Rachel Sharp Dailymail 4 Dec 2020

Jerry Repola worked at the Catholic Camp St. Malo in Colorado in August 1958, when Bobby Bizup vanished in mysterious circumstances on Mount Meeker

Bones belonging to the little boy were found in July 1959 

Repola sexually abused a teenage boy when he was a parish priest in Grand Junction in 1967, a new report reveals 

Authorities believe the boy could be one of several victims

Repola died in March 1971 from a long illness

The new report makes Repola the third priest working at the camp the summer of Bobby’s death now known to have sexually abused children 

Harold Robert White has been described as ‘the most prolific known clergy child sex abuser in Colorado history’

Neil Hewitt was one of the last to see Bobby alive and found his remains 

Investigators have now launched a new probe into the little boy’s disappearance 

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office released a new report Tuesday, naming  nine more Catholic priests who sexually abused children in Colorado 

It is an update to the damning probe by the Colorado Attorney General which in October 2019 named 43 priests who abused at least 166 children from 1950

Christian Brother taught after breaking child’s jaw


Christian Brothers Tralee

A Christian Brother who

Tue, Jan 10, 2006, Irish Timed

A Christian Brother who broke a child’s jaw was allowed to carry on teaching for nearly a decade, it emerged today.

The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse is examining allegations about St Joseph’s Industrial School in Tralee, which was run by the Christian Brothers up until 1970.

Brian McGovern SC, representing the tribunal, said there had been documented complaints about a Brother who had been moved to the school despite a series of horrific complaints against him.

The man known as Brother X broke the jaw of a child he was teaching at the Christian Brothers Industrial School in Glin, Co Limerick, in 1961, after earlier pulling hair from a child’s head and beating boys with a leather strap at another Christian Brothers school in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

He was then moved on to St Joseph’s where he continued to teach.

Mr McGovern asked Br Seamus Nolan of the Christian Brothers if the failure to remove him from teaching duties immediately showed a remarkably uncaring attitude by the Order. “It certainly does. The efforts made weren’t sufficient. It isn’t good enough,” he said.

He told the commission that to his knowledge the gardaí were not informed about the Brother’s activities and that although the Department of Education was aware of him, it eased off after he was eventually removed.

Other Brothers had warned as far back as 1960 that Brother X was unable to control his temper and was capable of doing the most foolish things. He was eventually removed from classroom duties in 1969 and transferred to a Christian Brothers institution in Dublin.

There were eight deaths of boys at St Joseph’s including that of Joseph Pike in 1958. The young boy died in hospital due to pneumonia but had earlier received a severe beating from a Christian Brother at the school.

St Joseph’s received a limited amount of funding from the State and was forced to make up the shortfall through other activities carried out by its staff and pupils, such as farming, carpentry and bakery.

Br Nolan said that in the 100 years of St Joseph’s existence the effort of generosity by the staff there lasted throughout.

He said there had been regular inspections which showed, by and large, there was great satisfaction all round and added that some of the surviving Brothers were still friends with the former pupils. “So it wasn’t all a grim and bleak story though the building may have given that impression from the outside,” he said.

However the commission is investigating several complaints of sexual abuse made against Brothers who worked in the school.

One complainant, John Glynn (60), said he had entered the school in 1949 at the age of two and was sexually abused by a Brother after his first Communion.

“What disgusted me today was that there wasn’t any word of apology. I just find it horrendous they’re still hiding, that the cover-up is still there and that we still have to keep speaking out,” he said.

Mr Glynn plans to give evidence to the commission about the one surviving Brother who abused him.


Throughout this tiny island,

In graves unmarked and cold;

Lie broken bones of boys and girls,

Their stories never told.

Men in black with collars white,

And Brides of Christ as well,

Sent these angels up to Heaven,

But made their short lives Hell.

No teddy bear, no lullaby.

No loving mother’s kiss;

But each night as they closed their eyes

They entered the abyss.

With eyes closed tight no sleep would come,

They listened for the sound;

The hob nailed boot out in the hall,

The handle turning round;

Oh don’t take me take someone else,

They prayed with all their might;

The leather strap the bamboo stick,

The screaming in the night.

And when they left they were not free,

Their minds were never right;

Still God can hear them as they pray,

Please let me sleep tonight.

(Leo Magee. Old Coombe. Dublin.


It is a terrible thing to contemplate – a Catholic priest murdering a 10 year old deaf boy.

But when we in Ireland contemplate all the violence that priests, Brothers and nuns visited on generations of Irish children – anything is possible.

The type of people who can rape children or place their deceased bodies in septic tanks are capable of killing children 😪

I was personally involved in the case of Joseph Pike who was killed by the Christian Brothers in Tralee and who was buried in a secret grave in the monastery grounds.

A few years ago the clergy in Tralee tried to stop me saying Mass at Joseph’s new graveside in Tralee. The Mass went ahead as planned.

I’m quite certain that there are as yet unknown of deaths that have been deaths caused by priests and religious.

Especially in the past children, like women were expendable and voiceless.

Our only conforts are that the Lord knows about them all and they are now in heaven with him.