sexual behaviour. Or he could just give up having risky sex. Or any sex. Either, or all, of these option would be the responsible thing for him to do. Better than saying his prayers or pretending to be a holy monk.



Thank you for that very sensitive private information. I will totally respect your request for the individual”s private information not to be made public.

I will indeed concentrate on the R man in this.

Further information would be most welcome.

Thank you.


The usual kind of stuff found on the blog.” This cabal exists in every diocese in Ireland” where is the proof that it is in our 27 Dioceses lets have it.
There are Thousands of Clergy and only a few gay likely around 5% but Bishops will tell you 1% is too many and more so if leading double standards.
Canon Law does not allow Bishops to speculate they need hard facts.
Maybe it is a recruitment drive for the Oratory then again Bishop Pat likes his one man show.
Bishops ae desperate for TRUE facts and they then can take action more so if the Dioceses is paying for them who love the c/o or sabbatical.
They cannot take rejected seminarians word for it as 9/10 they just want to fall back in love with whoever rejected them in their dreams.
Sadly Bishop Pat is seem as a disgruntled man but the people who give him evidence should stand up and be counted.


The number of gay clergy in modern Ireland is a minimum of 80% though not all are active.

A very significant number are active.


Lol what kind of evidence do you expect from men leading a double life?
Usually the few cases of misbehaviour which hit the headlines are only a small sample of what is happening, and you can be absolutely certain that if monastic superiors turn a blind eye to one behaviour there will be loads of other stuff wrong in the communities.
The Cistercian monasteries in Ireland are not populated by a few old men because there is something wrong with society.


11:18 I base that on my experience and knowledge of 50 years since entering seminary and on my extensive pastoral experience.


Nihil novum …our old friend, Emmett McLoughlin, to whom I introduced you a few years back, in addition to “People’s Padre” wrote a book titled “Crime And Immorality In The Catholic Church” which in many ways is evocative of this blog. Vatican II can be blamed for abominable liturgy but it can’t be blamed for abominable behavior amongst the clergy since this book covers the forties and fifties if not earlier.

Google Books offers enough selections for folks to get a taste of the book. It can be had from eleven smackers on. Alas, it’s major worth is to show that we are not as bad as we like to think.


Chris was the victim of consistent bullying, lies and conspiracies. He threatened the Dublin Mafia by showing them up with his charitable works (Fr Chris’s Homes for the Homeless) and being unafraid to speak out about taboo subjects from the pulpit.
This threatened the Dublin Elite who saw a hard-working young priest who was going against the narrative that said that clergy were too overworked to be able to do home visits, sick calls, and other pastoral ministries.
Chris did it all, so he had to go.


I am very sorry to hear that. I never heard of Fr Chris’ Homes for the Homelesd.

If he has been done an injustice it should be called out and put right.


Wow! Chris Derwin is a blast from the past! An excellent reputation among the laity but a terrible reputation among clergy. He was hated by seminarians. I always thought it was because he wasn’t interested in engaging in the Latin and lace shit that dominated Maynooth.



Can you do a blog on why young clergy are all big fatties these days? All of these fatties exhibit the FULLNESS of the priesthood. Monty, Marshall, Moriarty, Jones etc.


Of course there is a growth in obesity in the entire population.

Some small number of people have metabolic problems.

Some people over eat and drink to dull all kinds of emotional pain.


I think you owe Derwin more than an apology. You played your part in destroying one of Dublin’s great priests. He helped poor families who were in threat of eviction for not paying their mortgage remain in their homes, he was often in Balbriggan Tesco with multiple shopping trolleys full of food for starving families. He was loved by parishioners and admired by the Tesco staff who knew that he was a man who cared about just as much about the physical needs of family life as well as the spiritual needs. He was the sort of priest who lay awake at night, worrying about families who didn’t have enough to eat. He befriended the homeless and invited them into his home until he could find them a permanent place to live. He was not condemning of anyone and never turned anyone away from communion, unlike other clergy.
He was a priest for the twenty-first century. That threatened the old timers who wanted rid of him, and they got what they wanted.


Do your research, ask your Dublin contacts whether what I say about Fr Chris is true! If they’re truthful, they will attest that everything I say is true.
When you have verified that, I think you need to play your part in restoring the man’s good name.


If I have done him an injustice I will publicly admit it and do everything I can.


Bishop Pat,
I think it is safe to say that the likes of Derwin, Byrne and Gannon etc took the fall for everything and everyone (unjustly). Three decent men (by all accounts) that were set upon by viper leadership and nasty cliques.


I think you know it to be true in your heart Pat. The dust has settled, things have become clear and these guys are still suffering unmerciful abuse. The all took the blame for a much bigger and deeply rooted problem. Lives were destroyed, the Church is fine.


I do not KNOW it to be true but I am open to there being truth in it.

Can is be established?


Thank God he’s a blast from the past let’s hope he stay’s their, he was probably a nightmare call me Chris type. There is nothing wrong with latin or lace it’s what we all knew all our lives until the dreadful polyester crew arrived uninvited and have plagued us for years.


@ 12:58pm – How did Pat play his part in “destroying” a good priest? I have searched through this blog and found very few mentions of his name. One reference simply asked the question of where had he disappeared to so quickly after ordination.
Another poster made references to him in connection to a party in Tralee which was attended by a host of the regular gay clergy who regularly featured in this blog at some point. While that reference is somewhat sinister in its imputation let us not forget that it was made by an anonymous poster and not by Pat. Given the nature of this blog, had there been any truth to the claim made by the anonymous poster many more people would have jumped on the bandwagon to destroy him.
So your comment that Pat destroyed him is ludicrous. Perhaps Chris realised soon after ordination that it simply wasn’t for him. I wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard of it happening


Having a Pork Belly Roll for lunch today. Looking forward to shovelling it in to my gob. Might swill it down with a glass of beer.


These ones writing about Chris Derwin being “destroyed” are talking absolute horse crap. Chris himself could be writing that manure. Any “destroying” that was done, Chris did himself!


2.02 What a joke are you on the wine Viper Leadership well Thank god they stopped them in their tracks.
Just wish this so called viper leadership had spotted more instead the Church will be left with them for decades so this viper leadership has let the Church down.
Derwin, Byrne and Gannon etc took the fall for everything and everyone !!! No they took the fall for their doubler styled life.
King Puck was lucky he had a softy for a Bishop.
And as for Scotland and their Priest school the media is watching them closely some with double standards and the parties mention on here the other day.
Double standards is NOT welcome in the Priesthood.


The big question is what is going on with Paisley’s “rampant”. My understanding is he has threatened some of the most senior clergy and is well known for blackmail. My understanding is he is back in the diocese keeping a low profile until this blows away. It WILL NOT go away. He needs to be called out for what he is.


4.42 Did the young seminarian turn you down or are you jealous of him.
You keep coming on here and saying this for weeks now.
having spoken to Bishop John he has NOT heard from you and as Bishop John is close to his Brother Priests he has asked them your question who is getting blackmail and threaten as he would have no hesitation but to call the Police.
So shut up or speak up with facts and the clergy who is informing you they are frightened and being blackmail these are SERIOUS allegations.
SO here it is again or write to him at St. Fergus 35 Blackstoun Road Paisley PA3 1LU. or call 0141 889 9277 but not from withheld numbers
Clergy can call Bishop John on his mobile 24/7 or go to his home and also the Monsignor Burke is very able as well.
You do know Father McLoughlin is the Police Scotland Liaison Officer so no stone would be left unturned but you just blow your trumpet on Pat Buckley’s site with LIES.
If Bishop Pat (who I admire) would stop the likes of you and your lies daily then Bishop Pat would get more thought off.


6:39.. well done! They need to give up their vendettas and stalking of seminarians. Everyone is fed up of it and knows that it is a pack of lies. You claimed the sem had “ruined lives”. Perhaps think of the damage you are having on the health and well-being of the sem you are stalking and spreading lies about? I am not from his diocese, however, I have heard that this nonsense in recent months has caused him a lot of upset and shock. So…., if you don’t have any proof….. ADIÓS!


Has Jardine any info on the gay clique in Glasgow which features 4 or 5 priests, a solicitor, an undertaker and an Italian chippy owner.
Seems the chippy owner has been ousted from the gay circle and taking it very badly and blabbing. He’s annoyed because the lawyer and the undertaker are married and he’s the only real gay in the village.
One of our own clerics here in Motherwell might be a daddy soon. Watch this space.


The gay Clique in Glasgow is more than 5 and Archbishop Tartaglia knows them and doing nothing about it and when asked he keeps saying where is the proof.
Archbishop Tartaglia’s family own chip shops so they will know who this hurt guy is.
The undertaker guy must be most worried lose his family and maybe his business or employment.
I just hope Bishop Toal is aware of the cleric soon to be a Daddy he will need to leave the clerical state however he won’t be stupid he will go c/o diocesan offices for a while then the tribunal then Rome they are not stupid.


Plenty I could tell you. The Glasgow Priest and the Priest from
a nearby Diocese who had a 20 year plus sexual relationship ended it last year, but the Glasgow man continued to meet others for nookie as he always did for the last 30 years including in saunas (in Edinburgh and before Covid) and in the Parish House. The undertaker is very friendly with an ex Priest turned Funeral Celebrant, both have a big leather fetish. Not heard about the Chippy Man or latest re Solicitor. Will ask around. The gay clique from Glasgow, Paisley and Motherwell who usually holiday together, are really missing each other and now Skype regularly. I see the ex Cathedral Dean is now married (to a female!) and now has a relationship with his teenage son produced whilst he was in Ministry. No charges brought against the suspended Priest yet – case still being consider by the PF.


Just returning to 3:08’s point about double standards and the media watching them. Completely agree and it needs called out and banned from Holy Church. The majority of these seminarians are gay and live double lifes. The relationship between the seminarian from Paisley that has disappeared and the sem in Motherwell needs looked at. If the story from the other evening about the 2 of them battering someone is true then that is out of order and needs investigated.


4.47 No Bishop in Scotland wants double standard please try and understand that as they try and lead a prayerful life but really they are the Chief Executive’s of their dioceses and responsible for it but again be assured they are ruthless if they need to be.
Look a Bishop Toal closed a parish overnight because of the heating and no money to replace it so if he knew a Priest was going to be a Daddy he would be placed on Sabbatical straight away.
As for the Paisley and Motherwell Seminarians both Bishops say they know nothing about it and the Catholic Media office has asked them so I would hate to think the possibility of them misleading people.
So 4.47 send what you know to Bishop pat and I am sure he will ask Bishop Toal and Bishop Keenan what the story is.
The Rector of Sots College Rome is a Paisley priest and he will know this seminarian.


Bollocks. What about he serving Bishop who was a very special friend of KOB? Isn’t that double standards? What about Toal who is allowing one of his Clergy to be “active” in gay circles?


Not Chris, but a friend of his who had high hopes for his ministry and was disgusted at his treatment.


@6:19pm – Well both you and him – get over yourselves and dry your eyes. He should never have been ordained if he had no intention of keeping it zipped. Despicable. You and your ilk make me sick. Enjoy your pathetic little pity party. I still suspect you’re Chris btw 😡


I’m upset about injustice. He did nothing wrong. He was targeted by the Old Priest Mafia who used this blog as their weapon.


@8:53 alas I was not one of his lovers. As far as I know he had no lovers at Maynooth or as a priest.


@7:53 and 7:51 – 😂😂😂 oooooooohhhh the wicked bitch brigade are fuuuuuuurioussss!! 😀🤣😀☝️


I would just like to point out that there are no homosexualists in Scottie Land. Scottie laddies and homosexualism are incompatible. Homosexualists are all over the border in Ingerland. All the limp wristed Ingerlish pansies reeking of eau de cologne trying to corrupt the wee Bonnie Scottie laddies. Scottie laddies is real men. Even in -15 degrees they wear no underpants under their kilts. That’s real men for ye. Gie us a wee dram! Scotties wi’oot jockies. Are ye reet in tha heed?


Pat you’ve got the poison clerics after you today.
So if the old school clergy of his diocese used scant reference to this priest on this blog as a weapon to push him out.
And this is somehow your problem?
It is the fault of the other clergy who are clearly bullies and whoever is commenting here is blaming you!
I will keep saying this: the RC church is a dysfunctional cult of continual abuse and bullying. Lives are ruined and ended by contact with it.
You, Pat, will be targeted by them in any way possible, including the softly softly approach today. In fact a classic abusers technique is to blame you for something which isn’t your fault.


At 9:12pm – oh seriously for crying out loud!!!! You’re as bad as the girl(s) defending Miss Derwin! Bunch of mad drama queens the whole lot of you.


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